• Chevy Silverado Is Most Improved in November Sales, But Ford F-Series is Leading the Year (Report)

    Chevy Silverado showed the most improved sales result for the month of November 2017 with a 2.6% boost over same month last year, but Ford F-Series is still ahead with a big double digit year-to-date (YTD) improvement. [Note: Nissan sales results were delayed due to a computer system failure.] Ram Trucks is still in third place, and it appears it will stay there at the end of the year. Ram is still showing a healthy 3.2% improvement in YTD sales, which is a good result.

    While the Chevy Silverado could reach sales increases for the year, the same will be extremely difficult for the GMC Sierra (which is down -3.5% for the year). The Toyota Tundra is holding steady with a small improvement.

    Let’s see how the overall annual sales numbers shake out for 2017. We only have about a month to wait.

    Stay tuned for much more sales reports at The Fast Lane Truck.

    Full-Size Truck Sales – November 2017

    Nov 2017 # Nov 2017/2016 YTD 2017 # YTD 2017/2016 %
    Ford F-Series 72,769 0.9% 807,379 10.1%
    Chevrolet Silverado 46,441 2.6% 518,188 -0.5%
    Ram 36,714 -0.5% 455,816 3.2%
    GMC Sierra 18,136 -4.0% 191,507 -3.5%
    Toyota Tundra 9,700 1.3% 105,399 1.4%
    Nissan Titan n/a n/a

    How efficient are the newest half-ton trucks when towing a trailer? Check out the video below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    31 thoughts on “Chevy Silverado Is Most Improved in November Sales, But Ford F-Series is Leading the Year (Report)

    1. TFLT:

      Have held off on doing the sales plots until the Nissan data are in: Monday, as I understand. (Nissan is reportedly having technical issues with its reporting system for November.)


          1. I don’t recall consistently seeing it but appreciate the response. Do we have midsize data for November? I wish TFL would post midsize data at the same time they post fullsize figures. Thanks again Bernie. 🙂

            1. Moondog – – –

              You’re welcome. No midsize data from Nissan yet: the Frontier, to be exact. Hopefully Monday.


            2. Thanks, Longboat! I also saw Ridgeline sales are down but I’m thinking they are squeezed by production capacity issues. They are seeking all the Pilots they can make and Honda already met their goal of 30K units for the Ridgeline. Any thoughts on this?

            3. Moondog – yes, I am sure they are strapped for production. I’ve been watching my local dealers and they just don’t have the Ridgelines to sell. Nearest dealer has over 330 new Hondas on the lot and two of them are Ridgelines. Sometimes they have 3 or four, sometimes just one, but seem to average about two. If they get an upper trim model, it is sold in a few days.

              Honda also builds the Odyssey in that same plant outside of Talladega. It is all new for this year, so they have been busy pumping those out. That plant has capacity around 340k units annually, and most of it is high-profit Pilot and high-profile Odyssey.

              You will know Ridgeline sales are not meeting production when Honda starts advertising it. There are still a lot of people that don’t realize Honda even builds a pickup.

      1. A good chunk of that is thanks to fleet sales. Over a quarter of the trucks Ford sells are base trucks sold to government bodies (for example, the city I routinely do work in has 3 brand new F-150 XL’s and a couple new Chevy 2500HD’s). Not to mention a LOT of guys buy new trucks every couple years for their business as write-offs.

        1. Fleets do need trucks…and they still have to choose a brand. I realize some brands are chosen simply because of lowest cost to buy, but I’d guess most fleet managers are reviewing more data than just the price. The lowest up-front cost certainly does not necessarily mean lowest cost vehicle over the life of it.

      1. I’m seeing up to $12k off new F-150’s and Ram 1500’s right now. Pretty standard for all 3 of them, especially this time of the year.

        2017 F-150 XLT, $12,000 off.

      2. Just have to search “2017 F-150 $13,000 off” on youtube to find dozens of Ford dealers offering the same discounts. Ram has been offering $10-12k+ off on a 1500 for years now.

      1. Shahab – – –

        S: “Do you guys think we can convince TFL to post sedan and cuv/suv numbers on a monthly basis?”

        Good question.

        Andre already posts (b-o-f) SUV numbers (along with full-size and mid-size trucks) here on TFLT. I doubt that either he or Roman have the “staff time” available to do the enormously larger Sedan and CUV segment on TFLcar (http://www.tflcar.com).

        My suggestion, as above, is that you use the “goodcarbadcar” website for those data. (See my response to MTNMN above, December 2, 2017 at 1:15 pm.)


    2. It appears Ford will continue to retain its title. The 2018 F-150 refresh will only help seal it for next year.

      That said, I cannot for the life of me figure out why GMC sales are slipping. The GMC trucks are better looking than the Chevy trucks!

      GM is in a tough spot. Really, they should consolidate to one brand of pickup…it would save them considerable marketing and dealership costs, and a small amount of manufacturing costs. They could spend more time focusing design and development on one brand instead of trying to figure out minute styling and differentiation strategies for the two. The problem is that some of their customers are die-hard Chevy owners and some are die-hard GMC owners.

      Personally, I like the GMC truck front end better, and their marketing (“professional grade”) is vastly ahead of Chevy’s goofy “Real People” ads.

      1. Ford will be fending off 2 (technically 3?) brand new trucks next year. They’re safe for the next 9-12 months, but beyond that, nothing is certain. The 2015/2016 F-150 struggled to outperform a Silverado/Sierra 1500 based on a platform from 2007 with updated engines in 2014. The 2019 Silverado/Sierra are going to be pretty heavily updated. The same goes for the Ram 1500, a truck that hasn’t had a substantial update in nearly a decade besides the new 8-speed and suspension changes.

    3. It doesn’t appear that Ford will reach that 1 mill mark.

      Nothing really stands out other than GMC is declining while must of us here on the blog think that GMC are nicer truck. Something don’t make sense.

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