• 2018 Detroit Auto Show: New 2019 Chevy, Ford, and Ram Trucks … Oh My!

    2019 chevy silverado 1500 z71 trail boss
    2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 Trail Boss

    The upcoming 2018 Detroit Auto Show (aka. NAIAS) is preparing to be one of the best pickup truck shows of the last decade. Why? Where else might you see two all-new full-size trucks (not concepts), and possibly an all-new midsize truck? Here they are in alphabetical order. This is all we are able to share at this time.

    2019 Chevy Silverado 1500

    GM has been working on the next Silverado for some time as evidenced by all of the prototypes we have seen over the last year. The all-new 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 half-ton is first to make its world debut at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. Chevrolet showed the Z71 Trail Boss version of the truck in Texas last month, but just for a brief moment. The company is promising a new design, more power options, and much more. We do not know many details yet, but we will this Saturday January 13th, 2018. Please come back to TFLtruck.com for all the details.

    2018 Ford F-150 Diesel

    Ford is bringing the first ever F-150 Diesel to Detroit this year. The company is delivering on a promise made a year ago to bring a turbo-diesel half-ton to market in 2018. Indeed, the 3.0L Power Stroke V6 will produce 250 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Ford is targeting 30 MPG on the highway.

    That’s not all we are expecting from Ford. The company has not officially confirmed it, but the North American version of the 2019 Ford Ranger is expected to debut at this year’s show. Not many details are know yet, but come back on Sunday, January 14th, 2018 for an update.

    2019 Ram 1500

    Ram will not be left on the sidelines, as the company is bringing the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 lineup to Detroit. This is also a complete redesign as Ram is setting their sights on GM and Ford for pickup truck sales leadership. This is not just a refresh, the next Ram 1500 is promising new design, style, and plenty of configuration options. Please come back on Sunday, January 15th, 2018 for all the details!

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    72 thoughts on “2018 Detroit Auto Show: New 2019 Chevy, Ford, and Ram Trucks … Oh My!

    1. I would hope there is more to Ford’s new wears than a 1999 Peugeot diesel motor.

      Come on, Workhorse. let’s see your W-35 one ton electric drive with a range extender fire-breathing Cummins 6.7 or Durmax 6.6.

          1. Except the Workhorse just came out with a lower price than its regular competitors.

            No need for an expensive transmission and axles. Plus. you save so much money over time that it makes the regular trucks very expensive in comparison.

            1. Is $52,500 less expensive than other base 1/2 tons? Just how much money do you figure one is going to save driving a workhorse over a “conventional” truck?

            2. Range extender combustion engines last much longer than a engine/tranny combo.

              And the Workhorsde is built to last and not rust away.

              Add the huge fuel savings, and you are talking tens of thousands of dollars if not the entire cost of the vehicle depending on how you use it. And most people use their pickups just as commuter and grocery getter with occasional hauling of a couch or something.

            3. @RambrosBro

              You got a source for that? Modern engines have 0 issue surviving the life of a typical vehicle.

              You rally cant comment on the workhorse W-15 build quality or reliability, since they havent been RELEASED yet.

              As for the tens of thousands? Also a lie. It would cost $16.6K to drive 100K miles in a vehicle that gets 15 MPG. Ignoring that current trucks hit higher then that when unloaded, that would also insinuate the workhorse burns 0 fuel, which is untrue given that it is a hybrid, and that battery wont last long under heavy load (if you call its 5K towing rating “heavy” LOL).

              I smell a shill. Shouldnt you be posting as Hal instead?

            4. @GrazyGreg

              Good post. You are absolutely correct. People also lose sight of the fact that a small, cash-poor company like Workhorse cannot begin to research, design, develop, and test a truck in the same manner a company like Ford, GM, or FCA can. It’s not that workhorse is going belly-up, its just that they don’t have nearly the resources of a major automaker. While the truck has been tested, there will likely be problems that surface along the way and will need to be worked out…at the early adopter’s expense in downtime and lost productivity, of course.

