• Ask TFLtruck: Which HD Dually Diesel Truck Is Most Comfortable for Long Haul Work?

    Ike Gauntlet extreme towing test

    We recently received this question from Jerry J. He hauls trailers and loads long distance and all over the country. He is focused on the GM Duramax truck. He is also considering on getting a chassis cab. Which HD dually truck is most comfortable?

    I transport boats and all sorts of things. I’m looking at getting a one ton dually crew cab 4WD Duramax, but I am debating on the style: standard style or chassis cab with the dual tanks and a flat deck truck bed similar to what Mr truck has on his truck. My question is which truck is better for me since I do cross country from time to time and want to be very comfortable driving long distances to and from delivery locations and home in North GA. – Jerry J.

    Jerry does not need to tow over 23,000 lbs, so overloading the total towing capacity of a GM HD dually is not a concern for him.

    We have not tested chassis cab trucks, but Ford and GM heavy duty dually diesel trucks are the most comfortable riding trucks at this time. This is my personal opinion after driving all versions of these trucks over the last three years. I love the Ram HD because they are a little more fuel efficient and make all the right big-rig diesel noises. However, the latest generation of GM and Ford heavy duty trucks ride a little better.

    I am not sure about the ride quality of a chassis cab with a flat/utility bed on it, but these trucks often offer more fuel capacity and thus more driving range when under heavy loads. If you like the ride, I would go for a chassis cab with extra fuel capacity.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    33 thoughts on “Ask TFLtruck: Which HD Dually Diesel Truck Is Most Comfortable for Long Haul Work?

      1. Scott – – –

        You beat me to it! Exactly.
        Did Ford make Andre pull it because of proprietary ( or wrong) info that he inadvertently released?


        1. Tflt was the only ones reporting on the ford 3liter diesel power and towing. Nobody else was reporting it. Not sure if tflt jumped the gun on the reporting and ford slapped them around and made them take it down or what????

            1. Lohchief – – –

              Yeah. And it was posted on that site at 6:16 AM. Am not sure if Andre got it up on TFLT earlier or not; If earlier, then could it be that the GM forum simply copied TFLT’s info? Who knows?

              Does any one remember when the Ford Diesel story actually was posted here?


      2. Ford just released some specs for the 3.0 L. 250 HP 440 torque. Max towing is 11,800 LBs No MPG rating yet though and no price tag. I think the F150 3.0 will be in dealerships about April-may.

      3. More 3.0L diesel F150 info is coming at midnight EST, 10pm MST, 9pm PST today. The original post will be back as is, and new embargoed information will be in a new post.


      1. If by comfortable, you mean comfortable, then the GM. It tows more confidently and has better seats etc.

        But if by comfortable, you mean not worrying about engine/transmission repairs etc, then go RAM.

      1. Yes, the 2017 Ford has hydraulic cab mounts. This is the most comfortable dually I have ever driven from a ride quality perspective, but I did not find the leather seats to be comfortable after a couple of hours. The cloth seats (which don’t have the vents and ductwork for heated/cooled seats) seem more firm and more long term comfortable. I found the RAM dually to have the absolute worst ride, but it looks great and has a reliable drivetrain.

    1. If we don’t get any response as to why the article about Ford’s upcoming diesel was pulled. I’m thinking it is a way for ford advertising to up the interest in this diesel pickup. Anytime you create controversy you are going to get a lot of free advertising about that item and its manufacturer. Remember the release of the 2017 raptor, the jeep pickup, cabbage patch dolls, etc. Let’s face it, the response to that article this morning by TFL readers was mediocre at best. But wait until the next article appears on this forum about this diesel f150. The response and interest will be thru the roof with many (say over 200) posts. Free advertising! It’s easy, it’s cheap, and it always sees to work!

    2. Hey guys,
      Did last year HD Ike trucks have a load that stuck way up in the air like you tested this year?
      If not, the added air resistance may account for the reduced readings for both MPG and climbing the Ike. Just sayin,

      1. Jeff, the strongest built truck does not necessarily mean it is the fastest. The super duty has the highest rated transmission in the group. It has the largest axles in the group. It has the strongest frame in the group. And TFL during their testing said it was the most comfortable out of the 3. Another review between the superduty and GMC dually said the that GMC felt like it was getting pushed at higher trailer weights while the physically larger Superduty felt solid. Just because it is fast or slow does not translate into towing capacity.

        The person that is asking the question really needs to drive the GM truck and Superduty. Maybe he can convince the dealers to let’s him hook up a trailer. None of us here can say what rides better because we all have different expectations in ride.

    3. Me and Mr Sam Adams and chocolate chip cookie to read the blogs.

      I’m surprised know comment from rambro on how a electric truck would pull heaven and Earth and do it comfortably.

      I’m surprised that zviera hasn’t told us how bad gm is pulling anything let alone any Ford.

      Looks like you guys are all in a tither of Andre pulling that 3.0 Ford article. Well maybe except zviera.

      As for the article it self I wouldn’t mess with the 1 ton stuff. I just get a f-450 be done with it. If you are going to pay that much on a dsl and do that much towing. As for the two options gm and ram. That would be a toss up. Gm has better drive train ram has better engine. Tuff decision. I believe I get the ram for the reason is so you wouldn’t be limited on the weight. If you are in the business of making money why limit your self on weight?

      Well chocolate chip cookie ate Mr Sam Adams half gone. So I guess I’ll check out for the night.

      Nite night Knight you all.

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