• 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 TrailBoss 4×4 – Everything We Know (Tires, Shocks, and More)

    2019 chevy silverado 1500 4x4 trailboss
    2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 TrailBoss

    Chevrolet surprised all and literally dropped the all-new 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 on us at the 100 years of Chevrolet Trucks celebration at the Texas Motor Speedway near Dallas, Texas. The truck arrived via helicopter. The company announced that the all-new pickup truck will make its official world debut at the 2018 NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show) in January, 2018.  TFLtruck.com will be in Detroit, and we will again be the first to bring you all of the details about this truck and all the other new trucks there, including the 2019 Ram 1500.

    Chevrolet did not release much information about the new truck, but several items are official. The TrailBoss off-road package name comes to the 2019 Chevy Silverado lineup and offers a two-inch suspension lift from the factory. The TrailBoss is based on an LT trim level with a Z71 package.

    2019 Chevrolet Silverado Trailboss
    [Photo: Chevrolet]
    We are very familiar with the existing Z71 off-road package from Chevrolet that includes off-road tuned suspension, more aggressive tires, hill descent control, 4×4 with low range and a locking rear differential. It’s great to see that Chevrolet is stepping up the off-road game even further with the redesigned 2019 truck with this TrailBoss package. A two-inch lift, Rancho shocks, and (what looks like) GoodYear Wrangler Duratrac tires will go a long way and allow the Silverado to compete more directly against off-road specialty trucks from Ford, Nissan, Ram, and Toyota.

    Chevrolet says that the bed floor of the new truck is made from high-strength steel. Will they use carbon fiber for bed sides or other body components? We will have to wait until January to find out.

    2019 Chevrolet Silverado
    [Photo: Chevrolet]
    We carefully studied the three images that Chevy made public. Several items immediately stand out.

    • All-new exterior design with round wheel arches. No more squared-off wheel openings.
    • GoodYear Wrangler Duratrac tires for the TrailBoss, although the images do not clearly show the tire designation. WE include a clear image of the Duratrac tire below.
    • Dual exhaust system and the rear bumper with larger foot steps.
    • The cab air spoiler and body-mounted side mirrors hint at the fact that GM paid special attention to the aerodynamics of the new truck.
    • No visible running boards or side steps.
    • Rancho off-road shocks (similar to the ones GM currently uses on their off-road trucks).
    • No side radio antenna.
    • What looks like a camera mounted on the back of the cab inside the center brake light.
    • An interesting bump on top of the tailgate. Could it be an additional folding step?
    • The truck shown in Texas had what appeared to be mirror mounted lights or turn signals.
    • CHEVROLET stamped into the tailgate.

    Let us know what you think of the new Chevy Silverado, and what else did you notice in the images.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    218 thoughts on “2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 TrailBoss 4×4 – Everything We Know (Tires, Shocks, and More)

    1. That is a sharp looking truck. The mild lift on this version I am sure will be very appealing to a lot of people. If GM can keep their engines and transmissions competitive then they will be quite successful, IMO.

      1. Nicolas – – –

        Yup. You said it all.

        TFLT: “Let us know what you think of the new Chevy Silverado, and what else did you notice in the images.”

        Love it. Glad they kept the lift mild (2″) – even the OR Jeep folks are backing off on high lifts (>4″”) because of COG/tipping issues on side slopes.

        Stying feature I like: the long side crease near the belt line. Adds dynamic sense to the truck.

        I think Chevy’s got a winner here!


        1. This is a great design for Chevy, I currently have a 2017 and after seeing this I’m ready to train, one other thing I noticed is what appears to be a rear window defuser intergraded with the third brake light, nice job Chevy.

      2. I’m sorry but I have to disagree this is probably the ugliest truck I’ve seen.

        It reminds me of the new Toyota Camry or Lexus RX. Design elements were thrown in hoping that more elements would lead to a better looking car, but when looked at collectively it’s a train wreck!

        1. I agree with you, Joe………..Butt ugly! I bought a new K-10 in 1977, a real “Silverado”, they were the top of the line in the pickup truck world back then. It’s hard to believe that this is the same company.

    2. I didn’t expect them to get rid of the pumpkin and put in electric drive that is fed by a Durmax, but they could still on this platform and have the option.

      Front end looks cleaned up more for off-roading.

      Looks like the frame will be the same length.

      I am sure the people there would have heard if it were a diesel.

    3. This is really a good looking truck. It is refreshing to see gm release a new model that is not just smoke and mirrors. This truck has several cool additions like the tires, the two inch factory lift, and I noticed the exhaust has flattened tips that are tucked up safely into the bumper area. Remember when the raptor’s exhaust tips were bent when the truck was coming off a steep decline. It’s also nice to see this package being available on something other than the highest trim levels. It seems like gm is finally listening to truck fans. I like it!

        1. Yeah, I see the Lexus.
          But I really see the front fender, and how the overall shape is mostly Dodge pickup of the 90’s, just with a split light and Chev grill. Looks, good. I like the 90’s Dodges.

      1. I agree. I didn’t have much confidence in the truck after seeing some of the spy shots but so far things look good.

        Anybody else notice the tubular upper control arms on this truck? Quick somebody “enhance” the video footage.

    4. Beginning to wonder about GM. New body styles after 70 years! Seriously, finally a good looking truck. And the Colorado Zr2 Tacoma killer looks pretty good with some aftermarket gear as well.

      1. Nobody is plann8ng oncopying that over-engineered embarrassment that is the Ford man-step. Ford engineers must have felt pretty stupid to have invested all that R&D into something that’s more complicated and less useful than GM’s simple bumper step. Notice how the 2019 Silverado doesn’t have a tailgate step like the patent, nor do they need it. The bumper step works way better, has no moving parts, and weighs less than the gimmicky Ford man-step.

