• Ask TFLtruck: Current Generation 2019 Ram 1500 Regular Cab and What’s Up the EcoDiesel V6?

    ram 1500 regular cab 2019 old generation
    Ram 1500 regular cab

    There have been several questions regarding the new 2019 Ram 1500 we’ve recently received. You are asking us about the regular cab, front bench seat and a ton of questions about the EcoDiesel V6. Turns out Ram will be building and selling the new DT generation 2019 Ram 1500 quad and crew cabs alongside the current generation “DS” Ram 1500 regular cab.

    We asked a Ram/FCA these questions and, listed are the answers we received.

    – Will there be a new 2019 Ram 1500 with a single cab and long bed?

    At this time we will continue to build the current generation with a regular cab. There is no additional information regarding a regular cab of the new platform at this time.

    – Did Ram redesign the 40/20/40 front bench seat? Will it still be offered?

    It is available on the 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie, Big Horn and Tradesman. Yes, the improved design for the front seat also has a three-point seatbelt for the middle passenger.

    – What is Ram’s 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 engine strategy?

    Look for it in 2019 calendar year.

    – Is the current EcoDiesel V6 still on sale?

    Yes it is as a 2017 model year truck. It’s sold alongside current 2018 gas-powered trucks. 

    – Where is the EcoDiesel engine for the Ram 1500 manufactured?

    The engine is produced in Cento, Italy by FCA.


    Obviously, there’s a ton of unanswered questions out there regarding the 2019 Ram 1500. Fortunately, Ram/FCA has been very helpful answering what few they can. Often, other automakers say nothing, or very little.

    Keep those questions coming, we will do our best to get them answered. If you caught wind of any juicy morsel regarding any of the up coming pickup trucks – let us know!

    Here is everything we know about the new 2019 Ram 1500.

    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
    Easily amused by anything with four wheels, Nathan Adlen reviews vehicles from the cheapest to the most prestigious. Wrecking yards, dealer lots, garages, racetracks, professional automotive testing and automotive journalism - Nathan has experienced a wide range of the automotive spectrum. Brought up in the California car culture and educated in theater, childhood education, film, journalism and history, Nathan now lives with his family in Denver, CO. His words, good humor and video are enjoyed worldwide.

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    40 thoughts on “Ask TFLtruck: Current Generation 2019 Ram 1500 Regular Cab and What’s Up the EcoDiesel V6?

    1. Nathan interested in your take on the 6.4 HD/SRT engine possibility in the Rebel as a bridging strategy between the ultra high end Hellcat and the 5.7 that while having juevos may not have enough juevos.

      1. Does either hemi come with an aluminum block yet? If so,the 5.7 would be lighter,and offer better handling.The weight of a turbocharger,or a blower would be a wash.

    2. I expected much bigger towing capacities with this next gen EcoDiesel VM3.0L,and this next gen mapping confiq ZF 8 speed,coupled with a big increase’s in GCWR’s up to 18200 and increase’s in GAWR frt/rr 3700/4100 in certain confiqurations.I would not expect anything less than class leading in 1/2 ton diesel towing.I say this only if the option (Max Tow Package) window open’s up for the Dana Super 60, with electronic locker more so in other confiqurations.Which I fine it strange that Ram only allow’s this option only on a QC 2WD,5.7L ETorque currently. Which so happens to be the highest towing confiquration for the 2019 Ram 1500. GCWR climb’s to a whopping 18,200. So this frame will support a much more robust towing increase for this next gen EcoDiesel Also some what strange is that the CrewCab’s 6.4′ are limited to 17,000 GCWR..And yet the QuadCab’s have a 1200lb increase.But everyone at SHAP knows these assemblies lines are gonna ramp up pretty quick and intial quailty runs are done.Expect big things from Ram.I mean did you see Sergio’s face lite up and a smile from ear to ear when he was asked by the automotive press core at his briefing during the NAIAS when ask about his projections on Ram production at SHAP and if it was enough to over take the Silverado.Great interview.

