• 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 or GMC Sierra 1500 Prototypes: Different Wheels and Exhaust Systems (Spied)

    2019 chevy silverado 1500 gmc sierra wheels exhaust tires
    2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 / GMC Sierra 1500 prototypes (credit: Cameron Topliff)

    New images of the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 prototypes reveal more details about the upcoming wheel/tire, suspension, and exhaust packages. Big thanks to Cameron Topliff for providing all of the images you see here.

    The truck with the blacked out wheels is sitting relatively low and has a side dump exhaust tip in the back. On the other hand, the prototype with the silver rims has a taller sidewall tire, a visually higher ride height, and a dual exhaust system. This is possibly a truck with an off-road Chevy Z71 or a GMC All Terrain package.

    The rear view of the truck also shows a distinct crease in the tailgate that points to the design direction of the next generation of the GM’s half-ton trucks.

    Previous reports suggest that the dual rear exhaust system will be available with a turbo-diesel engine option. Information about the engine/transmission options and specifications have not been announced yet. We are guessing that the 10-speed automatic transmission will be part of the offering.

    The next generation 2019 Ram 1500 is being unveiled at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show in January, 2018. When will GM unveil its latest truck lineup? We think it is coming soon, and the Detroit show is a possibility.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    155 thoughts on “2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 or GMC Sierra 1500 Prototypes: Different Wheels and Exhaust Systems (Spied)

      1. @Alan: +10000000000
        There’s been enough “spy photos”. And while GM is at it they can stop inundating us with the worst truck commercials I’ve every seen. They’re truck commercials absolutely suck.

      2. The 2014s were unveiled in December and at the January auto show. While there have been a lot of spy photos, each set shows a tad more. I imagine we will see an unveiling in December this round too.

        I’m really excited to see these. First new vehicle I’ve really looked forward to in a long time. So far they have a lot of potential. Try could screw the details up though.

        Plus more 6.2

            1. That sounds like an absolute. To get Chevy’s top engine costs several thousand more dollars than Ram’s and Ford’s. I’m sure plenty of people that would be content with an LT would love to be able to select the 6.2.

    1. Is there any reviews of a 5.3 with the 6 speed transmission on TFL? Search only turns up reviews with the 8 speed, which is impossible to find. Same with the 6.2 in a Silverado.

      1. The 5.3 would be a bit pointless for an Ike Gauntlet test. Those kinds of elevations really put naturally aspirated engines at a major disadvantage. I’m more of a Ford guy but I have respect for the 5.3. I’ve driven 2015 and 2017 Sierras with 5.3’s that have nothing but a mild transmission and engine tune. They make awesome power for what they are. Just not in the thin air 2 miles up.

    2. Why do prototype trucks have to stop for gas. Do they not have gasoline pumps on their facility, multimillion-dollar facilities. LOL They go through all the camouflage but then stop for gas it’s funny to me.

          1. Rambro’s not talking about any production car: he is referring to vehicles that ditch the highly efficient mechanical transmissions for a less efficient electric drive train that magically creates more energy from nothing.
            He’s looking to diesel locomotives as the benchmark for cost and fuel economy.

            1. Yeah, like the 2018 Honda Accord is not logical, its actually real. Like locomotives aren’t logical. Like Via Motors aren’t logical. Like Toyota’s entire line of hybrids aren’t real or logical. What planet are you all from??

            2. Is he commenting on Toyota fuel efficiency in relation to a GM 1/2 ton?

              Look no further than Toyotas 1/2 ton.

              Oh wait.

      1. It’s because they test them in the real world…high altitudes of Colorado, deserts of Arizona, cold winters in Duluth…look close at the pictures, obviously not Michigan.

    3. Still looks like the same old dinasour from the beginning of the millennium. Come on Bollinger and Workhorse and Tesla, you cannot get here fast enough. The pain just continues to grow.

      Never heard of something so stupid, to offer a diesel option as being viable, when there is so much red tape around them, electric drive has more torque with better mpg’s which Workhorse has proven for over a decade now and we have Turbo gas motors with more torque than a diesel at lower rpms. I don’t see any short box regular cabs and I don’t see a small truck offering like what Mexico has. And the front bumper is still dragging on the ground and its a TRUCK?

