• New 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500: Everything There Is to Know! (Video)

    How do you improve the next generation 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 and make it more competitive than ever before? How about making it lighter, bigger, and offer more choice! This is what Chevrolet it doing with their all-new half-ton truck.


    The new Silverado’s frame uses advanced and high-strength steels to shave 88 lbs when compared to the previous generation of truck, while also making it 10% more rigid than before. While the cab structure and the bed are made out of various grades of steel, the hood, all doors, the the tailgate use aluminum. Chevrolet says that a new V8-powered 2019 Silverado crew cab is approximately 450 lbs lighter when compared to a similarly equipped older truck.

    Power Options

    It’s hard to believe that Chevrolet is targeting up to six powertrain options for the new Silverado. For now, the company has just announced three engines: updated 5.3L V8, 6.2L V8, and a 3.0L I6 turbo-diesel. The V8 engines remain, and there will be a 3.0L Duramax straight-six turbo-diesel as well. We do not know the power specifications for these engines yet, but we know that at least the 6.2L V8 and the 3.0L diesel engines will be paired to a 10-speed automatic transmission.

    Chevrolet is also confident that the new diesel option will be highly competitive in the segment, considering that Ford just recently announced their 3.0L V6 Power Stroke turbo-diesel numbers.

    The gas V8 engine are said to have new cylinder deactivation modes where up to 7 out 8 cylinder could be shut off under light loads. How is this possible? We are not sure yet, but we will keep asking for many more details.

    Here is our first 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 video from the show. Check it out for a lot more!

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    190 thoughts on “New 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500: Everything There Is to Know! (Video)

    1. The more I see of this truck, the more I like it. Really wish we had some power numbers but I guess they have to leave something to the imagination. I was not expecting the I6; looking forward to the ike run with 3 different 3.0 diesels. May the best engineers win

      1. Well done TFL. Both for the live stream, and for the quick examining of the whole truck all around on this page.

        This is the truck GM wanted to build before the economy went bad.

        Wow, an inline 6 diesel. I don’t have much use for a half ton, but this might persuade me to buy one for the wife.

        Well over 30 mpg and probably about lb ft. of torque.

        Should have had this truck a long time ago.

        Love the plug for the electronics on the back, and the great back bumper.

        Much to like here, but please ask GM about plans to electrify the truck with a range extender or hybrid.

        Thanks, again.

        1. I second that. Excellent reporting TFL. I watched the debut through your TFL now channel got to see what you guys are doing in real time and got some great up close looks at these trucks and you even threw out the Ranger at midnight and stuck to your word.

          Great reporting, your non bias approach is what makes you guys great.

          1. I agree, the TFL Truck guys did a SUPERB job of reporting on the new Silverado, way better than any other truck website I can find. I look forward to similar coverage on the new Ram tomorrow morning!

            1. Yeah thanks guys, especially for getting there extra early so we could all share your awesome front row vantage point. Not to mention you guys showed major dedication to get the videos up so quickly after the show. I know that takes a ton of work to edit and upload these videos.

    2. Better quality steel is more difficult to rust than before at least.

      High tensile steel can last if you just keep the salt off of it with sprinklers under the truck for about 10 minutes.

        1. Yeah, just leave that salt on it.

          That will prevent rust.

          Or, you can make a garage that dissolves it off and dries it out quickly.

          Cheaper and easier than buying a new truck or doing body work.

          1. He’s right though. You’re better off keeping your truck parked in the cold. If its cold enough, the salt does nothing and any salty slush on the truck freezes. The colder the truck remains throughout the winter, the slower the rate of chemical reaction that creates rust.

            When you spray down the bottom of your truck and park it in a warm garage, you’re pushing water and residual salt deep into any nooks, crannies, and crevasses of the frame and body of the truck. It would take a very long and thorough washing of the truck on a daily basis to remove the salt adequately. Application of an undercoating such as Krown or Fluid Film are some of the best options for filling those nooks, crannies, and crevasses with oil, which helps keep salt out.It also creates a protective barrier on any surface it’s applied to and its ability to creep is excellent. The key is to not spray any surface it’s applied to with hot or even warm water in the winter.

            If FF and Krown can keep a Tacoma from rusting, it’ll keep anything from rusting.

            To summarize, spritzing some water on the truck and parking it in a warm garage only helps push salt in deeper and speed up the chemical reaction that forms rust.

            1. Yes, you have a helpful comment, but only for those unwilling to build or adapt a garage that simply drains the water from four low flow but high pressure rotating sprinklers under each inside of each wheel for about 10 to 15 minutes. I have it on a timer, so just have to drive the truck in the right spot, and flip it on where I flip off the lights to the garage.
              It works great. Never had problems with any rust since.
              It was actually cheap to build it into my garage. And 10 to 15 minutes(depending on how much build up you have), is a very long and thorough when it is under pressure and in the right sots and rotating etc.

            2. Oh, and I almost always keep a special shell on my truck, so salty road moisture never gets inside the bed. .
              But there are a couple tricks for open bes and this garage setup.

      1. Blame Apple for that. Apple is notorious for extorting piles of money for the privilege of using their app properly. They probably didn’t give GM a software licence for bluetooth connectivity because GM refused to pay up.

    3. Only one of the released pictures has the bumper hole for cooling (custom trailboss). Hopefully that means the diesel option is available on that trim, but it may be for both a diesel and TT V6. Either way, it points to better powertrain availability across even the “High Value” models.

