• Will the New Ford Ranger Raptor Look Like This?

    2019 ford ranger raptor
    Ford Ranger Raptor rendering (credit: ranger5g.com)

    Ford officially announced their intention to build and sell a Raptor version of the Ford Ranger for the Australian market. The folks at Ranger5G.com forums created several rendering of what this new off-road truck may look like. The images seen here are not official.

    We hear that Ford is spending a great deal on research and development of the most off-road worthy Ranger. However, there is no official word yet on whether the Ranger Raptor will be available for the United States market. Considering, the Chevy Colorado ZR2, Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, and the upcoming Jeep Scrambler pickups are gaining popularity – the Ranger Raptor should do very well in the USA.

    Let us know what you think in the comments below. Should Ford bring the Ranger Raptor to the US?

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    59 thoughts on “Will the New Ford Ranger Raptor Look Like This?

    1. The early 2000’s were so much fun when everyone rolled out an off-road suv when there had been none. Now we are just down to the 4 Runner and Wrangler.
      Fast forward to 2017 and its off-road pick up wars heating up. My Red “Nathan Adlen” model Power Wagon should be here any day. But if I was in the mid size market it is looking interesting!

      1. Who cares what it looks like.
        As long as it’s not like the Raptor.

        Long wheelbase,
        Weak suspension,
        Low payload,
        Weak towing,
        Way overpriced,
        No winch,
        Very unstable rear suspension,
        Bad brakes 0-60 in 140 ft.,
        Transmission hunts for gears all the time,
        Transmission has hard shifts,
        Better engineered competition,

        “But errrrrr, it LOOKS tough and has shiny paint, so it must help my ego.”

            1. Wow, Dark. Notice he can’t deny all the problems the Raptor has and his first reaction is to go personal.

              Just like a Ford guy.

              Also, I forgot to list the plastic front hubs of the Raptor that pop then eventually crackle.

            2. The difference between you and me is I never start it.

              I know it is difficult for you to recognize, but if you concentrate real hard, you will notice I always state the truth about an auto industry fact.

              Then you and a few other trolls and shills take it personally for some reason.

              Then you just blurt out personal retorts.

              Then I just hold up the mirror to you stupidity for taking personally some truth about the auto industry or when I point out you have misled the reader from the truth.

              Think about it honestly for a while you may let yourself see the truth.

            3. This page is the perfect example. I stated truths(which is what we are on this site for–except for you obviously), and then some weirdo took it personally. That just shows how dark and nuts he is. That’s not me being personal, that is him being personal, and if you can’t tell the difference, you are as bad as he is. Thats the undeniable truth.

        1. The biggest problem with the Raptor is the awful 4WD system. Vacuum assisted plastic hub locks that constantly fail, esepecially after Ford switched over to a Torsen front diff. Guys that really use their Raptor like the Ford propaganda videos will tell you the factorynsetuo is junk. Many have had to upgrade the hubs to manual locks.

    2. Too bad all these little toy trucks look like they were designed by pansies. How about a small truck that actually looks like a truck, just smaller. The squared off Bronco concept is a winner. The foreign crap looking Ranger sucks. All of them except maybe the yota look metro. I guess Subaru fans could be swayed? Idk

      But y’all do whatever the flip you want to.

        1. Rambro – – –

          R: “Bollinger is coming”

          Yup. And someday, it may even arrive, — as soon as they put a nice little diesel ICE into it, so it can do real OR travels, like the Rubicon Trail and others:

          This is sort of like Elon Musk and the new Tesla Semi Truck or his new “Supercar”: nice design experiments and prototypes, with some impressive-looking performance data under ideal (read: laboratory) conditions…

          In the meantime, the B1 may be REALLY good for farm work, and getting goodies from the local village general store in Winter, — as long as the store is less than 10 miles away, and the temperature is above -5 deg F…(^_^). But unlike Elon and his “smoke and mirrors”, I do believe that Robert Bollinger is sincere, and is not a charlatan: his vehicle will simply be limited, and its limitations should be made known to everyone right up front, forgoing the usual “hype”. The B1, after all, is NOT a real pickup truck: it’s an enlarged Land Rover type SUV with batteries and electric motors…


            1. Armageddon is already here Bernie, we seen this when Hillary ran for president and almost won. The saga continues but Armaggedon is a battle. Takes awhile to kill everyone off, it is a long process.

            2. Canada saw an increase in nickel production from 2015 to 2016, producing 255,000 MT of nickel last year. The country’s Sudbury Basin is the second-largest supplier of nickel ore in the world, and major miner Vale’s (NYSE:VALE) Sudbury operation is located there. Every year it produces about 65,000 MT of the metal.

    3. This is a great rendering at downsizing the big Raptor! I can only hope Ford styles it this well. They should immediately hire whoever did this work.

      I’m pretty optimistic its headed our way too.

      It will be a huge success!!!

      1. Drifter 64 – – –

        I’d like to see the “huge success” happen, but, honestly, from a marketing point-of-view, unless this new Ranger Raptor runs on fairy dust and can climb Niagara Falls, it’s going to be “too little and too late”.

        The mid-size pickup segment is now pretty well established and “in place”. The competition** has long-term credibility (“Brand Value”) and has been refined over many years.