      1. @Rambro, I read something the other day that said this truck was going to be more evolutionary than revolutionary. I thought that was what the last redesign was so this is disappointing. To me GM needed something truly all new. I also read that the interior hadn’t really changed much but we will see. This will be good news for Ford and great news for Ram because Ram will be bringing an all new model (like it or not) with a Tesla like center stack. Only time will tell but to me the main thing GM needs to do is just made the truck better from a quality standpoint and maybe a new engine or two. A true redesign would be nice too.

        1. The only good excuse to keep offering the same old crap for two decades now, is if they are pulling resources to build electric drive. GM has a lot of green all over their advertising and its not green shirts, they are talking electric drive and doing it cars. I assume the stagnated truck industry is a result of the change to electric drive. Right now maybe they just have limited resources in hopes to show a refresh for a few years while they ramp up to electric drive. But you would think they would be faster than that with Tesla, and Workhorse ready to go. Bollinger is small now but this may give them a chance to grow into a very demanding need. The consensus around electric drive is the future and it is not a question anymore if it will take over, it is a question of when. You would think there would be more from a truck. At least they removed the air dam on the off road HD TFL tested. Shows they are not completely deaf.

            1. That is not electric drive, that is the abortions called hybrids that give electric drive a bad name. Workhorse does it right for over a decade now in fleet sales. They may offer a work truck to the general public soon.

            2. Rambro, I don’t even think you can call that E-assist a hybrid. It is basicly a bolt on electric motor on the accessory drive that just reduces some load on the engine. The aero improvements GM made to the Silverado probably does more for FE over the electric motor.

            1. The build quality of the model 3 would make a Yugo look like a Lexus. Exterior trim alignment off by a mile, dozens of different interior rattles, wavy windshield glass, interior door panels peeling apart, infotainment displays with all kinds of panel defects, etc. It really shows just how hard it is for auto makers to maintain the quality standards that they currently have.

        2. Moondog, I suspect from here on out everyone including The big three will be more evolutionary vs revolutionary. I think they just release enough to claim top honors for this and that and when everyone else has it, they release a little more. This also plays into the American way of buying the latest and greatest. When the majority leases now, who wants to lease the same car/truck. When in 2 or 3 years it may be the same but has a little more bling to catch the eye.

          1. Understood JJ but they needed something big in my mind and they need to win back some trust with quality. Let’s face it, back in the day how worried was Chevy about getting sales heat from Ram? I think Chevy has stayed stagnant too long. I do agree there is only so much you can do to a truck and hope Chevy pushes their market choices forward.

            1. I fully understand. It just seems like the norm now that every manufacturer just edges out the competition a little at a time for the most part. Some just stick with what they have and put on new paint. But in all honesty, why the big 2 and FCA don’t have the same reliability as Toyota is beyond me. Toyota has ranked number 1 for a very long time. I know most issues revolve around technology packages and that is something Toyota lacks, but I feel it could be much better.

            2. JJ it could simply be that Toyota sticks with what works literally forever. They are very slow to change. Toyota trucks generally stick to basics. The split tailgate on the 2019 Ram is going to be interesting. I just saw that and it looks different. I’m still trying to figure out the value in it.

            3. It is hard to say on the tailgate. I personally never used my tailgate and said I wish it was in 2 halves. But the Ridgeline does 2 way opening. Again same scenario. But different things appeal to different people so the market will determine what works and what does not.

              What is interesting is yesterday I heard on talk radio a ex GM manager, last name Lutz was talking about the future in cars. He said it won’t be to much longer that it will be autonomous. Having traffic controlled by the cars on the road where everyone now takes off at the same time at stop lights, everyone is the same speed etc will increase human production and waste less time. He mentioned millennials are less and less concerned about cars and not buying them. They are using Uber and other modes of transportation. So you have to wonder what the big companies are planning for .

