• 2019 Jeep Scrambler: Wrangler Pickup Spied Testing in the Wild (Video)

    We have known for some time that Jeep is planning on releasing a pickup truck version of the ever-popular 2018 Jeep Wrangler. However, we don’t know a whole lot about the plans for this vehicle. Nor do we know what exactly it will look like. Fortunately, our friends at Real Fast Photography have managed to capture a prototype 2019 Jeep Scrambler testing in the wild.

    [Photo: Real Fast Photography]
    We have a decent idea for the shape of the Scrambler. It looks to have a 5-foot bed, plus the four door (crew cab) configuration available on a Wrangler. Overall, the length is significantly longer than a four-door Wrangler. Furthermore, Jeep seems to have some fairly beefy off-road tires on this prototype.

    [Photo: Real Fast Photography]
    There is still a lot more to be learned about the 2019 Jeep Scrambler. Although, there have been leaks that suggest that a 3.0L V6 turbo-diesel will be available, as that the Jeep will have a 6,500 lbs maximum towing rating. As soon as we find out more, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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    46 thoughts on “2019 Jeep Scrambler: Wrangler Pickup Spied Testing in the Wild (Video)

    1. Cant wait to see the final details on this thing.

      The camo is kinda stupid, if you cant tell there is a jeep under there you probably know nothing about cars.

    2. TFLT: “It looks to have a 5-foot bed….as that the Jeep will have a 6,500 lbs maximum towing rating….”

      Are these number s a bit on the light side, or am I mistaken? Was expecting a 6-foot box and 7500-lb tow rating. How would it otherwise compete with the base Colorado or its ZR2 version?
      If the 5-foot box must come with the crew cab, could a 6-foot box come with a 2-door “extended cab” design (but on same wheelbase)? Would both options be available?


      1. I think just 2 door or 4 door. No extended cabs. Haven’t seen any 2 doors testers yet to know if they’ll offer a much longer box or not.That one will likely be geared more towards the offroad crowd. It appears battling GM for towing wasn’t a high priority.

      2. @Bernie,

        In regards to your ZR2 comparison question to the reported (“Leaked”/ “Unofficial”) specifications in regards to towing, the ZR2 is rated for 5,000lbs towing and 1,100 lbs payload. Therefore, if numbers are correct, Scrambler would be rated to tow 1,500 lbs more than ZR2. I’m thinking the Scrambler will be more lower speed, off-road, and ability for removable top.

        Someone brought up a good point in another thread, as I also had questioned the lower towing and payload numbers (“as leaked”), and indicated that towing was probably not their number one concern. I am on the fence about that as well as customers who purchase trucks, also are comparing those sort of ratings.

        I’m excited to see this product, however, potentially will be the most expensive, but I feel will be the most customizable right out of the gate and many younger buyers are drawn to such ability.

      3. No current production plan for anything other than a 4-door with the 5ft bed. I suppose it would be possible to build another configuration, but the market is just too small.

        1. Hmmm,if what you say is true in regards to an only 5ft bed,that rules out the jeep pickup for me. I need close to 6 1/2 ft for my needs. Oh well,there are other choices and brands.

            1. There is still a chance, Jeep has something up their sleeves . Maybe flip down front part of the bed,like Avalanche had and stow n go rear seats. There is clearly going on something, judging by looking at the picture.

      4. Is this a serious comment? Did you just ask how a truck with a 5ft box rated to tow 6500lbs can compete with a truck with a 5 ft box rated to tow 5000 lbs?

        And why on earth would you “expect” a 7500lb tow rating? Were you planning to tow 7500 lbs with your scrambler? Get real.
        If you actually spend time towing (and based upon what you’re writing I’m quite certain you don’t and won’t) you will adjust the suspension as needed for your parameters and it will tow just fine. Not rocket science.

    3. One thing i haven’t heard yet is if it will have the same removable top/cab options as the wrangler. I’m assuming it will, since the cab is probably the same. I’ve heard the hood may be stretched to allow the ZF 8 speed to fit? Also, will they offer adjustable air like the grand cherokee and ram? And “significantly longer” = 28″ wheelbase stretch so around 144ish (tacoma is 140.6). A 5′ bed is only 6″ shorter than most F150s. Width is a big deal tho. Needs to be at least 4′. This could be a cool little pickup.