      1. Actually, based on the live reveal, the LT diesel truck discussed in this video does not have that opening. It makes me think they released that picture only because it leaked already. Probably specific to the gas TT V6 which havent been unveiled yet.

            1. Yeah, actually I only see it on the RST from the chevrolet.com web pictures. The high def version of the Custom Trail Boss even shows that is not open and only on the RST is it open. It could just mean the diesel is available in RST or that there is another turbo/supercharged engine on its way.

    4. I don’t care what engines are offered. This truck is hideous. The front looks like a mashup of Ford, Ram and a Prius. The back end a Tundra. Imo automakers are getting out of control with all these options that are way over priced. And do we really need 8 and 10 speed auto trans. No we don’t. If you live in a hilly or mountainous terrain the trans is going to be constantly downshifting. Especially when towing. All this “ technology” and “ high end packages “ on trucks are for the people that have “ Sucker “ written on their foreheads and the automakers are lining up waiting to take your money. Sometimes new isn’t always better. And with the way these trucks are being made today, older is better imo.

      1. Yikes. I think it’s the best looking truck Chevy it any manufacture has put out. I have minor gripes, but that’s it.

        Sorry it’s not still 1987, but a 8 or 10 speed transmission is more than mpg. It’s about always being in the powerband. Wonder why a semi uses so many gears? My truck with a 4 speed only gets up and moves if you kick it doesn’t from certain speeds, these don’t have that problem. And who cares I’d it shifts a lot? You can’t feel it and the trans lasts a lit longer nowdays too.

        1. With electric drive you dont need a transmission. Transmission is a complicated mess, robs mpg, robs the motor of efficiency which loses mpg and robs power that cant get to the ground. Modern day trucks will have electric drive like where the industry is going like Workhorse W15. Everyone is experimenting with SUV,s and cars first then trucks.

            1. no, you don’t have an additional drive system.

              You ONLY have electric drive.
              Extremely simple and dynamic at the same time.

              Then, you can provide electricity to those electric motors or motor in any way you want.

              Whether you want a range extender combustion motor, or batteries or a combination of the two or fuel cell or hydrogen etc.

              Very simple and durable compared to mechanical linkages going all over the place and breaking down.

            1. No biased pickup mechanic who isn’t smart enough to know electronics wants to change to a more rugged, more reliable, ore powerful, more compact, more dynamic, more efficient, less complicated, ultimately less expensive system than a simple electric motor directly turning the wheels and being fed by a range extender combustion engine that will last much longer and require much less maintenance from that said mechanic and thus make that said mechanic much less money.

              Especially, when eventually the range extender engine will be replaced with a fuel cell or micro turbine or even an advanced battery technology that will really eliminate moving parts that leave us all stranded in nowhere’sville and unable to perform a job without thousands of repairs from that said mechanic who really can’t put it back together like it was when it was new and thus blowing our time and productivity and investment etc.

            2. Oh yeah I’ve seen the video about this technology that’s just around the corner. It was about the Truck of Tomorrow. It was made in 1956 and was very informative about all the advanced technologies that will soon transform modern transportation as we know it today.

            3. Sorry blackdragon, we already saw your incorrect comment from down below and know you don’t have the conviction to truth for credibility.

            4. If you haven’t noticed, we have many hybrids on the roads, even v8 hybrids in body on frame trucks. They’ve been around for years now.
              Your ignorance automatically excludes you form intelligently contributing to this discussion.

            1. Except all range extender vehicles on the market get way better mileage than mechanically linked drive.
              So you are spewing nonsense.

      2. “Imo automakers are getting out of control with all these options that are way over priced.”

        You’re right, but that’s okay because options are OPTIONAL.
        “And do we really need 8 and 10 speed auto trans. No we don’t.”

        YES WE DO. The more gears that are available, the better spread of gear ratios you have to choose from. The 4-speeds sold back in the early 2000’s in all the half-tons have terrible gear ratios that usually ended up forcing the transmission to work too hard to get the truck moving let alone pull any weight. And when you pulled something heavy up a hilll, you were either screaming along at 5k rpm or shifting up to the next gear slowly burning up your transmission if the load was pushing the truck enough. These 8 and 10 speeds give a truck with 3.42’s the equivalent gearing of a 4-speed truck with 4.10’s to 4.56’s while still getting good gas mileage while cruising at 70 MPH on the interstate.
        “If you live in a hilly or mountainous terrain the trans is going to be constantly downshifting.”

        No they won’t because they have so many gear ratios to chose from that it can pick the exact gear ratio it needs to climb a hill. The only reason you think that these transmissions are going to shift too much is because with the old shitty 4-speeds, you didn’t have a choice, you were either making the engine scream up the hill at 5 grand or lugging the engine while the transmission slowly wears itself out. 3 underdrives and an overdrive SUCKS after you’ve driven a modern truck with 10, 8 or even 6 speeds. Not to mention these new transmissions do a lot better job of protecting themselves from being damaged.

        “Especially when towing.”

        LOL see above.

        1. I could NEVER go back to a 4-speed in a daily driver. Even a 6-speed truck is a little tough to daily drive after driving a 10-speed F-150. The best part of these 8 and 10 speed transmissions is that instead of need 3.73’s or 4.10’s, you can run a 3.23/3.31/3.42 and still have great towing performance. The 1st/2nd/3rd gear ratios are real stump pullers. Plus the transmission’s torque converter can stay locked up a lot more often which saves fuel and keeps the transmission cooler.