      1. @ Bravo 1
        3 litre diesel powered Cab chassis Vans with similar GCWR’s only get 7,700lb towing
        Those stratospheric numbers you see on US websites can downrated heavily here and on non NA websites

      2. Bravo1, The lack of tow rating on the first get Ecodiesel had nothing to do with the chassis, it was all the motor. The hemi was capable of nearly 11,000 lbs in the same truck. It came down to the fact that they half-assed the design and couldnt cool the motor adequately to maintain the power required.

    3. I think the whole Regular cab thing has to do with Regular cabs are built alongside the HD trucks currently that is at the Mexico plant. I would highly suspect that once that HD production is relocated to the US later this year, that the Regular cab would come along with and both the HD and the Regular cab 1500 would get moved over to the next generation 2019/2020 Platforms.

      In another youtube press video there was a bench seat 2019 Laramie at the show with the 12″ screen, which was something I was really excited to see. I was originally concerned as to rather they would offer that premium 12″ screen with buckets only or if you could get a Laramie bench and still get the other premium features.

      Ford is really bad about that sort of thing, if you want a Lariat with a bench seat, they restrict all sorts of premium options.

      I was really glad to see that Laramie with a bench and the 12″ screen.

    4. If you ever get a chance TFL ask Ford why the 3:73 gears are only available up to the Lariat trim. Maybe ask for a 3.5EB Lariat with the 3:73 to do a test with it. For some reason they don’t allow 3:73 in the King Ranch or Platinum Its a 570 dollar upgrade in the Lariat, XL or XLT Only a few configurations in the lower trim wont offer it.

    5. I know its because of the Mexico factory but its still lame to have a new truck with old gen regular cabs. Then they are also being cute with the EcoDiesel. The old ones are still for sale. But they don’t to say it was discontinued. So they say look at the 2019 calendar year – well over a year from now I bet.

      1. “well over a year from now”? The 2019’s have already been outed.The diesel’s showed some weak areas that needed to be redesigned before bumping up the power numbers. I say,look for it this fall sometime.

    6. I’m switching back to side with GM as having the better truck because Ram cannot even update all of their cabs on their “all new” Ram. Also powertrains are carryover. Lame!

    7. It’s pretty common deal for all the manufactures to cycle there plant re-tooling when new models come out. That’s to avoid dealer product availably issues in the supply chain.

      They take different approaches in what they call the new trucks at times but they all do it like this.

      GM use to have both models for sale Like in 1999 and again in 2007 GM had the Classic version’s and new body style in production at the same time.

      I have not seen GM do it that way in a while, but they still schedule the plant changes in cycles to avoid total laps in product availability.

      I am sure RAM’s plan is similar and is how GM did there’s in 2014, roll out one version really early and the rest as they get the other plants swapped over.

      1. I am not making any excuses, I don’t have any one brand loyalty at play here at all.

        I own all brands and all I was doing was telling you how the process actually works.

        Doesn’t matter what brand you like or buy that is still how the new model roll out process works.

    8. FleetGuy couldn’t agree with you more.You understand the VOM system when new product is introduced into the supply chain.The Big 3 know how this works,taking into account parts vendors in the supply chain as well as dealership ordering.The hard part is who gets what.That Ram 1500 Larmine in that video was a CDJR BusinessLink conference in Florida I believe was it silver.I too was surprised at that.But Fleetguy they have released the ordering option’s list and it is on Ram website,it show what you can get with and all options avail,some packaging is really nice.

      1. Nice, I will check that out.
        Thanks for the info.

        I was thinking that one I saw on youtube was a metalic grey Laramie. I watched a whole lot of video’s on all the new trucks this past week, I supose it could have been silver.

