• Which One Is Faster? Chevy Colorado ZR2 or Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Drag Race (Video)

    2017 chevy colorado zr2 toyota tacoma trd pro drag race
    Chevy Colorado ZR2 vs Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

    Which truck is faster: a Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro or a Chevy Colorado ZR2? These trucks are the top off-roaders of the midsize class, and they are closely matched. Most of these trucks will likely spend a majority of their time on pavement, so we wondered – which will get to 60 MPH quicker.

    We are kicking off the 2018 Gold Hitch Awards competition with the off-road challenge, and a whole week of drag races.

    The Tacoma TRD Pro is powered by a 3.5L dual-injected V6 that is good for 278 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

    The Colorado ZR2 is nearly 300 lbs heavier than the the Tacoma TRD Pro, but it produces a lot more power. The 3.6L V6 is rated at 308 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. The wider gear range of the 8-speed automatic transmission should also provide a quicker off-the-line getaway.

    Check out the video for the results, and please stay tuned throughout the week for six more truck drag races.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    54 thoughts on “Which One Is Faster? Chevy Colorado ZR2 or Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Drag Race (Video)

    1. I must be at least a little faster than you to be emotionally fulfilled.
      This will fill the gaping void in my soul.
      And I am going to spend my last dollar to do it.

      Ah heck, maybe I should just get a life!

    2. It seems like the Colorado is better in almost every way possible but the tacoma crushes it in truck sales. Strong brand following for the taco. Nice trucks

    3. I almost bought the ZR2 last weekend under the condition I get a letter from GM stating they will warranty the Mallette Performance Supercharger. Chuck Mallette will swear up and down that GM will warranty his supercharger but I tried at two dealerships to get a letter stating they will still warranty the truck and they will not do it. Called Chuck again and he still swears he has a long standing relationship with GM and they will warranty the truck. So my decision was not to buy because without a signed letter I have no warranty claim. His supercharger at just stage one puts big low end torque and more HP at the wheels than the Raptor and would have been 1000Lbs lighter so it would have been an exciting buy. Nothing else is really interesting for me so I am just looking for the cheapest truck to buy at this point so whoever has the best deal in October is what I am buying.

      1. “His supercharger at just stage one puts big low end torque and more HP at the wheels than the Raptor and would have been 1000Lbs lighter so it would have been an exciting buy.”

        How much hp are you assuming the Raptor puts to the wheels?

        1. Doesn’t matter Daniel if it is not warrantied but would have been 365HP at the wheels but the torque and HP curves are a bigger story than the peak numbers. Chuck Mallette sells a great system, I just could not get confirmation from GM that they will still warranty the truck.

            1. And if they won’t put it in writing we know why. These trucks are too technical to not have a warranty. I remember rebuilding my transmission in my Monte Carlo back in the 80s for just over $250 and thinking it was highway robbery. Now they cost thousands. Engine and tranny repairs now can sink you.

            2. Moondog I even went so far as to drive the Ridgeline as I was out of options. Had to drive 200 miles to test drive the ZR2 and I cannot get a Pro, very little chance and they are overpriced for me, with just a V6 in it, for Ontario prices starting at 53 grand at 4.9% where a ZR2 V6 starts at 47 grand at 0% interest. The ZR2 with a supercharger would have been a nice buy if Mallette could have confirmed the warranty but he had no contacts and the two dealers I talked to would not do it. But Chuck at Mallette still swears GM will warranty his builds. Myself and my friend loved the ZR2 but the suspension was a bit stiffer than my 2015 TRD Sport for small road ripples but otherwise the engine response is excellent with a nicer V6 tone than the Tacoma and easy to park with the short box

              The Ridgeline was as expected but I never seen my friend get so angry at a vehicle that had done nothing to her. The Ridgeline is definitely NOT A TRUCK despite what it is or how people who buy it, perceive it. I wont get into all the swearing that went on but my friend was not happy with that van. We were set to take it out for 1/2 hour test drive but we did not leave the lot before the cursing started, our road bumps immediately had the Ridgeline begging for mercy, this was like owning the Kia Sportage all over again for her and she was immediately displeased with it. I had to drive it back and it felt worse than my 2014 Dodge minivan I bought for my Mom. She is adamant about buying a truck that talks and feels like a truck and she is looking at a 4 Runner as she may not need a box and it is easier to park, she has not tried the Grand Cherokee Jeep yet, she too does not know what to buy. She even tried a Ram 1500 but was too big and the ZR2 box height is too high for her but she may still buy one. She does not want another Tacoma because she does not like the lag in the engine, she thinks it is broken every time she tries it. The 4 Runner still has the good old 4.0 V6.

