• Which Raptor Is Quicker? SVT V8 Old Ford Raptor or a Tuned new Twin-Turbo Raptor (Old vs New)

    2018 ford raptor f150 tuned modified
    Old vs New: Ford Raptor (tuned vs stock)

    Recently, we pitted our long-term 2014 SVT Raptor up against Brady’s new Ford Raptor in a side-by-side race and a 0-60 mph comparison. Brady’s Raptor has a few performance modifications, so it should be one quick truck.

    Our Raptor may be a Special Vehicle Team (SVT) truck with a 6.2-liter V8 pushing out 411 horsepower and 434lb-ft of torque at the crank. We knew it would be no match to Brady’s twin-turbo V6 with numerous mods such as a Drop-In K&N air filter, Vent Atmosphere modification for a sweet blow off sound, and an MPT Tune. The tune alone enabling up to 150 additional horsepower and 180 extra lb-ft of torque. The stock high-output EcoBoost Raptor model is rated at 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque.

    We want to see exactly how much quicker the new modified truck would be.

    In a head-to-head race, the clear winner was Brady, with a 0-60 time of 6.37 seconds, including Roman in the passenger seat. Roman, with roughly 2.5 seconds slower time, reached a 0-60 time of 8.71 seconds. The modded V6 ran strong, but it did not dip into the 5 second range.

    You can watch the full action in the link below, and pick up the latest TFL swag here: https://teespring.com/stores/tfl


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    62 thoughts on “Which Raptor Is Quicker? SVT V8 Old Ford Raptor or a Tuned new Twin-Turbo Raptor (Old vs New)

      1. Rambro – – –

        R: “…when I get my B1 I will drop by and crack the 5 seconds in a truck for all to enjoy.”

        1) The Bollinger B1 is not a pickup truck*;
        2) The B1 could “crack” 5 seconds, once, maybe twice; but a new Raptor can “crack” 7 seconds all day long without burning batteries or recharging; —and with John Hennessy’s added goodies, can come in at 5.3 seconds. Ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuZmXv86utM
        3) The Raptor sounds great like a real truck should; the B1 sounds like an electric razor on steroids, or like the little piggy that went “wee, wee, wee” all the way home…. 🙂 …

        * It’s more like an electric Land Rover Defender simulation with a hole down the middle (^_^).


          1. Rambro – – –

            R: “What about the W15 Bernie.”

            The W15 is a real pickup truck and should be listed here on TFLT. Ref: http://workhorse.com/pickup/

            R: “What if I take off the exhaust on the W15’s generator and exchange it for a steel flex hose and bypass the muffler.”

            Good idea, but I’d like to hear it first! Bet it’ll be fun…


          1. Rambro – – –

            R: “I wonder if TFL sticks the B1 with the Jeeps on TFL car or TFL truck?”

            Good question! Since they already messed up by NOT putting the Jeep** with trucks on TFLT, my guess is that they would put the B1 with TFLC. But I am good at being wrong! Seems the choice about where to place these vehicles is now determined by marketing of the websites.

            ** Simple Property Books in the USArmy in 1967 listed the Jeep generically as: “M38 Truck, General Purpose, 1/4 ton.” Some had parenthetically listed (“Jeep”) after all that generic description. But I’m sure that Jim Allen (Jeep historian) could add much more information to this. Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willys_M38


      2. That’s a lot of battery charging to get there. Hopefully the guys have an electric outlet at their 1/8th mile track location and out at Cliffhanger 2.0. Maybe bring the Power Wagon along to help recover your B1 when the battery dies….

    1. If I was that guy I’d want my money back on that tuner!

      There’s no way it’s making an additional 150hp/180ftlbs. It’s no faster than a stock 2017/2018 Raptor!

      This video again was fun TFL and once again proves that the almighty V8 sound doesn’t equal power these days!

      1. technically if you watch their video they did 3 runs and 2 of them were very warm , went from 360hp cold to 297 and 391 to 301tq. so i guess politico fact would rate this true but misleading.. (452-360=+92, 486-391=+95) also fords adaptive power is pretty interesting if you watch the full mpt raptor video

      2. I would offer a dissenting opinion.

        The two trucks are similar in weight with Roman in there. A 411 hp V8 pulled 8 second 0-60.

