• New 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor to Make World Debut in Bangkok, Thailand (Report)

    2019 ford ranger raptor
    Ford Ranger Raptor rendering (credit: ranger5g.com)

    Big news from Motoring reports that the next generation 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor will make its world debut on February 7, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. The new midsize off-roader is reported to use a turbo-diesel 2.0L four-cylinder engine for world markets, but it’s not yet clear if or when the Ranger Raptor will arrive on American shores and which engine options it will offer.

    It surely make sense for the Ranger Raptor to be sold in the United States, as the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and Chevy Colorado ZR2 are expanding the off-road capabilities of midsize trucks. The Jeep Wrangler based pickup (aka. new Scrambler) will also make this interesting.

    Ford has already announced that the new Ford Ranger is coming to the United States in 2019, and the truck is rumored to be revealed at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) next month. We should learn many more details about the next generation Ranger very soon.

    Here is a Ranger Raptor promotion video from Ford South Africa.

    Here is more street-worthy Ford Ranger truck prototype testing in Colorado.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    77 thoughts on “New 2018 Ford Ranger Raptor to Make World Debut in Bangkok, Thailand (Report)

      1. I agree I just hope they do it well.

        The ZR2 is a great mechanical set up (diesel tied to a 4×4 system with two lockers). BUT it lacks all interior refinement and tech.

        I hope the raptors ranger will do what raptors did for the f150 and provide more of the interior refinement modern buyers want.

      2. No kidding, this morning at 6:29 A.M. I went to go knock on a friends door to go on a quick hike up the mountain.

        I hear a car trying to start. I look over and it is across the fast street halfway into the cross traffic from the perpendicular street with no light on and cars and busses swerving around it dangerously.

        I run across the street to push it back out of the street out of the cross traffic. Luckily it was a small pickup easily pushed up a slight grade backward.

        Can you guess which it is? Of course, it is a Ford Ranger. He can’t get it started after 15 minutes and he had to get to work, so we pushed it as far to the curb as we could and he ran off.

        A couple of hours later, Ford announces a second recall for the Ranger’s airbags. It has already been recalled for the same thing, and they need to do it all over again a second time under a second recall!

        Do I have to repeat why I am always calling Ford to change their ways, and for consumers to demand better?

        I’m out and about in the community quite a bit, and it just happens more to Fords than others(not that others don’t have problems).

        So if that Ranger Raptor is just a bunch of show like the Raptor, and quality is not a job one on it, I recommend staying far away. Unless you get it for real cheap and you plan on it being a disposable vehicle and you aren’t going to far into the bush. But what are the chances of that?

        The past has educated us otherwise.

        1. So are you saying that because a 10-15year old ranger wouldn’t start that all Ford’s are bad? That’s quite the sweeping generalization.

          Not to mention this could easily just be an issue with the starter or fuel pump or even the battery (all relativity cheep fixes).

          I’m not a huge raptor fan, I wouldn’t buy one personally, but to say it’s a pile and that quality isn’t spot on is just crazy talk.

          Have you driven in one? Whether or not you are a fan it’s an impressive piece of machinery that is incredibly well tuned and executed. Perfect? Not at all! Impressive? Absolutely!!

          1. What are you talking about?

            The Ranger was not old. They made them in 2011. 10-15 years old? What?

            The starter and fuel pump and battery were working perfectly. Along with spark.

            I’ve been in many Rangers. Even cramped like a dog in the back of one’s extended cab. I’ve seen their infamous automatic transmissions melt down with little provocation while towing small trailers(the manual is good though).

            The v6 is O.K. too because it wasn’t built by Ford, but contracted out to Germany.

            And have you read the most torturous professional, independent reviews of the 2017 Raptor? And it is NOT well tuned and executed. Not my words. You are just another one fooled by the soft suspension, which by the way has been proven to be flawed in those torture tests that you can read for yourself.

            Not to mention the testimony of of our very own Trverman right here on TFL comment section who owns a 2017 Raptor. He has stated very clearly that the suspension is flawed, just as the testers revealed in their 2000 mile torture test. So he bought a Ford F250 out of frustration at its flaws and low capabilities.

            And the PowerWagon’s suspension passed with flying colors with its high speed runner suspension capabilities, which is exactly what the Raptor advertises as their most strong point(but it is not–ask Troverman). The rear end is not stable, like the PowerWagon’s and the ZR2(though the ZR2 did have a very slight difficulty).

            The Raptor has a huge difficulty keeping its rear stable(it dances and jumps and shifts all around horribly). and mind you , that is not due to spinning the wheels during acceleration, just maintaining speed.

