• 2019 Chevy Silverado Reveal From Detroit: Bigger, Lighter and More Trims than Ever [Video]

    We join you live from the 2018 Detroit International Auto show with another huge truck reveal. This time its the 2019 Chevy Silverado which has been completely redesigned, 100 years after the company started making trucks. You can feel free to watch the whole press briefing, but we will list off the most important changes in this article.


    Of course the first thing you notice about the 2019 Chevy Silverado is the refreshed design. Chevy decided to go bigger, a trend common among this new generation of pickups. In total, this new design is 3.9″ longer in wheelbase, 1.9″ longer in total length, and slightly taller to allow for more interior space.

    Chevy is particularly proud of their all-new bed design and construction. In total, this new design adds 6.75″ of width to the bed compared to last year’s model. Furthermore, Chevy have allowed space for optional lock-boxes that still leave enough room for a 4×8 piece of plywood to fit in the bed.

    2019 Chevy SIlverado 1500 Custom Trail Boss

    In case you didn’t hear, Chevy utilizes a steel bed to provide additional strength and robustness. Also added to the bed are a heap more tie-downs, which can now hold 500-lbs each. In total, there are 12 fixed tie-downs and 9 movable units.

    The tailgate now features a power up and down functionality that can be operated via key fob or a button on the bed. A 120 volt power outlet is also now accessible from the bed.

    The interior has seen some updates as well. Although Chevy admits that this was mostly minor changes to improve ergonomic functionality. Nothing drastically different here.

    2019 Chevy Silverado High Country Interior [Photo: Chevy]

    Weight Savings

    As efficiency becomes more and more important, so does saving weight. Chevy has managed to shave 450 lbs from the previous generation, despite being significantly larger. This total amount comes from a number of areas where weight has been saved. Namely, the body and frame, which are each 88 lbs lighter than before.

    [Photo: Chevy]
    Changes to the suspension (including components from the Corvette) have allowed for an additional 24 lbs in weight reduction.


    The 2019 Chevy Silverado 155 will eventually have six powertrain options. As you might have been expecting, the new 10-speed transmission has made its way to the Silverado. But, alongside this new transmission, Chevy have introduced a 3.0L turbocharged straight-six diesel engine. Additionally, Chevy has revised the 5.3L and 6.2L V8 gas engines, focusing on efficiency. Both V8 gas powerplants make use of a cylinder deactivation system that can shut-off anywhere from 1 to 7 cylinders depending on what the truck needs.

    For the time being, the 6.2L V8 and the 3.0L inline-six will be the only engines available with the 10-speed automatic. Unfortunately, power figures have not yet been released for the new powertrain options. However, Chevy confidently claimed that the Duramax Diesel will be class-leading in performance.


    Earlier I glossed over the fact that Chevy has launched the 2019 Silverado 1500 with 8 trim-levels. Chevy have broken those trims into three categories: High Value, High Volume, and High Feature.

    High Value trims include: Work Truck, Custom, and Custom Trailboss. These trims are designed to offer customers a less expensive entry price with only the essential features.

    2019 Chevy Silverado High Country [Photo: Chevy]
    High Value trims include: LT, RST, and LT Trailboss. These trims include more standard features than the High Value levels, but do not include the most luxurious expensive features available on the 2019 Silverado. As you may expect, these are the trims that Chevy expects to sell the highest number of to consumers.

    High Feature trims include the LTZ and High Country trims. These offer the most luxury features and comfort, of course with a significantly higher pricetag.

    Chevy has said that their goal is to provide the consumer with many different options, so that they can find the truck to best suit their needs.

    Production of the 2019 Chevy Silverado is set to begin in the fall. Pricing and exact delivery dates are yet to be announced.

    Make sure to watch the whole video to hear an in-depth breakdown of the new Silverado from Chevy’s press team. Be sure to stay tuned to TFLtruck and TFLnow for more news on the pricing and power figures of the all-new 2019 Chevy Silverado!