    5. I love the exterior. This is a great looking truck and that is the first time in two decades I can say that about a chevy. Too bad they didn’t bring the interior up to modern specs. Still looks like the current chevy mess with tons of random shapes, angles and sections. Design for the sake of design. But again, I give chevy credit for the awesome exterior design.

    6. The exterior looks good, the interior does look like the current model at least they have raised the driving position and the rear seat has taller headrests so you don’t hit your head on the glass.

    7. Same worn out interior GM always had finally moved the trailer brake controller to the right where it needed to be though who the hell needs a power tailgate? Numales and millennials ruining the auto industry.

      1. Between this truck and the 2015-2018 F-150, I would say that the numales and millenials have taken to the F-150. You get a dainty tailgate step, a computerized system that can back the trailer up for you since obviously millenials and numales don’t know how, and the ads for the F-150 are just too good and convincing. A numale decides he wants to buy a truck, but it has to be the right one. He sees the latest commercial narrated by none other than Dennis Leary, smothering the ad with his smarmy tough attitude, bragging about how Ford is the only truck on the market with near-indestructible military-grade aluminum alloy technology (which can also be found in pop-cans but that’s not important) and tons of towing and payload capability you’ll never use or need, if you can even find the truck with those ratings on the dealer lot. You, the numale, want to look like the tough rugged man you want to be, and that means buying the truck… in the TV commercial… that says it’s the truck for tough rugged men that know which truck is the most tough and rugged (even though the aluminum bed rips apart when pointy things fall 2 feet on the the bed floor or that the front suspension is made of thin pieces of stamped steel instead of forged steel like the last F-150, or that the IWE’s that lock the front hubs for 4WD rely on cheap plastic gears that are famous for grinding up into dust or failing catastrophically when you need them most). The 2015-2018 F-150 is the truck for wives, numales, and millenials.

        1. Lame. Here we have a video about a brand new Chevy, and you still have to revert back to the same old, lame Ford-bashing. Pathetic. How about commenting about the actual article instead of recycling the same old garbage comments over and over?

    8. Excellent video. Did I miss it, or did GM not add rear HVAC vents for crew cab models? I was surprised GM opted not to match Ford with a panaranomic roof or massaging front seats.

    9. Trucks are already too big. Making it harder to park and handle on narrow roads is not a luxury. Sure it will hold more for one off trips where you may no longer fit in covered parking lots when you get there but for every day use the turn radius just got worse and fitting into a parking space just became more difficult. Something you have to get into and out of several times a day. Not what I want. And reaching over the bed rails will be near impossible if it was not already and loading and unloading heavy machines or objects just became more difficult.

      1. We’ve listened to your drivel for months and months. Why don’t you just save it for a group that cares? How many times do you have to keep saying the same crap. It’s clear you want a electric midsize truck. That’s a different vehicle so save it for that. Get your head out of the sand and stop believing everyone wants what YOU want or they’re an idiot.

            1. Hackett is just following the hype. Tesla’s market cap grew bigger than Ford’s, the press goes wild over the hype of a dreamy electric futute, and he wants to show investors that he’s taking charge. His first actions were to slash Ford’s internal combustion engine development budget in half to help pay for a headline-grabbing $11 billion investment in electric. Funy thing is, those idiots you mentioned, will probably continue driving gasoline engines because they don’t have time to wait for the damn battery to charge at the worst possible time.

            2. Ha!, the vast majority of electified vehicles don’t have to “wait for the battery to charge”.

              The charge as you go through the combustion engine.

              You are showing your stupidity over and over and have lost credibility.

    10. Certainly Interior and Exterior are far improved. But the more I watched the more I felt like this was “catch Up to the competition” Fixed the look, fixed the interior, sun roof catch up nope missed that, fixed the def tank disaster, fixed the steering wheel, lightened the truck, added a few technology pieces but saw nothing about Auto Pilot features, nothing about 4×4 package upgrades like the Colorado has…Its great you “tried to catch up” but wheres the innovation? To me the bumper steps with recessed sensors were the biggest innovation. Ford was first and made some big bold moves, the Titan did nothing, now Chevy has tried to catch up. Ram, your next, lets see what you do!

        1. Concur. I appreciate improvements. However change for the sake of change doesn’t get me excited. Overall I think the changes are great. Initially I’m not sold on the bumper not sticking out past the fender, but I guess we will see how that works in the real world. I see it as a dirt and debris scoop that will become a pain down the road. I hope the step up and bring them to market sooner, and get the HDs updated as well.

      1. Interesting that Ford still hasn’t caught up on engines. The 5.0 is catching up, but it’s still not there. Now if only they could make a straight body panel free of defects because the current trucks look like they were in an accident and had a shody shop fix them.

        Lots of innovation here. You here the part about their bed being 7″ wider inside and the short bed has more volume than Fords standard bed?

        How about the dynamic cylinder deactivation? Sounds pretty trick to me. Factory 2″ lift kit option? Power tailgate?

        Don’t forget this is the opening reveal and the more luxury oriented Sierra is to come. They haven’t unveiled all the info on the Silverado either.

        This truck leap frogs the F150 no problem and we don’t even know all the details.

          1. LOL catching up? If I remember correctly, the 2016 F-150 with the 3.5 EB and max tow package got completely embarrassed in practically every test against GM’s old steel half-ton with the 6.2, in PUTC’s 2016 Texas Truck Showdown. Not even turbos and secret military aluminum alloy technology was enough to beat a heavy steel truck with an old pushrod engine. It’s a shame that just as Ford has started to pull ahead in the last year thanks to the 10 speed and updated engines, GM is preparing to release THEIR new full-size. Ford struggled to beat an all-steel truck based on a design first released in 2007, it’s really going to have a tough time against a truck that’s going to be 450 lbs lighter and have the same 10-speed.

