• 2018 Chevy Tahoe Police Pursuit Boosts Safety With Technology

    2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit

    General Motors (GM), has announced that they will be implementing new safety technology features into the new 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle (PPV). The list of features will serve as an assistance to the safety of the police on road patrol while still allowing them to complete their duty.

    There are multiple features included in this new driver assist package which has never been seen before on a pursuit-rated vehicle from GM.

    Forward Collision Alert: A system designed to interpret and measure the incoming speeds between a vehicle. If and when a driver-adjustable threshold is passed, the system will trigger an automated visual alert as well as audible tones or seat pulses if enabled.

    Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking:  This feature automatically applies the brakes if the vehicle is at slow speeds and the system detects an impending front end collision if the driver has not already applied the brakes. This is the first time this feature has been implemented into a pursuit vehicle.

    Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning: If the driver is unintentionally drifting out of their lane without making any active steering movements, the system will automatically correct the vehicle with gentle steering motions.

    Safety Alert Driver Seat: As an alternative to the audible crash avoidance alerts, this provides a vibrating pulse to the driver’s seat.

    Power Adjustable Pedals: This simple system will allow drivers to find their comfortable steering and seat positions

    On top of this new driver assist package, the vehicle will also come with other standard safety features such as Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, stability control systems, rear vision camera and more to ensure that the multitasking police officers can continue to execute their duty with excellence and safety.

    Take a look at this video which includes an older model of the Chevy Tahoe police pursuit vehicle as we compete against it down the quarter mile.

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    7 thoughts on “2018 Chevy Tahoe Police Pursuit Boosts Safety With Technology

    1. I love the fact manufacturers like GM are adding safety features to their service vehicles. I have to wonder how some of the avoidance systems will work with how the officers operate their vehicles during close encounters with the bad guys.

      1. What they don’t tell you here is that they are installing a big fat physical switch up high on the dashboard that switches all this off and on when they are in road wars with the criminals, like many of you here that are drunkards.

        1. Im glad to hear of the switch.

          But please don’t make statements that demean people and do not add to the conversation.

          I for one do not drink not even a toast at a wedding.

          But I know a great many people who do and they are not drunkards.

          I have known women who would become tipsy on two drinks. Sure tipsy driving is drunk driving. But being tipsy does not make a drunkard by my understanding.

          Of course a drunk who drives is a fool.

          But i still argue with myself about which is worse. A drunk or a fool.

    2. Odd how alcohol bri gs out the anger in some folks angry. Reminds ne of visiting cop-bars w my detective friends. Thereafter we went to civilian bars. I guess that was twice, in all, actually. But driving drunk hardly needs be said to be very very bad.

    3. When I was 16 I borrowed ? my dads 64 pontiac with the 250 hp 327 and the powerglide and took to the drags. Turned the same ET and speed as the tahoe. Boy things have sure improved in 52 years.At least I was faster than the ass-tech

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