• Another Look at the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Before the Official Reveal

    2019 chevy silverado 1500 trailboss z71

    Official images and specification on the all-new 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 are scarce. Chevrolet release just a hand full of images of a red Z71 Trail Boss truck that appeared in Texas last month.

    There is a new rendering of the truck that comes to us courtesy of WallaceChev Twitter account. It also appears to be a Z71 Trail Boss version of the truck, but it has a unique grille that lacks the Chevy “bowtie” emblem. The blacked out front end has “CHEVROLET” printed across the grille. We cannot yet confirm whether this grille will be available directly from Chevrolet.

    Please join us today at 6:25pm EST on the TFLnow Youtube channel for a Live reveal of the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 truck lineup. This is when we will learn many more details about the truck and get the close-up video.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    60 thoughts on “Another Look at the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Before the Official Reveal

    1. Bets on towing capacity. Will it be more than 13400 lbs? 14000? It must have to stop eventually otherwise the 1/2 tins are going to need the gvwr of a 3/4 to handle a bigger trailer.

      1. I’m sure they will up it, but in reality these trucks are to light to handle that kind of weight. Sure they have the power to pull it they just don’t fell confidently stable.

    2. I’d like to apologize in advance for the repetitive drivel my son will surely post. Cash has been tight over here, and we cant afford the medicine he needs. Sorry folks.

    3. I’m so grateful you inherited your mother’s intelligence. Now get washed up, were taking your daddy to the zoo. You know how happy seein’ the monkeys makes him.

      1. I asked previously if I could bring an Electric Eel and and nobody was biting. Now you play with me. So mean. I want to compare the gills.

        For useful content it looks like the front bumper is hiding a location for a winch and its too small for a licence plate. But then where does the licence plate go?

    4. I’ve always liked the GMCs more, there have been very few Silverados after the 1998 that I really liked but this thing looks outstanding. Still excited about the Sierra but I wouldn’t hesitate to pick one of these up.

      1. Yep, 98 Chevy’s were great. The 99-02’s were as well, it’s the 03 Avalanche style frontend that went to the fugly side. I know several people that switched to GMC after that and haven’t looked back at Chevy since. Somewhat bummed the Sierra isn’t in today’s reveal.

      1. So you’re saying that if the production truck actually has an air dam, it won’t be removable? Because the air dam on the latest Silverado/Sierra literally takes 5 minutes.

    5. Ram is going to wish they released their new truck at a different show…. The new chevy looks awesome compared to the ram! If this chevy comes with the 3.6 ecoboost from the Cadillac I may just be in on a gm product for the first time in my life…. I will wait though till they have a 20%+ off sale on them.

    6. Love the truck from the side view, however that nose is a mess, just way to much going on, in what seems to be multiple design directions all going different directions. I sure hope some of the other trim models look better in the grill and bumper area.

        1. They didn’t show an actual truck with this grill, but they did run a picture of one on the screen above the stage during the presentation, so I guess it is official now…

    7. The photos and videos they realeased are of the lifted off road version. That truck is great looking! Real question is….. what will the standard Silverado 1500 look like? I bet it is covered in chrome, also no chrome models as well. We may be in for a disappointment or a great looking truck. Same goes for Ram.

      I personally look for what the truck has to offer from a technology and luxury standpoint. That’s where GM has lacked in the past couple yrs. I hope they raised the bar with this generation.

      1. The 2016s had the most technology in my opinion. They didn’t have all the cameras, but offered Carplay, Android auto, wireless charging, 4g hot spot, OnStar which has a ton more capability than Rams and a bit more than Fords.

    8. When GM builds a truck, completely from carbon fiber with +1,000 hp using Arctic seaweed, priced under $10k, I’ll buy one. Until then I’ll continue driving my 1987 Nissan Hardbody.

      ’nuff said!

    9. I prefer this grill over the grill Chevy showed us last month. That said, it’s too nice to be on a Chevy so I don’t think Chevy would be so kind and offer anything like it. I also predict they will also have a ugly-ass low air dam. 😕

    10. I like it a lot. No I dont think it will outsell the f150. Both nice trucks though. On the contrary I like the expedition better then the Tahoe and dont think it will put sell the Tahoe.

    11. Ha! They announce the half ton will get.

      1. in-line six diesel.
      2. did he say cylinder deactivation on the diesel.

      That’s exactly what I asked for and many of you just made fun of the idea of a cylinder deactivation on a diesel. Well, I’m not sure if he said that, but we will find out.

      1. Ah, so the in-line six diesel is true, but t looks like cylinder deactivation is on the 5.3 and 6.2 to a higher degree than before. Looks like it can cut off almost any combination of cylinders unlike before on these engines.
        Well, one out of two aint bad.

    12. No electric drive, still a dinasour. Be the same experience as before. Very little to no effort here to sell anthing new. Company like this will not stay relevant, proven that before with their bankruptcy. Prepare for another in 2020.

    13. It’s nice to see straight 6’s again. Interested in learning more, nice to see the 3.0L will be mated to the 10 Speed.

      I am really curious about that Dynamic Cylinder Deactivation Technology that will be functioning during any time and any load.

