Honda Pioneer 500 EV and Electric PCX Scooter Can Swap Battery Packs (CES Debut)

Honda Pioneer Mobile Power Pack 4W-Vehicle Concept
Honda Pioneer Mobile Power Pack 4W-Vehicle Concept

Honda debuts this side-by-side all electric UTV concept at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. This utility vehicle is based on the Honda Pioneer 500 platform and feature four swappable and rechargeable batteries that Honda calls – Mobile Power Pack. Electrification of all kinds of trucks and utility vehicles is inevitable, and Honda is showing an interesting concept that has to do with batteries that can be easily replaced.

We use cameras, drones, power tools, and other devices with easily swappable batteries, so why not have your utility truck have the same ability? Honda illustrates this point by showing an all-electric PCX scooter.

Honda PCX scooter

While the Honda Pioneer concept uses four of these batteries, the scooter uses two (see the image below). Electric driving range and recharge times are still a concern for consumers. The easily swappable batteries aim to eliminate or reduce this concern.

Honda also showed an autonomous robotic ATV 3E-D18. This Honda Utility concept also uses the same Honda Mobile Pack batteries.