            4. That is true jimmyjohns, if autonomous cars come to fruition we will get to where we are going faster, it will be a lot more organized and less stressful. Be a lot more efficient on mpg as well

            5. He said the same thing Rambro about efficiency. There are some pros and cons to it but based on his level at GM, I suspect he was pretty accurate on our future. Whether some of us gear heads like it or not.

            6. jimmyjohns to add to the point here; when you watch a 25 car vehicle lineup the first car takes off and it takes a long time for the last car to move. If all cars were autonomous they could all take off at the same time and develop a consistent gap as speed increases with 0 braking for the idiots or the less fortunate people who can’t drive that hold up lines that make everyone late and you always get a fair spot in line. It would be so much less stressful.

            7. @Moondog
              I wish I have a tailgate like that 10 years ago, when finishing basement. 10 pieces of 2×4, you drop down just short portion and other part is holding the rest of your gears, couple of concrete bags, open the large portion and put it directly on the bed, instead of tailgate first.
              No sliding needed.
              Drop down both, to have the same functionality like regular tailgate.



            8. @Zman, good points on the use of the split tailgate. I must admit I’m not the most visual person so that helps. If I walk in an empty room I see an empty room. My wife has it decorated in her mind in the first 60 seconds!

          2. What’s the freakin deal with all this electric talk . If want a tesla buy a tesla . I love my v8 engines , I also think ford twin turbo v6 is pretty cool to. Rambro I hope you buy electric maybe gas will go down for the rest of us.

        3. “revolutionary” and “all-new” always ends up being a mess for 2 or 3 years. It’s better to make incremental improvements to a platform than to throw it all away and start clean. GM’s truck platform is really a pretty good one, it just needs slight improvements in a few areas. The chassis is good, the handling and suspension durability is very good, the fuel efficiency has been as good as what Ford has put out lately. Seeing as how they’re no longer sourcing axles from American Axle, hopefully the vibration problems that some guys had will be gone.

          The interior could use some quality improvements, but their engines are light years more reliable than the Ford trucks I had the displeasure of owning. The 8-speed had some issues, but all new transmission designs have teething problems. The tried and true Ford/GM 6-speed had issues early on and these days they’re great.

          1. You’re right about that. I’m a Ford guy and I have to admit that the trucks GM has been building lately a put together pretty well. Light years better than the flimsy old trucks from the 90’s with undersized axles and torsion bar front suspension. The current trucks ride nice and feel solid. Big 9-1/2″ axles and one of the strongest frames in the half-ton class. They just need to work on improving the interior in the cheaper trims. Hopefully they offer the 10-speed standard too.

      2. Now, now, now Rambro! – – –

        You are getting up on you old High Horse again!
        Or maybe it’s your High Workhorse (^_^).
        Or maybe you just High, and forgot the horse…

        R: “Never heard of something so stupid, to offer a diesel option as being viable, when there is so much red tape around them,…”

        Where did that come from? In the good ole US of A, there is no “red tape” surrounding diesels. You just walk into the dealer; say I want that one; sign on the dotted line; and your out the door. End of process.

        And for you meager $50K effort, you get a reliable 6-passenger esthetic truck using proven technology, — that is cold-weather “immune*”, — with a 1-million engine, producing a 700-mile cruising range, at greater than 20-MPG on fuel that costs $2.74 (here)!! Gee, where is the Big Decision Crisis? (^_^)…

        * No engine is completely temperature “immune”, of course: all engine’s/motor’s performances decline at very low temperatures, — but batteries in EV’s have 4X the rate of decline in performance vs ICE’s.


        1. LOL Bernie, but my rants are not high, sometimes alcohol is used for coping purposes but I am not in Colorado where it is legal to get high and be high. As for your battery comment having 4X the rate of decline? Again I hope others step in to teach you once again that electric drive does not require a battery, that could be optional for those who do not want a generator or need a generator to drive the electric motors. So your statement is only partially true as not all EV’s require a battery. Did you know freight trains have no batteries and run on the ICE engine alone that drives electric motors? Of course you do, but teaching requires repetitive statements over and over again before people actually get it. I learned this teaching Hydraulics to College students part time for 3 years in a row. Some students failed but when you repeat lessons over and over, people eventually get it and pass on the knowledge. But then there is the forgetful part that makes repetition so important.

