• Next Generation 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 TrailBoss Revealed! (Video)

    GM is celebrating 100 years of Chevy trucks with the reveal of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

    We at TFLtruck have some exciting news for you Silverado fans. GM has just revealed the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado in Dallas, Texas.

    New from the ground up, the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado represents Chevy’s experience building more than 85 million pickups. They took input from more than 7,000 people on what they wanted in this next generation truck – the largest customer research effort in the company’s history.

    To make the all new Silverado, Chevrolet, naturally, improved the capability and performance on the outgoing model. It employs a higher-grade alloy in the roll-formed, high-tensile-strength steel bed floor. To that end, the new bed is stronger and lighter than ever before. Chevrolet also used mixed materials throughout the truck to reduce the vehicle’s total weight and improve its performance in several key aspects.

    2019 Chevrolet Silverado Trailboss
    [Photo: Chevrolet]
    The new Silverado LT Trailboss (pictured) is one of eight 2019 Chevrolet Silverado models. The truck integrates off-road equipment of the Z71 off-road package, as well as a two-inch suspension lift. Unlike aftermarket solutions, this equipment is backed by Chevrolet’s warranty.

    The truck will officially debut in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. TFLtruck will be on hand at the event with more crucial information on the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado, so stay tuned! Check back to TFLtruck.com and subscribe to The Fast Lane Truck and TFLnow on YouTube for the latest news, views, and next-generation Silverado reviews!

    Zach Butler
    Zach Butler is the Managing Editor for TFLcar.

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    65 thoughts on “Next Generation 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 TrailBoss Revealed! (Video)

      1. I wish it were as ugly as possible, and with the saved money from styling, put all that money into making it a better truck.

        Please, if you care how your truck looks like, you are messed up. Its an automobile.

        And if you call any automobile or anything but a woman “sexy”, you should check yourself into an insane asylum.

        Think about it.

        Nothing about this sneak peak should discourage anyone form the possibility it could be heavily reinvented for powertrain and capability. Could be electric, could have a carbon fiber cab for all we know.

          1. Yes, we all know you love to rip off your insecure and compensating customers by adding all kinds of expensive cosmetic add ons to their pickups to make them feel good about themselves and fill that huge black void in their souls.

            If that is how you have chosen to make money, well, its a free country, and I will fight for your right to do so on Wednesday.

            But I will also preach on Sunday for people to GET A MEANINGFUL LIFE.

            And if people are so willing to spend all their money on putting on their metal masks every day to cover their dark void, rather than supporting better tools(trucks), then the more productive people of us could be… well, more productive with those better tools.

            Oh, sorry, Brewhaha, more reliable and quality pickups would make you less money as a mechanic.

            And you criticize me(who is independent of the auto industry), for not using my real name.

            I challenge you to use your real name so we can know which auto shop you work at.

            Otherwise you are a fraud, Brewhaha.

            1. Last time I checked I wasn’t the one using a plethora of names on the same forum.
              Personally I’m getting really tired of a select few commenters who apparantly are not happy with the content on this site and continually bitxh about what the auto industry has to offer. Id you don’t like what they’re publishing on this site than STFU! Go somewhere else. Why not frequent a site where you agree with the content and like minded comments? Do you really get off on the confrontation?
              Yes the auto industry is moving in new directions, we’re not quite sure yet but time will tell.
              Yes U work in the automotive industry so I honestly have a better idea how things work and how they are to work on than most on here. And my names James Petersen and I live in WY.

            2. “Yes U work in the automotive industry”.

              Where do I work in the auto industry? I would like to get the paychecks due me.

              But I am independent of the auto industry, and on the engineering level, a level you obviously don’t know. Its the classic mechanic vs. engineer situation.

              I have no moral obligation to disclose my name. But you , yo have a moral obligation in your position. But you use a screen name to mask your identity.

              And if you can’t stand the heat, James Petersen of WY, you may want to get out of this kitchen. Because I would not recommend someone of your character to my friends who need a good mechanic.

            3. Haha, why because you don’t know the first thing about how things work, how their fixed, or what should be? I laugh pretty hard about all thr people who “claim” to be engineers like it’s the ultimate title. News flash moron, i know a few engineers personally who i went to school with. Several are very smart individuals who are VERY good at what they do. The others enjoy the title. Apparantly they are book smart but not much else. They havr absolutely no idea what common sense is or how it should be applied, they get off on their self applied “title” and try to look down their nose at people pretending they’re smarter than them. Sadly it works on some people but anyone who actually listens to what they’re saying soon realises that they are completely full of shit and a complete fraud. You sir are a definite case of the latter.
              Thr funny thing about your statement is that your a so called “engineer” who thinks he’s something for some reason. Well everything your bitching about could be CURED by engineers right? How about you quit whining about things and invent a solution, or is that too hard for you? Cant see why as you obviously have all the answers and then some. Why is it MY moral obligation to reveal mt identity when it’s YOU a self proclaimed engineer who is designing this so called crap and sending it to market? (Any REAL COMPETENT engineers, this is not a tirade against you). Keep you and your white trash friends business away from me and I’ll do just fine.
              Mic drop bitch!

            4. I was probably fixing trucks at an earlier age than you.
              And common sense is the reason I would not recommend James Petersen’s shop in Wyoming. The evidence is in your “off” reactions in your comments.