        1. No one ever said GM would not copy it.
          Just said the bumper idea is a much better design for many reasons, and will continue(obviously by these pictures), to be the best design.

          1. The little foot pocket on the corner of the bumper is probably perfect for GM guys to use for swinging their purse and some groceries into the bed. For the guys that put heavy tool bags, equipment, etc in the bed we simply man step it in or put it in first then man step in to situate and secure it. The useless little slipper pocket on the GM is almost same height as the tire. The tire and being squared up to side of bed is much easier to use to climb into the bed than the corner of the bed especially if the tailgate is down. Only a GM guy would consider pushing a button and sliding a step out to be over engineered.

            1. Blackdawg
              Oh, you’re some loser fanboi. It must have been tough for your kind when Motortrend got rid of their comments section.

        2. I miss my man step from my ford. It was very useful. I could go up and down the bed with no hands effortlessly. Try that with that bumper step and tailgate down. Don’t knock it unless you’ve had it.

          It’s the ONLY thing I miss from my F150 when I went to a ram cummins.

            1. Most folks use the trailer tongue for a step when towing. A lot of trailer Jack’s will hit the tailgate when lowered anyway.

        3. picked up a fridge last week for brother in law, emergency kinda deal. Tailgate down and fridge 18 inches away from tailgat, step in tailgate is not going to work out to well. only reason for me to get in bed is to load large objects and most of the time fords tailgate step will be in the way deployed/deploying. But i did run into a guy that fills vending machines and loves it.

          1. How is the bumper step not solid, it’s not like there is flex in it or you can put your foot in to far and slip like a Ford step.

            It’s just not as low. Nice every truck has it.

          2. that’s really what it comes to Jeff, preference. Is there any freezing issues with the ford step? The issue i see with bumper step is size limited and a topper covering hand hole. Drawers and/or a bed slide is my favorite, especially when capped.

        4. There are times when the Ford tailgate step cannot be deployed. But most of the time, it is simply awesome. The Gen-2 designed which debuted on the 2015 F-150 and 2017 Super Duty takes less than 5 seconds to deploy or close. When closed, it does not interfere in any way with the bed or tailgate. When open, it provides the easiest way to get in and out of the bed. The GM design is very simple…but the cut-out bumper ends are ugly, especially when viewed directly from behind the truck. The GM design is not going to work for some people who simply are not athletic enough to swing their leg up. The angle is awkward. And in snowy conditions…well, the GM step can be icy and slippery. Meanwhile, the Ford step is 100% dry inside the tailgate and the step itself is fully covered with a sand-paper like grip material. Plus the handle is longer.

          1. The GM bumper step is the best since it does not have to be taken, out, will not break, and is always available no matter the situation. The Ford step just plain won’t deploy when hooked to a trailer, or when not functioning properly.

            And this new bumper step on this Chevy above is greatly improved.

          2. Duh, trailers are not always hooked up.
            Additionally, they don’t have good traction for stepping on. They also have many wires and equipment tacked on to them , making it dangerous and complicated.
            The GM step is always there and always easy and durable to use. Its the simpler, cheaper, more rugged, more aerodynamic, less expensive, more elegant solution.

    5. It’s hard to argue the looks of that truck (sharp). I just hope they decide to make it in U.S.A. and not Mexico. If the can assemble it here then I’ll be very interested in buying one.

      1. Most GM half-tons are made in the US. The only configuration that is produced in Mexico is the crew cab short-bed half ton. And judging by the fit and finish of the 2015 and newer F-150 (which has been absolutely atrocious), being built in the US doesn’t guarantee quality.

        1. When you say most GM half tons are made in the US than say the crew cab short-bed is made in Mexico ,which makes up about 80% of the sales, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

          1. Coincidentally you were concieved in the back of an El Camino.

            My name is Pancho,

            I work on the Rancho,

            I get 5 pesos a day,

            I go to Lucy,

            She gives me some pu$$y,

            And takes my 5 pesos away.

            1. @ Pancho Villa,aka Sybil.
              Please take your meds,or get off the booze.In all of your iterations,you are boorish.

          1. GM has a plant in Indiana and Michigan that also builds half-ton trucks. They announced a huge investment to upgrade the Fisher body plant. It’s great news for this state. They also announced a billion dollar investment in an axle plant because of all the quality issues they’ve had with their previous supplier American Axle.

            1. I know that, just trying to see where Vincent Vega was getting this info from, besides his rear.

              We have a 2016 F-150 2.7L and 2018 Raptor in our household. Both have been great and no issues. Materials quality of the interior could be improved a bit, but the same is true for all pickup manufacturers.

          1. I work with a guy that was about to sign the papers for a 2016 F-150 Platinum Screw until he looked at it closer under better lighting. The front fenders were wavy and distorted. The area in the door jams had some areas with really bad paint runs and other areas that didn’t get enough paint to cover the primer. The doors were all misaligned (he knew this could be adjusted but still bothered him that they allowed it to be so far off from the factory). There was dirt trapped under the clear coat in a dozen different places. He found a lot of spots in the paint that had fisheye which I had to look up to even know what he was talking about lol. The bed had a few 1 foot spans where the floor of the bed was pulling away from the side panels and you could see each pinch point where a rivet used to join them, as well as daylight shining up from under the truck. The deal killer was the bad front fender misalignment. He would have sworn it was in a wreck had it not been factory fresh and low mileage. Since it was an expensive Platinum trim he didn’t think he should pay for that kind of poor fit and finish. The dealer worked with him to find another Platinum that looked much better. They did have to adjust the crooked doors on that one too haha.

    6. Chevy did a great job on the looks of the truck. It looks new and refreshing.I hope the interior looks as good as the out side.If it does ford will have a fight on its hands for the # 1 spot.

