• Chevy Colorado and Nissan Frontier Make Big Gains in November Sales (Report)

    November 2017 – midsize truck sales report

    The Chevy Colorado and Nissan Frontier record big sales gains for the month of November. Chevrolet’s midsize pickup sold over 100,000 units so far this year and grew sales by 19.3% over November of last year. The Nissan Frontier had a great November with a 38.2% improvement over last year. Although, the Frontier sales are still down in Year-To-Date (YTD) sales.

    The Toyota Tacoma still dominates the segment with additional sales growth in November and YTD. In fact, Tacoma sold more trucks this year than Colorado and Frontier combined.

    The Honda Ridgeline and GMC Canyon sales continue to slide down, but it looks like the Ridgeline will outsell the Canyon this year.

    Midsize Truck – November 2017 Sales

    Nov 2017 # Nov 2017/2016 YTD 2017 # YTD 2017/2016 %
    Toyota Tacoma 16,195 4.3% 179,419 3.0%
    Chevrolet Colorado 10,346 19.3% 103,370 4.1%
    Nissan Frontier 7,053 38.2% 68,480 -15.3%
    Honda Ridgeline 2,610 -24.7% 31,895 62.9%
    GMC Canyon 2,510 -26.4% 28,639 -14.3%

    To see what we think of all these trucks in an off-road comparison, check out the video below:

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    39 thoughts on “Chevy Colorado and Nissan Frontier Make Big Gains in November Sales (Report)

    1. Most of the GMC dealers in my area seem to either have base model Canyons or Denali’s, neither of which the average retail consumer in this segment wants. It’s no wonder they’re going down the street to pick up an LT Colorado or Tacoma instead. Notice GMC has a new 17 model year sell down strategy of 15% off all Denalis too.

      1. GMC is slowing destroying the Denali name as its badge is beginning to mean less and less.

        In the Yukon days it meant something “a bigger more powerful engine, advanced all wheel drive, a better transmission etc.”

        Now all it means is memory seats and chrome accents on most of GMC’S line up.

        Truly unfortunate. If they have the Denali some of the ZR2 tech those trucks would fly off dealer lots.

        1. Agreed. It’s a shame the ZR2 and Denali both lack an upgraded engine to further differentiate them from the other trim levels. I don’t know if a turbo V6 is the answer or maybe the 4.3 or 5.3, but something like that would sure be enticing.

        2. If they add more power to the Canyon they beat the 0-60 acceleration of the larger 1/2 tons and that is not allowed in the current industry, never has been. Only Tesla May do it at some point. We know it can be done as they have a smaller vehicle like the SRT Hellcat which is a smaller vehicle in every dimension over that of a ZR2 and it has 475HP or 707HP and pulls 8700Lbs.

          The Denali is missing a lot of creature comforts that the 1/2 tons have and the base Tacoma’s have better options like adaptive cruise and push button start, that should be on a Denali trim.

          1. Nothing can beat a 5,500 pound truck with a 5.3, 6-speed, and 3.08 gears… Can we fast forward to 2019 already!? Can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up.

            1. What about the V6 1/2 tons? Whatshisname. I am talking top sellers here and the elite 1/2 tons. A midsize truck can easily beat the 1/2 tons with less HP but they are always kept well below the acceleration that the heavy 1/2 ton elites can do. Politics ruins it for the people who deserve better midsize trucks and there are many who need a small truck but would have to move out of the great USA and move to Mexico to get a small truck.

            1. So, the 2.7EB and 3.5EB makes that much torque and more respectively but you will never see it in a Ranger. The 2.8 is slower than even the V6’s

            2. The 2.7 EB and 3.5 EB are gas guzzlers when you actually tow anything. A diesel is vastly superior when it comes to economical towing. Funny how Ford has offered the ecobusts in the F150 for what, 8 years now? Yet the ecobust has not shown up in a Ford F-250 or F-350. Want to know why? Because they’d suck gas worse than their 6.2 gasser and break down 10 times more often. They can barely deliver reliability when grocery getting an doing 0-60 runs. They surely can’t do real work reliably.