            1. Sorry Daniel, you have already been proven wrong by the automotive consensus that is changing to electric drive, minus the truck industry other than Bollinger, Tesla and Workhorse. Workhorse has proven for a decade now. They get 400% greater fuel efficiency in their step vans over a conventional combustion engine running through a power robbing transmission. And they don’t put any mpg’s back when braking or coasting down a hill.

            2. Rambro, do you mean the E-gen plug-in HYBRID (“abortion”) van that one cannot actual purchase and drive yet?
              You do realize that the 400% (MPGe) refers to the distance it travels due to the power in the battery right? Power that comes from plugging the vehicle into an electrical outlet. This number does not reflect how efficiently this vehicle uses fuel (meaning gasoline or diesel). If this vehicle did not use batteries (very difficult to do with a 30 HP engine) it would not get anything close to 26 MPG.
              For one promoting battery-less electric drivetrains you’ve picked a poor example of an electric propulsion vehicle to champion (one might ask why Workhorse choose to use (expensive) batteries at all).

          1. Hmmm what kind of fuel economy does a locomotive get….. anybody? Didn’t think so.

            The efficiency advantage of having a generator running electric drive would be incredibly diminished by NOT having any kind of a battery system. Without the batteries your engine RPM for said generator will not be at a set 1200rpm or whatever all you dreamers on here believe. Depending on output requirement rpms will fluctuate in an automotive application to TRY to obtain better efficiency. With a battery system integrated, a more efficiency capable constant RPM setting is more plausible. But then your back to cold weather issues, battery replacent issues, and much more complex and added price.

            1. Not true people. Even after the battery is depleted on even the existing hybrids, they still get better efficiency. You all are perpetuating misconceptions.
              Many independent testers run the batteries down to nothing to test the efficiency of the system while the combustion engine is providing the power, and the vehicle still is more efficient than the regular ICE only vehicle. Many, many examples of this already exist and have more decades.
              Ever heard of a Toyota Prius or heck any of the vehicles I keep listing here and you all still erroneously evaluate.

            2. Because they are incredibly gutless when said battery is depleted. Try using a system like that in a truck and it will be a gutless wonder with any kind of a load on it.

            3. Zviera – – –

              Z: “..435.88 ton-miles per gallon.”

              Thanks. Very good addition/correction.
              All MPG’s should be weight-normalized, even for road vehicles.


            4. Alt Mike-Battery depleted? You do realize that the battery is constantly recharged and discharged don’t you? The batteries do not become “depleted” unless there is a significant malfunction. But yes, remove the battery and you will get better mileage than a ICE only-you’r left with a tiny, gutless engine. You also get the performance of a tiny, gutless engine.
              Can you give one of these many, many examples (tests of vehicles running on “depleted” batteries)?

            1. Ah, and yet again the comments that a range extending setup won’t work on a large truck.


              Duh, all you have to do is make the combustion engine bigger if that is what you want.

              Man, the stupidity just keeps going on. You all are not going to learn until 50 percent of all small cars, medium crossovers, one ton pickups, and tractors trucks are hybrids of some sort(or maybe 5 years after even that).

              Then you all will say… “Oh, I guess that guy on TFL comment section was right after all.”

            2. Sorry Hal, “Promised” in a couple years is not the same thing as “already used”. You mistake advertising hype for reality

            3. Alt Mike-that is an impressive amount of meaningless words to have completely avoided answering the very simple question.

      3. I can’t take you seriously. You don’t even read before you start running your mouth, Rambro.

        It’s been said more than once there appears to be more than two ride heights. GM is currently the only manufacture making a Hybrid 1/2 ton too.

        Keep holding out for some problematic unreliable Tesla too. Should be here about 2026, but they’ll promise a product by 2021 if you give them some cash. Assuming Elon hasn’t moved to outer space somewhere.

        1. Hybrids are garbage compared to electric drive, they still run through a transmission. JUNK. GM has moved to all electric drive in their compact car, so it is coming. At least they are starting somewhere.

          1. My point was you are harassing them for not doing something that nobody else is, but they are further along than anyone else.

