What are the Top 5 Ways You Would Customize Your Pickup Truck? (Video)

2018 2017 ram 1500 crew cab sport night edition
Ram 1500 Crew Cab Sport Night Edition

Special edition pickup trucks that you can get from the factory are getting ever more popular. Every major truck manufacturer is coming out with new customized special edition pickups. Case in point is this 2017 Ram 1500 Night Edition.

It’s a HEMI V8-powered 4×4 crew cab that is sporting 20-inch black rims, blacked out grille, headlights and badging. This truck is featuring body-color bumper covers and mirror caps. It has many accessories, including a tonneau cover, bed extender/divider, and Mopar air intake and cat-back exhaust system. Oh yea, it also has an optional air suspension with four height levels that change the overall appearance of the truck.

The main question is: what are the top 5 ways that you would customize your pickup truck? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here are the five areas that help this particular Ram 1500 Night edition stand out.

Rims and Tires

Different rims and tires are probably the easiest way to customize a truck or any vehicle. It’s like getting a different pair of shoes. This Ram is riding on 20-inch rims with street-biased tires, but you could take an entire different direction with a smaller diameter rim and a set of all-terrain or mud-terrain off-road tires.


A pickup truck is, above all, a useful tool for a variety of jobs. This truck has a tonneau cover and a bed extender/divider that help conceal and secure smaller cargo, while allowing for transport of larger items as well. Other utility modifications include side steps, tool boxes, racks, hitch accessories, additional lights, and more.


Getting a new set of lights, exterior mirrors, or a body kit will transform the look of the truck. Some people go for chrome accents, dual-tone paint jobs, aftermarket lights, and more.


You could modify the interior with any number of accents, seat covers or inserts, floor mats, and high-tech features. It may be an aftermarket stereo system to pump some serious tunes, or a new way to mount you smart phone or tablet.

Engine/Brakes Performance

This is the part that gets everybody fired up. We love our trucks fast and loud. A combination on an engine tuner, a performance air intake, and an exhaust system can make a truck sound great and accelerate harder. This 5.7L HEMI V8 surely sounds great. We will be doing a separate video on the 0-60 MPH performance in this Ram truck. A performance brake system is often overlooked, but it’s an important safety item if you are boosting your power to new heights with engine programmers or superchargers.


Finally, there are a lot of customization options when it comes to suspensions. This is a complicated topic, and it’s difficult to find an aftermarket suspension system that performs better than stock in a variety of conditions. It’s not to say that all aftermarket suspensions are inferior to factory systems. However, one thing is for sure. A slammed sport truck or a lifted off-road truck add a huge doze of style and personalization to any truck.