        To gain 2.5 seconds in 0-60, the ecoboost raptor must have been making at least an extra 100 hp, maybe closer to 200 hp. I would say the tune was in the ballpark for that particular day. I would guess the 6.2 was making 300 and the tuned eco about 450

            1. He is talking at elevation I believe. But still the scab Raptor in stock form ran 6.17 and the Crew Cab 4×4 Platinum did 6.23 with only the 3:55 rear end in the F150 Platinum, all on different days however. Both those trucks beat this Raptor with a said 150 more HP. Maybe being at elevation screwed up his tune somehow.

            2. Altitude would effect a tuned truck more than a stock truck. A stock truck may be able to make the same power at altitude since they put a decent buffer on the turbos. A tuned truck is likely pushing the turbos to the limit at sea level which means they must be dialed back at altitude to keep them from overspinning.

              You go up to 5000 ft of elevation and you are around 16% lower atmosphere. To make the same manifold pressure you must run a much high pressure ratio. 21 psi boost at sea level is only a 2.5:1 pressure ratio but at 5000 ft is almost 3:1.

            3. Drifter, that 150hp/180 tq is probably gains at sea level. MPT’s shop is in Orlando which is about as close as you can get to sea level.

              unless you want the turbos to explode at 5000′ they are going to have to reduce manifold pressure to keep their RPM down.

          1. That’s true, but not really comparable one day to another. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure Roman’s raptor had been running much faster than what it posted in this video. Regardless of what the absolute power output was that day, it was making around 150 hp MORE than Roman’s 6.2, which falls roughly in line with the tuners claims, especially considering Roman was in the truck too

            1. No because we seen the stock Raptor race Romans Raptor before and the Stock Raptor was car lengths ahead as well. It is the superior torque curve over the V8 that beats Romans Raptor. Even the F150 with 375HP beat the new 450HP Raptor so it would beat Romans 411HP Raptor as well. More than just HP on the table. Something wrong with the tune for sure. Different days is not enough to kill 150HP advantage, not likely feasible for it to still be slower

            2. Fastest posted time I could find for him was 7.8something. So he was nearly a second off his best time.
              Factor in a comparable 1/2 second loss for the tuned truck, plus a 1/2 second for carrying Roman, and you have a 5.5 instead of 6.3 for the tuned truck. Not outstanding, but not unrealistic either.

              Re-run this same test on another day and results will most likely change, and possibly even for the better

            3. My guess is that the Durango is at least 600 lbs lighter(>10%) than the raptor with much smaller tires. It doesnt surprise me that the raptor needs more than 450hp to hang, even at altitude.

      1. Buddy – – –

        B: “If you want to race get a Dodge Demon.”

        Exactly. I have 4 trucks, and spend a lot time with friends who have trucks. Nobody does this 0-60 stuff with theirs! Everyone here is more interested in load capacity and what it can pull, — when not distracted by the latest electro-gadgets and seat warmers. Oh, we argue about tires, too!


    2. if you really wanted to make a cool video find someone with a raptor and see if the hubs have same bolt spacing as the 6 lug f150 and throw some regular road tires on there and see how those KO2’s affect 0-60

      1. No doubt it will be a significant amount. Rotating mass is very noticeable. Final gearing would be lower too because the tires would be shorter. Craigslist is loaded with steel wheels and tire take offs from base models. Go for it TFL. Could do a mpg loop comparison too. GPS of course since the speedometer would be incorrect.

    3. Looks like heat is a killer for the tt.
      Wonder what happens up the 6 to 7 percent I5 grapevine in 110 degree weather. That is common around here. We had 70 days this last summer above 100 degrees.

      Looking at Ike videos and the one above. Heat is a problem and of course altitude isn’t because of the turbo.

      Seems like the intercooler isn’t big enough. Tfltruck did have head soak problems in a previous video.

      1. Actually TFL came back and tested for this with the same truck running 6runs in a row with no issues at all!

        Heatsoak can happen to any engine if you create the right scenario.

        Raptor towed its load up the Ike without even getting close to hot.

        FCA Jeep SRT on the other hand was super close to a melt down!

        1. Jeep states in their manual it will run above normal temperatures when pulling a load. Normal for any SRT motor is to run hotter than normal which is why they use synthetic oils in my opinion and I read their is a lot of benefits to hot oil. Likely why it did better on mpgs over the colder Raptor motor.

    4. You should research better and not let me do it for you. A new radiator took care of the issue. I don’t say this all the time but you are an idiot. And that is the TRUTH.

      1. Yeah, I concur some of these guys are complete trolls with nothing better to do than search the internet for that one bad example of Ecoboost something.