            Your prize example, Toyota, is the furthest away when it comes to trucks.

      4. The diesel options in the half ton so far (RAM) have really only been good for best in class fuel economy. They are not quick. Heavy Duty pickups are a different story altogether, getting quite excellent fuel economy with massive power and torque. A full-compliance modern diesel is as clean or cleaner than any gas truck. A gas turbo is nice, but it cannot match a turbo-diesel for pulling or fuel economy.

        The only reason there is red tape around diesel is because a lot of powerful people invested a lot of money in a new industry…the alternate-energy, electric, green industry. Diesel has been the target. See how Prince Charles bought shares in sustainable forest management, then promoted them. See how Elon Musk quit Trump’s advisory board the moment Trump backed out of the Paris Pact since backing out would harm Tesla’s raison d’être.

        In case you hadn’t figured it out, electric sucks in real life. It is full of compromises and requires massive amounts of taxpayer dollars to even be viable…and all for what? This massive amount of “fossil fuels are very bad” and “electric is the only way” equates to nothing more than a brand new way for electric billionaires to emerge…same as the oil oligarchs for a century ago…only this time, you’ll be helping fund them.

        1. I am very curious to see what diesel they will put in there. I hope it is not the 2.8L. It is a great engine in the Colorado but will be terrible (apart from FE perhaps) in the 1/2 ton. I am not aware of any other diesels in GM’s stable. The 2.8 seems the most likely, unless GM has been keeping tight wraps on something special.

          1. I saw spy photos on another site of the expected diesel in the upcoming Silverado. Showed the oil filter which was a traditional spin-on filter as opposed to the cartridge style in the 2.8. hopefully it’s the 4.5 that was developed several years ago to fit in half ton applications.

            1. What made the 4.5L a good idea then would still make it a good idea now. Fits in the same engine bay as the gas engine, likely will use the same transmissions. The primary architecture of the engine is still current-likely just some changes needed in the after treatment to meet current standards. They already dropped a lot of R&D into it, it may not need much more to come to fruition today. Curious how a 6 cyl version would work out-would still be 3.4 L if no changes where made to the bore and stroke-might be better suited to the current climate, and give some headroom for a future V8 version to keep sales going.
              I really think it needs to be something bigger than a 2.8L-you can only push that engine so far and retain reliability and FE. I think the 1/2 ton (and SUV market?) will want at least a V6, I just don’t think a inline 4 is going to cut it in that class of vehicles.

            2. @sparky21, good points. The main difference between then and now is the types of transmissions available now. Unless they were always going to use the Allison….

        2. Troverman, a diesel does not tow better. The 2.7EB destroyed the larger 3.0 diesel on TFL. The diesel could not maintain speed under pulling a load on the gauntlet. Although the 2.7 has slightly less mpg pulling a load it was able to maintain its speed thus pulling a load better. So you got the mpg right but a diesel does not pull better than a gas turbo. And if you look beyond Ford to the Santa Fe SUV it has more torque at lower rpms than that of an equivalent diesel engine. So no diesels do not tow better, they get better mpg while towing but lack pulling power as compared to turbo gas motors. Hook electric drive to something like a W15 and now you get better torque at low rpms and you get better mpgs than a diesel, proven by workhorse for a decade now with their fleet vehicles. What companies offer is a inferior product that maximizes their profits because our tax dollars bailed them out and now we are held hostage to their service stations where others cant compete.

        3. I know someone that’s a GM Dealer. He just attended the Dealer show and GM previewed the outside views of the trucks to them without any Camo.

          They could not look inside the cab or under the Hoods.

          He was very impressed with the look and what they saw, but of course he is a little biased.

          What he did notice, and that was very interesting was the DURAMAX BADGING on the side of one of the trucks!!!

          1. Maybe a “tuned up” 2.8L with the 10 speed. Unless GM has another engine in the global market I doubt they will spend the money on a new development. The 2.8L is in the Mid sized twins and vans. I suspect it will be in the 1500 too. We all know the 1/2 ton diesel market is very small right now and I don’t see anyone spending a huge amount of money on a diesel developement. Fiat used and in house engine, Ford appears to be using an in house engine, i suspect the trend will continue.