            1. You need to recheck your facts, Redblod. First of all, 2007-2013 (GMT900) was a generation of GM truck, and 2014-2018 (K2XX) was a generation of GM truck. The 2015 F-150 would be competing against the K2XX truck, not the 2007-era GMT900 truck. And frankly, no Ford was being embarrassed at all. Read this Car&Driver comparison, which comprehensively tests the new 2015 F-150 against RAM, Toyota, and Chevy. All trucks were their top trim levels and top engines. The Ford was the quickest, lightest, matched the High Country 6.2L for best fuel economy, and was rated the best overall combination of ride, handling, interior, and capability…placing 1st in the test. Link: https://www.caranddriver.com/comparisons/2015-ford-f-150-platinum-35l-ecoboost-4wd-supercrew-page-5

            2. The 2016 F-150 lost in every test in pickuptrucks Texas Truck Showdown though. The Sierra with the 6.2 and 8 speed was faster empty and with 1750 lbs in the bed. The GMC had shorter braking distances and delivered better fuel economy. And the F-150 had a 540 lb weight advantage.

              The K2XX truck was virtually identical to the GMT900. The only difference was in the design of the cab’s doors and door seals, GM introduced their latest line of engines in 2014, it received a new electric steering rack, and it received a new interior. The frame, suspension, transmission, axles, etc are all identical to the GMT900. Compare any other two generations of GM’s trucks and the differences are huge. GMT400 vs GMT800, GMT800 vs GMT900… massive changes. The K2xx platform was a rushed update to bridge the gap between the GMT900 and GMT T1xx.

        1. I personally hope GM patents the crap out of dynamic cylinder deactivation because I want no part of that. Sounds like a vibration nightmare to me, and the real world benefits of cylinder deactivation are minimal. Out of all that useless banter, the claim that the Ford 5.0 is still catching up is comical.

          1. Actually, benefits from cylinder deactivation are minimal on older systems.
            The new direct injection systems are fantastic!
            You are once again behind the tims. Keep talking’, you will get further eposed.

            1. Here we have Hal, along with his dozen other usernames, telling somebody else they will get exposed? Ironic.

      1. It doesn’t help though. A shorter wheel base means a tighter turning radius and if they could have just made the steering angle tighter then why didn’t they do that before?

        1. Also, even if it’s radius is smaller the longer wheel base won’t help getting into parking spots and trying to clear the car to the inside of your turn.

          1. Longer wheel base means better for towing and a better ride. Also means smaller overhangs for more interior space and better approach / departure angles.

            Turning radius is unknown, so we don’t know if it’s worse.

            1. If you’re worried about breakover angles, you just have to be smart enough to pick the shortest wheelbase. That red Trailboss looks like it has plenty of ground clearance for a good breakover angle. If that kind of stuff is important, pick the right package.

        2. It depends on the design of the vehicle. One thing I notice now is the wheels are pushed out to the edge of the body work on this model so their may be more room in the wheel wheels to turn the wheels further. Check out the turning Radius of an F450 v.s and F350 The F450 the bigger truck can turn much tighter because it has a wider axle.

      2. From MotorTrend.com

        Increasing the wheelbase by 4 inches should have increased the turning circle radius, further complicating the task of parking a Silverado. But redesigning the front suspension prevented this. The old upper control arm packaged down within the wheel area, and limited the amount the front wheels could turn. Lifting that control arm to above the wheel allows for greater steering angles (even on 4WD models) and hence smaller turn circles.“

        1. Sounds like GM redesigned the steering knuckle for 2019. I noticed during the original unveiling that the upper control arm on the Trailboss looking like an aluminum control arm that was mounting higher than it would be on a 07-18 Silverado/Sierra.

      3. “Increasing the wheelbase by 4 inches should have increased the turning circle radius, further complicating the task of parking a Silverado. But redesigning the front suspension prevented this. The old upper control arm packaged down within the wheel area, and limited the amount the front wheels could turn. Lifting that control arm to above the wheel allows for greater steering angles (even on 4WD models) and hence smaller turn circles.”

      1. It’s everything that exists to be known at this time. Power numbers probably didn’t change much. But since the 5.3 will now have the 8-speed standard and the 6.2 will have the 10-speed standard, in a truck that’s up to 450 lbs lighter, the performance is going to jump a lot even if the power is unchanged.

      2. Their phrase was “all-new 6.2” and “all-new 5.3” in the presentation slides. They might just be referring to the addition of DSF, or perhaps they added dual fuel injection like Ford did with the Coyote 5.0 for 2018. Also, since GM is going to DSF, the 2019 V8’s are going to have a different cam profile.

        Since the engine will be disabling cylinders dynamically, it could allow them to get more aggressive with the cam while still meeting emissions regulations.

    11. Are they killing off GMC? No mention of the GMC carryover?

      Didn’t GM state they were doing the Ram approach also and running the old line as a 2019 model year as well as the new redesigned models at the same time?

      1. They’re releasing information slowly to keep buyers interested. These trucks won’t be available to buy until this fall, so that information is going to trickle out for the next 8 or 9 months.

    12. GM’s gmt400 from 88-98 was killing it and their peak as their last time as the industry leader. When they had “like a rock” commercial’s. Then they went into the dark days 99-13. The 14-18 were a great stepping stone for what was to come. I think with this new truck GM is back at the top after a 20 year hiatus.

