• 2018 Ford Expedition is an F-150 and a Super Duty in SUV Clothing (First Drive Review Video)

    2018 ford expedition platinum
    2018 Ford Expedition Platinum

    What if you wanted a Ford F-150 or a Super Duty pickup truck, but needed seating capacity for up to eight and a comfortable ride? The 2018 Ford Expedition is the vehicle that brings together these qualities in one luxurious and expensive package. The 2018 Expedition is all-new, it sports an aluminum body, and it pushes the full-size SUV to the next level in refinement, capability, and efficiency.

    The 2018 Expedition shares the front part of the frame/chassis with the F-150, the rear part is unique to Expedition since it is using independent rear suspensions and not a straight axle. Ford says, the independent rear improves the interior space and provides for a lower rear hatch entry level. The new Expedition also shares the 3.5L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 and the 10-speed automatic transmission with the F-150. What does it have in common with the Ford Super Duty? It’s the dash layout that includes the double glove box.

    If you are used to an F-150 or a Super Duty, then the gauge cluster will be more than familiar to you. It’s the same. The Expedition also offers a trailer brake controller, and Pro Trailer Backup Assist.

    The base Expedition has a power rating of 375 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. When combined with the base 2WD and a 3.15 rear axle ratio, the segment-leading EPA fuel economy rating of 17 MPG city, 24 MPG highway, and 20 MPG combined.

    The Platinum version that you see in this first drive review gets a power bump up to a round 400 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque. The fully-loaded Expedition MAX moves out with confidence. You can easily throw it into Sport driving mode, engage 4-wheel-automatic mode, and the Expedition will offer a firm acceleration that makes the large SUV feel smaller than it actually is.

    If you are looking to tow, the Expedition can be configured with a maximum towing package for a total rating of 9,300 lbs in 2WD configuration. The 4×4 version will tow up to 9,000 lbs. The long version $84,000 Expedition MAX has a fair amount of payload capacity (it’s just above 1,500 lbs in the fully loaded  Platinum model you see in the video). The maximum Expedition payload rating is 1,740 lbs.

    The 2018 Expedition will start around $52,000, and it goes on sale in November 2017. You might have the new Expedition at your local dealership already.

    Is the new Expedition worth the expense? Full-size SUVs have become do-it-all vehicles for the family and beyond. It offers a comfortable and quiet ride, all the luxury features, and plentiful interior space. The headroom in the third-row is not great for me (at just over 6’2”) as my head touches the ceiling, but it very comfortable in the second and front rows.

    Check out this first drive review here! We are working to produce many more 2018 Expedition review, including off-roading in the FX4 and towing trailers.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    66 thoughts on “2018 Ford Expedition is an F-150 and a Super Duty in SUV Clothing (First Drive Review Video)

    1. Minor typo if you want to correct. 2nd paragraph 3rd line. “the independent year improves”. I think you meant the independent “rear”. Cheers! =)

      1. Uh, no. This is not a swiss army knife.

        With only 1500 lbs of payload, you can only tow 6000 to 9300 lbs, or carry seven people.

        But you can’t do both.

        1. This is true of the half ton trucks too though. You cant really put 5-6 people in the truck and tow a lot unless its a no option F150 or GM. The Ram has no chance since its maximum payload is like 1500 lbs for a crew cab.

      2. Independent testers say…

        “the Expedition’s new-school thinking doesn’t pay the dividends we anticipated. Despite its aluminum body, the big Ford is still 100 pounds heavier than a comparably equipped 2018 GMC Yukon Denali”

        “the truck is virtually no quicker than the 6.2-liter V-8–powered GMC—and the Ford’s promise of improved fuel efficiency may be illusory. The Expedition’s 19-mpg combined EPA figure is 2 mpg better than the Yukon’s, but its 22-mpg highway number is the same. And in our real-world 75-mph highway fuel-economy test, the Denali matched the Platinum’s 20-mpg showing.”

        “If the Expedition is good at being a bus, it also handles a little too much like one. We didn’t think it was possible, but the Expedition actually drives bigger than it is, while the Yukon and the Tahoe manage to drive considerably smaller. Yes, we know that attacking corners is not exactly a priority for buyers of big SUVs. But even in normal traffic the Expedition’s ponderous handling and disconnected feel demand more of your attention, and ease of driving counts in this segment.”