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    148 thoughts on “2019 Chevy Silverado Reveal From Detroit: Bigger, Lighter and More Trims than Ever [Video]

          1. They said the 10-speed will be with the 6.2 and the diesel. Maybe the 5.3 will be 8-speed with 10-speed as an option (unless they keep the 6-speed as well?). But I agree, a V6 (likely and hopefully the 4.3) and possibly another engine? A turbo gas?

      1. I think it looks hideous, especially the front end.

        I’m a bit nervous about the weight taken out of the frame. I’d rather have the weight taken out of the body and truck bed and weight added to the frame.

        Supposedly more high strength steal is allowing them to reduce weight and keep rigidity, but size does matter when it comes to frame components. Safety has been bellow bar on previous generations wouldn’t have rather more high strength steel AND beefier frame architecture.

        1. Agree on teh the front fender, I really don’t like it. The rest of the sheet metal looks pretty good.
          I wouldn’t sweat the frame-I am confident it will be plenty strong enough to do as it is designed to do.

        2. “Supposedly more high strength steal is allowing them to reduce weight and keep rigidity, but size does matter when it comes to frame components.”

          Ford thinned out the steel on the 2015 F-150’s frame, cutting over 60 lbs from it. That frame seems to be holding up just fine.

    1. Overall nice looking truck. Mirrors too small and mounted goofy. All the 1/2 tons diesels too small imo at 3.0L I don’t care how the cylinders are lined up. I’ve had the Cummins and PSD, power is power. Inside bed storage is awesome move, but lack of tailgate step sucks. The corner steps are next to useless imo for anything of real weight. In the end nothing ground breaking and definitely not going to pull a Ford or Ram person away.

        1. I agree, the corner steps are not only on every truck, but far superior than the tailgate step. Tailgate step is a joke. What Chevy did with the bed here is awesome.

          I don’t care about the diesel, but it sounds like they will have the ideal setup here being a straight 6 and claiming to out do the Power Stroke (which will probably be the minimum of acceptable power).

          Chevy knocked it out of the park on this thing.

          1. Why is the tailgate step “a joke?” It does take 5 seconds to open or close, but it is very rugged and does not require any level of agility to enter or exit the bed, and you can walk up it with items in your hands. And it doesn’t make your rear bumper look ugly.

      1. In-lines are far better than v’s. Sure, it is tough to cool the middle cylinders when the tuners ramp up power to 2000 horsepower, but no one needs that kind of power.

          1. Because they are the only rally reliable engines I have owned, and the commercial industry prefers them, nad they are easier to work on, cheaper to build, cheper to maintain, easier to design, etc. etc.

            Even Ford can build a reliable in-line six. Remember that little in-line six that Ford built their little van of the 60’s? That was the only reliable Ford I have ever known of.
            And that’s saying something, because we have fleets of vehicles and a lot of Fords, and a virety of Fords, and only that little straight six Ford kept going with little fuss.
            And do I need to mention the Cummins?

      2. The bumper steps are quite strong. Apparently you’ve never even stepped on one. Simple and useful. The tailgate step is overengineered and useless when a trailer is hooked up to the truck. Plus guys look like Nancy’s when they use their tailgate step.

        1. The 6.2 was also available in the extended cab configuration.

          Bob – saying the 6.2 was *only* available in the top trim isn’t saying much. An LTZ trim isn’t much more expensive than an LT. Certainly not as expensive as the ludicrously priced F-150 Limited and Platinum trims or some of the top GMC trims such as the Denali.

            1. GM doesn’t even build an extended cab with an 8 foot bed. And outside of fleet sales, nobody even buys a regular cab half-ton with an 8 foot bed anymore. It’s extremely rare to even see one on a dealer lot.

          1. But you couldn’t get it the work truck trim. You could only the 8 speed 5.3 combo in high trim levels. Ford and Ram sell the top tow motors in all trim levels. Not everyone wants leather. If GM would put the 6.2 in all trim levels it might actually sell more than Ford.