            5. Ha, a shill? Do you even know what that it? They are paid by the company. You may need to get your nose checked, because I am one of the few on this comment section that is not paid one dollar by any sort of the auto industry.

              But what about you? Are you a vested interest mechanic? Or in any way in the auto industry? Huh? Come out with it.

              And her you do:

              ““Workhorse CEO Steve Burns thinks his firm stands a better chance than other electric-vehicle upstarts for several reasons. One is the sheer economics of it: Fleet buyers look at a 20-year picture for operating costs, he says. That includes public utilities, from which Workhorse has already seen interest and taken orders. Workhorse anticipates that for those keeping inside the 80-mile range of the W-15’s all-electric driving mode, the truck will earn back its premium in just two years. The company projects that over 20 years, a single such truck will save a commercial fleet operator $170,000.”

              And Ryder is contracted to handle sales and service(huge network).

    2. Rambro – – –

      I know you hate hybrids, and get all excited about EV’s, but you may enjoy this story, even though no specific MPG numbers are listed (other than “50% Better”):

      It would be amusing if that “50% better” meant going from 20 MPG to 30 MPG, in which case both the Ford and Ram 1/2-ton diesels have already done that, with less complexity and without sacrificing hauling capacity (which cleverly is not specified here either!)….(^_^)…


        1. I saw that article the other day of the Ford Ranger, assuming USA Spec, testing in Moab. I hope Ford make some bold choices with powertrain options, as this segment can use such attention. I am also hoping the front clip is slightly more aggressive, but not too aggressive when compared to the non-USA spec, but that is all personal preference.

    3. I for one am keeping my expectations on the Silverado lower than most. It might be new, more, and powerful, but GM isn’t known for groundbreaking innovations in their trucks. They are great at meeting the competition on “their innovations” and making it better or more practical. Think about it.

        1. Well, that’s that.

          Unlike others on here, I can have a discussion. What do you see wrong with what I stated? Maybe I should clarify, non-low volume innovations. (4-wheel steering, hybrids, composite beds…..)

          1. The volume was due to demand, that doesn’t make it less innovative. The Avalanche with bed storage, the midgate, coil rear suspension. They had push button auto 4wd while Ford made you get out and turn the hubs. OnStar, wireless charging, hotspots auto locking rear diff, all the stuff you mentioned. Afm too. The Avalanche was a showcase of a lot of innovation.

            1. Maybe risk is a better term instead of innovation. The point I was trying to make is, in the big picture their engine and transmissions choices are safe, the use of exotic metals is just enough, and interiors are good. All competitive. Nothing wrong with any of it. It just makes not want to expect the 5-6 engine choices we’ve read about or the carbon fiber bed option or 3 different transmissions.

            2. Ford hasn’t *made* anyone turn a hub on an F-150 since 1996, or on a Super Duty since 1998. GM did offer 4WD Auto in their trucks long before Ford (or RAM) did.

        1. The 2014 generation of GM trucks was particularly not innovative. Very conservative evolution. The only thing I can think they offered were the bumper cut-outs in lieu of the bed-step, and perhaps an interior WiFi hotspot (which your cell phone can do anyway). While Ford offered turbo V6’s, aluminum bodies, better bed steps, panoramic moonroofs, adaptive cruise control, intelligent access / push button start, quad-beam LED w/ auto high beams, surround-view cameras, etc…GM sales languished. They are still good quality trucks…just not as up to date as the Fords. I suspect GM will come out with most, all, or even more features to match Ford with this generation.

      1. They brought cylinder deactivation,twin turbo gas v6’s, lots of diesels and coil over suspension pickups in the 80’s. They failed to be reliable in some and no one wanted them in otheres. They stopped trying to innovate the segment or severly cut back. They have been there done that on alot of these seemingly new innovations to the segment. I think they carved themselves a niche as the “traditional” brand. They were first on alot of things before the market was ready and maybe they’ve learned that sitting back not steering the market isn’t so bad. But I personally think they have a generation of people high up that have been struggling with identifying the changing patterns of the new style of competitive market. But I like their traditional approach alot. I dont like Fords techy approach owned 3 fords and they connected with me less as the new models came. I flat out don’t like them anymore since 2015. But in 2015 when I needed a new truck GM was still just making trucks like they used too. So I went that route. I bet they are going to try to not be so conservative with their approach this time but they are GM so i wouldn’t expect drastic change.