      1. The 2014 and 2015 trucks sold like wildfire and sales grew by roughy 10 to 15% annually. GM even outsold Ford in full-size trucks in 2015 despite Ford having a brand new much-hyped and advertised aluminum F-150. The 2014-15 GM trucks were massive stepping stones, especially when you considering that the GMT K2’s were basically a GMT900 with new engines and an updated interior.

      1. Agreed. The last couple of generations were lame. I like this one. Could have done more with the interior and gotten rid of the stupid Bose stereo. Other than that, I like it. Chevy fanboys will like a turd with a bow tie on it, so they didn’t like me saying the current model looked like crap.

        1. I haven’t found a factory stereo system I liked yet. The brand of audio system that each manufacturer chooses is fairly irrelevant. They’re all severely limited in what they can do. Ford or GM tells Bose/JBL/B&O/Alpine/etc how much they can spend on the audio and what their goal is, and said audio company does just enough to make the system sound better than the plain stereo, but doing so within a tight budget. GM probably uses Bose for their premium stereo because they’ve been partnered for years so they work well together and the general public recognizes Bose and assumes “oh, Bose, they’re supposed to be really good”. Old timers think back to the 901’s, 301’s, Wave Radio, etc.

          I guess what I’m trying to say is that regardless of who’s name is on the stereo, the setup is built to a price point. If you want a truly great sounding stereo in your truck, you should find a shop that specializes in upgrading these modern sound systems and integrating them properly. It doesn’t require replacing the head unit, but it does require people that know what they’re doing.

    13. I wonder if the next three Silverado drivetrain options will be reserved for the 2500/3500? Could we see a retirement of the 6.0 and a larger displacement gas engine for the HD Silverado’s??

        1. This is pure speculation on my part, but my guess is that the 6 powertrain options are:

          1. 6.2 / 10 speed
          2. 3.0 diesel / 10 speed
          3. 5.3 / 8 speed (standard)
          4. 5.3 / 10 speed (optional)
          5. Base V6 / 8 speed
          6. Turbo V6 / 10 speed

          1. You might be right about your speculation. If GM was going to offer the 4.3 in 2019, I really think they would have provided information on it during the presentation. Its absence definitely suggests they have something else planned. Maybe they’re replacing it with the LGZ thats in the 2017 Colorado. I have to think they would make a twin-turbo LGZ if they start using the 3.6.

          1. Love the redesign and finally…..GM figured out to offer a variety of front end grill options. Yeah, yeah we all look at spec sheets and pick gloat on my truck has this and you’re does not. But…end of the day most of us, the emotion, er psychological aspect of what a truck projects play I bet a much higher role in which we purchase.

            Simple analogy, who wants to marry a woman with mouth full of black or missing teeth? Even if she has a smoking hot body and swallows. Lol, prolly to much TMI but really Ford has always offered many different grill, paint and trim options and gotta be the reason they sell more.

          2. They just revealed a truck that’s lighter, more efficient, with 10 and 8 speed transmissions, a bigger cabin with a centered steering wheel and rear AC vents, more headroom, a high seat height, better mirrors, a REAL offroad model, and a bed that doesn’t rip apart like a pop can just because you put something point in the back. GM systematically destroyed every advantage the F-150 had. The 2015/16 F-150 got dominated by the old GM half-tons, these new trucks just made the F-150 look like a toy. Ford needs to beef up that wimpy front suspension, plastic 4WD system, and embarrassing tin foil bed.

            1. Well he’s right about that. The 2016 F-150 Ecoboost in that comparison was slower than the GMC Sierra 6.2 empty and with 1750 lbs in the bed. The GMC Sierra also won the braking test and delivered better fuel economy empty and while pulling a 10k pound trailer. And the F-150 had a huge 540 pound weight advantage.

        1. Yeah, just like Toyota who keeps the same design so as to make it quality and not break down after a couple of hundred miles.

          Continuing to move is a great feature in an automobile. Not a panoramic sunroof that is designed to just impress skin deep consumers that don’t care about quality.

          GM hits the mark better than Ford. But wait for RAM. This will be the first time the new RAM management will be able to start a whole new truck for themselves.

          If rumors of the straight sixes are true, good on them.

    14. I have to admit- I really like this truck. GM has become more of an honest approach in my opinion. Certainly a lot of new features, but the one thing that sticks out to me is the weight savings. Pulling 450lbs out of a truck while adding gizmos is the most impressive part. Nice one GM.

      1. Especially since they didn’t cheap out and just use aluminum for the entire body. High strength steel and developing new alloys cost more but brings a lot of benefits.

      2. Crazy to think that GM is building the toughest half-ton out there. Ford went all-aluminum and now you have to worry about what you put in the weak bed. Not to mention they want to lighten the truck so much that they got rid of the forged steel parts in the front suspension and replaced them with thin pieces of stamped steel. And that plastic 4WD system Ford insists on using… the plastic gears Ford uses to lock the front hubs is embarrassing for a truck that’s supposed to be “built ford tough”. Ford didn’t use plastic way back in the day when “Ford Tough” actually meant TOUGH. Nope, they’re just worried about fuel economy and gimmicky “innovations” now.

    15. I wonder what the GMC sierra will look like?, have there been any sightings of it yet? I am assuming the body and drive train will be mostly the same as the silverado, except different styling of the front end, wheels and interior.

    16. Nice looking! Looks a lot better than the last two generations. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the powertrain combinations. Will it include a high output version of the 6.2L???

