• Which V8 is Faster? Ram 1500 Sport vs Ford SVT Raptor Drag Race Video (Ep. 4 of 7)

    2018 ram 1500 sport ford svt raptor v8 drag race

    Which traditional V8 is faster? This drag race comparison is between a new Ram 1500 Sport with a 5.7L HEMI V8 and a 2014 Ford SVT Raptor with a 6.2L V8. This race is stacked up in Ram’s favor since the Raptor is a specialized off-road truck that is heavier and is riding on big and heavy 35-inch off-road tires.

    Ford’s 6.2L V8 is more powerful at 411 hp and 434 lb-ft of torque when using 91-octane fuel. The 5.7L HEMI V8 is rated at 395 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque. The Ram also has two performance enhancing components: Mopar air intake and cat-back exhaust systems.

    Here are the other matchups:

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    How do these two stack up against each other? Check out this Episode 4 of 7.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    69 thoughts on “Which V8 is Faster? Ram 1500 Sport vs Ford SVT Raptor Drag Race Video (Ep. 4 of 7)

        1. Thanks Daniel… understand it is coming up… I asked which truck is next. If I hadn’t watched the video I probably wouldn’t have been able to comment on their discussion regarding exhaust sound. Hope you have a wonderful day.

      1. The old Raptor was a fat pig, and the new Raptor is still a pig. the new Raptor is 500 pounds heavier than an equivalent F150. They had to beef up the frame because the F150’s frame is cheap.

        1. Please enlighten us. How would a manufacturer make an off road performance truck without increasing weight. How much do you think bfg ko2 tires weigh? That’s probably 100lbs increase alone. The haterade is served so much around here.

    1. Would be more accurate to race a new 2017 SD with the 6.2L engine. Its torque curve was finally modified for 2017 to hit at lower RPMs. Not saying it would win, but would be a more accurate measurement of the latest version of each engine.

    2. Wow . I forgot how good old 5.7 HEMI and RAM still is ,after all those bashing posts from the other crowd.
      Thank you for reminding us TFL.
      Nice racing outcome and video, even when Nathan jumped sooner than Andre .

      1. The old raptor was pretty slow, this doesn’t surprise me. The Ford 6.2 is a boat anchor and adding oversized tires didn’t help. Even GMs small v8 was faster, as is both Ecoboost engines.

    3. Andre – – –

      For me, this race was not predictable.
      Kinda guessed the Raptor would take it, but then I forgot it didn’t have the new turbo EcoBoost.

      At 1 mile about sea level, with thin air, there is no way that same Ram (or any other truck with a big NA American V-8) could catch the new ECBoost Raptor in a drag race, — says a Ram fanboy (^_^)…

      Nathan – – –

      You said something I noted in some other NA engines recently too: you step on the throttle, and it seems to have LESS torque/HP up to about 1800-2000 RPM.
      Well, that may not be the fault of any poor launch footwork: it’s real in some cases, so don’t blame yourself. It shows up in my Frontier’s VQ40 V-6 too.

      Why would manufacturers do that? EGR system? Catalytic Converter heating requirements?


        1. Seriously,
          why would anyone expect the older steel bodied 6.2V8 Raptor to win at 5000′ elevation?

          It’s much heavier @ around 6500lbs with a winch and options, it’s pulling 35″ tires, and it loaded with all kinds of extra off road suspension and skid plates!

          It’s no surprise that it’s slower than the Ram, but it is actually quite the surprise that it’s this close pulling all that extra weight and riding higher!!!

          1. That’s not really much heavier , if at all.
            My Laramie has GVWR 6800 lbs . Minus 1071 lbs of payload is 5729 lbs empty. This Sport is loaded and has RAMBOX on top of my truck, I estimate Curb weight 5850 lbs. Raptor’s curb weight is 6050 lbs, from what I could find, so 200 lbs is not a big difference.
            RAM 0.0681
            Raptor 0.0679
            Pretty damn close if you ask me.
            I’d like to ask TFL to post a Curb weight of each truck please ?

            1. It’s not my problem. RAM won this time.
              Wait for your turn with ecoboost to cheer for the ford.
              Today celebrates RAM horde.

            2. Zviera,
              The Raptor weighs a bit more than that. Perhaps you saw the curb weight of a Super Cab and not a Super Crew? Ford (from the Ford official upfitter manual) lists the 2014 SVT Raptor Crew Cab base weight as 6,203 lbs. Keep in mind that would be for the “base” version. Luxury versions weigh even more. Here is the link, the spec is on page 6 if you care: https://www.fleet.ford.com/truckbbas/topics/2014/2014F150_techspecs.pdf

              Keep in mind Roman’s Raptor used here has a winch mount and winch on the front, which adds additional weight.

              As for your truck, I’d have to take your word.

              The Raptor does have a 4.10 axle ratio which helps offset its large tires. I have no idea what axle ratio was in the RAM.

            3. Troverman, it likely has the 3:92 rear end ratio. Just about all the review rams I have seen come with that gear

            4. Haha, yes it could. You have a 23′ trailer and you need to have your wife tow your 4 wheeler in her Jeep because your truck can’t do both. And you modified your suspension and your engine just so it could handle your load.

            5. Well, sorry guys, but this test is a dragrace and RAM 5.7 is faster than Raptor 6.2
              You can talk about sime excuses all day long, it’s not gonna change this fact.