      1. The Custom pictured above (trim level below LT) has dual exhaust. That doesn’t absolutely mean 6.2, but maybe the lower trims are finally going to get some attention in the powertrain department?

    2. Not a huge fan of the front. IMO it is too flat and brick like, looks like a junior CAD user made the front end. Add in the high belt line and massive tall hood, this thing looks like a 1 ton truck on a 1/2 ton frame.

      1. Making a haflton look huge seems to be a common them among all manufacturers over the last 15 years. GM is only making sure their next truck is chastized for not matching Ford and Ram’s offerings. No different than what’s happening with the 3/4 and 1-ton class. Each manufacturer 1-ups the last, as the trucks get bigger and bigger.

    3. Rear A/C vents or heated seats?

      Anything to report about the infotainment system or new technology, camera system etc?

      Is the park brake now electric?

      Was the frame now a true powdercoating? Hard to tell from video but it looked less wax like.

      6 engine transmission combos. 6.2/3.0 are 10speed only so what makes the other combos? I’m guessing the 5.3 will have the 10speed optional.

      Does interior materials feel any different?

      Did you hear them run?

      1. I would prefer an epoxy based frame coating. E-coated frames aren’t much better than wax based on the F-150 frames I’ve seen. Epoxy paints bond better and resists scratches and rock chips better.

      1. Yes, we know 4 out of the 6.

        The other two will probably be:
        1. 455 hp turbo 3.6 from Cadillac.
        2. Hybrid with probably their 3.0 liter gas engine from Cadillac(but I wish it were the 3.0 diesel).

        1. We know 3 engines out of 6
          1. 6.2 v8
          2. 5.3 v8
          3. 3.0 diesel I6
          They didn’t mention anything about the 4.3 so I’m thinking they’ll go with
          4. 3.6 v6
          5. 3.6 v6 twin turbo
          6. Either hybrid or 2.7 opposed cylinder

          1. I’m counting differently than you.

            1) 6.2 w/ 10speed
            2) 3.0 w/ 10speed
            3) 5.3 w/ 10speed
            4) 5.3 w/ 8speed
            Then 2 others combo. Or I’m understanding then wrong. I still think the 4.3 will be a carry over. The other, I’m not sure. I’ve read a 4 cylinder hybrid option all the way to 6 cylinder turbo setup. I’m leaning more to the hybrid than the turbo setup.

            1. 10 speed won’t be offered with 5.3 at launch. They mentioned 6 engine choices and you counted 5.3 twice.

            2. They didn’t say 6 engines. They said 6 powertrain options. The 5.3 with the 10 and 8 speed would then count as 2. But again, I could be wrong.

            3. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 5.3 got two different transmission options… Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the 6 and 8 speed transmissions (6-speed somehow outdid the 8-speed in epa testing). I hope they keep the 4.3. Good truck engine for sure. I wonder if they’d consider a 4-cylinder turbo or the in-house 3.0 turbo V6 from Cadillac? 3.6 is the obvious choice for power…

            4. 6.2 10 speed
              3.0 10 speed
              5.3 8 speed
              5.3 6 speed (fleet v8 special)
              5.3 6 or 8 speed??? e assist (GM called it a powertrain option in 2018)
              4.3 6 speed (fleet volumn model)

            5. Powertrain = engine/tranny.
              Has for a very long time now. Otherwise they would refer to it as an engine or powerplant.

            1. Would be pretty weird to drop it when it’s only been used in 5 model years… If anything I think the 4.3 should spread to other GM models…

            2. Sparky, the 4.3 has roots that go back to the old 350 small blocks from a million years ago. The current 4.3 essentially shares nothing but displacement the pre-2013 4.3. Even then it has a smaller bore and a longer stroke. Same bore as the 5.3 and same stroke as the 6.2 if I remember right.