            3. “So, the 2.7EB and 3.5EB makes that much torque and more respectively but you will never see it in a Ranger. The 2.8 is slower than even the V6’s”

              WHAT DOES FASTER HAVE TO DO WITH TORQUE?? You really are the clown of TFLT’s comment section. You literally make a fool of yourself with every comment you make. Sorry, but you just do. Trucks are not intended for 0-60 or 1/4-mile times. They’re built to haul stuff in the bed and tow stuff that most vehicles would struggle to tow. The 2.8 delivers great fuel economy and provides V8-like torque for towing power. Something that gasoline-based turbocharged engines SUCK at. They make great torque but chug gasoline by the gallon to do it. I owned a 3.5 Ecoboost for 4 years and in that time it had 3 dealer visits that each lasted multiple weeks. The timing chain was almost certainly thanks to the tons of fuel that needs to be dumped into the combustion chamber to keep knock under control. I always changed my oil by 6k miles (5k miles was my average). Used oil analysis showed fuel dilution was off the chart. They guzzle fuel if you run 87 while towing, they lose a TON of power of you run 87 in the heat (especially while towing), and they’re extremely sensitive to misfires. The 3.5 EB’s PCV system is cheaply designed and results in tons of carbon buildup in the turbos, BOV’s and intake runners. The spark plugs carbon track. The timing chains are apparently made of tinsel. The throttle bodies are the cheapest design I have ever seen and fail left and right. And like Rammins mentioned, direct injection gas engines create MASSIVE amounts of cancer causing particulates. I can tell you have never owned one because you’re constantly bragging about how they’re magically superior to diesels when anybody that has owner both will tell you they’re nothing alike.

            4. Turbo gasoline engines will never beat turbo diesel when it comes to power vs efficiency. Whenever you’re in the boost with a turbocharged gas engine, you’re dumping a lot of extra fuel to keep detonation away. And if knock gets out of hand you’re pulling boost and way down on power. Somebody pointed it out in a different article comment section that Ford pretty strongly recommends running 91 octane when towing or pushing the engine hard. There’s a reason for that…

        3. GMC in general were considered to be “a bigger more powerful engine, advanced all wheel drive, a better transmission etc.”

          This ended decades ago. GMC’s and Chevy’s are the same truck, coming off the same assembly lines. They share the same frames, suspension components, axles, engines, and transmissions.

          GMC interiors are still nicer and they usually have a more upscale styling.

          1. I had family that worked at a GM truck plant. The last heavier duty than the Chevy GMC’s were in the late 80’s or early 90’s. It doesn’t make sense to make one brand weaker than the other.

    2. How is the frontier still selling in this market. Don’t get me wrong is a great little truck, but it’s so dated.

      Nissan needed a complete overhaul 2 years ago. The new model can’t get here fast enough, but if I remember right it’s still a ways out.

      1. Its a heck of a lot cheaper then the competition, it is a good basic truck, and its old design is bulletproof at this point. It is also smaller and sits lower to the ground, and isnt styled like an aggressive 16 year old would design a car.

    3. I think the Nissan is still the best looking truck because it doesn’t have a massive look at me grill and the bed sides are low for easy loading .The interior still looks better then the gm models. Chevy decided to pattern it looks after its big brother instead and that’s what it looks like a older but smaller little truck instead of a fresh design. The Toyota’s front end is awful with its big beak of a grill and its still a old truck with newer stuff added. The Ranger is going to dominate this market as soon as its available because of its looks and advanced features.I don’t see the new jeep truck being much of a seller .

      1. The Ranger is going to be too little too late at this point. The powertrain is going to be plagued with problems as is normal with a Ford, the turbo 4 is going to nail the EPA fuel economy test but guzzle gas like a big V6, the 4×4 system is probably going to be as cheap and weak as the F-150’s plastic fantastic setup, etc. It’s going to be hilarious when the Ranger hype train turns into a trainwreck just as it rolls into the station. Like others have mentioned before, do you really think Toyota and GM are just sitting on their hands as Ford spends 4 years preparing a competitor? Hell no. They’re working on updates or new designs. Remember, the US Ranger is 100% based on a truck that already exists. They don’t need to wait for its release to know what Ford is bringing. Ford really blew it when they decided that midsize buyers would be happy settling for an aluminum F-150 instead of a different midsize truck.