            6. Zviera
              October 10, 2017 at 2:58 pm
              Well, sorry guys, but this test is a dragrace and RAM 5.7 is faster than Raptor 6.2

              For once I agree. The ram barely beat an old Raptor with 35″ tires, lifted suspension, much heavier, stock air filter and exhaust ( ram as not stock but high flow bolt on unit). Heck the ram even had the 8 speed trans over the 6 speed. The Raptor had a lot against it and the ram barely beat it. That is a disgrace.

          2. Z man I wanted you to make that point and you did.

            It’s true that my wife’s 2.3 liter 4 cylinder minivan doesn’t have the same off road capability as your ram at the same payload. Precisely like your ram doesn’t have the same off road capability as a raptor at the same payload.

            Payload is a compromise between many design factors. It is not a stand alone achievement. Neither is a drag race. Neither is mpg. It’s all a compromise.

            And I do tow (a tractor) and go hunting. In my F250 with 2.5 times the payload as your ram.

            I’m not attacking you personally, just pointing out what most non fanboys already understand.

    4. It’s hard to make that Sound vs Power argument when you compare the new V6tt Raptor’s 6.1 0-60mph to the V8 Raptor’s 8.45 0-60mph at the same track!

      That’s almost a 3-second difference just getting to 60mph!!!

      That Ram 1500 did pretty darn good, it’s very close to GM’s 6.2V8 that had a best of 7.44 0-60mph on the same track! Yes, it sounded great!

      1. The Ram is not even remotely close to the 6.2. It has been tested by every magazine and they are in different leagues. The GM trucks run 14.1 bouncing off the speed limiter (98mph) in the 1/4. Ram is in TR low to mid 15s (both being crew cab 4wd models with a lot of options).

        1. What are you crying about.
          RAM 5.7 HEMI is closer to GM 6.2, than Ford 6.2 to RAM 5.7 HEMI.
          Ford 6.2 is not even remotely close to the GM 6.2 . They are in different leagues. Same size, but that’s just about it.

          1. It was in response to the post above mine. The 5.7 Hemi is not at all close to the GM 6.2. If this were a regular Ford 6.2 it would have beat the Ram though.

            All tests put the Hemi, 2015 5.0 and current 5.3 about the same. Assuming same setup / gear ratio. If the Hemi wins, it’s barely a d when it loses its not by much. Real world gas mileage however is pretty low.

            1. If you want to compare apples to apples, 2011 Ford F-150 Harley addition with the 6.2 L beats the “ram with Hemi” by ..7 sec.

            2. Zviera – crawl outside your bubble and do a little research.
              Pickup trucks.com tested them.

              GMC 6.2 0-60 5.8 seconds
              GMC 6.2 0-60 with 1750lbs in the bed, 6.9 seconds

              RAM 0-60 EMPTY 7.01 seconds

              Enough said.

            3. Mike,
              You can’t logically compare the times from different test groups at different tracks and different ALTITUDES.

              Your also going to make the GM’s look like something is wrong!

              Think about this:

              If GM’s 6.2v8 runs a 5.8 at sea level and a 7.44 at 5000′ it’s loosing more than 1.5 seconds to the only 5000′

              If Ram runs a 7.01 at sea level and a 7.98 at 5000′ that’s very respectable for loosing 15% of it’s power at 5000′!

              Just saying 😳

              It only makes the GM 6.2V8 look 👀 like it really underperforms at altitude.

          2. The Ford 6.2L is a “truck” motor with low compression and designed for long life and low maintenance. Kind of like the GM 6.0L. Both those engines are used in heavy-duty trucks. The GM 6.2L motor is a performance motor, more akin to the Camaro or Corvette engine. There is a reason GM chooses not to use it in their HD trucks.

            It would be interesting to run the updated Ford 6.2L V8 against a half-ton Hemi RAM like this one.

      1. Sure, no problem. A 2017 RAM beat a 2014 Ford specialty truck that weighed more, had larger tires, and only marginally more power. Am I supposed to be shocked? The RAM half ton with the Hemi is a powerful truck.

          1. Rolling weight is a 10:1 ratio vs static weight. So if the raptor tires weighed 100lbs more than the Rams Street sweepers it would be equivalent to 1000 lbs in the bed of the ram (if it was rated for that payload). So many variables to consider but ignored.

    5. Why is the Ford Raptor a lot heavier than the Ram 1500. Both are crew cab 4X4 V-8 trucks. The Raptor has Fox shocks which may be a little heavier than a stock shock on the Ram. The Raptor has 17″ wheels and the Ram has large 20″ wheels, I don’t see where the extra weight comes from except the shocks.

    6. I believe the Raptor’s tyres would be a bigger disadvantage than its weight. I was impressed with how close the Raptor came to the Ram. It certainly did not disgrace itself. This race showed that the Ram was slightly faster in a drag race against the Raptor which would be much better off road and have a much stronger resale value than the Ram. All things considered I would say that the Raptor wins if you look at the big picture. Sorry to burst your bubble Zviera. If it makes you feel any better I wouldn’t buy either truck but would prefer a Ram Rebel with a few minor mods such as diff locks which should be standard on an off road truck anyway. If only Ram would do a 1500 version of the Power Wagon.

    7. I think the automatic transmission might have been the difference here. 8 vs 6. With the 8 the engine is kept in the power band longer than the Ford. If the Ford had a 8 or 10 spd automatic I think the out come might have been different. Just speculating.

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