            1. I agree the 2.8 is the likely candidate, considering it is used in full size vans. The only other feasible option is if GM is rolling out a “heavy-half” Titan XD competitor and the 4.5 is going in that. That would be a pretty cool truck. I don’t see them using the 4.5 in a standard half ton though. Two much weight and the fuel efficiency would be nowhere near as good as the Ram EcoDiesel or the Ford 3.0 diesel.

            2. You are likely right, Iowa, about the 2.8L, but with proper tuning I think the 4.5 could pull off some very good FE numbers. With greater displacement less boost can be used to provide normal power. Higher levels of boost, like those used in a small engine powering a large load, lead to greater inefficiencies.

    4. I would expect their diesel to have an exhaust similar to the Colorado Duramax and HD Duramax. If they want attention in this segment, then the 1500 will have the 4.5 Duramax. I expect the dual exhaust pipes to be on ones with the 6.2.

      1. Think the 4.5 Duramax is dead, at least in a pickup version. If GM dies come out with a baby max for yhe 1500’s I would look for it to be in the 3.9-3.3l range comparable to what Fiat and Ford are doing.

        1. I think that is likely but to really be a hit I think it would need to be at least a 3.5L, or have the output of what a 3.5L versions of today’s small truck diesels would have. I think a slightly larger diesel would be able to pull off better FE as well-less FE robbing boost to be able to do its job well.

          1. As far as efficiency goes, a 4.5 Duramax with a 10-speed, in a 1500 should get pretty decent fuel economy. Another reason a 4.5 makes sense is that it could fit in the truck-based SUVs as well as being a less expensive option in the HD pickups (compared to the 6.6).

            1. I think your right. It would have a lot of power potential and would could run comfortable under very little boost during “normal” driving. The prototype was a neat engine-it would be nice to see it re-emerge.

        2. It may very well be dead. Rumors aren’t completely dead from what I understand. Seems to make more sense to use an engine already developed than to use the 2.8 or outsource another engine…

          1. The 4.5 was originally developed with the 2007-13 generation in mind. CGI block. With that said it could be quite ideal in this new half ton. And the HAD trucks as well…

            1. It was also developed before the oil price spike of 2007. Fuel efficiency is a much more important factor in today’s trucks than it was in the early 2000s when this engine was developed.

              Don’t get me wrong- I think the 4.5 in a half ton would be an awesome truck. I just see the likelihood of it happening at basically 0.

            2. Agreed, the 4.5L is on the large size these days. Thogh even with something as large a a 4.5L you are going to get better FE than you will with the gas engines. With proper setup and a 10 speed transmission it should be possible to get mileage in the range of the other’s 3.0L engines while still having access to good power to actually tow fairly large loads comfortably. I think for GM, having a diesel in the 1/2 tons that actually improves its ability to tow over the gas engines is going to be a bigger selling point than FE-although FE should still be able to be a significant benefit, even in a 4.5L. A 2.8L is just to small for this segment, even if they manage to boost the power a bit. I would not be surprised if they start out with the 2.8 but I think for it to really be a success they will need to bring something bigger soon. I imagine they will have to develop something new-starting with the 4.5 would make sense, perhaps a V6 version would be a better compromise-something on the order of 3.4 – 3.5 liters.

            3. In my opinion, unless it was a totally revamped 2.8, then they’re just mailing it in. A 4.5 with a 10-speed could still be their most efficient and hardest working engine. Sparky’s 4.5 minus two cylinders isn’t a bad idea either

    5. I tried really hard to find something different with this truck vs images of a 2017 model, even went back to the 2nd millennium, nothing, but I did notice in the second photo that a tree is falling over. That’s the only thing that catches my eye.

    6. Question? I know I’m late to this conversation. But could the two different ride heights be because one is a two wheel drive while the other one is a four wheel drive? I mean in these photos you can’t see if either have a front differential or not.

    7. So GM is going to try a few new things, hopefully this will be a good truck. One note about the rear-exhaust dual exhausts: every hooked up a trailer with the engine running? You are leaning over attaching safety chains getting a mouthful of hot exhaust. When I first hooked a trailer up to the Raptor I quickly learned that while the exhausts look great…they are not in a good location for attaching a trailer.