          1. Still needs a V8 but the Colorado is a good powertrain now compared to the Frontier and they can be bought for cheap as well but they are problematic because they are too big. We have no small trucks, so if someone needs a small truck, there only option is the Frontier, it is the smallest of the bunch. Tacoma got 4 inches longer. This likely contributes to their ongoing sales

            1. Rambro, just go drive a Frontier. They’re fun and enjoyable. Nimble. There’s more to it than just towing and payload.

            2. I have nothing against the Frontier, just needs a V8 with 400-500HP like the rest of the midsize trucks. Its the smallest of the bunch and seems like a solid choice.

    4. It was just 2016 that the gmc canyon diesel was truck of the year. And many people thought that sales of gm midsize trucks would go thru the roof. We can speculate that sales of the ZR 2 helped Colorado sales a bit. But looking at canyon sales we see the diesel was a bust! Remember this when people tells you the upcoming f150 diesel is going to top the charts. Yes some people will buy them but it won’t be a game changer! Same goes for a diesel ranger if it ever gets released!

      1. I see plenty of Duramax Colorado’s. Canyon sales suffer because there just aren’t that many GMC dealers and many don’t stock the diesel version of the Canyon. Most people that though the Duramax would make sales go through the roof were kids that expected the 2.8 to be a monster engine like the 6.7 Cummins or 6.6 Duramax. The 2.8 was intended to be a great towing engine with good fuel economy, not a screamer. They can make some crazy power with a delete & tune though.

        1. Probably the only ones buying a diesel are the ones tuning them which is why the UK is suffering. Everyone tunes their diesel or have no money to maintain them after 5 years and the systems then pollute 100 times worse than a gas engine. Modified diesels are a cancer running down our highways and they stink like hell. UK is suffering from birth defects, brain kidney, skin, heart cancers, proven to be from diesel emissions. Even Porsche got cheating in Europe and we all know the manufacturers who cheated here as well and these are the trillion airs in the fuel industry trying to stay relevant because electric drive is going to kill them. Buying a diesel will just likely cause you pain and you are promoting hapless future that is a joke and the F150 will be another joke. Yes a few people will have a love for it but its a complete joke by majority standards and don’t pay you back and the turbo gas motors have proven to be more powerful for cheaper.

          1. Direct injection gas engines emit far more deadly particulates than modern diesels. Also, deleting and tuning a modern diesel is expensive. Also, the VAST majority of diesel emissions come from the ships that haul Chinese junk imports to the UK, as well as dirty jet aircraft that haul people and products there as well. A few thousand deleted diesels are nothing more than a fart in the wind by comparison.

        2. I just checked the largest chevy dealer in my state. They have (88) chevy Colorado in stock: (87) gas, (1) diesel. Like I said before the 2.8 diesel was and is a bust.

      2. I agree Dan the diesel added little to no sales for the Titan and the dealer in my area who was the owner of three dealerships here in Ontario said it was the stupidest thing they have ever done trying to capture a 3% market share. That is how many diesels the US sells by Volume. Leave it to the fuel lobbyists who are trying to meet CAFE requirements to go after a diesel market in order to keep burning fuel instead of moving to electric drive like many manufacturers have done. The Colorado sales barely budged at all with the diesel option. I thought the ZR2 would do more and I believe it has in the last few months but not as much as I expected.

        1. Well Texas is the truck capital, and I am not sure where you all are from; but I see ZR2’s down here everywhere. I’m not saying they moved the numbers 20%, but the truck has created some excitement and perhaps has led to other sales.

          I think that is a positive thing- howeva, if they did drop a 5.3 in the ZR2- I would own one too😜🍻🎉✨.

    5. It’ll be interesting to see how the numbers change when the Ranger and Jeep pickup hit the market. I’ll be even MORE interested to see what Toyota and GM do in response.

    6. The co follows the same trends as the serria. Maybe the professional grade isn’t know different than the Chevy?

      Looking like Tacoma will be short of 200,000 by end of the year. No real Surprises here.

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