      Even though I’m not in the market for a full size truck, I think Chevrolet did well, at least from what I can see and what was presented.

      1. Rambro, I think they dynamic deactivation is preparing these engines to be range extenders.

        When you connect an engine to a generator, it is highly desirable to be able to turn on and off any combination of cylinders for efficiency and power needs.

        Just with the diesel was also that way. But just getting the in-line diesel is a big step in the right direction.

        Still not powerful enough for me(I need an HD), but this will certainly use much less fuel and be easier to repair and have better longevity than before.

        1. Oh, also, the 4 inches longer wheelbase is in preparation for a larger space for generators and battery packs within the crumple zones and side impact zones.

          So, this truck may very well be built for electrification.

          Nice side bed boxes, I hope they are removable(they look like they are).

          Better tow hitch and rings, as Mr. Truck said.

          Better seating position. More leg room especially in the rear seats.

          They didn’t show the air conditioning vents back there.

          They didn’t say anything about the frame coating.

          Wheel wells allow for bigger off-road wheels.

          Much of this will translate to the HD’s.

        2. Hal this is what I asked Workhorse. The answer is first. My question is below the answer but this is how he responded to it in regards to the generator powering the batteries so dont think you need a massive generator according to workhorse.

          I cannot speak to the exact science of how this all occurs but what i have been told by our engineers is that it is similar to a Chevrolet Volt powertrain. So the first 80 miles will be only battery powered. Then the generator will turn on seamlessly and will provide juice to the batteries. The horsepower of the engine is not the hp of the W-15 because it is only used to provide electricity for the batteries. The electric motors are still moving the vehicle. And the W-15 can keep driving as long as you put gas in it to run the generator. It should provide approximately 310 miles of additional range per tank. Thank you,

          Tony Bort

          Can you explain how the generator; possible range extender works during driving. I see that it is 38hp so it likely cannot keep up to heavy hauling. If 40KW is 80 miles of range and say you can run the generator for those 80 miles then your range is extended depending on how many KW/hrs you are using vs what the generator can produce.

          Do you have any examples of how far you can go with the generator running? This will vary considerably but can you provide some kind of example. Also, for my perception of this can you tell me how fast the generator can charge the battery? Also are those 80 miles empty miles and are they based on something close to an EPA test procedure?


          1. Yeah, but the Volt weighs only around 3,000 lbs and has a 100 hp engine to charge the batteries.

            The W-15 is 5,000 lbs and tows another 5,000 lbs and only has a 38 hp engine.

            And it will probably allow for more weight in the payload, and they have said the engine will probably be more than the 38 hp(the rep should have caught that).

            Its not the BMW engine anymore.

        1. Yes, I went back to TFL live stream after it became a video before I posted originally. Replay and at 29:48 of the video the presenter stated both 6.2L Gas and 3.0L Duramax will be equipped with the 10 Speed when we was wrapping up the powertrain segment.

    14. How much power for the gas motors???? Hopefully something is there to match ford’s v6 turbo’s. And can the cylinder deactivation be disabled??? Any v6 or v8 turbos in the new lineup????

        1. They said 6 different powertrain combinations…

          My guess is
          6.2 10 speed in top trim
          6.2 8 speed in mid trim
          5.3 8 speed in high trim
          5.3 6 speed for v8 mid trim and fleet
          4.3 6 speed for fleet
          3.0 diesel 10 speed for mid and high trims

        1. Yeah, and by pressing the accelerator.

          There really isn’t a reason to turn it off like there is on a start/stop system.

          Many start/stop systems hesitate and affect the electrical system, so it is preferable to turn it off sometimes.

          But cylinder deactivation really has shown no reason to turn it off.

    15. Take aways besides the diesel:
      1. 7″ wider bed interior
      2. Available bedside storage boxes
      3. Short box has more cargo space than Ford’s 6.5″ box.
      4. Power release and lift tailgate available
      5. All fixed panels remain high strength steel, while doors hood and tailgate are aluminum
      6. Same V8 engines are updated with new technology but no ratings given
      7. 5.3L gets the 8-speed
      8. 450 lbs lighter should make it the lightest truck or right there with the F150 but having a steel alloy box weighing more than aluminum should help keep the rear more planted on washboard roads.
      9. New front suspension composition of the a-arms
      10. Steering wheel appears to be centered
      11. No floor shift (High Country still had column shift) (I’m fine with this).
      12. Trailer brake controller moved to right lower side of the driver
      13. 4″ more rear legroom (and the design concept they showed did show rear vents, but we didn’t get a shot of the actual truck)
      14. Nice hidden storage in the rear seat seat backs
      15. 1″ higher seating position
      16. More standard safety equipment (even the blue LT had front and rear park assists in the bumpers)
      17. Revised interior with nicer trimming and color contrast of materials
      18. No flat floor in the rear (still had floor dips for foot room
      19. LT had no visible fog lamps in the lower front fascia like the LTZ and High
      Country did.
      20. Trailboss allows for either 33″ or 35″ tires (couldn’t remember the exact size they said) with the factory lift
      21. New RST “Sport” model in monotone paint schemes
      22. Initial comments from TFL guys were all positive.

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