          1. Not healthy Bernie. There are only a few vehicles that smell good. Two stroke snowmobile using Ipone synthetic oil in a 92 Indy 650 and old muscle cars preferably from the 60’s to early 80’s. Anything else especially diesel is rotten eggs

            1. Rambro – – –

              R: “Anything else especially diesel is rotten eggs”

              Yeah. That’s the typical sulfide emission caused by the catalytic converter. Get rid of that thing, and you’re all set (like your old muscle cars), — and you produce less CO2 from your vehicle as well! Has a more delightful engine odor, helps save the planet, and keeps tree-huggers happy (^_^).


            2. Its not healthy Bernie. Not for you or the people you affect. But you said YUM. There is nothing YUM about exhaust fumes for the majority of vehicles out there, not for the majority of people who breath it in.

      1. Rear exhaust also burns your mountain bike tires when mounted on a receiver hitch rack!

        I learned this the hard way when my buddy offered to drive his Ram so we threw the bike rack on his truck.

        Bike closest to the exhaust (mine) got burned!😳

    8. I’m not trying to start anything,but my V8 powered pickups from 97 on,I had catback duals,straight out the rear,and I did a lot of towing. When positioned over the ball,I set the e brake,put it in park,and then shut the engine off,in that order.I don’t like my duals out the side.Never did,so one has to adapt.

    9. I sure hope GM improves their interior!!

      Ram will steal the show with their new impressive Tesla like screen.

      Funny TFL still hasn’t posted any of the leaked pics of the 2019 ram that leaked a month ago.

        1. I looked up that screen and I don’t know how the market will take it. Other companies have tried that and almost everyone still wanted actual buttons and dials. Even now we see buttons and dials. Plus to me, it is just to much. I like the elegance of separate systems that are elegantly put together. Plus I have not been a fan of these screens that come out of the dash. Then there is the glare factor.

          1. You have to have dials unless the vehicle becomes autonomous then a touch screen will be plausible. Right now the touchscreen is too distracting compared to a dial when you have to drive.

            1. There is voice command but it is a long process just to change temp. I tried it twice and said screw this. Went back to pushing the buttons

            2. Exactly and you cannot beat the speed of the dial. A touchscreen requires repeated touches or a hold down and wait in order to increase volume on the radio. A dial is a huge advantage over a touchscreen both for sound and heat controls and for 4×4. They are simple and faster than a touchscreen.

      1. Their interior isn’t that bad really. The seats are the best in the half-ton market. Ford should get rid of the rock hard seats they’re putting in the F-150 lately. My complaint is that GM needs to do better with putting the hard plastic together. My brother’s 2015 Silverado has some annoying rattles when the truck is less than 30 degrees. They go away as the truck warms up but it’s annoying on a cold winter day.

        1. I test drove a 2016 F-150 XLT. I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the interior. Hard plastics and a hard seat. It looked better in the pictures than it did in person. I’m not the kind of guy to waste money on a Platinum or King Ranch, I was hoping the XLT would be a bit better than what I saw.

    10. Lol😭 You two are showing your age!
      Go back to your ugly buttons everywhere in your ford, all those buttons are confusing!! Ram is appealing to younger buyers, plain and simple.

      I know what you mean by the delays or having to push the screen a couple of times, I drive a 2017 Taurus. Looks great in and out but, built with the cheapest materials. First and last ford I ever purchase. Funny, the F-150 interior is made of the same cheap material. I must say it’s fun to drive and has a nice power plant. Sound system is terrible.

      Even though ford did its best to replicate the layout of FCA Uconnect system, Fords is still not as nice or runs as smoothly. I now know from experience. I’m basing that experience off of my wife’s 2016 out of date, still larger 8.4 inch screen that is in her Journey.

      1. We will agree that the base model fords with actual buttons for 1 to 10 is an incredibly stupid and confusing setup. They spent good money to make a terrible design for Satellite radio that nobody subscribes to.

