• First Official Image of the 2019 Chevy Silverado HD 4500 and 5500 Medium Duty Truck (News)

    2019 chevy silverado 4500 5500 hd
    2019 Chevy Silverado 4500 HD and 5500 HD (credit: Chevrolet)

    Chevrolet has announced that the new 2019 Chevy Silverado HD 4500 and 5000 “medium duty” trucks will be unveiled on March 6th, 2018 at the Word Truck Show in Indianapolis.

    As we have known for a while, the Chevy Kodiak name is no more. These trucks will carry the Silverado 4500 and 5500 name. Chevrolet released just one image you see above. The medium duty trucks appear to share some components with the consumer Silverado HD 2500 and 3500 trucks: roof running lights, side mirrors, and more.

    Chevrolet says that the all-new Silverado medium-duty 4500 and 5500 trucks will be available in a variety of configurations: regular or crew cab, 2WD or 4×4, and with many Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWRs) and wheelbases. The press release says that the trucks will be powered by Duramax diesel engines and Allisson Transmissions. It’s not yet clear whether this truck line offer several power output ratings or just one. OnStar, 4G LTE Wi-Fi internet, and additional fleet telematics will be offered to keep the new trucks connected and productive.

    No payload or towing specifications have been announced yet. Most of the details will be released in March at the show. The trucks will go into production in late 2018, according to Chevrolet.

    Additional technical specifications for the new Silverado 4500HD/5500HD will be released at the reveal in March. The trucks are expected to go into production in late 2018.

    While we wait, let’s have some fun. Here are all three heavy duty dually trucks in a bracket-style drag race.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    57 thoughts on “First Official Image of the 2019 Chevy Silverado HD 4500 and 5500 Medium Duty Truck (News)

        1. I think that big crack is because the entire front hood and fenders will tilt forward, making serviceability vastly superior to the Ford and RAM 4500/500 products. Although its not as handsome, I’d probably be willing to make that trade-off.

          1. Not necessarily. The old Kodiaks were a bear to work on. Even with the tilt hood. The engine needed to be lowered down to replace the injectors. The water pumps had a bolt behind the crank damper and the crank damper bolt was also a bear to remove.

            1. HA! Bear to work on a kodiak. There is a reason that thing is in hibernation, so I hope these are not like it. Don’t think they will do well if they are.

      1. Bet it has “automatic engine brakes”.

        Daniel and JJ. and others are so behind the times that they said automatic engine brakes didn’t exist.

        I quote from M.T. about the GM SJUVs:

        “The drive route also showcased the powertrain automatic grade braking on the long downhills. The algorithm senses how much you are on the brake and automatically downshifts to save brake life while maintaining speed without cruise control. It turns on automatically; a message appears in front of the driver and confirms it was activated.”

        Well, Daniel and Jimmy Johns, and others proven wrong again. Keep it up, guys.

        1. Why do you keep stating this referencing me. I never got into those discussions. But when you start with 15 different user names to have conversations with yourself then I can understand. FYI, manufacturers have been doing that downshifting strategy for years. That is nothing new.

      1. The old medium duty trucks were a conventional leaf spring/beam axle setup. Still seems to be the way to go for America. Hopefully these new trucks will carry on with the awesome wheel cut angle the old Kodiak chassis had.

      2. I love the front solid axle setup, I just wish you could get it on more trucks, to me the durability, simplicity, articulation, and look of it outweighs any advantage you could get from IFS.

        1. Until your SFA setup develops death wobble. Then you end up having to throw as much as a grand at the front end trying to fix it. And judging by the last few experiences with the newer F-350’s, a modern SFA setup will eat up ball joints just as fast as the newer IFS HD trucks will.

    1. Pretty interesting. I think in order for it to be competitive, there needs to be a gas option. Many fleets are buying Ford F-550s in gas configuration simply because they are cheaper to buy new, cheaper to maintain, don’t mind accumulating high idling hours, and still get the job done.

      This truck appears to use the current 2014-style cab with the exception of the nose, although the stacked 2014 Silverado headlights are in use. That is inline with Ford using the 2011-2016 style cab on their F-650 and 750 trucks, but the current 450 and 550 trucks use the same current-gen cab.

      1. And leaves with this question. Is the 6.0 enough troverman? This where Ford kept the v-10 and has did well selling a medium duty truck with out the expense.

          1. There are plenty of shops that will do high capacity off-road tire conversions on MD trucks. I do agree that a high-end trim would be attractive to the Rec-hauler market. Same would go for a Mega Cab 5500 Ram C/C.

        1. Marc 6.0 is a very reliable engine ,possibly the least repaired of any of the gas engines ..The 8.1 is a beast and very reliable,Gm needs to make it more fuel efficient,if they brought it back..I’ve driven the v-10s in ford and Ram ,and they were strong but not close to the workhorse especially pulling a Bigtex 25gn 30+5..They were all close in mpg but in hilly roads the 8.1 was obvious had more balls..

          1. Na the 8.1 isn’t strong as you think. I can out pull 8.1 gm with my v-10. I knew guy had one and fuel mileage wasn’t quite as good as the v-10 I had. I think had like 275000 miles on it before the rings gave up. I had 365000+ before I sold it still running strong.