    7. There isn’t anything about the exterior I don’t like. More rounded (not round) wheel wells, more curves and rounded front end, aggressive styling, exhaust tucked up high, frame tucked up high, good front approach angle, 2″ factory lift, all boxes checked. Love the raise embossed Chevrolet on the tailgate; takes me back to the 80’s. The new triple headlamps look great (likely to be their new d-optic bi-functional LEDs on upper trim). Love the door mounted mirrors. Now I need to know the mechanical options and interior. So far so good Chevy!

    8. I like the front end (a lot) and the round fender wells! The rear is also a big improvement. This is a bold step for Chevy. I’m not so sure about the lines down the side of the front fenders but to me this is far from Chevy playing it safe. I’d say it’s a bold step forward and maybe even a bit risky from a design standpoint. Good job and honestly unexpected. I think they definitely dropped a pleasant surprise on us and so far I like this more than what I am seeing from the 19 Ram.

      1. Jim, I think that is just because of the model. I’m sure they will have several front end choices to include painted, black, and chrome. This looks good and I honestly didn’t expect this.

    9. If you look up the reveal pics, some of them are high enough up where you can see inside the bed some. Look at the inside of that tailgate, it’s clearly all black, not red. The inside of the bed is red, so is this a composite tailgate? Is there tailgate storage?

      Zoom in a fullsize GM CGI pic and the tires say “GOODYEAR EAGLE F1”. Which makes no sense, as they look like Duratracs and the F1 is a performance tire.

    10. I’m mixed on the styling. Love the 80s bed crease but they botched it not carrying it all the way forward. They did a good job making it look not too tall from front and back even though it grew

      1. Their engine lineup is fine. All they need to do is make the 6.2 available on the lower trim. Granted, the LTZ trim doesn’t seem to be too expensive these days. My buddy just bought a new Sierra 1500 with the 6.2 for $39k.

    11. Interesting design piece is the front fender and how it meets up with the bumper.I see a gap coming down the front side of the bumper.Some Camero design features in the lights. Makes the truck look somewhat sinister.Nice truck,good design flow right down the sides of the truck.I like the scalloping by the doors to improve aero.A optional 2 inch lift should be a standard option with the Z off-road package option.Improving the lower air dam makes a good move shows GM is listening to its survey group sessions.Well done GM. Now comes the performance end of this product hopefully GM will come out with some class leading numbers for hp/tq.Paying ever so close to improving fuel mileage on these 1/2 ton trucks.The 10 speed should really pay big dividends.Keep the truck running under tow with some excellent torque bandwidth and fuel mileage.

    12. The tailgate is interesting, it’s different in the that it is a bit shorter and does not come all they way down to the bumper instead they have a filler panel and the tailgate bottom is flush with it. I wonder if they are going to have some sort of in bed trunk like the ridgeline which would make the floor a little higher.

      1. Tailgate comes right down to the bumper. It’s a crease in the panel that lines up with the bottom tail lamp crease that makes it look like it doesn’t come down to the bumper.

    13. Interesting that you have an English Gent expousing the great history of GM Pickups who comes from a country where they, Pickups are virtually non existent. Made more poignant by the fact this reveal was done Texas. To me it seemed like a Texan talking about the dynamic abilities of Cricket bats

      1. Robert – – –

        Here we go again.

        R: “Interesting that you have an English Gent expousing [sic] the great history of GM Pickups who comes from a country where they, Pickups are virtually non existent.”

        There are many VERY enthusiastic-for-America immigrants from UK and former colonies who live here now. An estimate is that 250,000 immigrants from the UK alone live in SoCal. Great people, with a broad experience, professional skills, and energy. Maybe they are here because they hunger for pickup trucks, which are “virtually non existent” where they came from…(^_^)…

        R: “To me it seemed like a Texan talking about the dynamic abilities of Cricket bats”

        Really? Yet nobody says “boo” about Elon Musk, from former colony South Africa, having the expertise and savvy to make an automobile. It’s called “Tesla”. Ever hear of it? If a Texan became an expert in cricket bats, who are you to deny it?

        Suggest you lose the snobbery.


        1. @Bernie
          Not snobbery. We have many who are from Poland,US, China etc who like Cricket.
          No it struck me as strange that a very Non Texan Accent was announcing the introduction of the new Silverado in the US Truck Capitol.
          We had a fairly negative reaction when GM introduced the updated Global Colorado as a ” Truck” instead of a Ute or Pickup. My feeling is the PR has to be.appropriate for the occaision.

          1. Lol you’re right, if you’re in Texas revealing your all-new truck, you need to have somebody that matches the region… a Hispanic man with a solid Texan English dialect. Right?

            1. @ Brick2
              Well yes that would not work, except in the Hispanic communities.
              Ny point is the PR has too be relevant. Ford and GM (Especially Holden) were tbe epicentre of complaints about the use of the word ” truck” . Holden apologized and Ford had their Eurasion presenter also drop it. Meanwhule all the others started using phrases like ” work ute” , ” hard working ute” etc

    14. This is a vast improvement in design. I like it. I wonder if they came up with some new engine choices,especially in the turbo charged dept. Ford’s kicking GM’s ass in that field.

        1. Strange then, how all the police ran Crown Vics for all those years instead of Impalas. And then after the Crown Vics were done being beat on for years by the police, the taxi industry would take the former police cars and make taxis our of them. Many of these cars would go 300+ thousand miles on the same 4.6L V8 engine…which is one of the OHC V8’s you are putting down.

          Ford does NOT have an engine reliability problem.

    15. Next question is, what motor, what transmission. The 5.3 is a good motor, but up the numbers a bit? Maybe? Will be interesting to see. Once again GM is chasing Ford. We, the consumer, are the real winners in these “truck wars.”