    4. I like the looks but I don’t understand gm’s highway guardrail looking front bumpers. The front bumper takes up half of the front end styling but it does look better in body coloring. I still don’t like the dash. It still looks car like but I don’t really care for the new fords dash either.Fiat has the best interior design and I hope they don’t miss it up like the new 19 ram exterior.The new ram looks like a old gmc and that’s not good!

      1. I’m amazed by the lack of hole in that guardrail bumper. The diesel option looks like it’s the only one to get holes below the bumper. Overall, the front is very closed up compared to the other oems.

      2. The Ram interior looks nice but the materials aren’t as good on their mid-leevel trims. Plus the minivan-esque shifter knob is terrible. Column shifters or GTFO lol.

    5. I like the look of everything other then the goofy looking front bumper tucked inside the fenders. I hope the GMC has a more conventional looking grill and bumper setup.

      I hope the air foil on the back of the cab is removable, that could potentially conflict with our headache racks and racking systems. Among other things like bed caps/toppers etc .

      Andre, please shoot some video of a regular cab if they have one at the show.

      Increased bed volume means nothing more then they raised the bedsides again. The bed sides were already way to tall to work out of.

      Shortening the nose and maximizing the interior volume is on there reason I see Tundra in its profile. Tundra also has that shorter nose and larger cab, with the front wheels pushed forward. I think that’s good deal, it works really well on the Tundra’s.

      1. From GM:
        “Most of that volume was created by widening the maximum width of the bed floor nearly seven inches. Chevrolet Accessories will offer storage bins that fit over the wheel wells, offering nearly seven cubic feet of lockable cargo space for short-box models, while easily accommodating a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood flat on the cargo floor.”

        1. I heard that. Where that width gain is located, I am not sure that will equate to any real functional gains in space. I suppose it will depend on what you haul as to rather it would make any difference at all.

        1. I don’t know if the power numbers would have to be less. But an inline engine design generally won’t wind up as quick as a V. So it won’t shock me if it has the slowest acceration to 60 for example.

      1. @Fourloko
        Loved to know who built it. Other diesels have been from the Italian VM Motori.
        After all the idiotic anti diesel hysteria and trolling ( one particular site comes to mind) it is nice to see US Pickup manufacturers putting diesels in their 1/2 tons.

            1. Robert Ryan,

              I still havent discovered the logic behind these 1/2 ton diesels other than there are folks who have to have them. I gather you are from Australia, but here in the US the diesels are not showing much, if any, economic value for most people. Their fuel mileage benefits are mostly offset by the nearly 20% increase in fuel cost for diesel over gasoline. Then there is the increased purchase price and maintenance cost.

              And to top it off their performance is not any better than a GTDI of similar size in most cases. The Ram Ecodiesel showed no performance value over the ecoboosts. The new Ford 3.0 does only in that the torque comes in at a low RPM. It think the Ford diesel will do well but again, the economics are skewed. Why but a Lariat trim F150 for $50,000 or more to brag about MPG’s?

            2. The Real Jay,

              I never hear anyone justifying the 6.2 based on “economic sense,” they just want better performance for acceleration or pulling. The diesel gives you better pulling power than both, it just happens to also get you 30mpg. Now you ignore the torque advantage. If it’s all about “economic sense,” buy a cheap used truck. Don’t even buy it. Just borrow or rent one when you need it.

    6. The big picture here is nothing ground breaking. Same old junk from the second millenium. At the end of the day I will still buy the cheapest, best piece of garbage that I have to. No waty will I pay into a higher trim for propaganda.

      1. Like I said Rambro on the last page, this truck may very well have been designed to be electrified soon.

        The longer wheelbase and wider design may accommodate big battery packs between the crash zones.

