• Just Bought the World’s Most Hated Truck! It Broke The Next Day! (New Video Series)

    frank 2003 hummer h2 suv american v8
    His name is Frank. 2003 Hummer H2

    We just purchased the world’s most hated truck! We broke it the next day! Indeed, it’s a 2003 Hummer H2 with an Adventure package. It’s a relatively-well taken care of used truck with just over 102,000 miles. We call him Frank (short for Frankenstein).

    We brought it back to the office, took it off-roading in the Rocky Mountains the next day, and it promptly broke while Roman was attempting to do a snowy drift maneuver (aka. a “snownut”). What happened? The power steering pump went out, which also took out the brake assist hydro-boost.

    The Hummer H2 is a conglomeration of several different chassis: a heavy-duty GM truck frame up front, a light-duty truck in the rear, eight lug hubs, and some Chevy Tahoe bits in the middle. Throw in some in-your-face toy-truck boxy styling and luxurious interior features, and you have yourself what is arguably the most hated truck in the world. It’s a monster that has been known to brake down during any kind of serious off-roading.

    Why is it hated? The H2 quickly became a status symbol, a boulevard cruiser, and a tax write-off instead of a tough and macho off-road worthy truck. It did not help that it was expensive when it was new. The 2003 Hummer H2 M.S.R.P. was nearly $49,000, with many H2s selling for over $50,000 (that is over $67,000 in today’s dollars considering inflation).

    The 6.0L Vortec V8 (316 hp and 360 lb-ft of torque) and the 4-speed automatic transmission are relatively reliable. The 4.10 differential gearing and the heavy curb weight (around 6,500 lbs) make the Hummer H2 less than an efficient cruiser. We are averaging just over 11 MPG according to the trip computer. This is another reason why the H2 is hated.

    How does it ride on the highway? The H2 might be the most comfortable highway machine I have driven recently. Yes, it will get pushed around in a side wind, but the suspension soaks up any road bumps with surprising ease. There is also less wind noise at speed than you might expect.

    We will work to make our H2 more reliable and more off-road worthy. Those removable Hummer side steps have got to go.

    Here is how Frank’s story begins. We made the purchase on Wednesday, went off-roading on Thursday and lost the power steering and brake assist, towed it down on Friday, and got it all fixed up the following week. Join the fun in the video below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    97 thoughts on “Just Bought the World’s Most Hated Truck! It Broke The Next Day! (New Video Series)

    1. Just imagine what the repair bill would have been if they had bought a Ford HD.

      J.D. Power latest rankings show Ford HDs at the bottom of the heap, and GM at the top.

      1. The tranny and such already had to be fixed, so just rip it out and convert it to a hybrid.

        A hybrid Hummer would easily get 30 MPG.

        Put a big green hybrid decal on it and confuse the carbon dioxide haters.

        1. Yes, and GM is the top. If you’r not he top, you are the bottom.

          But the results show that Ford excels at all the skin deep stuff, and falls at powertrain dependability

          Gosh, who else has been saying that over and over and over again and all ye all have been denying it.

          1. And I never give any credit to JD powers. They have a very small sample take. Other authorities in the industry has a same take off per vehicle that JD has of every vehicle combined. Why do you keep changing your user name hal? Why are you so afraid to stick to one. Maybe to try and give the persona that multiple people shares your same view? The sad thing is, is you give GM a bad name. Every article you come in and go into a wild anti Ford bashing rant. Something only you and zombiera have in common. The rest of us like the articles and would rather keep them on track. You on the other hand wants to derail everything into your anti Ford rants. So stay at putc where all you people belong.

            1. Yes, we know you disagree with any data presented or the experiences on video there on TFL.

              And JJ everyone knows I’m not JD Powers and Via Motors. So you have some kind of weird paranoia about he screen name thing.

              Ah, its good to laugh in the morning.

              And I have never commented on Putc, but you sure have by your own admission. Hoisted by your own petard!

              That’s another strange paranoia you have about Putc. You must have emotional experiences there you can tell us more about that I can write in my book about.

              And if you spell correctly while telling us about it, I won’t have to use spell check for the book.