        -1billion Ford

    11. TFL is posting videos on You Tube that dont show up here. What gives and where is the Ram updates. Yet again a HD off road mashup with the All Terrain VS Power Wagon and it doesnt get posted here? We ask and all we here are crickets. Something smells bad.

    12. How come every post by TFL creates a discussion about electric motors. When there’s charging stations everywhere we’ll talk until then who really cares, not me. Let’s discuss today you know reality..

      1. @Joe Blow,

        Because the vast majority of electric cars don’t and won’t EVER use charging stations!

        They will use combustion engines you idiot.

        I don’t use that word often. You really have to deserve it. Have you not read anything we have been talking about, or seen around you on the road?

          1. Maybe that’s one of his many alternate personalities, just one of the “evil” ones we don’t get to hear often. I’ve got this mental image of Hank from Me Myself and Irene here lol

          1. You mean calling a child or a developmentally handicapped person an idiot is not a good way of dealing with them. In that, we are agreed for sure.

            But fully grown adults who persist in being evil idiots, it would be uncharitable and unwise to call anything other than what they have proven over and over and over again to be.

            Your reaction to me calling you all idiots(or some of you), fully confirms the way you subconciously feel about yourselves.

            You feel you are children. And believe those around you should treat you as such, and allow you to just go on thinking and acting like children.

            1. When I try to think of ways to make my comments more “charitable” the first thing I think to myself is “What would Alt Mike, Hal or Rambro’s Brother say.” I do the same when I am trying to imbue my comments with greater wisdom.

            2. My experience has been that those who feel the need to refer to others as idiots, or similar terms, generally are those who most closely resemble the remarks themselves.
              Also, it tends to be an indication of insecurity.

        1. Exactly, it is an insecurity. The insecurity that some of my fellow human beings have not progressed beyond childhood in their understanding of what real charity and compassion really is.

          True charity and compassion is not always being “nice” and compliant. That is “fake” or “false” or really counterfeit charity/compassion. And it is very destructive to those it is directed to. Show me a child whose parents were “always” nice and compliant to, and I will show a child who will grow up to make very bad choices in their life that will only lead to their and others’ misery.

          Now, with children and developmentally challenged people, being nice is the norm and being true and firm is a little more of an exception.

          But you are past that age and should be able to recognize truth and not persist against it. So you have become a “well intentioned” but backward soul or at least thinker. And all adults (who are not disabled), who take the truth to be an insult are guilty of transgressing that truth. And they take it personally and fight against the truth with corrupting pride.

          Ponder that for a while. It may help if you are humble enough.

          Think about it. You are so far off on simple matters of concrete mechanical/electrical issues, that you have to see how far off you are on far more atherial issues of life.

    13. LMAO…The only time I have sat radio is the trial subscription you get when you buy a new vehicle.When it expires,I use the regular fm radio,or stream my music from my phone.

        1. Because we are entering a new era where the truck buyer market suddenly needs “innovation” and “revolutionary” new ideas. Building a tough, reliable truck just isn’t enough to satisfy people anymore. They want trucks loaded up with gimmicks, and the loaded up sticker price that naturally goes with it.

            1. I bet 90% of the trucks on dealer lots have it. It’ll definitely be more common than the Ram Box was… mostly because the Ram Box takes up way too much of the bed and hurts payload ratings. I would be willing to bet the split tailgate either reduces its load rating when folded down, or causes unforeseen issues when significant loads are put on it that a standard tailgate would have no problems dealing with.

      1. What is Ram doing with the split tailgate? It does look interesting, I am actually surprised that I am interested in something on a truck, in this stagnated industry for truck buyers, imagine that, a glimmer of white light, designers still do exist.

    14. I hope GM decides to boost their V8 engines. It would be very cool to see a 5.3 and 6.2 with a LT1 style supercharger. Couple that with Delphi’s new skip fire technology and you could probably get some very good fuel economy out of a boosted V8. AFM doesn’t work that great to get better economy when you’re driving in hilly terrain, although still better than the Ecoboost. I’d like to see the 5.3 supercharged at 450 horsepower and the 6.2 supercharged at 550 horsepower. That’s how they could blow the competition out of the water.

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