            So, my friend, just because you took a nice ride in the Raptor(none of my friends are dumb enough to buy one–we buy HDs), you can’t claim expertise.

            Wise men rely on more sure sources of Truth.

            1. Oh, and this experience is by far not the only experience I have had with bad Fords. Its many decades of sad tales, while the GMs and Dodges were far more consistent, although certainly not perfect.

              But I already alluded to that if you didn’t catch it the first time in my first comment.

            2. I said 10-15 years old because the ranger WAS AT LEAST 6 Years old and probability would place it at closet to 10 years given its long tenure and declining she’s in its last couple years.

              As for the Ford being flawed, I think your sweeping generalizations are the problem. Having worked construction (where we drive Ford with 300k+ miles) and having spent 9 years in the Auto industry, most Ford trucks are darn right hard to kill if you maintain them properly.

              I’ve seen plenty of differential and trans issues on non Allison chevs, and lots of electronic and tech issues on Rams.

              That being said my next truck will likely be a power wagon. It’s dual lockers, 10k towing and off-road prowess make it a stand out. Though I’ll definitely purchase an extended warranty to insure myself against FIAT electronics.

            3. Not my words. The PowerWagon is a better runner than the Raptor, as is the ZR2. And the Raptor is a big mess as a runner.

              Go read the 2000 mile torture test, and truth will break out before you like the sun through the clouds.

              Ah, the ignorant. Another perfect example.

            1. People are getting more stupid every day.
              I could shift my truck to Drive and step out and get killed. No difference.

            1. Fiat didn’t kill anyone with airbag, like Ranger did already in 2015.
              New airbag is fine. Old needs to be replaced yesterday. Not 2 years later. Why would I care anyway. I don’t drive Ford, so I am happy.

            2. Zombiera, why is it you are always wrong or lying. You wrote:
              December 22, 2017 at 9:50 am

              New airbag is fine. Old needs to be replaced yesterday. Not 2 years later.

              Yet the proof is in the link your a liar:
              Yet even now, four automakers — Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi — are selling new cars that contain the faulty airbags

            3. FYI since your not very smart. Ford’s air bag recall along with everyone else in the world is related to Takata. These Fiat deaths are due to fiat engineering.

            4. New airbag is completely safe. The problem is the moisture intrusion which, over time, could cause the inflator to rupture.
              Ford knows about it, makes recall a year after killing Ranger driver and Ford Ranger customers drive for 3 more years without replacing airbags and Ford makes recall again.
              That’s not what I expect from #1 selling truck what ever that means.
              Fiat didn’t kill anyone with airbag. Ford did already and still didn’t start replacement.
              Ford will notify owners, and dealers will replace the air bag inflators, free of charge. The recall began February 26, 2016.


              The Recall began yesterday again. What a bs ford propaganda. So when the recall really began ? Did they start replacing tbose defective brake master cylinders already? I don’t think so.

            5. Oh! And to top it off, they are not even telling their customers that they are buying a vehicle with a defective air bag. At least the Ranger and other Ford vehicles along with the other manufacturers have a recall on them. Fiat is just selling them.

            6. Tell that to the poor dead Ranger driver.
              He would appreciate to have a new inflator, than old and defective one.

            7. I’m curious on why you want to use the deaths of people to try and prove your point. I won’t go down to your level with that type of argument but I proved my point in the links of fiat hiding death and injury data to escape recalls. Including a dead actor. Oh, and fiat using known faulty air bags and not telling customers that they are buying a vehicle that has a defective safety device.

        2. Half that is the dumbest story you have come up with yet. First off, you go hiking that early? An hour and a half before sun ris. You bring a flashlight with you with a 2 he run time? And you say it happened to be a ranger but you don’t know what year it is. How many miles is on it. Or history. This is just another one of your made up fake story’s with one of your 10 different user names.

            1. Hah!!

              Jimmy Johns doubling down again on being wrong.

              JJ, face it. You have trust issues.

              That’s exactly how it went down. And my hiking friend is a second witness, as is the driver a third witness. As is the bus that almost hit the Ranger. The ranger had no lights on and was a dark color(dark gray) and in the middle of th buss’s perpendicular lane.

              Ah, the whole screen name again?! Everything you say MUST be the truth because of the screen name thing. Nice distraction, J.J.

              And yes, we do bring flashlights, but the sun gives just enough light for it not really to be problem after daylight saving, but I don” suppose you know that since you logically must not wake up until noon!