              Just look above. I state that we should spend less on styling, and more on quality and you blow off the handle with some tangential spouts isn’t even related to the topic. And you have done this many times.

              This is not the kind of person people want to do business with.

              You say I am just a white collar snob. Yet you have no idea how well grounded I am. I didn’t even insult mechanics. I give good mechanics praise for their difficult work(difficult because the auto industry builds junk for them to repair, as I have been saying all along).

              You have difficulty reading(another reason I would not send a friend to your shop). I am making a case against bad mechanics who:
              1. don’t give “full disclosure” in their screen names when commenting on matters that they have a vested interest in. Others do. Why not James Petersen of Wyoming? Because you are not honest/wise/smart/whatever it may be. And my good mechanics are.

              You say I am an engineer who is not inventing solutions. First of all, I don’t know many engineers who would stay employed if they weren’t working on a solution, so how do you know I am not working on a solution? Fact is, I am inventing engineering solutions. My field is not in the auto industry, so I don not have a moral obligation for full disclosure here. Do you know what full disclosure even means, James? You seem not to catch on. This seems to point to a certain strain of stupidity on your part which should lead you to be humble in that way.

              Everyone is stupid in some way including me. But recognizing that way and being humble about it is a mark of a person of truth.

              I quote you, James Brewhaha, “Keep you and your white trash friends business away from me and I’ll do just fine. Mic drop bitch!”

              That is a racist person
              That is a person who pits classes of people against each other.

              That is not a mark of a person of truth. That is a troubled person, especially when you combine it with all your other comments.

              That certainly not the kind of mechanic I recommend for Wyoming.

              But I believe people can change.

            5. Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

              And if Hal is my name, it is in title only–a title you all have given me.

    1. I am not a fan of the new RAM design, but these photos make it look great in comparison. This new Silverado looks like the bastard child of a F150, Chevy Colorado, and current generation Silverado. What were they thinking with the styling lines down the side of the truck?

      1. And the 2018 F-150 borrowed the Chevy grille and stacked headlights. What’s your point? At least this truck looks like a genuine attempt at fresh styling. The 2019 Ram’s repurposed Charger headlights looks lazy by comparison.

    2. Not a fan of the side creases… Towards the front looks like a Cruze and towards the rear it looks like a tundra.
      I like the front end. Seems like a nod the 99-02 styling. Like a rock. I also really like the rear, especially with CHEVROLET stamped in the tailgate.
      Approach angle looks like the best in a full size Chevy in a long time.
      With this being an LT with the stylish dual exhaust, could this be a mid-level trim with a 6.2 finally?

    3. Have to wait and see some more pics especially of the interior. Think I like the look of the current trucks better but it may grow on me. Looks a lot like a Colorado which aren’t hideous, guess I like a bit more angular agressive designs Definitely like the stance better.

      1. Uh, oh. I hope they didn’t ask 7000 customers what they wanted.
        That is not leadership. GM should know where to take their new truck better than any bonehead customer. Any leader/producer/manufacturer should be way ahead of their customers or they are not worth their salt.

    4. Wow ,the Ford and Ram guys, Chevy haters are here for sure ! Looks like some people are worried ! That Chevy look great ! I want to know all the information ,of engine options and capability !!

        1. Last time I’ve checked, Ram sells less trucks then the Chevy. And Tundra and Titan are way behind and I don’t see them catching up anytime soon! So yes Ram has nothing to worry about!

    5. Chevy did a great job on there new truck. It looks new and fresh and got away from the flintstones look. I hope the interior looks as new and appealing as the out side. Great job gm.

    6. I like the front end (a lot) and the round fender wells! This is a bold step for Chevy. I’m not so sure about the lines down the side but to me this is far from Chevy playing it safe. I’d say it’s a bold step forward and maybe even a bit risky from a design standpoint.

    7. If you look closely, the truck in the live shots appears to be an LTZ or higher version. There doesn’t seem to be any badges on the rear to indicate, but the live shot truck has clear lower LED strips along with front parking sensors. There looks to be a side facing sensor in the lower corner black trim piece which might point to more advanced parking/driving features. Also all the door handles appear to feature buttons for true “leave it in your pocket” keyless entry/start finally.

    8. At first thought it’s UGLY! It makes the Tundra design ahead of its time. The funky front fender crease looks like it came from Japan. Acura! How the two side creases meet on the front door is ugly and your average farmer will think so too. Looks like they copied the solid rear window from Toyota.

    9. I really don;t care for the “eyebrow” over the front wheel well (although it does not appear to be anywhere near as bad as the bulge on the Titan) but I think otherwise it is a nice looking vehicle. Definitely a little more masculine than in the past.

      1. Why should a truck look masculine? Aren’t there more and more women driving trucks? Like you I find the truck appealing but would buy one for it’s capabilities first and foremost. Gender for vehicles is a projection of our unconscious insecurities. Is a bulldozer more masculine than an excavator? Beats me

    10. Thank you John’s father( designers) you all were thinking on a ford? hope you had a great inspiration on the new ford with chevy emblem. the engine is GM? or is it ecoboost. The transmission is 99% ford, what’s GM ????? ;-(nonono

    11. Looks great this is what the 2014 should have looked like your gonna have haters always I find it funny shirty ram and shirty ford guys are even on here I guess if I was tired of my fiat truck and shirty ford if be on here to looking at this great truck

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