    9. Fleet guy is making excuses. Good enough work trucks is not good enough in this day. Ford (heritage 2004) and GM (old gen 2007) sold old body styles along side the new, but they also had the new models out and didn’t refuse to provide information. Expect Ram to lose market share this year. They should have gotten their house in order and changed all their cabs and upgraded their engines and not ditched the Ecodiesel. The optional 12 inch screen and mild hybrid is not going to cut it. That much I can tell you.

      1. Well clearly FCA should hire you, random whiny internet commentor! You clearly know everything going on with these RAMs. Are you a senior engineer or something?

    10. I really think the Ram update is subjective. Sure Ram, did a good job with their interior, but personally I’m not a fan of the huge screens. As for the rest of the Ram, the pathetic suspension and towing/capacities will catch up with them.

      The Ford and GM 1/2 tons may not ride as soft as the Ram, but they are definitely ride very well and are more capable. I have seen a late model Ram locally trying to haul a load of wood in the box, and it looks like it’s almost bottomed out. We are talking only loaded to the box height, and squatting almost to the stops. Not a good look.

      I’m glad someone else noticed that the battery for that mild hybrid doesn’t appear to offer anything in the towing\hauling department.

      Along with the lack of the single cab in the new body style, no new powertrain updates and no longer offering the new truck in the Ecodiesel, it will catch up with them.

      Good job in pointing that out.

      1. 12,700 lbs max towing and 2,300 lbs payload is hardly “pathetic”. It’s a significant increase over the current generation of Ram, and as far as what is known as of NAIAS, it beats Chevy’s current half-ton capacities, and misses Ford’s latest F150 by only 500 lbs max towing.

        Anyone who needs to tow more than 12,000 lbs SHOULD be buying one of the big three’s HD trucks (Ram 2500/F250/Chevy HD 2500 and on up), not saddling a half-ton with that much weight. All of the TFL Truck guys have said on-camera that no one has any business towing over 12,000 lbs with a half-ton, and I agree with them. Buy the correct tool for the job, and do it right.

        1. Yeah it’s definitely too much weight to tow with a half ton on a regular basis, but I can see a situation where maybe 1 or 2 times a year you have a heavy load to haul. It’s nice not to have to upgrade to a heavier chassis just to use that ability on rare occasions. Just have to be smart about it.

    11. EcoDiesel comes out late 2019.And after Warren shuts down for retooling and inventory runs of the 2017/2018 Reg cab,I think SHAP will start producinig them.This is a big seller in fleet sales for Ram.

      1. When you say “Ecodiesel comes out late 2019…”, do you mean late CALENDAR year 2019, or late MODEL year 2019?

        For the 2019 Ram 1500 there is a huge difference between model year 2019 and calendar year 2019. Late MODEL year 2019 could be this fall, whereas late CALENDAR year 2019 could be effectively two years from now (i.e. nearly January 2020).

        What are we talking here, calendar year or model year?

    12. I do think that the front end shown is much more handsome than the “bottom suckerfish” grill on the Rebel. Am I the only one who thinks that the Rebel grill is uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughly? When I first saw it on the Power Wagon last year, I wanted to poke my eyes out. Maybe I could get a Red Ryder 1000 shot daisy BB gun to “shoot my eyes out” like the lad in Christmas Story.
      Does FIAT know that ugly doesn’t sell trucks?

    13. Thank you Nathan! Very much appreciated that you folks at TFL Truck are so in-tune with your readers, you get-‘er-done quickly, and you leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of the real-world facts. So hats off to all of you at TFL Truck.

      On point, though: I believe there is no such thing as a 2018 Ecodiesel. If you go on Ram’s Build-&-Price website, you can still order 2017 1500s with the Ecodiesel, but switch to building a 2018 1500, and there is no Ecodiesel option.

      Funny, it appears that Ram might be building three model years at once (2017 for the Ecodiesel orders, current 2018 model year without Ecodiesel for all models, and then the new 2019s starting in a few weeks). It that does happen, I wonder if that would be an automotive first.

