• What are the Top 5 Ways You Would Customize Your Pickup Truck? (Video)

    2018 2017 ram 1500 crew cab sport night edition
    Ram 1500 Crew Cab Sport Night Edition

    Special edition pickup trucks that you can get from the factory are getting ever more popular. Every major truck manufacturer is coming out with new customized special edition pickups. Case in point is this 2017 Ram 1500 Night Edition.

    It’s a HEMI V8-powered 4×4 crew cab that is sporting 20-inch black rims, blacked out grille, headlights and badging. This truck is featuring body-color bumper covers and mirror caps. It has many accessories, including a tonneau cover, bed extender/divider, and Mopar air intake and cat-back exhaust system. Oh yea, it also has an optional air suspension with four height levels that change the overall appearance of the truck.

    The main question is: what are the top 5 ways that you would customize your pickup truck? Let us know in the comments section below.

    Here are the five areas that help this particular Ram 1500 Night edition stand out.

    Rims and Tires

    Different rims and tires are probably the easiest way to customize a truck or any vehicle. It’s like getting a different pair of shoes. This Ram is riding on 20-inch rims with street-biased tires, but you could take an entire different direction with a smaller diameter rim and a set of all-terrain or mud-terrain off-road tires.


    A pickup truck is, above all, a useful tool for a variety of jobs. This truck has a tonneau cover and a bed extender/divider that help conceal and secure smaller cargo, while allowing for transport of larger items as well. Other utility modifications include side steps, tool boxes, racks, hitch accessories, additional lights, and more.


    Getting a new set of lights, exterior mirrors, or a body kit will transform the look of the truck. Some people go for chrome accents, dual-tone paint jobs, aftermarket lights, and more.


    You could modify the interior with any number of accents, seat covers or inserts, floor mats, and high-tech features. It may be an aftermarket stereo system to pump some serious tunes, or a new way to mount you smart phone or tablet.

    Engine/Brakes Performance

    This is the part that gets everybody fired up. We love our trucks fast and loud. A combination on an engine tuner, a performance air intake, and an exhaust system can make a truck sound great and accelerate harder. This 5.7L HEMI V8 surely sounds great. We will be doing a separate video on the 0-60 MPH performance in this Ram truck. A performance brake system is often overlooked, but it’s an important safety item if you are boosting your power to new heights with engine programmers or superchargers.


    Finally, there are a lot of customization options when it comes to suspensions. This is a complicated topic, and it’s difficult to find an aftermarket suspension system that performs better than stock in a variety of conditions. It’s not to say that all aftermarket suspensions are inferior to factory systems. However, one thing is for sure. A slammed sport truck or a lifted off-road truck add a huge doze of style and personalization to any truck.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    24 thoughts on “What are the Top 5 Ways You Would Customize Your Pickup Truck? (Video)

    1. 1. Solid shield between bed and cab integrated in into full metal shell, but can be left on when shell taken off. All lockable.
      2. GM’s rear view mirror with video integrated into it so can see behind you even though you have a solid metal shield behind the cab.
      3. Dear cutter front bumper.
      4. Hook an electric motor generator into the transmission as a generator.
      5. A sleek top rack that extends up to just behind the windshield, hopefully integrates into the shell, but can be used independent of the shell too.

      6. Bonus ACcessory: A high def camera to automatically record idiots actions and license plates, so we can easily and immediately send the video to the local police.

      All right Shark Tank, you have plenty to get to work on now. Get to it, I have my work to do.

    2. 1. Pretty wheels, because I am a man, and can’t shine my toenails or show them.
      2. Blacked out lights, so I can be BAD, and dare not be judged as a “pretty boy”(even though I want pretty wheels).
      3. A big lift, because I am just better than the rest of you and should be above you, and there is no way I am really going off-road with those pretty wheels.
      4. A tune on my 925 lb of torque truck, because deep down, I know I am a weakling and need something to tell me I am more powerful than you.
      5. Oh, and of course, a muffler delete, so my truck can roar an echo throughout the valley letting everyone know I need something really loud to drown out the demons in my brain, while disturbing everyone els’s peace.

      6. Bonus Accessory: Anything shiny,, or “murdered out”, or well, anything to keep me from going being judged by anyone as anything other than something I don’t want to be judged as.

      Ah heck, I’ll just get a therapist!

          1. Some people carefully manicure their yard, some people fill their yard with “junk” vehicles.

            Some people try to impress others, some people don’t really care what others think.

            I couldn’t live under an HOA cause I’d get thrown out…

      1. That post deserves a Grammy award! I see a lot of me in that entire thing. Wait! You’re not Dr.Phil in disguise, are you?

        Seriously, that was awesome!

    3. All my vehicles have always started with an exhaust mod, I simply like to hear my engines, even the ones that don’t sound all that great…

      Next comes a lift (well, I actually lowered one…) and/or wheels and tires (some vehicles were not worth lifting)

      Exterior mods are usually scratches and dents with the occasional light bar and round lights (hate LED bars, think they look stupid)

      Interior mods are usually dirt and grime… and a stereo/amp/speakers/sub.

      Aside from one V8 swap, I mostly leave the performance mods to basic bolt ons, mechanical for electric fan swaps, and one I swapped gearing/locker

    4. Cheap mod – in-channel or stick on window deflectors. They allow the window to be cracked when its raining and still get air without getting wet. It used to be vehicles had rain gutters on the roof that served this function.

    5. I never understood blacked out lights. Why would you want to decrease the performance of your lights buy putting covers or tint over them? Sutpid. I like my Ram sport it has headlights like the above which have a black housing but the lens is still clear.

      1. Painted hood with flat black, I actually would do and almost included in my list. It cuts out the glare. So not for looks. Personally I don’t need to look better. For for some, I certainly see why they are trying to make themselves look better.

        Painted roof? Well, that’s just a waste of money.

    6. I have this truck an lo e to do things to it It didn’t come with that air ride witch I am bumbed how much to install one I like ideas on what I can do more to truck a

    7. 1. 12k# Ramsey winch
      2. BigTex front bumper/grill guard
      3. Inyati spray-in bed lining
      4. 10ply bias-ply mud/snow tires on 16″ steel rims
      5. Skid plate from front bumper to the rear of the transfer case.

    8. 1. A good set of load range E AT tires
      2. Running boards (if not factory equipped)
      3. Rear load leveling suspension support (either airbags or Timbrens, if not factory equipped with air ride)
      4. Magnaflow muffler
      5. In channel window vent visors and additional window tint

    9. I didn’t much to make my v-10 any better. The engine has a growl that put smile on your face. I did add tubelar running boards on it. Then add a single exhaust on after the rust got to it. Cat back. Sounds little bit better than stock as for performance that didn’t change any much that I notice.

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