• 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Cold Weather Testing in Canada: How Long Is This Truck?

    2019 chevy silverado 1500 wheelbase specs
    2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 (by Adam M.)

    When will the next generation Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks make their debut? We do not know this for sure yet, but it is likely to be soon as competition heats up with the introduction of the 2019 Ram 1500 next month in Detroit. We recently received these images from Adam M. and Glen F. from Ontario, Canada.

    The prototype truck seen here is parked next to a new GMC Sierra HD truck. The test half-ton pickup is nearly as tall, wide, and long as the heavy duty truck. The HD truck is still taller as you would expect, but not by much as these images suggest.

    (by Adam M.)

    The striking details is the seemingly long wheelbase of the test crew cab truck. Exact specs are not yet available, but the short front and rear overhangs make the truck’s wheelbase appear especially long.

    (by Glen F.)

    A few details of the rear tail gate and lights can be seen in the image sent by Glen F. There is what looks like a tail gate mounted rear camera, as you would expect. The new Chevy and GMC trucks are reported to use carbon fiber bed construction.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    30 thoughts on “2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Cold Weather Testing in Canada: How Long Is This Truck?

    1. Andre, you can get the current (‘14-up) half tons with the crew cab and 6’6” bed. So they would be as long as a 2500/3500 HD crew cab standard bed.

      Now maybe they did increase the wheelbase for the next generation, but it’s possible that this particular truck is just a crew cab with the standard bed. I know the current trucks in that configuration do look long but I think that’s mainly because most of the half ton crew cabs have the short (5’ 9”) bed.

    2. GM has there work cut out for them. Ram is on the rise and ford is seeing comfortable gains. Plus the f150 has the diesel hitting market soon. I’m predicting GM in the number 3 sales spot soon, with or with the release of its long overdo refresh.

      1. Long overdue refresh? I think you need to take off your rose colored lenses. They refreshed the front end in 2016, and the current generation was all new in 2014. If any brand is long overdue for a refresh, it’s ram, which is still riding on the same design from 2009.

    3. I’m still waiting for a heavy half ton with a 3000 lbs payload that won’t ride as stiff as a 3/4 when empty. I don’t care about the looks only about it meeting my needs. And durability would be appreciated if they were able to achieve such a goal.

        1. Makes the ride terrible. The HD payload package is too stiff. Hence you need ride control like what is offered in sports cars like what the GM Denali had in 2004 and like what their own Mustang has or better yet do like Bollinger and add adjustable pneumatic shocks which level the vehicle and always maintains a soft ride.

          1. Have you driven one? All the people I’ve talked to that have one dont seem to think they ride bad at all, they arnt that much stiffer than the regular trucks.

            1. They are 426 lb/in springs on the regular F150’s and 457 lb/in on the HDPP. Thats like a 5% difference.

            2. Not much difference because the F150 already rides rough. Most trucks do except the Ram without the air ride. Those trucks have the best comfort, second to my 2004 Denali with ride control.

              Jay what makes it so difficult to add ride control like what the Mustang has. My 2004 Sierra Denali had it? My Sierra was like a nice boat on soft mode and in town on ice covered roads and washboard roads it was like being on a pillow. An HD truck will tear itself and the driver apart. If I wanted sport or HD suspension, I would just push the button again to default mode which was a sport ride which stiffened the shocks and the body roll. I tried magnetic ride in a Yukon Denali and it was terrible, I tried going over a speed bump and I think I swallowed one of my testicles, it adjusted in mill tenths of a second to give you the comfort of bottoming out. Tried a few more potholes with magnetic ride and I had enough, it was not a comfortable experience.

    4. My current F150 is a super crew with 6.5’ bed and has a 157” wheelbase. That’s only 2.5” less than the current F250 crew cab short bed.

      Why is this weird?

    5. I own a 2014 F150 6.2 V8 with the 157 inch WB. The two piece drive shaft is junk and Ford will not make it right. Drive away shutter and bump stop. Only possible fix I have found is a custom built shaft from Machine Services in Green Bay, WI. 1000 bucks!

      1. Mine hasnt had these issues, even with a tune making +100 tq over the stock ecoboost towing. I am not sure what causes it with some trucks and not others.

      1. Cuious, how is the XD a tweener? Its towing is right in line with current Ford and GM trucks. Payload is about what Ford offers too, since both have increased payload packages.

        I see no more capability. Certainly not 3/4 ton numbers.

        1. It’s a heavier truck, about 2K more then a regular half ton. The extra weight makes it feel more planted when towing heavy. I wouldn’t tow 12K with a 4800 lb. f-150 and feel safe.

          1. Good point Jim! I’ve been on the fence between the Ecoboost 3.5 vs the f-250 gasser(or Rams 2500 6.4 Hemi, for that matter) to occasionally tow 8-10k. I was told the HDs brakes and frames make a whole world of difference. On paper that F150 looks legit tho.

      1. Oh really, is that suppose to make me feel helpless now, or irate is that your goal? However, I already did realize I don’t own it, its actually owned by a stubborn goat on You Tube.

        But it would be nice if TFL assigned a user name to an e-mail so if someone tried to use the name attached to an email address in a blog column it would pick that up and say choose another user name, that is common on many forums, same way you cannot copy my e-mail. My email is owned by me whether or not its your name or not, I own it unless you can hack it.

        Regardless you need psychological help if you are coming after a computer handle. Don’t worry the world won’t change to Tesla because a few people read my blog, You Tube has about a trillion more followers with other Tesla fans, but you go for it, I am the antichrist in your underwear than go ahead and scratch your own rectum.

      1. Lot of manufacturers test their vehicles up there for real world conditions. I remember when I was driving a truck and stopped on Hwy 11 near there for an accident in the middle of nowhere and a DB9 pulled up behind me. I had no idea what it was since it was a first production. I got out to go talk to the two guys and I swear they were the 2 guys in the arctic Tacoma ad, but I cant say for sure as that was back in 2003ish. They told me they test new cars up there for manufacturers and I said that must be a nice job and they laughed and said not bad.

    6. Interesting the trucks were seen there given that GM has a cold weather test site in Kapuskasing Ontario, about a 5 hour drive north of this location. Maybe they do a loop Kap – Sturgeon – Kap. Looks like the trucks had “highway snow rash”.

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