        1. GM has proven to be the best innovator in the auto industry, but they have dialed it back by learning from Toyota’s example.

          Instead of throwing out new technology all the tie, get it right first and make it quality.

          Of course, they haven’t quite caught up to Toyota in this.

          1. I wouldn’t say they have dialed it back, but aren’t forthright with information. Pre-Bankruptcy GM was so quick to announce what they were working on (tech or new models) and when they thought it was coming to market. Now, it’s much different. That could be because of a budget cut to media side or a different thought process.

        2. I should point out that Ford *can* be “techy” but also doesn’t need to be. For example, you don’t need to buy a twin-turbo V6 truck with fake sound piped in to the cabin, you don’t need 7 cameras, quad-beam LED headlights, a panoramic moonroof, keyless start, radar cruise control, automatic wipers and high beams. In fact, Ford will sell you a nice truck with a traditional V8 and without virtually all of that tech but still in a well-equipped package. So Ford lets you have it any way you like. GM just doesn’t let you have it.

      2. A truck doesn’t need “innovations” aka tacky gimmicks to be a good truck. 90% of the “innovations” the competitors have come out with are forgettable and rarely justify the cost they add to a truck. Even when it comes to powertrains, they tend to play it safe for the sake of reliability. Sure Ford “innovated” by going to turbocharged V6 engines, but those engines have been plagued by reliability problems since 2011. Stretched timing chains, cam phaser issues, HPFP failures, valve train issues, braking system failures, turbo failures, turbo-induced engine failures, thrown rods, misfires, oil consumption, etc. And worst of all, the fuel economy isn’t any better than a naturally aspirated V8.

        1. I’ve driven many different brands and types of trucks over the years, but, I have to say that Ford got it right with the EcoBoost. You can get a 7 year/ 140,000 mile warranty from Ford on an engine(*but you can’t modify it*). And second, check out the fuel economy on the tiny 2.7 liter.

    4. I alongside many other fans, hope immensely that Ram shows a new 1500 with the Crosshair Grill. It would be really stupid of Ram to drop the Crosshair Grill!

      1. Is that what you are really worried about? The crosshair grille? What about improved payload, towing, mpg, convenience, etc.? You know, like stuff that makes the truck work harder and makes you more money?(For those of whose pickup truck is a tool, not a luxury) 🙂

        1. Those people will simply choose the right “tool” for the job. It can be found on the same lot in the form of a 2500 or 3500 series truck. Most half ton owners have no problem living well within their truck’s capabilities.

        2. Of course I hope that Ram increases the capability of the new truck. Especially the 5.7 Hemi! But at the same time, I alongside a lot of other fans, still want the crosshair grill. It is not just about visuals or just about performance. I just happened to initially comment on my hopes of the visuals of the new truck.

          1. I’m with you…the cross-hair grille is part of Dodge / RAM’s identity. I actually find the current models with the cross-hair grille more attractive than the top of the line Limited models without this grille.

    5. A lot of this truck that is debuting for Chevy was the truck that was the truck GM was working on in 2009 and was supposed to debut several years ago but delayed due to the bankruptcy.

        1. It would have been 2014, but they started work on them in 2008.

          It was reported that GM was going to switch make a lot of these changes in ’08 but financial trouble forced them to back away.

          The 2014 Chevy trucks were a post-restructuring interim step leading to the “real” new truck in 2018.

        1. When you go bankrupt you do.

          “Sources familiar with the matter tell the newspaper that General Motors considered making the switch back in 2008, but had to put it off due to the financial issues facing the company at that time.”

          Link is no longer up but that was a report from a major network.

      1. That’s what I know to be true too. Nsap when he was with gminsidenews had a great story behind the k2xx and what bankruptcy did to the timeline of several GM models including the trucks. The k2xx was a bandaid of sorts.