              It depends a bit on where you live. 🙂 Could Jimmy Johns be any dumber and more paranoid!

              So interesting, J.J., are you saying no one ever goes hiking and exercising at 6:30a.m. Try waking up sometime from your drunken slumber. You will find a lot of people up and going.

              Some people are just early birds, others are the worms. Obviously, you can see my comments from earlier than 6:30 a.m. So you know I am up.

            2. Hal, I wake up for work at 0500 every morning for work. I have no doubt or hesitation tonclaim I have been on more hiking expeditions than you will ever. When it comes to exercise, again I have no doubts that I exercise and am more physically fit than you will ever be. It is funny that you always mention drunkenness. In fact you are the only person to really ever talk about alcohol. That is a classic symptom of someone that actually spends a majority of their time with the bottle and and tries to make themself feel better by trying to accuse others of being alcoholics. I barely touched the stuff. I have no more than 5 or 6 normal sized drinks a year. I lost almost all taste for the stuff when I was in my early 20’s and my sister was about 2″ away from being decapitated in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver. So since you are always wrong and I have no issues pointing it out all the time, maybe you can focus on your own internal demons and try to stop accusing other people of your personal trials. Your habitual use of making up multiple user names affirms you have internal mental issues that you are sorting through. And no, I firmly believe Hal that your story is 100% made up. You don’t wake up early to go hiking. You did not see a ranger broken down at 0630 in the morning. You don’t even wake up at 0630 in the morning. You are a pathological liar Hal,Sean, John t, driggs, etc with very little purpose in life.

            3. I don’t know Jimmy John. He claims the battery was working perfectly but that the truck had no lights on… That seems like a perfectly logical and cohesive story to me. I mean, if it was made up, wouldn’t there be glaring flaws in it?

              Oh wait…

            4. Lol, Hal has way to many glaring flaws in every one of his stories. Just think, he has 2 weeks off for school winter break. By January he is going to have all kinds of stank in his chair. He is the type of kid that spends all his time in front of a computer on his underwear. It will be 14 days of you tube bliss for that kid. I have to wonder how many new names he will make up.

            5. Ha! Tripling down now on being wrong huh?

              The kid on his twenties driving the truck(no truly experienced grown man really drives Fords) had the lights off while he was trying to start the Ranger in the middle of the road. He was smart enough to turn off the headlights so he wouldn’t run down the batteries(although Daniel is not smart enough to figure that out obviously) but dumb enough to not have the running lights on.

              I was the one to tell tell him turn his running lights on. But not until after I pushed the truck out of the fast cross traffic.

              And JJ, you admit you have been a drinker. So the damage is during your formative years. Too late now. But I am happy to hear you have dialed back so as not to cause more damage.

              I’ve never touched alcohol, and hopefully never will. Never tasted it. Proud to say so.

              Ha!, its always the screen name thing. That’s funny its your only thing you can think to say, since little you say otherwise makes much sense. And you obviously know you don’t make sense, that actually pertains to the truth about the auto industry. You truly are Mr. Tangent man–Jimmy Johns.

              You may have been on more hiking trips than me, Jimmy Johns, but that would mean you have been on a heck of a lot of hiking trips.

              Jimmy Johns, you and Daniel make a good pair. The two, proven dumbest in on TFL.

              And dumb does not necessarily mean evil. There are good dumb people. But you two are certainly a bit of both dumb and evil. So, if alcohol and the like has cause you to be dumb, then you can still be good.

              But I do sincerely wish you do have a good Christmas.

            6. Members of the Jury, I present as evidence exhibit A:

              “(no truly experienced grown man really drives Fords)”

              That would be as arrogant and equally ignorant a statement as could possibly be written (Though Hal has a way of surprising people)

              And Exhibit B”

              “He was smart enough to turn off the headlights so he wouldn’t run down the batteries”

              Yet another ignorant statement. It takes hours to run down a battery with headlights on. Hal already asserted that the battery was fine, not in any way at fault for this imaginary truck that wouldn’t start. If the battery was fine, there would be no reason to turn off headlights while cranking. If the battery was not “fine”, then Hal will be forced to admit to being wrong in his earlier statement as to the condition of the battery.

              I think he may be spending too much time looking in the mirror while sketching out his coloring book about the rest of us…

            7. Ha! Its just gets more and more funny.

              I’ve found another use for TFL comment section. Its a fun family Christmas activity to use my non real name of course, and then tell my family and extended family to guess who I am and also have them figure out the right technical answers of the subjects we are talking about.

              They are having a blast tonight reading this on.