              You know how I don’t ever use spell check with my thumbs. That’s for the three stooges whose whole life is comment sections–including Putc apparently

            1. Still erroneously believing I am from Putc huh? Never commented there, and I once visit it once a year for 1 ton pickup comparison.

              But someone really has your number, seeing your emotional obsession with them.

              Mm, how can I work this into my book on personality disorders. You are like pioneering new ground in psychology.

              Back to the auto industry..looks like all the auto makers are aiming for level 4 autonomy by 2020, and level 5 autonomy by 2025.

            2. Talking about autonomy, my robot girl friend is almost complete. Going to test her hand tonight when my parents leave the house.

    2. Well maybe once Hal stops his anti Ford bashing rampage, we could actually stick to the subject. The H2.

      I for one got excited when they bought a H2. Always loved those trucks. Sure they love gas and are extremely bold, but they are pretty cool and unique vehicles.

        1. Your not sticking to the subject and you don’t know the truth. Your a Ford hater and that’s fine. But you cannot stick to the subject. And since you are all about the truth and brought up the Superduty water pump failure, the Silverado never made it to TFL because it was broke down and GM had to send a replacement that was different than what they were testing. How’s that for truth Hal. Now stick to the subject you troll.

        2. “You know how I don’t ever use spell check with my thumbs.”

          Not true, J.J. has no idea, I doubt you guys hangout. So in context that should be a question. Autocorrect is still spell check by the way. Unless of coarse you use other fingers.
          But yes Ford guys are emotional, said it before. That is when JJ called me Zievre or whatever the spelling was (animal in slovak). Had a laugh.

          Hummer and Avalanche two most hate for me.

    3. There you go Jj, now you are starting to get it. You presented some data and experience, rather than just emoting.

      But then, you just emoted right after that.

      Well, at least that is an improvement.

      And I have noticed you have also been exhibiting autistic tendencies with this whole “sticking to the subject” thing.

      Mmmm, another chapter perhaps?

      BTW, if you can look through the narrow autistic focus, you would see that dependability is very much the subject on this page where there was a break down.

      Even so, we might suggest that TFL have Andre start a new webpage for Russians called TFL Russia.

      He could make you the censor. Your job title can be the “subject tzar”.

      Sounds like freedom is a bit too much for you to handle.

      1. Hal your a complete mental case. You try and look smart by writing so many words yet it doesn’t make any sense. Are you having a school Dela today? I’m guessing buy you writing abilities and compression skill your in the 4th grade

          1. Like I have said many times, I am not calling people names, I a making observations of people who emotionally refute assertions about the auto industry.

            If you notice they are actual observations. You know. statements of truth.

            1. So what’s it like to have to “make observations” about other people just to feel good about yourself?

            2. Typical Hal Daniel. Makes biased claims and statements and then starts personal attacks when people disagree with him. Sad really

          2. Debra here I absolutely love my hummer H2 it’s a 2006 with 70,000 miles on it bought right off the showroom floor it has never been to the service dept my husband changes her oil,filter etc…she looks and runs as if she is brand new! ! You peeps can be haters all you want but I will be loving my hummer till the end of time!!!

      1. Still emoting? Mmm. Now I have to add female emotional tendencies to the book.

        I just brought up HD pickup truck statistics and you all fly off the handle with emotional rants..

    4. Breaking down on the trail and scrambling to find a way home is very much a part of the thrill of leaving pavement behind. It’s not so fun at the moment but it makes for great stories later that you can have a good laugh about. Seeing Andre drown the Hummer had me rolling on the floor laughing. Reminds me of the time I did something similar. Keep videos like these coming guys. These really set you apart from the rest of the publications out there!

      1. Mr Truck and Nathan didn’t seem very happy to see it at the office. Nathan’s comment was hilarious. I would be so excited to see that as an off road truck in the parking lot.

          1. Hey mini me, you can always find a source to back you up.

            But when you look at the data in the long run from many many sources, the trends are quite clear against Ford Motor company for powertrain longevity dependability.

            But they sure make good passenger compartments., if you like to sit on the side of the road in it.