        “Although the Expedition is roomy, comfortable, and well equipped, being inside of our Platinum test truck didn’t feel like a cohesive, upscale experience—which it should have, considering that our fully loaded test truck stickered for an eye-watering $81,765. (The base rear-drive XLT model starts at $52,890; the Platinum starts at $73,905.) The Platinum’s soft leather seats and handsome door panels are made of premium materials, but their effect is compromised by cheap-looking plastics elsewhere—the clunky trim around the large HVAC dash vents is particularly egregious—and a center stack that seems like it’s out of a vehicle costing half as much.”

        “The Expedition may be brand new, but the SUV that shows how new school is done actually has been around since 2013: the Mercedes-Benz GLS-class (formerly known as the GL). Almost as roomy as the Expedition, the V-6–powered GLS450 4Matic matches or exceeds the Ford in almost every area. Its unitized construction makes it about 500 pounds lighter, it drives two size classes smaller, and it’s deliciously luxurious inside. All that and a big three-pointed star in the grille—for $6500 less than a four-wheel-drive Expedition Platinum with no options.”

        Ah, Ford.

    2. The 1500lb. Payload is nothing to brag about. Many of the family sedans of years back had a similar rating. Take the weight of the passengers, luggage and trip supplies, and add the tongue weight of your travel and you may be overweight. For comparison, I had a 1999 suburban 2500 and its payload was 2837 lbs. Ford excursions of that time period had similar payloads. The new expedition is a very nice vehicle, but if you want to tow a 9,000 lb. Trailer I would buy a 3/4 ton crew cab instead.

      1. Agreed 1500Lbs for the Platinum is due to all the fluff that is added. Barely enough for a camper trailer and a family full of gear.

      2. Couldn’t agree more. I was expecting quite a bit more! Especially considering that in a loaded 4×4 “max” that payload number probably drops another couple hundred pounds!

        My QX80 is rated at 8500lbs towing with 4×4 and bests the expedition with 1600lbs payload. I was really hoping the new expedition would be around 2k payload and 9500 in the 4×4 variation.

        This may not be the replacement I was hoping for.

        1. Oh good just re-read the capacities at least the 1500lbs is for the fully loaded Max. Still that number is going to be way over abused! 6-7 passengers + gear + tongue = 2k easy with that much cargo volume!

          1. Joe it depends what you put in the Platinum, there are more options, for example I am looking at the Lincoln site and their reserve L is only good for 8100Lbs of towing because of all the add on and you can add more to that even and that model starts at 93,500 in Canada. And you get 450HP in the 3.5EB and 510 torque but at 3000RPM instead of 3500 like in the Raptor, so it will have more low end grunt and smaller tires. This will likely beat the base SRT Durango in a 0-60 shootout

    3. Finally we might see an F150 in luxury trim to boot with the 3:73 gears and ten speed. With the 400HP and the great torque curves these boosted motors have and at elevation I bet this Expedition will beat the 475HP SRT Durango.

      Any chance you can drag race these two trucks Andre. Nice video on the introduction.

      1. I’m not sure what you are trying to convey here. The F150 simply doesn’t need a 3.73 with the 3.5 Ecoboost / 10 speed. It pulled 10,800 pounds up Ike with a 3.55 in 7:57, and like all EcoBoost runs, had power to spare. Perhaps a 3.73 would help with downhill performance.

        And the Durango had a nice run, but it was much closer to its limit than any 3.5 Ecoboost has ever been on Ike. The new Expedition will not be held back by power at all. If anything, it will be payload and/or handling characteristics with a heavy trailer due to the independent suspension.

        1. IowaFord, the 3:73 is obtainable in the F150 in a work truck platform and TFL has yet to test one, likely because Ford will not send them a work truck. Now that the 3:73 is offered with the tow package in a luxury trim within the expedition we will get to see the 3:73 rear end in action. With the ten speed being equal your final drive ratio is different in all ten gears vs the 3:55. Yes the EB went up easy with the 3:55 but with the 3:73 it will be that much easier and yes it may change the downgrade as well. This all depends on the diameter of the tire as well from expedition to F150 as well. And the tranny shift points can be altered as well but the final drive ratio will be the interesting part. 3:55 Vs 3:73 as I believe all else is equal. Except the 400HP which is really going to make this an effortless run for the expedition. Racing the SRT Durango would just be fun to see, I think it would be a break neck tie at elevation in Colorado.

