• BigFoot EV: A Monster Truck That Runs on Electricity?

    bigfoot electric ford monster truck
    BigFoot #20: Electric Monster Truck (image by E.ON)

    Europe-based E.ON electric charging station network is feating the BigFoot #20 all-electric monster truck in its recent ad campaign. This raises a question: does it make sense to electrify everything, even monster trucks? Electrification of every-day trucks and passenger vehicles makes sense, but the deafening roar of blown monster truck V8 engine is an essential part of the truck jumping and car crashing experience.

    The BigFoot #20 was originally unveiled in 2012, and it is energized by 30 separate batteries. Six additional batteries power the steering and brake systems.

    Have you seen the electric monster truck in action? Let us know what you think about electrification of pickup trucks in general: be it hybrids, generator electric, or hydrogen fuel-cell.

    This is no monster truck, and it’s not electric – but this diesel-powered EarthRoamer XV-HD is another kind of monster at 35-feet long and 13.5-feet tall.

    Check out this promotional video by E.ON below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    18 thoughts on “BigFoot EV: A Monster Truck That Runs on Electricity?

    1. “Oh hell no!” – that is where I draw the line!

      If I am going to Monster Jam, I better be able to still hear those blown engines roar!

      Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of electrification, small turbo engines, hybrids etc. in daily drivers, but still give me a reason to put in ear plugs when I go see Monster Trucks! It is not just the sound, but the sound waves that run though your body that makes the Monster Truck experience complete that just makes you want to scream and cheer!

      1. Will you all ever learn?

        Its not going to be an electric truck with no combustion engine.

        Its going to be a big, loud roaring combustion engine that has a generator on the back of it that provides power for the electric motors that turn the wheels.

        So, you get your cake and you get to eat it too.

        Its called a hybrid. Although there are many very different kinds of hybrids. Unlike many hybrids you have seen. our powerful truck hybrids will be simpler, cheaper, easier to maintain, more powerful etc. than you conceive them to be right now.

        This whole mentality that TFL has posited in this article is a false binary. You will get the benefits of BOTH combustion AND electric drive.

        They are NOT mutually exclusive. Even though stupid people keeeeep making combustion and electric exclude one another, over and over and over again. Good grief!

      2. Oh, can you imagine this monster truck pictured above with a huge 1000 hp combustion engine that can also power and direct each wheel separately in any direction?

        Now that will be a show, and it is IS going to happen!

    2. AWSOME! When I was young, I had a lot of EV fun with my Gallop MK2. It did not need gas or sound but still made considerable noise like a drill.

      They were still a lot of fun

      The monster trucks do not need the sound, in fact they are too load and cause hearing damage if in the front rows and the exhaust is too much, as it clouds up the whole arena which cannot is unreasonably unhealthy anyway. I think what they can do at an EV monster truck rally is substitute for live band music and fireworks, likely put on a better show than just the sound of a motor.

      I still like a good ol’ rumble of a V8 but the benefits from electric drive are awesome and some advantages have yet to be seen, designers are going to have a field day with the opportunities that will open up when you get rid of a transmission and an engine

      1. No Rambro, NO!

        You want a monster that Meeoowws instead of ROARS??? It just doesn’t work. The eye-burning alcohol fumes and ear drum ripping snarl is what Monster Trucks are all about. And not just monster trucks, have you ever been to a NHRA event? The racing is fun but the real kick is standing around a top fuel trailer when they fire them up for the first time after each rebuild. If you’ve never experienced a cloud of nitromethane, you couldn’t possibly understand.

        Either case, they are RAW, VICERAL experiences. It’s not car crushing or driving fast, that’s boring. It’s the physical experience you get.

        1. Understood Daniel, Understood. But I still want electric power. It offers other benefits. Once the EV cars beat the growling visceral motors in power and they will, the social stigma around the sound will eventually become an embarrassing place to be. I love a V8, especially the 427 with a wild cam and I still may buy one in an old classic but in ten years from now if I dare to rev my motor up at a car show on the drag strip, social stigmas will start to laugh at it when EV cars in a family sedan clean my clock. Right now the redneck Ho-down is to have that visceral noise and it lives in me and in my generation but that will eventually become an embarrassment in the future. I like the advantages the EV will bring regardless, it is coming, so fighting it will just create more gray hairs.

    3. Until Electric Vehicles have the range of Gas or Diesel vehicles and the battery pack can last as long as Diesel Engine, EV’s cannot compete despite the Subsidies that hopefully will be eliminated.

    4. This truck BIGFOOT 20 was built for a few reasons. BIGFOOT is sponsored by Odyssey battery to show what could be done with there batterys. The other benefit was to have a monster truck that could do car crush’s for autistic children as they are very noise sensitive. So this is a show piece is what BIGFOOT 20 is.

    5. TFLT: “Electrification of every-day trucks and passenger vehicles makes sense,…”

      Where did this socialist bias come from?
      Electrification of ANY vehicle makes no sense at all! (^_^)….

      Why, just the other day I removed the catalytic converter so that I could lie down along side the tail pipe of my old Dodge and breathe those wonderful 1950’s exhaust fumes…
      My Significant Other thinks that may be the cause of an increasingly grumpy personality and the loss of hair. I assured her she was wrong, blast it!


      1. Trust me, an electrified truck will still have the smell of a combustion engine. It will just be much better because the wheels will be driven by electric motors.

        Most of the energy will most often be supplied by a combustion engine turning an electric generator.

        Are we all getting clear yet? Or must you all get extremely confused every time someone mentions electrification?

        You all are like teaching children. OR is it just the alcohol?

        1. Rambros Bro – – –

          RB: “You all are like teaching children. OR is it just the alcohol?”

          Nope. No alcohol. It’s the delicious exhaust fumes (^_^)…


    6. I don’t understand the point of a electric monster truck?
      If you want to take your kid to electric monster truck show that would be one way to get them to go to sleep.

      1. All batteries can come with AC-DC Hartman, they could play “Walk all over you”, “High Voltage”, “Big Balls”, “Thunderstruck”, “Rock and roll train” “Highway to Hell” and maybe some TNT to wake you up.

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