      1. Chasing Ford only because the current Silverado is at the end of its life cycle. It’s basically a 10mud at old truck platform. Ford was miles behind GM back in 2014 and it wasn’t until 2017 that Ford finally caught up despite the weight advantage Ford had in 2015/16. Nice to see Ford have a fighting chance at the performance lead for a year or two at least.

        1. Vincent, what planet are you living in? 2014? I’ve owned Ford and Chevy trucks since 95′ and Ford quality/options has outdone all other makers IMO. Especially with the ecoboost in 11′.

          I like this truck and hope it has a quality motor/transmission to go along with it.

          1. Well the 2016 F-150 did get dominated by GM’s 6.2 half-ton in the 2016 Texas Truck Showdown. The F-150 was out-accelerated, out-braked, and squatted a lot more with the same payload. All despite having “military-grade” aluminum, twin turbos, and being equipped with the max tow package.

          2. Ford’s 4WD system sucks. No truck should have vac-assist in this day and age. There are a ton of brand new F-150’s that have had vacuum leaks that end up causing the splined plastic gear in the hubs to grind and growl as it gets shredded up. Or worse, the seals in the hub fail and allow water to get sucked into the vacuum lines. There are a lot of Raptor owners that got tired of the plastic hub locks failing all the time, so they end up buying expensive aftermarket manual hub locks. Just one example of how Ford has slowly turned “Ford Tough” into nothing but a marketing tagline. Go look at how Ford built their old hub locks in the 80’s. They were solid parts. Now it’s all plastic. And then there’s that whole aluminum bed thing. The F-250’s bed is aluminum but is significantly thicker. Why did Ford skimp on the F-150. If they knew the bed was going to be THAT thin, a quality bed liner should have been standard on every truck.

            1. Don’t forget how Ford was bragging about the F-150’s forged control arms back around 2011, then by 2014 they quietly removed those “Built Ford Tough” parts for wimpy, this stamped steel parts. I wasn’t impressed when I saw the 2015 F-150’s IFS setup. Looked like a lot of beef was taken out compared to a 2011 F-150 I helped replace the ball joints on. No wonder Ford doesn’t talk about the suspension toughness anymore.

            2. More false info. There is no widespread problems with Ford 4×4 hubs failing whatsoever. Ford chose a system that completely disengages the hubs when the truck in in 2WD. GM and RAM use a center axle disconnect that electrically isolates one axle half shaft but not the other. Guess what? Occasionally, the center axle disconnects fail too!

              If the Ford system has a vacuum failure, the truck defaults to hubs locked, meaning you’ll still have 4×4 if you need it.

              The IWE’s used in the F-150 now are made by Borg-Warner. They are not remotely the same system Ford was using in the 1980’s.

              The aluminum beds are just fine, too. Nobody is complaining their aluminum bed is failing. The Super Duty bed uses more aluminum…gee, I dunno…maybe because the bed is rated to carry more than double what the F-150 max payload is? Kinda makes sense, actually!

        2. Hmmm…Ford has had the best selling truck for over 40 years. Is the current GM platform 40 years old? Didn’t think so.

          Here’s the truth: GM introduced the GMT900 trucks in 2007 and ran them through 2013. Ford introduced the P415 F-150 in 2009 and ran it through 2014. The P415 outsold the Silverado, and really took a strong lead in 2011 when Ford offered four brand new engines for the F-150: a 3.7L V6, a 3.5L EcoBoost V6, a 5.0L V8, and a 6.2L V8. GM introduced the K2XX platform in 2014 and refreshed their design in 2016. Ford introduced their P552 F-150 in 2015 and refreshed in 2018.

          So don’t say it’s at the end of its life cycle. The current GM platform is only 1-year older than the current Ford platform. 10 years ago would be the introductory year of the previous GM truck platform.

          The GM K2XX platform trucks are good vehicles. They just didn’t revolutionize the market in the way Ford has.

          This new GM truck looks like it will be extremely competitive. I expect the 2019 RAM will be as well.

          1. Thanks canoe. I guess people use my name over the weekends when I unplug from TFL. The funny thing is, is the imposter said sheet metal. Ford has not used sheet metal in the F150 for 3 years. I’m sure it was Hal.

            1. J.J., do you ever get tired of being wrong? If you were smart, and could discern writing, or the person writing, you would know I would never try to make it look like I was someone else.
              I try to look like no one. So the TRUTH about the auto industry is more important than the person saying it.
              You just take everything personally, which shows that you are en effeminate(emotional) thinker.

            2. And its always a laugh when you all try to excuse your own bad thinking by distracting others about the name thing. Because Hal is the furthest from my real name. And the name closest to my real name was taken over by someone else.
              That’s called irony, JJ.

            3. Your right hal, it couldn’t be you. You have the thought process of a 4 year old and continue to write like one. However it is rather odd you checked on this specific post out of 165 comments. So I stick to my original comment.

            4. Keep distracting the point from the original point, jj.

              Keep being wrong and then making a whole new personal attack. It just keeps proving that you take everything emotionally.

              And keep doubling down on the mistake that I would use you name in a screen name.

              More you talk, the more everyone sees who you are–someone who can’t see which way is up, and someone who doesn’t care about THE TRUTH, even if you could see it.

            5. Oh, out of 165 comments, your the only one “special” enough to need help.

              How does it feel to be one of the 3 or 4 people that regular the site who sticks out like a sore thumb as really needing help. No one can miss it.

              And Jimmy Johns, I didn’t get advanced writing degrees and positions in Washington D.C. and other places by having thought processes of a 4 year old.

              But from your comments, your emotional state was halted at a very young age.

              Have you ever heard of the concept of “projection”? I thought not. It could help you to know.