          1. i dont see the expedition out accelerating the f150 even with 25hp and 10 tq difference. Too much weight. factory engineered launch control is hard to beat left foot braking it..

          2. I believe you are referring to the Heavy Duty Payload package, which is available up to the Lariat trim level. This is the only way to get a 3.73 axle in an F150 now.

        2. Not wanting to argue with you, but I have a feeling the 3.73 would get REAL close, if not surpass, the fuel mileage of the 3.13 and would out perform it by a long shot.

          1. I suppose it depends on how you drive it. Cruising down the highway, a 3.73 would be higher RPM, assuming they both settle in to 10th gear, which they would. Higher RPM = more fuel. Perhaps driving around town or some other lower-speed driving the transmission gearing would pair better with a 3.73 to improve mileage. For example, with a 3.73, maybe the transmission is in 6th gear, whereas with a 3.15 or 3.31 axle it would be n 4th or 5th.

            It all boils down to the combined gearing of the tranny and rear axle, and how that affects the ratio of engine RPM to wheel RPM.

            1. I think the gear spacing on the 10 speed is close enough that axle gears have little effect on performance or around town driving.

              The City MPG’s doenst seem to change much between the difference axle ratios on the F150 but change a bit more on the highway.

    4. Nice review Andre. It will be interesting to have a side by side comparison between the new Expedition and the Tahoe. GM has been killing then large SUV market for years and it looks like Ford finally has a large SUV that will appeal to the masses.

    5. It’s funny. The new Expedition dashboard appears straight out of an F-150, which means the quality of materials, fitment, etc is not that great, even on a high-trim model. But look at the door panels and center console! They look to be fully covered with nicely-fitting, very high quality leather or vinyl. I was quite impressed. One small difference is that the dials used in the center stack are not *identical* to the F-150 / Super Duty. Rather, they are a new dial with is shorter and larger in diameter. The climate control dials now have the temp readout in the dial, the the GM trucks, as well as on the Sync screen.

      Overall, the styling appears very nice. This looks like a very nice SUV. I think the only problem is price. Each trim level should be about $10k lower. But perhaps that’s what incentives will do…

      1. Troverman, the Lincoln version is 450HP like your Raptor but they lowered the max torque of 510ft-Lbs from 3500rpm to 3000rpm. And it has smaller tires. Should easily beat the base SRT Durango

    6. 52k starting price??? Wow. I think Tahoe is 45k? Most will gladly step down to a 7 passenger uni-body and save 10-20k

      1. The Tahoe starts at $47,200. Not much difference but some. The key is to determine what is in the base prices. Most people don’t just buy a base SUV but option it out. It would be interesting to see a apples to apples option and price comparo. And the Suburban is about 4K less than the Expedition Max.

    7. Good work, Andre…

      But where is Ford’s redo of the REALLY fantastic “Excursion”? This “Expedition” is a nice SUV, but for $84K, I could buy one helluva great pickup truck, if I didn’t need to seat 8 people. (Of course, I could always toss the whining brats in the bed on foam rubber mattresses, but NHTSA and the local sheriff would have a cow…(^_^)..)


    8. Starts at 53k?!?! I remember when the Expedition started just under 30k. Ford is off their rocker with this. I mean even the better looking Tahoe can be had in the 40’s for a base model. I know one thing. Now is a great time to buy a sedan lol.

    9. You can spec out a 2018 Expedition XLT with leather, heated and cooled front, blind spot system, navigation, hands free liftgate, sync connect with hotspot, power seats, power fold rear, remote start, power fold mirrors for $59k

      It is a XLT 202A package with Nav for yall who looking for best bang for buck.

      1. Jay B., the key is to spec one out like you suggested. Given Ford has hopped on the GM pricing bandwagon (i.e., the higher the better) but these vehicles can be had for much less if one is smart building them out. When we bought our new Yukon XL it listed for around $58. We took advantage of lots of nice incentives and $5k GM cash and walked out for $42k. What is different now is that the manufacturers are playing the numbers game with the big SUVs just like they do fullsize trucks. There will be some people that don’t know how to buy new cars that will get shafted and pay close to the sticker but the masses will not because competition is stiff and dealers will cut these prices down.