          2. That’s your opinion. I disagree. They all have issues. I own two Chevy trucks. I like Chevy best but I respect those who choose Ford. They have some sharp trucks. So does Ram. What’s important is to buy what you like. They all break down. Their mechanical. It’s how you treat a vehicle and maintain it.
            The H2 was just a lemon. We’ve all purchased them. Get over it. Fix it or trade it. Simple. Don’t judge all Hummers as bad. I’ve had one.

            1. But don’t look up anything else besides what I tell you. Nothing is out there. Nothing. I am the truth.

    5. The Hummer H2 is a cool vehicle. Parts of it are very heavy duty; other parts were terribly light duty. At this point in time, the aftermarket has enough items available to fix all the weak points. It’s a cool looking big truck with a decent powertrain that is capable of doing serious off-road driving. I wouldn’t mind buying one at the right price, but these things still command solid money on the used market.

      TFL, do you mind disclosing what you paid for your?

    6. TFL
      Great real life video! You have a way of making a video so that your readers feel like they are right there with you. Looking forward to you guys going back and finishing your video after the repairs.

      1. Dan – – –

        Fully agree. Great video here. I think that Roman and Andre could make a video about eating an ice-cream cone and it would still be hilarious! (^_^)..


    7. With all those cold storms knocking out the power grid yesterday and today, I bet those Full EV owners wish they had a hybrid combustion engine to power those electric motors.

      Huh, wasn’t someone saying hybrids are the way to go?? Well, YOU KNOW.

      1. Boy, and with all those bad storms, ther is trouble with as stations supplying their tanks.

        It sure would be good to have a hybrid that did not use so much gas to get the same amount of work done during these times of trouble.

        I swear there was someone advocating hybrids. Well, YOU KNOW.

      1. Obviously, the first Hummer video was about the Hummer.

        This video is about breaking down.

        Which naturally leads to talking about Fords because the above Ford guys said above that they like breaking down.

        Additionally, J.D. Powers says Ford HDs break down more than GM HDs.

            1. I don’t need several screen names. I actually offer logic, statistics(see above), and experience.

              You just make short childish personal emotes, with no data or logic at all.

              Its all personal to you. All emotional.

              So, where is your evidence that Ford has more dependable powertrains in their HDs? Were waiting, and have been waiting. for quite a while.

            2. J.D. Power and Associates is not Youtube.

              Have you not been rfeading this whole comment section?

              So, where is your evidence? Data?

            3. I forget that I look up my information on Twitter too. So YouTube and Twitter are my sources for the truth

      2. Welcome MichaelAllan. There is some Troll named Hal (I think that’s his name) but he randomly posts under several screen names. He uses TFL’s public platform for his personal issues because it creates a free captive audience. It’s rude and childish and we are all sick of it. If this were a public place we would all walk away. I don’t know why anyone replies to him. I am personally tired of scrolling past his jibberish to find the substantial posts that are here.

        1. A/nd yet, I(Hal is what you all seem to prefer to call me for some reason), am the ONLY one that has presented evidence from J.D. Power to back up the truth.

          And you, did not present any.

          That is not a Troll. You are the Troll.

            1. No no no. My name is not Jay. It is Kay, or maybe it is May. I have so many names on my birth certificate it is hard to keep track. And that is the truth. Don’t look it up.. take my word for it.

      1. Ha, still think I am from Putc huh?? Well, its a free country, you can believe what you’d like.

        But isn’t it funny that someone who hates Putc people so much, is the one guy who knows all the Putc people so well.

        And me the guy you say is a Putc guy. hasn’t ever commented on Putc, or even gone on the site more than one time a year for their one ton pickup comparison.

        Its good for laugh every day.

        Someone over their must really have your number.

    8. Almost -40 here and my windshield wiper on the driver side is not working in my 2017 brand new Tundra. Likely the steel gear pivot shrank from the cold just enough to strip the gear if the bolt was not tightened properly. I have to get brave enough to tighten the bolt to see if that fixes it. I don’t have a garage so a parka and several layers of clothing will be the next option. Warranty is out as it will be easier to tighten the bolt unless that doesn’t work. Then I have to make an appointment. Fun Fun Fun

      1. @Rambro: 3Yr/36K miles bumper to bumper warranty (convert to KM if Canada) would cover that repair/fix.
        Before tightening, remover the wiper arm to inspect; if not stripped, then safe to tighten, I don’t know the nut torque though. Good luck