            As for 6.0, idk if it is big enough. As for gm going back to the 8.1 I just don’t know. I think will probably get some kinda of indication from Ford what will happen with the 7x engine on where gm might go. Then you never know we might will see a whole new gas engine at Indy from gm.

            1. And how many spark plugs did it spit out? Our company’s V-10 trucks had to be heli-coiled. Which really made it hurt when the oil pump failed on one of them less than 6 months later.

    2. Get ready for Silverado to be the best-selling truck when these come out. There are so many municipalities and contractors out there that can’t wait for another 450-550 option. This spells doom for F-Series run.

      1. Hmm…really? Do you suppose the Ford 450 and 550 make up the bulk of F-Series sales? Do you not realize there already is, and has been, another 4500/5500 option in the form of the RAM with the Cummins? I wonder why you think these will be superior to the 450/550? I mean, it *could* be, but then again it might not be. Ford already sells more 250s and 350s than GM sells 2500s and 3500s. So why would this chassis cab suddenly outsell Ford?

        1. It’s not going to take many municipalities especially to buy these things in order for Silverado to outsell Ford. We all know how well government can spend money. I know many purchasers that are fed up with fords unreliability in the diesel category and simply wont buy a ram. The only thing stopping them from buying GM is the GVWR of the 3500 chassis. Go anywhere across this country and Ram simply doesn’t have a footing in municipal work. It’s a reality. And it’s a reality that Silverado will soon be the truck sales leader.

        2. All I’m saying is just because you see ford 450s and 550s out there doing work doesn’t mean that the companies and or municipalities wanted a ford. There are plenty of people that still will not buy a Ram no matter how much they cut the price. Unfortunately for the public the option has been Ram or Ford for far too long and you’ll be surprised how many buyers will be exercising this new option. And this will always build on brand loyalty.

          1. Why would GM leave such a huge hole in the market if it was that easy to take over the medium duty market? They must really be idiots if that is the case.

      2. Medium class trucks aren’t a big volume seller. They mainly got back into the class 4/5 trucks to fill out their commercial vehicle lineup. One interview said that a lot of buyers want to be able to one-stop shop and these truck helps complete the lineup. Navistar will be assembling the trucks. The Duramax/Allison combo will be an attractive combo. No word on a gas option.

    3. My first thought is a silverado and ram had a baby. The audience for this truck doesn’t usually care what it looks like but I was thinking it would be more silverado like. I’m sure the 6.0L will be in there but I would like to see them bring back the 8.1L or something similar.

      1. A modernized 8.1L would be an attractive option. Surely GM could get a bit more power or fuel efficiency out of an updated 8.1L to make it competitive with other medium duty gassers.

    4. Well its about time GM got back into the game, no Bison, nor General, Kodiak, Bruin, Brigadier, Topkick, just C/K4500, 5500, and who knows a E6500? Just a little note, Chevy seems to be content by walking softly with 42 years of being #1 in SUV.

    5. doesnt look like its competion is ford f450-550’s or Ram 4500-5500’s

      It looks more like a competition to a f650+. that chevy looks pretty big to what many may claim it is in competition with.

      1. It’s a Silverado 4500/5500. That means it competes in that class. It has 19.5” rims with 10 lugs, just like the competition in that class. A Ford F650/750 uses 22.5” rims and is a much bigger truck.

      1. X2. You’re right the kodiaks bed height was too high for landscapers and farmers to use easily. That’s a lot of lost sales and is the main reason, I believe, ford f450 and f550 sales left gm in the dust!

    6. I remember a wile back when GM and International had a agreement. Gm will supply the engine/Transmission and they will bring the chassis. I bet you a million dollars that this is a product of that agreement. That is why it looks bigger than a normal 4500 5500 competitors.

    7. I agree with you guys. This will be called a Silverado but it won’t be added to the Silverado totals. This will be a Silverado Medium Duty counted separately like the F-650 eventhough it will be called a Silverado-5500. It won’t have a bed. I could be wrong. Or this could be the biggest one and they will have smaller ones with pickup beds that will be counted.

      1. ford count their 450/550 w f series, and only some 450’s have bed and none 550’s. plus everybody sells cab and chassis (1 ton) without a bed that gets count in.

      1. Between the ugly period my boss went through with the 6.0 an 6.4, and the 6.7’s with turbo failures, a cracked head, a couple dropped valves, and a few fuel pump failures, he seems to be growing tired of Ford’s diesel problems. He’s probably not the only one.

    8. As I said above they are to big for most of the public.

      If you need a base for a small hoist or crane the Kodiak was a good choice. Lot of oil firms still running Kodiaks for that purpose. But only because they are used in the field for most part and don’t have to deal with traffic.

      Lease holders pretty much tell contractors what they can bring on a lease. And in most cases a trailer is not allowed for welding contractors etc.

      So a bed easily accesably from the ground is a must.

    9. Pretty academic in this part of the world where their are hordes of MDT trucks from Japanese and a to a lesser extent European manufacturers
      What US MDT we have got are i.e F650- F750 are treated like s tretched Hummers and are used by novelty PR groups.

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