              Daniel, you are the star. You accuse me of turning off the headlight when it is not necessary to. But what you stupidly don’t take into account it, that I am not the one that turned them off. I was across the street when the kid turned them off. Then I ran over and had him turn on the running lights.

              Ha! We’ve had three good laughs out of this page tonight. Thanks, weirdos with major trust issues. This will go well for my book on perceptually backward people under the title willful, chosen PARANOIA.

              But really, we all here do sincerely wish you all a Merry Christmas!

        3. Hey Buddy, been driving
          ford pickups since ’69. never-never had one issue… All the pickups are good trucks, just glad we all have a choice, whether Dodge Ford Chevy

    1. Cool stuff in the pipeline. Now I am not interested in the zr2/rangerdanger raptors,just a reg 4×4 would suit me just fine. I don’t do the real off road stuff anymore.

    2. Tacoma is headed for Dark Territory. With the Zr2 and Ranger Raptor who the hell would consider a dated Tacoma? A few Japanese buyer hold outs, but I bet sales will steadily begin to decrease. And Toyota will think its because we want a Ridgeline product. LOL

      1. Agreed!

        Toyota is going to have to invest in a lot of tech to stay up to date. TRD means very little in comparison to ZR2.

        Front and rear lockers, significantly improved approach and departure from custom body work etc.

        1. @Joe and @Lloyd: Toyota will have to do more than what you suggest; they’ll have to change their practice. They will not risk QDR–it has to be established first–to make large changes to a vehicle to “catch up”. About all they can do is make small changes, but there are large changes and more competition than ever in the light truck segment.

          1. @NoQDRTundra
            Presumably Toyota is bringing a true Raptor TRD Hilux. GM is working on a twin turbo 3.6 V6 for the Global Colorado ( HSV already has a prototpe running around)

          2. Seems like everyone is wheeling out a ” hot ute” here

            “Take for instance the HSV-tuned Colorado, the Tickford-tuned Ranger, Ford’s upcoming Ranger Raptor and, if the rumours are right, a more powerful Amarok V6, a HiLux TRD with go to match the show and even a twin-turbo V6-powered Colorado from Walkinshaw”

    3. I am now driving a 96 Top Kick 6500 CC Modified @ GM I want a 2018 CC with a PU bed like the one I have . I don’t like the power option?? what happened to a IHC 455 ,or a CAT , Cummins?????

    4. The fact that they are making this debut outside of the US, is a hint that the Ranger Raptor may not come to the US for quite a number of years.

      Also, for is ditching the 2.2 TDI motor for the newly launched 2.0 TDI which can be seen on youtube.

      1. I didn’t see anywhere in the article about it being available for the USA. For EU standards it MIGHT be a game changer,but not for here.Our diesel emissions standards are tougher to meet.

        1. @lolchief
          It is a false arguement I see a lot in US Publications
          Euro 6. Has a much heavier emphasis on suppressing C02 and particulates can than US Tier regulation Diesels
          Japanese Regulations are tougher on Nox than the US regulations.
          As a result you cannot sell a US compliant diesel in Europe or even Australia unless it’s pollution regime is changed. One reason Ford abandoned selling the F250 with the 7.3 diesel as we were going to then Euro 4 regulations.Too expensive to comply for the realtively small number of vehicles sold.

    5. @Ed As I see Rangers everywhere when I leave the House. They are all 3.2 Diesels. Euro 6 compliant 2 litre engine is used only in the Transit.
      I am trying to get my head around a tiny 2 litre diesel in a “Raptor”? Even if the Ranger Raptor is not a dune Jumper like the F150, but an extreme Off Roader. Where does the 2 Litre Diesel come in?

        1. Ed,
          You would be right. It has a twin turbo engine with the 10 speed transmission. After all the talk about EV’s . New Car Diesels from BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz. MB has a 3 litre 335hp 516lbs ft of torque, straight six

    6. Hal,johnny doe,gmsgreat,sierra,michigan bob,tntgmc,and a ton of others migrated over here from PUTC where he is even dumber with his post. Sad to be that way but he does have to ride that Little Short Yellow Bus so that explains a lot.

      1. What’s so funny is you all say I am from PuTrcksc when I have never commented on that site.

        But all you that say I have been a commenter on that site obviously know the site very well. 🙂 I tell ya.

        I am actually an objector of that site since about four years ago they published very dangerous advice for pickup drivers Only time I will even read their articles is once year when they do a one ton comparison tow.

        You guys are really paranoid, and just plain weird.

        Gotta go, Merry Christmas. I’m next in the line at the sporting goods store.

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