      1. They did. They didn’t call them gills so that might have thrown you off.

        “The Silverado’s bold, modern design is also surprisingly aerodynamic. Key elements of the front grille are front functional air curtains, similar to those introduced on the sixth-generation Camaro, that reduce aerodynamic drag by routing air around the front wheel wells. The powerful side profile further enhances aerodynamics, including an integrated spoiler at the rear edge of the cab that directs air onto the tailgate lip, reducing wind drag from the bed. Changes like these result in a 7 percent increase in aerodynamic efficiency.”

    17. Didn’t cheap out? They used the same paper thin steel with some aluminum bolted on and then cut out steel from the frame to make it lighter. That’s easier than going all aluminum on the body and building up the frame.

      1. Can you point out exactly where they cut steel out of the frame? The frame is actually stronger and uses more high strength steel than ever before.

        Apparently you didn’t watch the release video to see all the places they saved weight through both materials and design.

          1. No different than what Ford did in 2015 for the new F-150. The previous Ford frame was already made of paper thin steel, then Ford shaved a little more off of it. GM’s GMT900/GMT K2 frame used pretty thick steel, but it had a lower percentage of high strength steels. Since this is the first new frame for GM since 2007, they used more high strength steel to save weight.

            If I had to guess, I would say that GM’s GMT900 frame was better than the frame Ford was using, because while Ford was plenty eager to make propaganda videos demonstrating how much stronger their frame was compared to the 2nd gen Tundra’s flimsy wet noodle frame they have never compared their frame to GM’s.

            1. Yeah I remeber those videos. They made a series of demonstrations at their proving grounds. They had all the brands in some tests and only one or two in others. I remeber thinking that it was a bit strange that Ford did a frame deflection test against the Tundra frame but didn’t the same test against its biggest rival, GM. Maybe Ford didn’t want to reveal something that would show their frame in a bad light.

              The 07-18 frame seems to be plenty strong. If they’re increasing the amount of high/ultra high strength steels, I don’t see a problem with making the steel thinner in areas that don’t matter. Like you pointed out, Ford did the same thing for the 2015 F-150.

      1. Why? So the body would rip apart like the 2015-18 F-150’s embarrassingly thin, glorified reynolds wrap bodies. Ford fans must be absolutely embarrassed that Ford made such a weak, wimpy aluminum truck. Especially after all the hype and propaganda videos Ford was pumping out on TV and Youtube about how the 2015 F-150 was supposedly the “toughest F-150 ever”. A phrase I find hilarious because there’s no way the 2015+ F-150’s cheap, wimpy stamped steel IFS is anywhere near a tough and durable as the pre-2014 F-150’s thick forged steel control arms. Not to mention that joke of a bed Ford made from pop cans. There’s no way that weak, riveted tinfoil bed that’s been shown ripped apart, punctured by falling branches, and embarrassed by GM in national TV commercials, is as strong as the previous steel F-150.

        Also, Dave Z, I LOVE how you constantly bring up this “paper thin steel” GM uses. GM apparently told you and everyone else that watched, that their “paper thin steel” makes the F-150’s Reynolds Wrap bed look like a military-grade joke. Their engineers did the math and showed just how pathetic those aluminum beds are. Since 2015, the F-150 has been nothing but a JOKE.

        1. LOL Dave Z is a PUTC troll that constant brings up “paper thin steel” in the comment section. He loves Ford, so he can’t help but defend that embarrassingly weak, thin bed. I don’t care how thin the steel is, GM demonstrated over and over that their steel bed is significantly stronger than the weak garbage Ford is selling these days. A quick look at a few F-150 forums and a few searches on Google and Youtube shows just how pathetic their aluminum bed is. Funny how Ford was smart enought to make the aluminum bed significantly thicker on their F-250 and F-350. So much for that famous claim that Ford “builds ’em heavier” or Ford “overbuilds their trucks”. Uh huh, 30 years ago maybe. These days the aluminum F-150 is a joke.

          Dave Z, you are a sad little boy of a man.

          1. Dave Z loves his weak aluminum bed! He probably had all kinds of garbage to say back when everyone expected GM to use aluminum for their bed. Sorry Dave, GM is the one building the toughest, longest last trucks on the market these days. Make sure to strap down your lunch box or it might slide around in the bed and punch a hole in it LOL.

    18. If there is still anyone who underestimates the huge investment to electrify all autos, here’s another proof.

      “The prior commitment was $4.5 billion to be spent on 13 vehicles with some form of electrification by 2020. The new promise is an investment of $11 billion by 2022. The expanded portfolio grows to 40 electrified vehicles by 2022 consisting of 16 pure EVs and the rest hybrids and plug-in hybrids.”

      “Officials confirmed the previous promise of an F-150 hybrid pickup in 2020 which will be built at the Dearborn Truck Plant (the new F-150 diesel is shown above). Ford has also said it will have a Mustang hybrid in 2020. There are also plans for a Transit Connect commercial van plug-in hybrid for Europe in 2019; two Pursuit police vehicles; and an autonomous vehicle for ride sharing and commercial ride hailing to be built at Flat Rock and debut in 2021.

      Farley said electrified Lincoln products are also in the works.”

      In addition, not part of the above:

      “China is the most electrified market and Ford recently formed a joint venture with China’s Anhui Zotye Automobile Company to build and sell a full line of electric vehicles sold under a new domestic brand. The plan is to launch 15 models by 2025.”

      And that still does not compare to Toyota’s investment or even Volkswagon’s investment.

      Bye bye, transmissions and pumpkins and linkages and overly complex mechanical breakdowns and repairs and maintenance.