            6. Do you realize Hal and your many user names that you have never been right? You try to say you are but the fact remains you are a bitter fool that knows absolutely nothing. You are one of the 2 commenters here that are made fun of constantly because you try and project yourself as an authority but the fact remains is your not. The clear part of you looking as a fool is due to your poor projection as someone that is smart. And that’s ok, the world is full of dumb people but when people like yourself try’s to portray as someone they are not, it sticks out as a sore thumb. So please before I really decide to make you a fool, give it up. Play along nicely or don’t play at all, I don’t care. But if you want to engage me, I will make you look even more foolish like I have done in the past.

              And yes, you picking out just 1 post out of 165 where someone used my known user name made it clear that you are the loser who did it.

            7. Hal, you wrote:
              And Jimmy Johns, I didn’t get advanced writing degrees and positions in Washington D.C. and other places by having thought processes of a 4 year old.

              I’m not going to lie, that was one of the funniest comments I have read in quite a while. Not sure if you were going for humor, but mission accomplished. That was hysterical.

            8. Wow, tripling down on being wrong. No hope for people like you. Though I believe people can change, ones like you really have trouble with it.

              Again, if you were very bright, you would be able to discern that I have no interest in using your screen name. I don’t care about that childish way. I am interested in the truth about the auto industry. Your childish ways seem to come out clearly every time you write.

              You would also notice that there is a person using others’ screen names regularly now for about a month here.

              Then, you quadruple your error in laughing at the idea I have an advanced writing degree from a major university or have held positions in Washington D.C. that certainly require the ability to write and speak. I’m not bragging, I’m showing you how incredibly stupid you are for your benefit, J.J. You life must be pretty messed up to be this backward and wrong all the time. And of course writing on a smart phone while on my way doesn’t count exactly get my full attention.

              But of course, by your admission and as you said, you are just “messing around”. Like your life in general. And truth, is not important to you. Just so we all know where you are coming from.

            9. Oh, JJ, have you noticed the quality of persons that make “fun” of me? Really? When people like that “make fun”, it is a compliment. I know you don’t understand these kind of things, your perception is upside down.

            10. Hal, I started reading your post and got pretty bored within the first 2 sentences. You make a feeble attempt at looking smart and quite honestly you continue to be an idiot. Like your “schooled in DC” comment. Of course I could believe that because you write a lot of words that mean nothing and prove your an idiot. Just like the majority of the DC people.

            11. Well, JJ, looks like we can agree on something. 🙂

              D.C. IS at least a majority of idiots.

              Not that there are not some good people there working hard. There are some very good ones. But, sadly, not a majority. Not a majority.

            12. My thumb hurts. Well I guess its better than sticking out like a sore dick! At least I know where JJ stands.

    16. I like the look of this truck, the rear end with the squared tailpipes function well to give a great departure angle and it spells performance. I know electric propulsion is not possible, only from Tesla as they have the means to give us better performance while being economical with their built up network and that will likely be my go to truck in 2020 just due to the superior advantages with electric propulsion but I will say this truck looks like a winner for a few years to come regardless if they kept the old powertrain or not. I have a few questions,

      1) I have seen GM show us their previous Trail Boss without the air dam but still their manual states that you need to have it on when highway driving or improper air flow goes to the motor. So is their going to be an airdam that you have to remove before off roading once again?

      2) GM use to have the worst drag coefficient so if they improved on that which would not be hard to do and their truck is lighter we may see a big-ol 1-2mpg increase once again, not exactly commendable as that game is old news and rather boring.

      3) If they listened to 7000 people and this is “Family Feud TV” I would say the number one answer to power would be more power in the lower trims and something that can keep up to or defeat the 3.5EB and 2) Ground clearance which they appear to have met, however, air dam question above, lets see? 3) Increase the steering radius might have been in there for ease of parking and of course update the interior and add cell phone connectivity via car starters and autonomous driving.

      3) Looks like the roof is lowered so headroom may be a problem unless they lowered the seating position which would be welcome for ease of getting in and out and for shorter people. Similar to Tacoma but maybe a happy medium.

      4) Cant wait to see the GMC but I doubt there is an off road version.

      5) GM trucks already outsell Ford so those who think this will beat Ford should know GM already has Ford beat. Whether or not the Ranger can take the sales lead away from most trucks sold in the US between Ford and GM just got a lot tougher on Ford. GM leads in truck sales already and that is not propaganda but rather a fact.

      6) Nice job GM on the look of this truck, if the air dam is gone then congradufckinlations on making a truck what it should be once again, in my opinion. Thank You. Workers can now use a truck how it can and should be used without body clearance issues and damage and all the stress that comes with “Am I going to clear that”, now we can say as we used to “fck it just drive over it, I am in a truck right?”

      1. and…

        7) I suspect the air dam is removed as there is no mud flap on the rear wheels. Legally you have to cover the tire up to the midpoint of the rim and this trucks fenders are higher than that, so where is the street version of this truck vs the show version.

        8) What is the square crease in the back of the drivers mirror doing? What is that all about?

          1. Common sense says you need to cover the tire for serious safety reasons and to respect others vehicles from getting rocks thrown at them and is true in my province but I am not an expert for each state so you may be right.

            1. Yes I have a mud flaps, I installed by myself to be nice, even I bought the truck without them, but it’s not mandatory in Alberta and I hate every truck in front of me without them. Some of my “friends” I know told me they are happy they don’t have to have them. I don’t like their company anymore, because they are basically egocentric assholes.

            2. Mud flap requirements must be a Canadian thing. Never been required anywhere in the US that I’ve lived.

              The air dam really isn’t that important to cooling in 99% of circumstances. There are thousands of 2014 and newer GM half tons that have been leveled and air dam removed. Not only is cooling performance unaffected but the change in fuel economy is barely noticeable. Way overblown issue.