              Myself for October I am down to a Chevy regular Cab 6foot box easy to park with an LS package for 450/month to own at 0% for 84 months or a 4.6 4 door Tundra for 0,99% for 480/month on a 64 month lease. I am going with low payments as it will help with my debt ratio for buying a 4th duplex so it is not always about buying the best truck when you see a benefit to a small payment that makes sense at a low interest rate. Both trucks will serve me well either way.

          1. Rambro – I did a quick check from Mallette’s website. He claims the supercharger adds +100 HP and +100lb-ft, and +4.3mpg. A 3.6L ZR2 makes 308HP and 275lb-ft. Doing some quick math, if his numbers are correct, I get 408HP and 375lb-ft. Very good numbers…but significantly less power and torque than the Raptor. His numbers are also only certified by him, so who knows what’s really accurate. And lastly…you cannot increase horsepower and torque using forced aspiration (turbo or supercharger) without using additional fuel to take advantage of the extra oxygen. +4.3 mpg is a pure load of baloney, plain and simple.

            1. Troverman, I am just going by what he told me and he sent the dyno charts on it. His claim is 100HP for the old 305HP V6, his new 2017 supercharger produces better number for the new GM 308HP V6. He also adds an exhaust which is a 30HP increase. All in he was adding another 130+HP to the wheels. A stock Colorado gets about 230HP to the wheels, he is adding another 130+ with his new supercharger. It would be around 365HP for the new V6 engine is what he quoted me which is what the Raptor gets to the wheels from what I researched on the Raptor as a comparable.

            2. @Troverman: I recall guys with the 04-06 gto saying they were getting better mpg on the highway with TVS1900’s than stock.

              @Rambro: I am guessing it’s gunna be 5-6k to supercharge the zr2 just to get stock raptor power. Then some guy with a raptor can just by an SCT X4 and a tune package for $400 and pick up another 100+hp and torque. 5Star tuning offers a warrantied tune package for ecoboosts for 1k total I think.

            3. Jay S, the only reason I looked at it was because Mallette said GM will warranty it. Mallette also offers a stage 3 with 700HP. We could go on and on here. It was the manufacturers warranty I was interested in and it turns out that Mallett’s claim cannot be substantiated and wasted a bunch of time for me and two salesman And maybe Mallette has had GM warranty his products in the past but he cannot get GM to put it on paper.

        1. Troverman, I had the ZR2 bought, would have been sold if Mallett’s claim was true, was even going to bring it to TFL I was so pumped about it. 860/month over 84 months and they would finance the supercharger and exhaust installed at .99% financing It would have been about 65 grand cash, a raptor is 87 grand cash and the financing is 7%. The ZR2 would have been faster and the size I prefer for cheaper and still has decent truck like capabilities that suit my needs as I was going to buy a bed extender that hooks into the trailer hitch. Sorry you are disappointed I have yet to buy a truck

          1. What kind of savegery occurs at the banks up there? My credit union is at 1.75% for new or used cars out to 65 months even after the rate hikes here in the us.

            1. Used or new car loans here are 7-8% at the banks, higher depending on credit score. Its Canada eh! Really hurts when your looking at Raptors, then then the dealer marks it up and you pay 13% tax on it plus the financing fees on the 13% tax. The beer helps ease the pain.

      2. So Rambro, did you ask Toyota if they would warranty an after market supercharger on their vehicles if the supercharger caused the problem?

        My question is why doesn’t Mallette cover any powertrain issues caused by his own supercharger? Why rely on GM covering an aftermarket item and any problems it causes?

        So you won’t buy a ZR2 because GM won’t warranty the vehicle after an after market performance part was added….. so what is your other option? Will anyone warranty the powertrain with an after market supercharger (in writing)?

        1. Toyota warrantied their TRD supercharger on many vehicles including the Tundra and Tacoma up to June of 2015 Mallette is stressing on forums that GM will warranty the truck and if you call Chuck he will confirm it, but GM will not. Whether it is BS who knows, but I do not want to find out the hard way. He is in the states and I am in Canada, he claims if it is his fault he will warranty it but its not good enough for me. I want a manufacturers warranty. I still may get a ZR2, I am just overly disappointed at the moment and now shopping for a cheap truck to tie me over until 2019 as another option as the ZR2 really is not a strong enough engine to get me excited about a buy like that.