      1. The thing is, the Wrangler generally doesn’t drive that well thanks to solid front and rear axles, narrow widths, and high levels of NVH thanks to the shape, removable roof, folding windshield, etc. So this Wrangler better be a big leap if they hope for it to be as refined a daily driver as a Colorado. Most small-truck buyers want something that drives nice.

        1. Neither the rear overhang nor the wheelbase are significantly different than any other crew cab midsize or half ton pickup, so nothing embarrassing about it. And it is a Jeep. Jeep has had midsized up through 1 ton dually trucks in the past

    4. I do not think it will do well. The wrangler does so maybe the jeep thing will save it. To me personally I see the big downfall with the narrow cab. We still get the width of the midsize based on the outer dimensions but lose a lot of cab space and box space because that part of the truck is narrow. I am very pessimistic on this one. Not that that is a new thing for me but still pessimistic, its too narrow for interior space and box usage.

    5. This does at least have the potential to have a nice exterior color selection when compared to the competition, i.e. actual colors. I mean, I’m not going to purchase a vehicle just for the color (obviously), but that is another pet peeve of mine with the GM and Toyota mid-size truck offerings, the available boring color palette.

      1. I wondered why they never added an article on the video where the Ram night edition walked up the cliffhanger. It seems most other videos end up with an article…

    6. I don’t know about the US but in Canada it is respect to wave to other Wrangler and Rubicon owners the same way you do to any passing motorcycle when you are on a motorcycle. I experience this when I rented a Rubicon and my Daughter owned a Wrangler.

      My point/question here is; will you get the wave if you buy a Jeep pick up because the wave does not apply to other Jeep owners, only the Rubicon and Wrangler, so I wonder if this truck will qualify? Sounds like a good TFL question? Maybe add the survey to the thread TFL. I am wondering!

      1. My daughter answered the question pretty good. This truck will likely default to the wave as you wont be able to see if its a pick up or not in some cases. So you will get the wave in the truck as well in many cases and from there it will catch on.

    7. I think this will sell more to Jeep fans who want a pickup. I don’t think there will be much cross shopping from Toyota, and GM in particular. Jeep Wranglers are not the most civilized vehicles for regular on road driving and I would imagine will be the same here.

    8. The new Jeep pick up looks very similar to AEV’s Brute Double Cab. Similar bed dimensions too. Yet no one is complaining that it’s too small, or too narrow. All I hear is that AEV can’t make enough. So based off of AEV’s success I believe that Jeep will do well with the Scrambler.

      We also have to remember that Jeep is an off road brand and they make off road vehicles. For a truck that is based off of a Wrangler, I believe it will be very off road worthy while having on road manners..

      Jeep has made off road trucks in the pass and they were very successful. The new truck will be too.

      1. Especially if it costs a hell of a lot less than the AEV conversion. I think its like $75k for the Brute once you factor in the cost of the jeep + the conversion price.

        1. Also, I believe AEV stopped the Brute. I wonder if they saw this coming and wanted to stop production before everyone figured out Jeep was coming out with their own.

          1. I they haven’t already stopped production of the Brute I am sure they will once the Scrambler arrives. It will be a lot less expensive than the Brute and from the original manufacturer. There will no longer be a reason to buy a Brute.

    9. So the closest related updates for the Scrambler (JT) are the updates that we receive from the JL and JLU. It appears some actual high quality images and videos have surfaced of the JL and JLU on their respective on-line forum. I really like the interior dash layout (particularly the high quality image with the Silver dash surround), very symmetrical and simple, yet has a nice modern appearance to it. I’d assume this dash will be a carry-over (in majority anyway) to the JT platform. I surely hope that drive side a-pillar grab handle makes it’s way over as well, something GM lacks, especially on their taller Colorado ZR2 model, which would aide with ingress/ egress.

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