        1. When I see a change to electric drive I will pay top dollar for higher trims and all the fluff. Until then I have been doing without for over 3 years now. And they just made them harder to park with no four wheel steering yet they put four wheel steering in their cadilac. This company is ass backwards and trapped in old age. Stupid propaganda storage bllsht and vortex gills. Yeesh

          1. You bought a Tundra yet you trash on this truck for coming from a company “trapped in the old age”? The Tundra, a truck that hasn’t changed in several years – the worst gas guzzler half-ton on the market. Zero improvements to the powertrain, no fuel economy improvements, no improvements for the famously flimsy ‘triple-tec’ frame, ho-hum outdated interiors, limited configurations, etc. LMAO there’s no help for you Rambro.

            1. Like I said I will buy the best piece of garbage with just enough. The Tundra saves me money and has what I need better than the rest of the garbage. I still own garbage and not at all excited about my truck or any other truck out there. Its all junk.

            2. My only joy is to save money. I need four doors a few power options and 4×4. When I sell in three years or two years it will lose me the least amount of money. When something is worth my money like 4 wheel steering ride control and electric drive or any 2/3 and I will throw money at it because it will be worth it.

    7. In watching the video again how are you going to use the truck box’s when they open into the bed. If you are hauling anything half the bed height you won’t be able to access the box’s making them useless or when ever you have anything strapped down in the bed.You will also have to get into the bed to get anything out of the box’s because you won’t be able to reach anything from the outside.

        1. Leave it to you to bitch about an accessory that is made for those who could find it useful. You make it sound like its a standard feature that will be troublesome to every truck owner. Yeesh!!

          1. yea if you are just buying a truck to ride around in and play contractor they would be perfect but if you use your truck on a daily basis they are useless when you have much of anything in the bed.

            1. The beauty here is that with all that extra width, there will be a aftermarket solution that works differently if you want it.

            1. Too bad this bed won’t rust anywhere near as fast as the Tundra, a truck that took rust rot to a whole new level. Especially in the bed floor near the wheel wells where Toyota decided to sandwich multiple layers of unprotected steel together so water and road salt can collect and really go to town.

              Warning, these images may be disturbing to some viewers:

          2. ^^Correct. Some people will find it very useful and some won’t. It won’t be easily accessible if you have a tonneau cover, but at least it doesn’t ruin the looks of the bed like the RamBox does.

      1. A ageee completely. A lot of theses changes always get spun to sound like they are some sort of major improvement, but when you actually go to work out the truck, quite often in the real world they become more of a nuisance. Becsides were already way to tall and am pretty sure they just got taller.

        1. Ram’s underseat storage requires passengers to get out, as do the under floor storage bins. These are hidden storage bins for those things you don’t use everyday. Personally I would find them very useful.

    8. Maybe its just me but why not a stow and go system like in the fiat mini vans or a way to completely remove the back seat for hauling something that just can’t get wet or freeze.If not that then why not fix the bottom seat cushion to raise up for storage like a tool box .Your tools are safe and inside the cab and opens up the bed for longer items.That’s a contractors dream is too keep all your tools safe.Almost every work truck you see has a tool box across the bed so why not one from the factory across the bed.. Maybe its just me but I fail to see why these truck makers can’t come up with something new.

      1. GM did have a tool box as an accessory for the current trucks that mounts to the bed rail system. You can even slide it from the front of the box to the rear so you can reach it from the tailgate. Never sold well.

        1. my Titan had a box like that when I bought it but I bought it used.It was great empty but as soon as you added weight it was hard to slide.If you had anything in the bed it was useless .If the gm system was anything like it I can see why it diden’t sell well.

    9. This new truck is meh worthy at best. The front end looks a Ford and new Ram. The tailgate and lights looks like a Tundra. Chevy, Ford and Ram are looking like they’re all cut from the same cookie cutter. Not impressed by any of the big 3 new designs.

      1. There is only so much styling you can do to a truck. Trucks prioritize functionality over looking pretty.

        What truck designs do you think really looked unique and great?

    10. all in all it sounds like they are making some real improvements to these trucks. the only thing that would worry me is having the v8’s running on anywhere from 1 to 8 cylinders. that sounds overly complicated. our present Durango has cylinder deactivation [8 to 4] and it works flawlessly. but I can’t see how a v8 can run on 1 cylinder and still run smoothly, but then I’m no expert. I wish them luck.