    4. As an FYI, the new turbo four cylinder in the 2018 Jeep Wrangler puts out 368hp. That same engine will go in the Jeep truck. At least FCA is willing to put some power in their vehicles. Toyota is going hybrid and will be focusing on economy.

      1. I just read that over on the JL Wrangler online forum. I hope the numbers are correct, reading through that thread everyone has some good points on questioning the validity of that number provided to the NHTSA from FCA. I am hoping for it, but curious on how they are achieving those numbers, if correct. Supposedly FCA will be utilizing BSG technology, I’d be curious to know what they are coupling that with, if anything, i.e. 48V, 48V + electronic supercharger (almost zero initial lag prior to the spooling of regular exhaust turbo on initial acceleration). I am watching the Jeep Scrambler (pick-up) closely, as it may be may be a large contender for me.

        1. The VW Golf R (2.0L turbo) makes 292HP. Volvo’s XC90 2.0L is both turbocharged and supercharged…it produces 316HP and 295lb-ft. Jeep’s number from that small of an engine seems like a long shot.

          1. Dyno that Golf R and get back with me. Been driving them to a while now. Same for my Audi’s. They not only underrate them, they flat out lie. Even the 375 Benz makes more.

    5. Auto log is now reporting that 368 could be inaccurate. Wow. Fake news. Mercedes has a 2.0 hitting 375 and it is underrated. My GTI is woefully underrated as well. I’m betting the figure will be about 40-50 less.

      1. As much as I want to see decent numbers of such (I am thinking mid-size truck), it may just be a typo, however, the document I would assume is legit. I agree, actual horsepower figures would probably be in the range of 300-325HP*. I could see Torque being equal to or greater than that, coming in extremely early in the power band.

        I also think the other way too, less HP than the Pentastar, but abundant Torque on the bottom end of the rev range, which where the Pentastar is lacking.

        * = Guesstimate based off the early ‘claims’ of the ‘Hurricane engine’ to be 300-ish HP.

    6. Rambro
      How much are they giving you in trade for your 2015 taco. Those payments you mentioned on the new chevy and Tacoma seem steep to me with a 3 year old trade in. Good luck with your choice!

      1. Dan Bush, Chevy will give me 31 grand Canadian and my lease buyout after 13% taxes and a 300 dollar lease end fee plus mechanical will be just over 28 grand but I am keeping the cash to pay off a 5% loan since the car loan will be at a lower rate so I am taking on the whole payment. Its really a sad state of affairs when you have a 13% tax rate. My lease end value is 23,000, had I given back the truck to Toyota. Toyota received 20,000 in payments for a truck worth 40,000 cash new and they do not pay tax and can re-sell the truck for 37,000 right now. Toyota could have leased the truck to me for 5 grand instead of 20 grand but they make money off the 20 grand on their interest rate and then they further win by holding the consumer to 13% tax reduction on the buyback which gives them huge government kickbacks because the government likes making 13% on 20 grand rather than 5 grand. So Toyota and the tax man are very happy and work together in partnership to keep the sheep poor. Really the truck only depreciated by 3 grand but the government collected 13% tax on my 20,000 in payments and then the government receives another 13% on my early buyout at 25 grand, so my tax savings would be 31-25 6 grand tax savings if I buyout my lease, I save only 13% on 6 grand on a trade in if I buy out my lease. It is a perfect way for the government to recycle money and keep the worker paying into the system. Toyota would make a killing on my truck if I just gave it back to them then they would sell it for a 17,000 dollar profit because they are exempt from the tax. They got 20 grand from me and get 37 grand to resell a 40 grand truck. And the government wins too. The government actually makes more profit then Toyota if I buy out my lease, you can’t win unless you don’t buy anything, used vehicles mean you keep the garages open and pay taxes on repairs. The end user is me the consumer, I get to pay and Toyota wins big time with the 13% tax both by screwing the customer and with government kickbacks for their team effort.

        Toyota might give me 32grand which is the same as me getting 36,160 for my truck on a private sale because of the taxes so they wont give me 34 or 35 and make 1000 to 2000 profit for themselves, they base it on how F#cked I am if I try to sell and re-buy and then have to pay 13% tax on another vehicle. If I trade my truck for new then I save on taxes, but I really only have about 6 grand to play with and the fact that Toyota really wants my truck and my repeat business as I hear they get big kickbacks from the secondary money launderers, the government.