    6. If chevy centered the steering wheel, and come with a high output v6 turbo I may just jump ship over to government motors… the look of the new chevy has grown to the point I think it maybe the best looking truck for 19…. spy shots of the ram aren’t all that appealing and really couldn’t handle daily driving the anemic engine line up that the ram has. Hopefully they updated the engines to something more exciting then a Hemi.

      1. So I’ve never noticed the off center steering wheel in my 2015. I have deliberately tried. Could you articulate how it’s off center? I wonder if I misinterpret “not centered” or if people just say that.

        1. Steering wheel isn’t centered on the seat. From the centerline of the seat the steering wheel sits to the right. Makes for an awesome ncomfortable seating position for some in the long haul.

      2. What makes you want a high output turbo v6? Just curious.

        Owners are reporting better gas mileage with the 6.2 and try offer the same level of performance. For the life of me can not figure out why anyone would take a turbo v6 over that, everything else being the same.

        1. I live at 4000+ feet of elevation. My current 6.2… ford v6’s performs better in day to day driving vs any of the NA powered trucks. Also trucks with cylinder deactivation don’t spend much time deactivating cylinders with our high speed limits where I live. Also I hate the noise of rolling on the power or using it when needed in a modern v8… these things need rpms and a lot of rpm to use all the torque that these v8’s claim they have. The turbo v6’s from ford are more diesel like as when you are rolling down the highway at 80-85 and you come upon a hill you don’t get downshifts and 4000 plus rpm’s to maintain that speed. I would never own a diesel without a turbo on it and I have no intentions of owning a gas pickup without a turbo on it after driving them compared to a NA v8

      3. I think Ford has done so well in truck sales over the years in large part to conservative styling. GM trucks have always been the most aggressive looking while Dodge / RAM trucks never sold as well because most people didn’t think the quality or styling was there. As of the current generation, I think RAM styling has caught up to Ford and is equally good if not better. The quality has also improved…whether enough or not is still in question.
        The 2018 refresh of the F-150 has further improved F-150 styling…the picture TFL has of the F-150 Powerstroke towing the travel trailer is a very good looking truck. So combined with currently being the standard for powertrains and technical innovations, I think Ford will continue to do well in 2018.

    7. Ford buyers beware.

      Ford makes great power plants!

      It’s everything else that’s terrible!

      I ridden and driven enough fords to make this opinion.

      Their interiors and components are cheap and Ford is ripping you off!

      Perfect example in the link below. For a
      F-150 with 38,000 miles should not have problems like this.

      I’ve experienced first hand other tedious things going wrong with less than 50k miles.



      1. Your name indicates how valid your comments here are, no different than me. I’m currently on my 6th Super Duty plus one Raptor. In all those trucks, I can very easily list out what has gone wrong with them:
        -One truck had a problem with the locking bin under the rear seat.
        -One truck had a failed driver’s side power folding mirror
        -One truck had leaking (dually) rims
        -One truck had a problem with a sliding door on a media bin

        That’s it! No mechanical problems, interiors have been fine. Yes, some plastics are cheap and some fitment isn’t great…but no different than the other brands.

        1. So the guy backed into a pole and had two door latch issues which were fixed under recall? And then a rear window issue where a plastic piece broke off mysteriously(he or his step daughter or friends could have easily hit it) Wow, how did he ever survive?

          My 2014 has been pretty flawless. Only issue I had was the bluetooth mic went out and was replaced in about 10 minutes under warranty.

          1. Not only that but its a 2015, the first model year of the new body style. Anyone with any knowledge of cars knows that the first model year will have some issues that need to be ironed out.

      2. Every manufacturer should strive to do better like Toyota but serious. Say buyers beware because an issue that is covered under a recall. That is just dumb in my opinion. Now if Ford denied to fix it, then buyer beware.

    8. I’m not leaving RAM out, FCA, Fix your parking mechanism for crying out loud!

      FCA has the most underrated vehicles when it comes to technology and luxury.

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