        When in fact there is hundreds of thousands of them out there on the road pulling and performing as intended!

        Most have never even ever driven one either!

        I myself have been driving and pulling the guts out of a 2.7tt now for the last three years and can personally verify they DO NOT overheat even pulling slightly above their rated levels.

        I’ve pulled 8500lbs back from So Ca to Utah and went up the Baker grade when it was 118* out!

        Temps got to 234* digitally but gage never showed too hot.

        1. Any vehicle in the most extreme situation will likely go above normal temp. Even the big diesels do. I fail to see why its an issue if the needle moves as long as it stays within the engineered/design parameters, which it does.

          The problem is worse for the Ecoboosts. They dont lose power at the same rate as cooling air. You go up in altitude, you get less mass flow over the radiator, you get less heat absorption. An NA v8 loses power and therefore creates less heat at the same time as the cooling air reduces so the system is not worked any harder. An ecoboost continues to make power while losing cooling ability and taxes the cooling system much more. The fact that it does as well as it does is awesome.

          Even the Ram Ecodiesel overheats making a meger 240hp. In fact, it has to cut power after 90 seconds to keep things in check.

    5. This was rather interesting. I expected it to be faster but I have to wonder if the tune pulled power at this elevation to prevent the turbos from spooling to hard. They are already spinning hard at that elevation and to make even more power would require a lot more out of them. I sure do
      Love the sound of the pop off valve though.

      1. This. I am positive MPT tunes the truck to create maximum power at sea level which means pushing the turbos to the limit. They almost certainly have to reduce boost as altitude increases to not over spin them which means the 150hp claim probably isnt valid at altitude.

    6. Fun to watch but…..

      New Raptor is way faster than old one stock v. stock.

      New TURBO at altitude v. N/A …..well…..

      New Turbo Raptor with TUNE v. old stocker …..NO CONTEST.

      Lets do something more interesting like …..that Raptor v. old one WITH supercharger/intake/exhaust/tune (still under the price of the new one ) and see how it goes.

      Should be more fair and fun…..

      1. Well sure but it wouldnt really be fair. We gotta let the raptor do $8000+ worth of mods(cost of supercharger/intake/exhaust/tune) too. The nice thing is the raptor can pick up all this power on a $700 tune.

    7. Hal,
      I am tired of your idiotic remarks. You do say it all the time and it reflects on your stupidity.
      Why was there water and oil in the intercooler, (it makes no sense for them to say water in the radiator was a problem, but they did).

      THere are a great many 6.4 rams running flawlessly. But some trolls fault the one on TFL Ike test.

      The 3.5tt in this test suffered a great deal of power loss. And the claim from the tuner was that it was due to heat.
      There was a 60 hp loss. That’s significant.

      TFL claimed heat soak during a test. It happened I’m glad it later did fine. But it did happen.

      A poster posted a link to another tt with extreme over heating problems on a virtually new 3.5tt that was given a ford clean bill of health.

      I searched you tube for 3.5tt heat problems and saw and watched more.

      I would guess not many people are willing to film their truck use for FMC to pick apart. Let alone post it to you tube.

      Most of everything, including the fast lane truck, are posted for entertainment. Not Gospel .

      Unfortunately a lot of people affiliated with a product abuse the few good informative posts on youtube.com

      Name calling is what has always been used to hijack a web page.

      Grown ups do not have time to bother with name calling.

      I have seen this with a great many boards. Soon the web site is failing and it’s leadership is sending out pleas for people to return. But by then they have found a new home.

      To be clear these trolls aren’t just those affiliated with a motor company.

      They could also be affiliated with web or paper publishers.

      I know pickuptruck.com lost a lot of followers to this site because of bad behavior. The same could happen to Tfltruck if they don’t put a leash on name calling.

      I do apologies to this board, not Hal, for some of my remarks.
      But there is a point.
      I am fed up and don’t care to put up with it any more.

      TFL truck, don’t bother to ban me for name calling. Just fail to manage your site and I’ll be gone just like I did pickup.com and trailerlife.com
      Pick has tried to straighten up with a little success.

      Trailer life has a great site now. But only after they banned a good 50 posters years ago.
      Those people spun off into a liberal and a conservative blog.
      One still Survives. Unfortunately the conservative site failed to manage their few bad mouthed bloggers and failed.

      Good luck TFL.

    8. not sure if launching in 4 auto does anything. the higher trim models have a clutch pack in the transfer case where it wont engage until it sees slip? versus a straight chain drive/using 4 high/low

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