        Tim Cain wrote a piece on the long-term plateauing of the mid-size market just this past week. That means that Ranger sales would have to “theft” sales, stolen from others; — and that’s a hard row to hoe:


        ** Principally Tacoma and Colorado.


        1. The Ranger is indeed VERY late. I’m surprised at just how badly Ford was caught off-guard. I think the Ranger will siphon off more F-150 sales than anything else. Not to mention that Toyota and GM will have had multiple years to prepare for the Ranger’s US release. Expect both companies to have big updates to counter.

        2. When I read this Bk when they say f-seris and Silverado and ram the 3/4 market is added to that sales numbers. That being all said. It will be interesting to see how the ranger will perform in the market. It might be to late or the field is already crowded.

    4. I bet it will have the 2.7, but there’s no good reason for not using the F150 Raptor engine. Yes, that will make it quicker than the F150 Raptor. So what? Now you can put a twin turbo 5.0-5.2 in the F150 Raptor.

      1. Not going to happen. Ford isn’ going to sell a cheaper Ranger Raptor that can outperform the much more profitable F-150 Raptor. The 2.7 Ecoboost is even a stretch, especially from a CAFE aspect. The 4 cyl Ecoboost is the most likely engine.

    5. Wow. I don’t know how many times you tried that in front of the camera guys, but you are professionals. Good job. Old fellas can retire, or have more fun offroad and onroad.

      1. Geez Rambro, how much Vale mining stock do you own?

        Canada saw an increase in nickel production from 2015 to 2016, producing 255,000 MT of nickel last year. The country’s Sudbury Basin is the second-largest supplier of nickel ore in the world, and major miner Vale’s (NYSE:VALE) Sudbury operation is located there. Every year it produces about 65,000 MT of the metal.

    6. I’m hoping they make the new Ranger affordable with a little diesel in it in all packages. Or the Toyota Hilux. Have you priced the small GM with a Duramax? That’s outrageously expensive.

      1. You can get a decently equipped Colorado Duramax for about under 35k. They seem to tow well. They make a ton of torque for a little truck. Even more when you delete it.

      1. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Payload or long-travel suspension. Not both. Well, there Amy be a way by adding complexity, but then you give up the low entry price barrier and reliability.

        1. @Alex
          Like the Everest it will have a major flaw. Raptor in the US is a niche market, but Raptor in Australia is like a question no one asked. It might have a place in the New Superutes, modified production series 350hp and 500lbs ft of torque but that is about it.

          1. So how come so many tradies l speak to are hanging out to buy one, Australians love their high powered utes and the upcoming Raptor will be a huge sellout. The average ute in Australia currently has about 150kw and 500nm but come this time next year l’d suggest that figure will be 180kw and over 600nm.

      1. @Daniel
        Ford US? Ford Australia was producing some very good vehicles that Ford US ignored. Now they Ford US have belatedly realised this and are pouring money into the Geelong Design and Testing Complex

    7. Dale H,johnny doe,sierra,michigan bob and plenty of more names you go by,the little short yellow bus will pick you up in the morning and take you back to PUTC where you need to return. You are not welcome here so load up.

    8. And ford goes to #1 again as soon as this truck hits dealer showrooms. The good thing is you should be able to get a good deal on a Tacoma at fords used truck department.

    9. I hope they bring it here.
      Considering the population of Australia is under 25 million, the bean counters should be able to justify any additional costs to certify it here, too, where they should sell a lot more.

      1. @Jay M
        The primary markets for the Ranger is going to be Australia/ New Zealand, Southern Africa, Latin America and parts of the Middle East. Ford will sell modest numbers in Europe and hopefully enough to justify the expense in NA. Pickup Truck turndown in the US is making buyers steer clear of the MidSize and go for Fullsize

      1. Many of us would like to see a reliable, well built plan Jane ranger. The “fly in the slaw” is the car manufacturers want to maximize profit. And the way they do that is with lots of options. Think Platinum or Limited editions. So I believe if Ford is going to have a successful release of a new ranger, it will include many models i.e. ranger, ranger sport, ranger lariet, ranger platinum, etc. This large “selection” cost more money for both setup and production and since mid size sales have not been all that brisk lately you can see why ford has not been in a rush to release it.

          1. Pricing is the issue there. There may be plenty of fools willing to spend 70k on a glitzed up half-ton, but his many guys are willing to blow 50k on a Platinum Ranger? Probably not as many as you think. They’ll sell ok, but not enough to overtake Toyota in the US.

            1. GMC doesnt seem to have a problem selling 4×4 Canyon Denali’s at 45k before you even add options or the duramax. Its not even an extremely well optioned truck.

        1. I believe the reason the US Ranger is taking so long is that the rear suspension is a coil spring/ Watt’s link setup. Combine that with the work required to tune the powertrain to meet emissions and fuel economy requirements, not to mention crash test ratings, and the timing so far makes sense.

        1. I think they are timing it with a complete global redesign rather than a patch job on the global version like the Colorado. If they come out too soon it will hurt global sales. That’s also why the Raptor version, ford is trying to get all it can out of this platform

    10. How about ranger lighting? With 2.7 from the fusion sport. Back by 10 spd automatic. Throw in a 6 spd manual for option. You guys need to think outside of the box where there isn’t a nich vehicle made. All the manufacturers are into off road right now that forgot another market that isn’t tapped.

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