      1. “Bye bye, transmissions and pumpkins and linkages and overly complex mechanical breakdowns and repairs and maintenance.”

        Yeah, goodbye solid mechanical linkages! Hello electrical fires, software glitches, short circuits, and various other electrical faults. Don’t forget charge those toxic and potentially explosive batteries. Say did you see those Samsung phones that were bursting into flames in people’s pockets, just imagine sitting in a vehicle hauling a few hundred pounds of that crap right next to you. Yay Rambro!!!!

        Oh and don’t forget the massive boom in copper demand to help electrify these vehicles. Since copper for electrical wires and motor windings requires extremely pure copper (not recycled copper), that means a massive boom in copper mining, refining, and processing. Copper mining is a VERY environmentally hazardous job.

        1. Yeah, and a smartphone full of gasoline would be better.

          Gasoline is nowhere near as explosive as a battery. Gasoline never catches fire and never causes all kinds of fires all around the world every day.

          No, those batteries are scary.

          Seriously, any problem with electric has proven far simpler and easier to fix, and fewer complexities to fix to begin with.

          Electrified vehicles(which don’t have to have big batteries by the way), don’t spend near as much time in the shop and near as much time in recalls.

          They are just simpler.

          It always cracks me up then stupid people say that hybrids are more complicated.

          Because yes! Some of them are!

          Don’t you want to know what makes them more complicated?

          The mechanical part of the hybrid! Duh!

          You have had two comments that have completely revealed you as someone who is not qualified to make reliable comments on the subject.

          Sorry, you have lost your credibility on the subject of electrified vehicles here.

          1. So come out with it McFeisty,

            Who do you work for?

            And you mispoke. Those mechanical linkages are not all solid. They are many moving parts with temperature and friction limits and relatively short lifespans and regular maintenance cycles.

            Only a mechanic would love that.


            1. Why were the first cars electric, if they are more complicated?
              Now battery tech and computer tech has been developed to control the electrons, it is much simpler and has plenty of power.
              And a range extender setup like on the Volt or Accord or W-15 will use a combustion engine to provide power for the electric motors rather than huge batteries.
              Then the combustion range extender lasts much longer and only runs in its optimal rpm–unlike a very complicated mechanical setup.
              You will see the light some day.

            2. I really don’t have that good a sense of humor.

              The guys on this site are just so really really stupid, and say ridiculous things.

    19. Was this talked about yet?

      “The live-axle rear suspension is also redesigned, including new carbon-composite second-stage springs on LT models that save about 12 pounds (5 kg) per side over the steel springs they replace.”

      1. Carbon composite. Wont rust but sounds like they would be too brittle for this application. Temperature affects might be negative as well. Time will tell. They likely torture tested it but real world may be different.

        1. GM has been making carbon composite leaf springs for the rear suspension of the Corvette for decades. The carbon composite leaf spring they’re using on the trucks is replacing the overload spring, which is rarely used and really is a waste in everyday driving. It adds unsprung weight which affects ride quality.

          1. Interesting. Thanks for posting. Time will be the ultimate test.

            I also wonder how engine braking is affected (if at all?) by cylinder deactivation. The article you posted mentioned that all cylinders could be shut down during deceleration.

    20. So you STILL have to get an LTZ to get the 6.2L instead of the anemic 5.3L?

      And you STILL have to get the 6.2 to get the 10-speed?

      Meanwhile, Ford offers all engines and transmissions on pretty much every trim?

      I want a reason to come back to GM and they just won’t give it to me. I want a 6.2 and 10 gears in a lower-end trim. I am not a leather and wood grain guy. They just WON’T build such a thing.

      1. Just curious if you have driven the newer 5.3 lately? I don’t find it to be underpowered at all in our 16 Yukon XL and the mpgs are great. We get 21-22 city and 24-26 hwy. It is hard to believe that this V8 gets that kind of mileage but our 15 (Lemon) did and so does the 16 (loving it so far). As for options, it is clear Ford has more engine options available and to me this is where GM needs to play some catch up. They cannot rely on the 5.3 and 6.2 forever, especially if there is an administration change in 3 years and mileage because a bigger priority.

        1. Yeah, the newest generation of the 5.3 is definitely anemic. For the power it makes, the fuel economy is great. Similar power as the 5.0 Coyote in the 2012 F-150 I used to drive but I’m getting 3 or 4 more MPG.

          If this new dynamic skipfire/cylinder deactivation is as good as it’s supposed to be, it could allow GM to either bump power up for 2019 or even make the 6.2 more widely available since it would have less affect on their corporate average fuel economy.

      2. It is unknown if the 6.2 is only LTZ and up, I hope not. 6.2 needs to be an option on LT / SLEs again.

        It’s also unknown what transmission is offered with the 5.3. Could be 10 speed in most, 6 or 8 in work trucks.

    21. Aggressive outside styling …. nice new look. Wonder how the GMC will go…..prob more like the refined Ram.

      Interior is good but unimpressive. Like the current gen just as much or better. Will need to see in person. Nice storage areas though and greatly improved rear space and rear air vents …oh and push button start FINALLY.

      Powertrains…THIS is where GM is killing it. New I6 diesel will be HOME RUN. Improved V8’s that were already superb. 8 and 10 speeds across the board , superb.

      450 lb weight LOSS while making it bigger roomier and stronger….VERY impressive. This will put it on par or even LIGHTER than Ford in some trims without going costly all aluminum , superb.

      Bed is now unquestionably the best in the biz. Most space, more features, most usable. Superb.

