• Honda Utility Robot: Would You Like a Four Wheeler that Follows You and Helps You with Work or Play?

    honda atv robot autonomous 3e-d18
    Honda utility robot: Workhorse 3E-D18

    Would you like a four-wheeler (4×4 ATV) that can follow you around or be summoned from afar via a smartphone or smartwatch? The Honda 3E-D18 explorers the possibilities of an autonomous / robotic electric all-terrain vehicle that can assist you at your job site or with your next outdoor activity. Honda unveiled this concept, they call the “D-one-eight” or “Robotic Workhorse”, along with other concepts at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.

    The D-18 is an all electric four-wheel-drive vehicle that also uses Honda’s Mobile Power Pack rechargeable or swappable batteries.

    honda mobile power pack
    Honda Mobile Power Pack

    The D-18 features a mounting rack that can simply carry cargo or be used as a platform for any number of agricultural, scientific, utility, or recreational jobs or activities. Honda prepared this concept to be to accept several different plows or robotic arms.

    Let us know in the comments below if you would like to see something like this D-18 at your job site or on your next hiking trip.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    27 thoughts on “Honda Utility Robot: Would You Like a Four Wheeler that Follows You and Helps You with Work or Play?

    1. This is pretty cool. I think in the professional field this will be really useful. I can even see a use for it in the military as a way to keep some of the weight off of our soldiers back. I do not see this being very popular with the consumer market (maybe farmers) as one of the main reasons people get ATVs/Side by Sides is driving them and the fun involved in doing so.

      1. Just make sure it has plenty of ac outlets for high power tools. I like the removable batteries. Put AC plugs right into the batteries too.

        BTW, side by sides are not fun. 4 Wheelers are fun. The people in the side by side who are not driving it do not have fun. Word to the wise.

          1. I can’t tell if you are just messing around like J.J., or if yo really can be that stupid.

            It is difficult for me to relate to this mentality.

            Daniel, there is literally thousands of portable lithium ion batteries that have built in AC three prong plugs.

            I even own several of them. They all have built in inverters.

            Man, do you ever get tired of being a really stupid and counter productive troll?

            You need help, Daniel.

            1. First, let’s admit that you were wrong in saying you can’t have AC plug on lithium ion batteries.

              Its an entire segment of products from a myriad of brands, and in a huge variety.

              I have been looking for a battery to provide enough juice for 10 hours for a 2500 lumen projector.

              But of course, regulations say you can’t have this big of a battery on a plane.

              You have to ship it beforehand to the presentation location.

              So the early test I did were pathetic, and the low wattage LED projectors just are not bright enough for all conditions, It has been a while, but if I remember right, they are around 100-200 watts.

              But most 2500 lumen projectors are more than that, and certainly won’t go for 8 hours unless they are pretty big.

              But nice tangent again to distract from the fact you keep asserting untruths. And never apologizing for it, I might add.

            2. So can a lithium ion battery have an AC plug?

              Wouldn’t you need another component to go along with the battery?

              If so, and your vehicle takes two or four batteries… why would you pay for one on each battery?

            3. Yes, what did I jsut say.

              Why don’t you just go and google it.

              There are literally thousands of lithium ion battery packs with AC plugs on them of a huge variety to buy.

              JUST GOOGLE IT. Don’t take my word for it!

    2. I think this would be useful for farmers but it looks like it would need a platform on the top in order to carry things without damaging the fenders. And maybe a chair on the back would be nice.

    3. Quads are pretty popular with homesteader’s, so I could see this as an opportunity for the ones that go after diy solar projects and other geeky outlets too.

    4. NO!

      Sure, it could be usefull if it could go after a box of nails and bring them up a ladder and hand them to me.

      Not even for military. It’s just to small. A single rifle round could put it out of service.

      Make one large enough to carry at least a 1/4 ton AND a automatic self protection device such as a 50 cal on a swivel mount. Now the military might look at it.

      Otherwise the much smaller robotic vehicals they have now will do just fine.

    5. It would be cool to see Honda pilot these for Ranchers and similar occupations to get real world feedback. I like the concept. The only possible hurdle I see with my thoughts on a pilot program, most of those are old time, “American brand only” type mindsets.

    6. My brother would find this handy while fixing fence on the farm / ranch, but he wouldn’t pay much for it.

      We’ve used Honda trail bikes, dirt bikes, 3-wheelers and four-wheelers on the farm since mid-70s. That was about the time my dad realized that dirt bikes were cheaper than horses for rounding up cattle, and you didn’t have to feed the dirt bikes during winter.

      My brother now uses Polaris four-wheelers, but they are often in the shop, being repaired. When that happens, he uses his trusty 1983 Honda Big Red three-wheeler that gets the oil changed every five years or so.

      The fenders and other plastic parts would only last one year on the farm, and the brakes lasted maybe 2-3 years. But you couldn’t kill the engines. They always got you home, and thats what mattered most.

      As for this robotic mule? It needs to be priced LESS than a conventional ICE four-wheeler if you want to sell it to farmers. Cover the top with solar panels to recharge batteries on-the-fly, and put a cargo carrier over the panels to haul, well…. cargo.

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