              “GM use to have the worst drag coefficient so if they improved on that which would not be hard to do and their truck is lighter we may see a big-ol 1-2mpg increase once again, not exactly commendable as that game is old news and rather boring.”

              Where did you get this drag coefficient information? Despite being brick shaped, the 2014/15 Silverado had an excellent drag coefficient.

            3. Vincent Vega, it is all over the internet and you are on the internet. GM has a drag of 0.41 for the Silverado, 0.40 for F150 and 0.36 for the Ram. Also I did a quick search of mud flaps and every state has a different requirement but looks like the overwhelming majority requires mud flaps that protect the splashing of mud or stone to other vehicles including pedestrians on side walks from the front tires. To say it does not exist is moronic. Being the case GM is not going to outfit the vehicle with different mud-flaps for each state and they will comply with general rule that suits all states and here we do not see mud flaps which I know have been removed for show, likely same for the air dam.

            4. Only semi trucks are required to have mudflaps in all 50-states. Trucks under 10,000 lbs are generally excluded from that requirement. There are only a few states that require all vehicles to have mudflaps.

            5. Brick I had read a 2015 article and assumed GM was pretty much the same. But you are correct. And F150 by the newest literature I found is at 0.35.

        1. Yeah not seeing the Colorado in this. I see a few design choices that are similar to the Tundra but nothing blatantly copied. There’s only so much you can do with the styling on a pickup truck without negatively impacting aerodynamics and functionality. And if you go too far experimenting with styling, you end up with hideous trucks like the 1997 F-150 or the minivan-looking 2nd gen Ridgeline. Even the 2nd gen Titan was a styling mess.

    17. I will never buy a Chevy, or Ford but I like to see improvements from any manufacturer to push others even more.
      Good job Chevy. Especially in 2″ factory lift, which was must.

      1. Zviera, sad to hear.

        An honest person would buy when the manufacturer does a good job.

        The less intelligent people here have said I would never buy a Ford. But they are not too bright.

        I would absolutely buy a Ford if they got their act together and valued safety, quality and longevity of engine and transmission over all else.

        And you are a fool not to do so as well.. We are here to improve the auto industry. Not just favor one brand or the other for NO REASON.

            1. That’s it. No problem with anything yet. I installed new Rancho shocks with 2″lift and knob for dampening settings up front, exactly like this Chevy has, new rear ones with knob for settings, 1.5″aluminum spacer under rear springs and new KO2 tires. I love this truck this winter. Especially with 4WD Auto. HEMI, no problem. Tranny, no problem. Brakes, no problem. I replaced just back up camera 3 years ago by myself. To much pressure washer in the winter.

    18. Question is how much this will hurt the current model year (2018) sales? I will wait until the 2019 models. The TrailBoss is perfect for me, just enough lift and the right tires. I don’t have to go aftermarket and get the work done.

    19. I’m wondering how they are going to coat the new frames. The wax dip that was on my old Sierra wore off in the Great Lakes snowbelts and the undercarriage turned to rust flake within a couple years. Seems like that would have been a much needed upgrade. Also, I’d want a side venting exhaust for towing. Is that an option?

        1. Ideally they will use an epxoy based paint like POR-15. That stuff is fantastic. The wax isn’t bad but it requires the owner to keep an eye on it. Ford’s e-coating is decent but I’ve seen a few 2015 and newer F-150’s that already have rust at the welds and various spots in the rear area of the frame. Lifts also scratch off the thin e-coating and cause rust on the bottom edge.

          Surface rust is fine. When frames rust like the Toyota frames that were involved in a lawsuit, that’s when you have majorm problems. Funny, those frames were painted too.

      1. The rear-exit exhaust looks cool, but really is bad for hooking up or disconnecting a trailer. You are literally getting to breath in hot exhaust unless you shut off the truck…which is inconvenient. I have a 2018 Raptor and got to experience this…very poor design for towing. But maybe the standard versions will have the typical side-exit exhaust which is better for this.

      1. Like others pointed out, the 2018 would pass for a Chevy if it had square wheel wells. Stacked headlights, prominent bar splitting the headlight stack and running through the middle of boxed grille. Square off the wheel wells and it would pass as a Chevy.

      1. Some guys have surface rust if the wax didn’t adhere properly, but they don’t rot like a Toyota. The older closed C frames had the most rust problems but all frames 10+ years ago had rust problems. Boxed frames last a long time if you make sure the drain holes aren’t clogged with mud.

      2. John, the 1500’s, Suburbans, and their vans have the rusting issue. In fact GM has a repair bulletin on how to fix it. The suck thing is they only cover it under the 3/36 warranty. GM denied fixing one of our vans frames because it was about a month out of warranty.

      1. Give it five years and everyone will agree with you, then they might change something, add a bit more HP and create another 1-2mpg savings until were all 6 feet under and pushing daisies.

    20. I also noticed that the side mirrors fold slightly upwards.And that the mirror support looks totally different.Another website shows how the front end of the front fender is supported near the front bumper.It appears to have at the rear of it some strakes to correct the airflow coming into the door sides.No more egg crate look.Front allows for a lot of cooling as well. Some what surprised GM did not put anything on the hood as far as venting goes.Also another website shows the front end of the suspension looks like tubular A-Arms.

      1. Looks like they moved the side view mirrors down which is a smart move. The old mount position was higher and blocked your view between the inside edge of the mirror and the A-pillar.

    21. Not a big fan of the styling, but i didn’t like the new superduties at first either. It’s definitely a departure from the previous design and that’s good. Will be interesting to see what other trims/packages look like.

    22. Wow, great looking truck!

      Very fresh and different looking for GM yet still lots of family resemblance!