        The Chevy was 50 grand up from 47 with a few nice options plus 14 grand for the exhaust and supercharger installed at 0.99% interest over 84 months on a 2017 ZR2. It would have been about 860-900/month. By comparison a Raptor with dealer mark-ups after taxes here in Ontario at their 7% interest rate is 1400/month over 84 months but Ford only offers 72 months so the payment is even worse than that. The supercharger looks expensive because the Canadian dollar is low and had to be shipped and converted and 11 hours of labor to install. Plus I pay 13% tax on all of it. Fun Fun Fun

        1. So you’re buying the ZR2,right? If so,congrats on your selection. If you take care of it,I don’t think you’ll have to bad a hit on depreciation as say a Z71.

          For the few available today, midsize trucks so far,the Z71 Colorado diesel checks all the boxes for me except one,no towing mirror options. Other than that,for me it would suit my needs just fine.

          1. The 2018 ZR@ has the heated mirrors which I want but the financing is 2.99% and 0% for 60 months on a 2017 or 0.99% for 84 months. I do like the ZR2 but I am thinking of just going cheap to a full size box. I do a lot of maintenance on my properties and renovations where a large box is handy and a regular cab Chev is 9700 dollars off right now which is un heard of for a regular cab up here. Rebates are never offered like that on regular cabs. If I had cash they are selling them for 27 grand with 4×4 Canadian or 0% financing. By comparison a Ford Ram or Nissan regular cab is 38 grand right now at high financing 3-5%. Because I brought that to Toyota and they no longer offer a regular cab they may push for my business and get me into a 4.6L double cab 4×4 Tundra for a real good deal. Have to wait until next week now for their appraiser. The low payment do two things for me, lower my debt ratio giving me buying power to purchase more properties and I lose less on tax when I trade for a 2019 Jeep or a Ranger should they do something exciting and offer more power in a midsize. The ZR2 is great but what if the Ranger Danger kills it, then I have to trade in 2019. I would rather have the cheaper deal right now as the ZR2 does not check all my boxes. The supercharger would have made my day however and I could live with that truck if the ZR2 was supercharged under GM warranty with the bed extender and a trailer for big loads.

            1. Do yourself a favor before you bit on the ZR2 and read some Chevy forums, Rambro. I think the Ranger will personally crush the ZR2 and it will drop right off the bat with a Raptor version. Look for Toyota to drop another surprise here soon.

            2. If the upcoming Ranger is anything like the last Ranger it won’t be worth waiting for. My 2012 was an absolute pos. It guzzled gas but had no power, the body rusted at all the pinch welds, the transmission went out twice, and the calipers would freeze up every 20k miles (always used genuine Ford brake parts). I’ve never understood why so many people have fond memories of them. I dumped it for a Nissan Frontier and it’s been absolutely great.

        2. Rambro
          I didn’t realize that your 2015 taco was on a lease. So now those payments you mentioned seem right. You seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place. I wish I could say I have some advice here my friend. It seems like whichever road you take is uphill.

          1. Well when I get it all done I will add up all my losses over the 40 months and see where I could try to do better. Even my Denali over 9 years of ownership was an average of 550/month to own it.

    7. No desire for a midsize truck. I once owned a Ford Explorer Sport the bed was so small. I need a full size bed for hauling 5 gallon buckets of chemical. So a midsize just makes zero sense… never look at them, ZR what,

    8. Hopefully the upcoming Ford Ranger doesn’t get the 2.7 Ecoboost. Those engines are very cheaply built. For over a year 2.7 EB F-150 owners have been reporting massive oil consumption. Turns out the majority of them have had to get replacement engines due to valve stem guides that are so worn they’re ovaled out. Turns out Ford didn’t use bronze valve guides. Instead they did the same thing Navistar did on the 6.4 Powerstroke to save money and caused headaches for Superduty owners – steel valves riding on steel guides. Between that and the history of massive blow-by issues, turbo blowoff valve failures, stretched timing chains, and misfire/limp mode problems, it’s an engine to avoid if you plan on owning it beyond the 5 year/60k mile warranty.

      I’m really interested in the upcoming Jeep Wrangler truck. I love the idea of a SFA midsize truck. Plus Wranglers have a massive aftermarket so you can really make the truck your own with mods.

    9. Not many comments on the video.

      I think the transmission in zr2 made the difference here. It kept the engine right in the power band. I think I red that you take 100 lbs out it is worth a tenth on the drag strip, so with more power and a transmission kept it in the power band that sorta trumped the increase weight of the zr2.

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