            1. Ya but that might crush the threads if it aint aligned right. Had the same problem with my Sierra 2004 Denali until I put lock tight on the nut. It was the nut always coming loose. Haven’t bothered to look yet, just assuming the Tundra is similar, so fcking cold, I have to build up to it. Taking action involves serious planning LOL

            2. Not to sound like a dick Rambro, but if your worried about “crushing the threads” than maybe you should just take it to the dealer. Unless I’m misunderstanding what your saying. Don’t try to put it on with a 1/2″ impact wrench or a cheater pipe lol. Just put it where it’s parked position should be and tighten it down, possibly with s little locktite.

            3. -50 windchill here, so I doubt I would even get the hood open without breaking something else. It will be 4 times warmer on Sunday. Pull that hood lever at these temperatures and I doubt it will close after. Going to wait. Pulling the wiper off the geared spiget will let me asses it before tightening. Cant even see whats involved yet, its all covered in ice right now. But its a new Tundra with a mandatory item that I may need at a moments notice and broken/ not working. Go Tundra. 10 year old design and they didnt get the wiper right yet? Typically Tundra commercials involve Arctic sub zero temperatures, still starts though without plugging in, most new cars do though nowadays. Hopefully this doesnt continue. The 2015 Tacoma I had was good for three years. Only problem was the engine light coming on after leaving a warm garage into sub zero temps the engine light came on and I lost cruise control. Took them 3 months to find a software fix.

            4. Might of fixed it today. Different set up then the Sierra I had. If the wiper itself had any threads they were gone. Took the wiper off and the spigget has sprockets but its cone shaped the nut pressure fits it but was really loose on both wipers. Tightened them up but not sure if it will last because the wiper threads were gone. Nice closed dome nut though with a washer on it, all in one, protects the threads and seals it. Likely torqued in a hot environment, this cold shrunk it and loosened the nut because of the domed shape. Toyota needs to take notes here if they want to keep the cold weather commercials. The other wiper was on its way out as well.

    9. you think the 1/2 ton/midsized diesels struggled on the ike, wait until this goes up. it will shift out of first at about 40 and probably drop 3k rpm in the shift and wont have the torque to accelerate in 2nd..depending on weight

      1. 1st gear: 3.06 @ 6000rpm 4.1 rear/33″ (tire was a guess) =47 mph.
        2nd gear: 1.63 @ 3200 rpm = 47mph

        for the record fords 10 speed equivalent gear ratio to hummers 2nd gear is in-between 4th and 5th (1.76, 1.52)

        1. I had the 2004 Sierra 6.0L with likely the same tranny. Maybe the 4:10 gears help but the drop from 1st to second was terrible. Truck had poor throttle tip in, very sluggish and if you were stuck and it upshifted to 2nd from first it would bog and kick down to first and back to 2nd once it quickly over revs so getting any kind of 2nd gear wheel spin in the mud or sand meant nothing, completely useless vehicle in that regard, likely why the tranny blew up on me after doing this when I got stuck once. Terrible gear ratio.

          1. I am back home in MA visiting family and driving my dads Trailblazer ss. It’s got the 4L70 with 4.10’s and smaller tires than this and it really sucks. 2500 rpms on the highway at 75mph and just a hair over 2000 at 65 mph.

    10. Andre sure knows how to bait the fish tank with the words, “and it broke the next day”! The piranhas are all over this thing! I’ve owned and enjoyed vehicles from each of the “Big Three”, so I’ll leave the fighting to the rest of you.

    11. I purchased a H3 2008 new. We loved it!!
      We got 24 mpg. On the highway. The ride was better than several luxury cars we’ve been in. Smooth-not bumpy.
      Leather heated seats-everything.
      It turned on a dime. I felt very safe in it.
      Only sold it because we could not get all our grandkids in it and someone offered me the right money. It only had 18,000 mikes on it in 2012. Always garaged. So don’t class all Hummers as bad. You can a lemon in any vehicle.

    12. The weak link of the early H2s was the 4l65 transmission. My brother had one of these and it would often overheat. Crazy they put such a light duty transmission in such a heavy truck.

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