      1. The current truck actually can shut all cylinders down when going down a hill. The mileage actually shows 0 L/100 kms when going down hill. I believe this system will be similar and that is likely when it would run on 1 or 2 cylinders, 3-4 on slight downhill slopes, etc.

    11. 2018 GM and Ford have largest turning circle, (clumsy), can only imagine what a 3.9″ longer wheelbase will do. Be interesting to see if 6.2 is available in cheaper models like Ford offers the 3.5 ecoboost.

        1. Wheelbase makes a huge difference on turn radius. Front geometry is already maxed out for safety reasons; the wheels are not allowed to turn in the front anymore than they already do for safety at highway speeds, otherwise we can all drive schoolbusses without a problem other than length. Likely over a 50 foot turn radius now.

          1. You can’t just say it’s 4 inches longer, therefor it will have a 1’ larger turning radius. It doesn’t work like that. It’s a new truck. Now, it will have a larger turning radius if you compare the same truck with different wheelbases, but we aren’t talking about that.

          2. No matter what the turning radius and steering angle is, if you crank the wheel all the way over in any vehicle in the highway, especially a truck – you’re dead.

            Do you even think before you type?

            1. That was not meant to be specific. Highway is one case. And no your not dead. This is why they practice what is called the Moose maneaver. Another case is for icy road conditions. Tire damage when off road and component failure due to too much stress on linkages. Many more factors out of our wheelhouse as to why you cannot increase the geometry in the front. Wheelbase therefore will have a big negative affect on turn radius unless they bring back 4 wheel steering.

            2. Go 75mph in any truck and crank the wheel to one side. You’re going to barrel roll or at the very least bad things will happen.

              Stop trying to back peddle, steering wheel geometry is not limited due to safety concerns. The limits are in place due to geometry.

    12. Baseball,Applepie and GM just hit one out of the ball park.Really love the dark metallic silver LTZ 6.2L,10 speed auto.By pushing the inside of the bed stamping outwards it allows for far more space.I like there ChevyBox’s mounted to the inside of the beds over the wheel wells.Auto tail gate button located next to the left of the steering wheel,nice touch feature.Also 120 volt plug in.Apple charging port right below the center stack.Rear lumbar storage.This truck will sell well.I expect nothing short of class leading in towing and performance numbers.

    13. C’mon TFLtruck…, how can you cover the new Trailboss without showing any suspension? 2″ lift? Show me some A-Arms, coils, rear blocks etc. or maybe something we can’t see because we’re not there…

      1. Thank you I was thinking the same thing. If I had to guess, I would say the control arms for the Trailboss have a different geometry to restore the correct ball joint angles. The front diff is probably mounted lower. The steering rack may even be lowered or itts placement was optimized to work well for both the Trailboss and standard Silverado.

        The other less likely scenario is that GM has a different steering knuckle for the Trailboss that relocates all the mounting points for ball joints and steering links. Which has me curious if GM designed a new steering knuckle for the 2019 Silverado.

    14. My guess on engines.
      1. 6.2L 450 hp 470 LB. Ft.
      2. 5.3L 385 hp 400 LB. Ft.
      3. 3.0 L Diesel 275 hp 500 LB.
      4. 4.3 L 330 hp 330 LB. Ft.
      5. 3.6 L TT V6 450 hp 470 LB.
      6. 2.7L opposed piston V6 270 horsepower 350 LB. Ft..

      1. Hope you’re right. Way to much power on the 4.3 though. The opposed piston engine would make more torque.

        We won’t see 6 engines, they said 6 combos. Meaning engine and trans combos.

      1. Will, notice that article uses the 6.7 Powerstroke as a contrast to the opposed cylinder efficiency.

        By doing so, it makes the opposed cylinder technology look even better than if it were to use the Cummins or Duramax.