      Does anyone else notice how short the front end overhang is and how much higher the frame rails appear to be raised?

      This really looks to be a new direction for GM trucks.

        1. The square wheel wells made zero sense to me. The closer I look at this truck from the side it does kind of resemble the Tundra towards the front side. Either way, this is a nice redesign. Bold, but nice.

    23. Good to see Chevy has listened and corrected some things customers didn’t like in the previous body style.
      Hopefully there are more improvements under the hood, too.

    24. Over on a competitor website on TFL someone mentioned that the front fender drop down does not connect with the bumper at all.Some saying it looks like one of the Transformers helmets were it drops down the side of the robot.Also someone posted a Camero from the 3 movie were the Camero had this type of drop down front fender. Were Ford and Ram chose a wrapped around or a capture by headlamp look GM has really took truck styling to a very advanced look.A complete departure from conservative looking trucks. Imagine this styling in a 3/4 or 1 ton truck.I am glad GM with the Impala,Camero,Volt that there styling clues are very agggressive in design. GM pushing the envelope now it they can improve on the 6.2L and allow owners to purchase that motor in a LT optioned truck mates to a 10 speed they will sell everyone. The pricing for a 6.2L LTZ is too high 52,000 and above. Forcing owners to chose a 4.7,5.3 with smaller axle ratios.Lower towing performance as well.Long over due in power train.

      1. What improvements would they need to make with 6.2L? I’m primarily a Ford guy, but the 6.2L small block is on the top of my favorite engine list. (Extremely powerful, bulletproof, and efficient) Hopefully GM won’t tweak it too much and ruin a great power plant.
        I think GM has the engines dialed in, can’t wait to see the rest of the redesign features….

        1. I agree, the 6.2 is a sweet motor, and if it werent for the fact I live at 6500′, I might have been driving one instead of an ecoboost. Although, I never liked the current gen Silvi/Sierra so maybe I wouldnt.

    25. Yep Laura GMC had 2017 or 2018 Sierra 1500 extended cabs with 6.2’s for as low as 39k. Also, judging by the info GM gave, there will be more configurations, trims, powertrain options, so there’s hope that GM will have an LT trim with the 6.2. Maybe it will be part of this Trail Boss LT package. Seems like it’s more than just badges and a small lift.

    26. I love this truck. I have a 2014 Ram that I like but don’t love. My friend just bought a 2017 F150 that’s really nice but squeaks over every bump. He doesn’t notice it but it drives me crazy. I might own this TrailBoss next year.

      1. There was a few folks who had issues with the rear leaf squeaking, and I thought I remember the fix being pretty simple. Maybe have him look into it if he cares enough.

    27. I definitely do like this new truck. The wheel wells look much more proportional, the fromt end looks nicely done. I can see several different other brand cues in this but there is so many designs over the years it is hard to come up with something absolutely new. But what they have done is really nice.

      1. Id agree with that but overall there are a line of design firsts here. It’s a very unique and well done truck. This will make every truck on the market currently, look old.

    28. GM appears to have done well with the exterior styling of this trim level. I am a huge fan of stamped tailgates, a style cue of older trucks I was always drawn to, I was sad to see gone for a while, and glad they are back (personally). As mentioned by many, it is also nice to see more rounded wheel wells.

      Unfortunately I’m not interested in purchasing a large full-size truck, a mid-size is for me, hoping that those receive the attention too in the near future.

    29. I noticed the guy mentioned the bed floor material, sounds like aluminum intensive architecture is coming to GM….LOL
      Nice looking truck IMO. Anxious to see the interior also….

      1. He Mitch, what’s funny? I guess I don’t get it.

        We’re you one of the people saying GM is going to eat crow with the next gen aluminum truck? Sounds like you were wrong and can’t admit it.

        There stance has always been use the right material as for the job. The current trucks use a combination of steel, high strength steel and aluminum.

        1. No, but with all the negative ads they’ve ran, it will be amusing if the have went to an alloy. Hal, I’m not a brand basher, I drive a Ford, but that could verily well change when I purchase a new one.
          I’ve said for years, ALL manufacturers will have to build lighter vehicles to be able to keep up with CAFE standards. Whether they do it with Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Barotex, or Unicorn Milk and Fairy Dust, is really makes no difference.
          But no, I never said GM would have to “eat crow” .

            1. Good, because I’m not Hi-Fi. I’m not really Hal either.
              And I’m fine with bashing Ford when they deserve it. Any brand when they deserve it. But I’ve never done it under the screen name Hi-Fi.

    30. This is a big improvement for GM, and a bit of a surprise in the styling department. Finally reverting towards round wheel wells, and a lot of swoops, scoops, and scallops to the body. I bet they fixed a lot of customer complaints inside, too…like the offset steering wheel, the lack of rear seat vents, etc. I’d say this truck will probably match every feature the Fords have and go a bit beyond. Good!

      Now as far as this truck, keep in mind it is the non-standard version, so the basic Silverado is going to be lower to the ground with less aggressive tires and probably a low-hanging air dam. Remember, the Ford Raptor looks a lot more awesome than an F-150 as well. (Not that this truck is a Raptor).

      1. What the hell is the offset steering wheel about? My Dads Saab 9-7x Aero(Trailblazer SS) has the same thing. He never noticed it until I pointed it out one day and now its all he noticed LOL.

    31. Truck looks great.

      Easily recognizable as a Chevy.

      Chev finally stepped up and so far has delivered when it comes to this truck…. waiting to see interior and the rest on this.

          1. Is that why it hits 60 in 7.44 compared to 6.5 at TFL’s track?

            What good is a premium engine that only makes it’s rated power at 0’ elevation???

            Technology has moved on my friend, be prepared to see more Turbocharged gasoline engines!