    14. The 2018 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel 3.L VM has not been emissions approved yet by EPA/ CARB. The 2017 RAM 1500 has been approved. It only needed a software changed done to be approved by CARB,EPA. Now here is were it gets complicated for this current year 2018 will it be the second generation 3.0L VM installed in this last year of this current gen truck is the million dallor question.But I doubt it do to the current Chrysler version of the ZF is being run on assembly at Warren. Sergio M discuss this but I came away thinking that he couldn’t understand why the current gen 3.0L diesel for 2018 was not approved yet because essentially it is the same software emission mapping.According to the plant production schedule the new 2020 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel will be built late calendar year 2019 as a 2020 model.This will definitely have the next generation 3.0L EcoDiesel mated with the next generation ZF 8 speed.We will know more after their earnings report coming out this week. This will included production schedule changes product updates and factory change over timing. FCA Warren assembly will be playing a huge role here this year do to the RAM HD returning to the US for assembly.This 3.0L EcoDiesel assembly time frames mention above can change as well. Do to the ever tighting Federal Government and certain states laws on diesel’s emission standards.But I do expect nothing less than class leading in Fuel mileage horsepower/ torque numbers.Towing maybe not just because of the GCWR ratings are not class leading nor are the axle ratings.The “Max Tow package with the Dana Super 60 now if they offer that with it,well let’s not get ahead of the cart just yet.As Mr M puts it when asked off camera about it.

      1. I am sure they can put out class leading numbers but if they can’t use that numbe for more than 30 seconds befor cutting power, its all for nothing. The 1st gen ecodiesel only puts out 10 hp less than the new ford but has like 2500 lbs lower towing. Thats not because of those 10hp, its because they couldnt use that hp over extended periods without overheating the engine.

        Hopefully Ram will design an adequate cooling package this time.

      1. I’ve seen some folks on the Ram ED forum saying they have ordered 2018’s. One of them mentioned that there are hardware changes to make them EPA compliant, not just a software change like was done to the 2017 and earlier trucks.

    15. Did you ED inquirers not read what the FCA spokesperson said? No ED in a new Ram 1500 until calendar year 2019. That means no 2018 Ram ED. The 2017s’he is referring to are the last trucks that they built before the ban that are sitting on dealer lots and have been for quite some time. They’ve not installed an ED in a Ram since the ban. Moreover, there is news that the EPA is offering a settlement (fine) to Ram to rnd the cheating scandal. Until this is settled and until Ram retests a redone ED, there will be no ED in a new Ram; not even in the carryover design. Meanwhile, Ford will soon offer a 3.0V6 and GM an I6 diesel. The latter will come this Fall. One more point: Ram will be highly successful due to marketing finnese and styling changes, crash test improvements, and fancy silly features like they all have, but for real pickup enthusiasts who appreciate real automotive progress and value, Ram is under achieving compared to the Big 2. Ford has four engine offerings, not counting the high output 3.5 for the Raptor. Not only lots of choice but different types of engines, and the diesel will make five. Different strokes for different folks, and they’ve already reworked three out of the four gas powered choices to keep up with the latest technologies to help refinement, mpg, performance, and reliability i
      The last three years . The fourth choice is all new; a base V6 with 19/25/22 for mpg which is better than all but one compact truck/engine combination and way ahead of full size competitors, and its not even their top fuel miser. GM is going to respond to Ford with authority. In addition to the diesel, they’re promising five more power train choices. We know two will be 5.3L V8 and 6.2L V8 with very advaced, real time cylinder deactivation called skip fire. Ram not only offers no new engines but the carryovers have not even been tweaked except to allow for the eTorque. Not changed in many years.Two same old engines. Same peak performance. No diesel. No regular cab or quad cab long bed unless you choose a dated truck. GM has already announced that the new truck will have regular cab assembly at one of their two plants. It would be one thing if Ram was reassuring their customers about regular cabs and quad cab longs, but they are not. Disappointing for sure. A new truck but not a new truck for everyone and no guarantee that there ever will be.

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