        Ha! like I have been saying, the engineering community all know how bad the Powerstroke is. Its just stupid consumers and Ford mechanics and salesman that love it.

        1. Hey retard, the Powerstroke was used in the article because it was the most potent diesel at the time Motor Trend discovered the technology in 2014.

          Now you do realize the current Powerstroke uses a GM design of exhaust exiting into the V and air intake from the outboard sides of the engine. If the Powerstroke was renamed “Duramax” with this same exact design, you’d be touting it as genius.

          1. No, the whole point of that article was about efficiency. So they chose the lest efficient engine on the market to compare it to to make their own new upstart look better.

    15. In the photos, what is the large knob above the 4WD buttons? One of the pictures shows a trailer icon on the left and a checkered flag on the right. Is this some sort of traction control setting?

      1. I think is a powertrain or traction management system. Where you can select between snow, off-road, hwy, rain. But that’s just a guess as it looks different from other GM products that have that option.

    16. So in their last vid on Youtube, Roman was told there is a off switch for the start/stop, so we know it has that feature. Steering wheel is centered. There will also be some models with an actual key start (my guess is WT, Custom and Custom Trailboss). The guy also mentioned when asked about engines “these are the three we are talking about tonight.” So more engines to come? They were also inside the red cloth LT Trailboss and there were three seat climate buttons, one for heated back, one for heated back and tushy, and one with a fan on it (cooled seats in cloth). The rear corner sensors aren’t in the tail lamps like the Ford but instead behind the corner stop insert so tail lamp repairs are cheaper. The DEF tank will be mounted above the frame and back alongside the fuel tank like the Colorado.

      1. My concern with the blind spot radar location is that snow could pack in there and cause a sensor malfunction. I’ve owned many trucks and never smashed a tail light. I’m sure it happens.

    17. Finally!

      A new Turbocharged in-line 6cyl engine to get excited about!!!

      I wished it was gasoline though and in the 4.0-4.5L range, but this will be an awesome powertrain combo with the new 10spd.

      Not too crazy about the front end look, but it’s better than anything else they’ve been doing and the rest of the new body looks great 👍.

      Thank God they finally went to round wheelwells and sold the ugly square ones to Workhorse!

    18. It’s about time that GM upped its game. This is an improvement over previous generations. I like most things about this truck but am having a hard time with the nose. The side profile looks almost like a Tundra to me. I will however would like to see how the GMC will look. In my opinion I’ve always liked the GMC versions over the Silverado.

    19. Chevy did a really grest job on this thing. They upped their engineering and design, that’s for sure. Can’t wait to see the 6.2 averaging low 20s mpg in the real world. Bet that thing will really run when it’s carrying 450lbs less!!

    20. Almost 150 comments on the new Silverado. Reading them was a mixed bag what you thought the Silverado how it looked.

      This my opinion gm went with the big look so did ram back a few years ago. But it didn’t translate beating Ford in sales. With this big square look will this help gm beat Ford in sales? My guess probably not. Time will tell.
      I’m not a fan of the “big” look. When I look at this front end look it is your face. That just turns me off.

      Gm missed out going all aluminum body. All this talk about having a composite bed that really didn’t materialize. it is a steel bed, maybe stronger than the models previously. Still steel.

      When you you introduce a new vehicle to the show everyone wants to know the hp tq numbers. Why did gm this hold back on this is beyond me? In video all the reporters waited bated breath and and and nothing? What the hell!!! It is the number one reason to go and report on! This is like lional pulling the football away from Charlie before he kicks the ball. This not cool on gm part.

      The foot step in the bumper is not that great. For people living in North you think about rd salt. And where it lays that you can’t get to it. This behind this bumper step this salt is going to lay in there and rot away that bumper if it isn’t removed right away. Something to think about.

    21. I see they still have the off center steering wheel. Geez..I really want to buy a GM truck but it’s just stupid and bothersome. Oh well, the new Ram looks pretty good inside and out and their steering wheel is centered as it should be.

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