      I am hopefull the GMC will have a better interior and interesting refined styling, the two areas that could be improved.

      And just like that….Ford’s all aluminum wonder is yesterdays truck…..new GM and Ram are quite impressive. New Ranger ….nice but ….meh. Only a turbo I4 ? Good power and mpg for sure ,but ….

    22. “Just curious if you have driven the newer 5.3 lately?”


      I’ve driven a ’17 Silverado crew and a ’15 Tahoe.

      “Underpowered” here is a relative term. They move. But *relative to their competition* they feel noticeably more sluggish. Maybe that has to do with gearing and gas pedal to throttle ratios, but it’s there. And then you look at the stats and, sure enough, they 5.3 has less horsepower than a 5.7 hemi, a 5.7 iforce, or a 3.5 ecoboost, so it’s both a feeling and a fact.

      I don’t care about gas mileage at all. That’s for poor people.

      1. “And then you look at the stats and, sure enough, they 5.3 has less horsepower than a 5.7 hemi, a 5.7 iforce, or a 3.5 ecoboost, so it’s both a feeling and a fact.”

        Why are you comparing the mid-level engine in GM’s trucks with the top engines from Ram, Toyota, and Ford. The 6.2 is intended to compete with the 3.5, iforce 5.7, and the 5.7 in the Ram. The 5.3 is the mid level engine option. And don’t say you can’t find trucks with the 6.2, they’re everywhere if you know where to look. Not to mention it’s easy to order one.

          1. I know which dyno chart you’re talking about and the 5.3 they dynoed HAD to be a previous gen engine or something wasn’t right with the engine. That or 5star (a shop that specializes in tuning Fords) somehow found the only L83 5.3 that’s missing 50 ft-lbs at the low end and 40 HP at the top end. It actually looks like the dyno chart for a first gen Silverado 5.3 if anything. I’m more of a Ford guy but that dyno chart is 110% bullshit.

            1. HAHA more like 60 HP short. That 5star dyno comparison chart HAS to be fake. No way would they put such a BS dyno chart out there with their logo on it. Nothing but fodder for the ecoboost fanboys really.

            2. Lol yeah the 5star 5.3 vs 2.7 dyno chart is a joke. Their dyno chart, if its real, shows the Silverado only making 270 ft-lbs and 259 HP.

              Livernois Motorsports dyno’d a 2014 Silverado 5.3 and got 301 HP and 326 ft-lbs stock. Their 2.7 EB F-150 made 271 HP and 339 ft-lbs.

              Lingenfelter’s stock 2014 Silverado running gasoline made 302 hp and 332 lb-ft. Running E85, that increased to 321 hp and 355 lb-ft.

        1. The 5.7 Hemi and Iforce do not compete with the 6.2. The 5.3 offers 95% of what they offer in performance, while getting 20% better mileage. The 5.7s offer 80% of the 6.2s performance and mileage.

          Obviously the 6.2 is the gem of the 1/2 ton market.

          1. True but I think he was saying that the 5.7’s from both are their top engine choices. The 5.3 makes pretty solid power these days and still gets awesome fuel economy with AFM disabled. A buddy and I road tripped to a concert in his 2014 Sierra last year. The power was really good and in our 600 mile round trip we averaged 22.5 MPG. If only my 2012 Coyote F-150 could get that kind of fuel economy.

            To be honest I’m ready to trade it soon since I have some signs of rust developing on the cab corners. The tough part right now is waiting for the new Ram and Silverado so I can test drive all three trucks. The 2019 Ram hands down has the best interior based on what we’ve seen so far but I know some guys that have had reliability problems with their 2 to 3 year old Ram’s. But the ride is really great and the 5.7 is a great engine. The Silverado/Sierra look like they’ll be awesome trucks. I wasn’t interested in them in the past for a few reasons. The square wheel wells weren’t my favorite and the off center steering wheel drove me crazy. The headroom wasn’t great in my buddy’s Sierra, I kind of had to duck my head down as I got in, which annoyed me. Now that GM has fixed those annoying things, I’m really looking forward to test driving one. The new F-150’s are definitely quick, especially the 3.5 ecoboost version. You can definitely feel the weight difference with the aluminum. Lots of tech and features but I don’t think most of it would be worth the cost. The seats were really hard and the new Lariats are nowhere near as nice as the last gen Lariats. I like the newer interior design more than mine, other than the seats. The new seats are way too hard.

      1. My guess is that we’ll hear about it at a different auto show this year. Someone else here mentioned that they were spreading the reveals out to keep interest up since it’s going to be 9 months or so until they hit dealer lots.

    23. I like this the new look of this truck. I didn’t really care for the current design but this is a huge improvment. I’m also glad that they raised the seating position and head clearance in the cab. It’s what I missed about my old F-150.

    24. It’s a nice looking truck, but if I buy one, it will be out for a year or two. The truck is nice looking with the exception of the front fenders. Chevy always does that when they build a car or truck. It looks fantastic and then they do this? The Impala is another example, excellent looking but the rear quarters make it look like it has “thunder thighs.”

    25. Well there few small nuggets of info throwed out there for this second video. Nothing really stands out.

      Just some passing thoughts. That bed storage case seems to be a after thought. What I mean is it isn’t in corporated in the bed like ram has. Is the ram box an option? Is this gm box a dealer install item or is it factory install? One thing I like about it is might be easy to remove. Idk. To me it looks cheap.

      Not lot of details on the off road truck.

      Dsl is a mistory.

      Just couple passing thoughts. Later

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