• Updated 2018 Infiniti QX80 Luxury SUV Debuts in Dubai: What Do You Think?

    2018 infiniti qx80 luxury suv dubai
    2018 Infiniti QX80

    Infiniti recently unveiled an updated 2018 QX80 luxury SUV in Dubai. While many of the details that apply to the American market are not available yet, the changes are most evident in the front and the rear. The updated luxury cruiser features a new front facia with smaller headlights that are mounted higher than before. The design draws a parallel to the Monograph concept that was show at the 2017 NY Auto Show, but it’s not a direct translation.

    The grille and the profile are still unmistakably Infiniti. The rear feature new tail lights, but is still immediately recognizable as a QX80.

    What do you think about the updated QX80?

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    27 thoughts on “Updated 2018 Infiniti QX80 Luxury SUV Debuts in Dubai: What Do You Think?

        1. When I was looking to test drive a Tacoma Pro the dealer said good luck as the Pro is as rare as the Sequoia. He said as soon as a Sequoia shows up on a lot it is gone. It also does hold the highest resale of all SUV’s according to a recent report I seen on MSN. My daughter wanted to try one to trade for an SRT as a possible option and there are none to test drive.

            1. True but I seen it first in another article. This one only puts the GM’s ahead by .3 to 1%. GM has been doing well with their trucks too

      1. Sequoia’s are only desirable if you haven’t driven anything else.
        They have the worst ride and poorest handling in their class!
        Their breaks, frame and axles result in the lowest tow rating and cargo capacity!
        Their interiors are blocky and utilitarian no refinement to be seen.
        The only thing they offer is a Toyota badge and the most head room!
        The infinity is a work horse (don’t believe me ask the UN), Yet its quiet, composed and luxurious. The Sequoia isn’t even good enough for most global markets, it’s pretty much an American Special, big and cheep.

        1. That is what everyone says about the Tundra compared to other trucks and I still bought a Tundra. But there was no SRT available in a truck. Not as much options as the SUV world and all its competition. But regardless the Sequoia still holds the best resale and as I said it is hard to find and all are sold out immediately despite what you think of it. And nothing can match it off road, which is why the Infiniti might be trying to match the look.

        2. You are 100% wrong about Sequoia. Everything you said about is pure ignorance. I have 2012 Sequoia it’s awesome vehicle, fun to drive, more cargo space than infinite, and gm.

    1. Hopefully they don’t copy the Sequoia’s awful rust issues.

      Ever since Nissan (Infiniti) went all-in on CVT’s, I can’t bring myself to even consider them. Terrible, weak transmissions. Such a shame.

    2. Too many people are after looks and not after quality. Look are very deceiving. Car manufacturer know how to deceive people with looks and electronics. Most of the electronics in the cars are useless, waste of money, because people don’t even use them.

    3. Interior appears unchanged in appearance, seems they may have upgraded the tech a bit.

      I will say I like the exterior improvements over the current version. Never cared much for droopy eye look to the 12-17 nose.

      The rear looks more modern as well.

      I have personal 17 Armada and we have another 17 Armada and 17 Qx80 in the fleet as well. I have owned own or at least driven all the full size SUVs on the market with the exception of the 2018 EPY/NAV that are just now coming out, not really interested in the new NAV or EPY since I am still not a fan of the FORD EB motors, likely never will be at least not till they offer an EB version of a V8 then I might look at one.

      I will say this Nissan global patrol platform, is my top pic on the market today in both comfort and value categories for the full size body on frame SUV class.

      Sequoia’s are nice, they just are in bad need of a real update, 2018 was really not what I would call an update. At least give the thing the 14+ Tundra interior and nose job.

    4. What do you mean “we don’t know what’s under the hood”?
      The rep said it all: “what we have, sells well” = no major changes.

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