        I prefer the size and comfort of the Expedition (if someone needs one this big) but openly question it’s real world mpgs as the EB engines in most circumstances have not proven to be all that Eco. Car and Driver just tested the new Expedition and found it more comfortable (no surprise here) than the GMC Yukon but found the highway mpg to be a wash with the 6.2 with virtually no power difference. My 5.3 yields 21-22 in the city and over 24-25 on the highway (we drive 80 plus). I’m not sure how GM gets the mileage they do in those old big V8s but they do surprisingly well. Our 2001 Suburban got 14 city and 16 highway when new and then 12 and 14 after 100k.

          1. Very hard to get a Navigator right now. Wait time is expected to be March/April for next batch. Current ones in our area are all sold and haven’t even arrived.

            1. The Navigator in my humble opinion has retaken the American luxury throne from Cadillac. I’m still dropping my money on a Mercedes GLS if I’m dropping that kind of coin. We almost bought one last time but opted for the GMC.

            2. There are a ton of those GLS’s where I live. They are one of the best looking SUV’s IMO. There a few AMG Mercedes running around too, fantastic looking machines.

            3. JJ the GLS is by far the best driving larger SUV I have driven. We balked at buying one because at the time it was almost impossible to find one with rear air for the 3rd row. In typical German fashion we were told that mostly kids would be back there so they would be ok. Well, we like for our kids to be just as comfortable as we are so we passed.

    10. Nice job by Ford on these , I like them , but….


      So is EVERYTHING going to have a F150 dash now? HD’s, half tons, now this? New Ranger probably will too…..guess you gotta recoup the cost of all that pricey aluminum somewhere.

      Looks like a Suburban/Yukon in profile ….especially the rear window/c pillar areas.

      Did I mention expensive?

    11. Sounds like they are going to play the same game with the navigator (and possibly the expedition) as they did with the new raptor. Only build a few and release them to the dealers in very low numbers so that they become like “cabbage patch dolls” where the dealers will be asking ridiculous prices for the few that are available. Jay B said their next chance of getting a navigator will be March-April. Another rip-off in the making, perhaps! If they do, a hope shoppers don’t wait and instead just buy another brand. Then maybe the manufacturers will stop with these “teasers”.

      1. We need more competition. The only thing I would spend money on and not complain is the Trackhawk, just wish it was in a pick up truck format.

      2. These SUVs are too high. We have Ford and Chevy charging more than Mercedes for an SUV and that is ridiculous because the Benz drives two sizes smaller, is Church pew quiet, and feels and looks more luxurious. I’d never buy one absent a huge discount. Huge.

    12. At least in the Max version, Ford could stand to offer a high GVWR option. If you’re already going to offer the segment’s most potent powertrain, might as well give it the chops to use all that power. I know GM’s 2500 burb and xl were rare birds, but if they’d had an air suspension….

    13. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Andre now likes the rotary shifter after shaming ram for having rotary shifter for years, why the sudden change? Rotary shifter only adds more needed space & added technology, Look at current ram 1500.

    14. Anyone who pays 45-50k for a truck is someone with too much moola and too few brains. If everyone would bulk at these prices I’d bet they would come back down to the mid 30’s or even less. These are just ‘cash cows’ for the manufacture.

      1. Lol. It’s too bad the ZR2 doesn’t pack a high output motor. From the sounds of it, that’s the only real complaint about the truck.

          1. And lack of modding ability without losing the shocks and much of the character of the truck. The interior is not very nice either but I understand that is personal taste.

            1. Sure looked plenty mod-able at SEMA. a $100 body lift and you can clear 33’s, giving more ground clearance than a TRD Pro, better approach/breakover/departure angles than a TRD Pro, better powertrain options than a TRD Pro, a stronger and more sophisticated suspension than a TRD Pro…. I agree that the interior isn’t great, but the ZR2 is a better off road truck in every measurable way. Toyota couldn’t even be bothered to put decent tires on their $41k+ TRD Pro.