          2. I saw a different video, this one on TFL that showed right opposite; 3.5 Raptor spanked 6.2, and that same 3.5 got spanked by the standard output 3.5 in the standard F150, but an acceleration champ has only so much value either way, and 6.2 is extremely limited anyway, so what’s the point of arguing whether or not its better or worse when almost no one has one in a half ton truck. Ford’s 3.5 starts under $32K in a std cab long bed XL, all the way up to limited crew cab 4×4 at $63K.

            I guess if one wants to ensure a continued bias, he or she should pick his or her favorite brand and then choose the drag racing video that supports that brand.

            F150 3.5 comes in mpg above all other gas engine half tons except for two other F150s; 18 city, 25 hwy, 21 combined. Even GM and Ram’s base V6s are lower, and GM’s 6.2 is much lower. Everyone claiming GM needs to leave engines alone doesn’t understand. They’ve got to offer higher mpg by law pretty damn soon. A 6.2 may work, but it’ll need dynamic skip fire and mild hybrid, and that makes it even more costly, and so I don’t see why anyone considers a big engine that runs little most of the time superior to a small engine that behaves like a big engine when turbos spool. Both techniques help save fuel but only under light loads, and so both techniques save fuel only they’re acting small. Moreover, there is a rumor of a 4 cylinder turbo for Silverado, Sierra and Ram 1500s, so these traditionalists should get down off their high horses and think about reality. For now, no one is going to force turbo charged trucks on us. There will be wimp torqued NA V6, and a muscle- car-like V8 to choose from for all three brands, so I’m not sure why a turbo choice for those who prefer them make those who don’t want one so upset. Personally I’m ecstatic with 26 mpg highway in a full size, gas powered truck with 400 ft-lb peak torque, but would be even more excited about a cheaper turbo 4 with even higher mileage and only slight performance drop versus my TT V6.

    32. Any bets on how much tire we can fit on this new truck? The GM’s seemed to lack in this department previously, whereas I know guys who were running 34’s(275/65R20) on stock suspension F150’s.

    33. The back end looks pretty good. The rear door is a copy of Fords F-150/Super Duty with the slant on the window glass. The front is a little different looking but should grow on people. My concern would be where the mirror is mounted on the side of the door. How will that location handle a trailer towing type mirror? From my old body shop days, mirrors mounted to the side of the door panel tend to fracture or crack the sheet metal due to the stress.

        1. RAM has their own management. And RAM’s management has shown that they are very wise in bringing in ZF, Cummins, Motori, Toyota(Aisin) etc.
          since Toyota won’t build a one ton, the RAM group has outsmarted Ford and GM for people who want a long lasting powertrain(which is the most important part of a truck.

          1. Actually FCA has done it out of necessity. They do not have the abilities, talent, or resources to design and build their own powertrain. They have to go to outside sources to build a truck. GM was one of the first to build a light/medium duty dieselengine in house when they struck a deal with Isuzu. The Allison transmission was close to in house because of the partnership they have. Ford was second with an in house diesel. And first with an all in house heavy duty transmission that is good all the way up to a F750. By keeping it in house you can keep your cost down and maintain better quality control. Not to mention easier for updates. FCA just has no choice but to buy from a parts bin.

            1. I also wouldn’t put VM Motori in the “wise” decision column. Neither VM that Chrysler/FCA has used has been a particularly great motor.

            2. Yeah, that in house thing really has been working for Ford’s reliability of their vehicles for the past fifty years.

    34. No surprise the wheel wells are now rounded. Lots of Spy shots showed that was coming. Which I find as truly welcome sight. I was sick of the whole square to the 10th power styling of the fenders and bed side.

      I was not expecting that horrific looking nose to be on the truck. I like the rest of the truck. I hated that sideburn look on the current Tahoe and still hate it on this new 2019 Silverado.

      I am in hopes that there are some strong differences in the other trim levels or that GMC has a totally different take on its grill styling.

      I think the bed reminds me a little of the current Tundra bed sides, the rear cab doors clearly look similar to the current F150s, the front fender body lines reminds me of the current Nissan Titan. That grill and nose is just going to take some serious getting use to.

      Also I am not seeing any camera’s under the mirrors or in the grill.

      I hope that is not sign that surround view cameras are not going to be available on any of the 2019 trim levels. That truck looks to be pretty highly optioned and I would think surround view would be excellent feature on an off road pkg truck.

    35. I’m a pretty die hard ford fan and I have to say my first impression is that I am digging this design. Sides look great, back looks well designed and solid. I need to see a little more of the front end up close, there are some details I’m a little mixed about that I need to see in person. I give Chevy credit for being more aggressive and taking some risks unlike previous designs that have been very conservative.

    36. I really like it… BUT-
      Since this is based on the LT, are you stuck with a 5.3? This being a special package should be able to have the 6.2 even if they cheaped out and forced you to have the 8spd auto and not the new 10spd.

    37. Here’s to hoping for a supercharged V8 engine option! Please GM, at least give us the option even if it’s a 5.3 L like that Sema show performance Silverado concept truck a few months back. I think it put out 450 HP.

      1. Please. How does moving trucks down in the mpg estimate help them meet CAFE standards? Why do so many enthusiasts on here and other comment forums keep asking for rocket-powered trucks? It ain’t happening. Adding forced induction to V8s will use more fuel; not less; and the sole purpose of forced induction in modern pickups has to do with downsizing and saving fuel; not using more fuel. Get a truck and modify it for drag racing if that’s what you want; but why request silly things like super charged or turbo charged v8s for half- ton trucks. That’s crazy talk.

    38. Man 200+ comments! I never thought Chevy can reach that many comments.

      Everybody comments seems to be all over the board about how it looks.

      I’m not a big fan of the front of it. Style just looks to busy or to much going on. The rest of the truck is very muscluer.

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