            2. Check out the forums and check some of the experts out there with regards to modding that truck. You will lose those fancy shocks all day every day and the shocks are what gives that truck its identity. At least with the Taco you can mod it and still keep the character of the truck. I agree that Toyota should put better tires, or at least have them as an option, on their TRD models and especially the PRO. To me this is just Toyota not wanting to lose a single mpg for the fleet average. They also figure everyone mods them anyway so why bother. And, lastly, they are too cheap and arrogant to give more options. I am not big into modding so I am going to have to put some better tires on my Taco just because I like the way it looks and in case I need them. The ZR2 is a good truck but a flawed one just like anything else.

            3. How does a body lift affect suspension geometry or force you to lose the “fancy shocks”? A body lift raises the body higher off the frame. That’s it. Anybody that claims a body lift requires you to replace the shocks or that it changes the function of the suspension has no idea what they’re talking about.

            4. Right, a few of guys on coloradofans have done body lifts and 33’s with no ill effect to the suspension.

              I don’t really see how a set of nice fox or king shocks wouldn’t run as well as the dssv’s though. Are any aftermarket/Baja trucks using DSSV?

        1. 308 HP isn’t “high output” anymore? 10 years ago the Mustang guys wouldn’t stop talking about how their Mustang GT made 300 HP.

    15. So Ford isn’t offering a reliable engine option for the 2018 Expedition? They have a perfectly good 5.0 V8, why aren’t they offering it? Ford always offered tons of options in their vehicles, now they’re forcing us to accept these junk turbo engines. I guess it doesn’t bother most people since they trade in their vehicles every few years but for those of us that like to own their vehicles long enough to have to buy tires a couple times, we don’t want to deal with all kinds of engine problems. Especially when it’s a turbo or timing chain that needs to be replaced. Sad to see Ford trying to kill the V8.

      1. Your right! Ford has always offered many engine choices in their vehicles. But with the expedition they only give you the one choice: 3.5.ecoboost. I have said for almost a year now that many potential expedition buyers still prefer a v 8, especially older folks and hey, they probably make up 50% of big suv buyers. The lack of engine choice, I believe, is the main reason the expedition always plays second fiddle to the large suv’s from GM. It’s too bad because this looks like a good choice; however many buyers will still only consider a v8.

        1. Personally I would only be interested in an Expedition if they offered a naturally aspirated engine option. But I’m in the same camp as Aldo, I usually put at least 100k on a vehicle before I get the itch to trade it off. I’ve seen enough 3.5’s develop expensive failures or unfixable misfire issues to want to own one myself. Good point though, it’s strange that Ford is more than happy to offer 4 or 5 engine options in the F-150 but you only get 1, maybe 2, in their SUV’s. And more and more of them are turbocharged, despite having worse real world fuel economy. They do great in EPA tests obviously, but my real world experiences didn’t match the EPA estimates.

        2. If a V8 is available in any other configuration then thats what I am buying. The superior power a turbo makes is still available in some SUVs. As for F150 the 2018 V8 sounds like crap now for some reason so not sure why Ford does not understand this in the truck lineup yet they just made a perfect sounding V8 with accoutic calibration on the Mustang. So Ford understands the importance of a good V8 and its accoustics in certain divisions. As for their truck division someone in a high chair has constipation issues and needs a laxative. These V6’s are ruining the planet earth. Please Ram do something and save us, even GM might rescue us in a wonderwomen outfit. Its possible.

          1. Ram and GM have been doing truck V8’s way better than Ford has. For starters, they’re far more reliable than the OHC V8 junk Ford has stuck with for nearly 30 years. The 5.0 is definitely more reliable than the EcoBust, but that’s a pretty low bar to set. I see the problems first-hand weekly.

    16. I hope tfl compares the two different engines , just to see what the difference is.

      How many people tow over 9000 lb+ ? My guess not very many. So I suspect that Ford didn’t need to go any higher. Irs might limit that rating.

      V-8 option would be nice , not sure why Ford doesn’t offer that option.

    17. I was linked to this site by Car & Driver readers comments, by the fact that the Editor of The C&D article quote above is a GM employee that formally worked for GM & they proved it by Linked-In

      I like the fact that they went to the aluminum body which should be more salt resistant & stuck with the IRS.

      I agree from some comments that a V8 option would be wise and I like the idea of a the 5 cyl Diesel from the full size Van or new V6 one for the F-150 being another choice also!

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