• Would You Buy a Nissan Titan Warrior with a Twin-Turbo V6? Truckzilla Off-Road Truck?

    Nissan Titan Warrior xd Concept
    Nissan Titan Warrior concept (photo: Nissan)

    What if Nissan built a truck that could challenge the Ford Raptor for specialty off-road truck supremacy? What would that truck look like? We think this truck would look much like the Titan Warrior concept that the company showed nearly two years ago. However, it would need to be much different underneath.

    If you remember, the Warrior concept was based on Nissan’s heavier Titan XD chassis and has a 5.0L Cummins turbo-diesel V8 under the hood. It was taller and wider than a stock truck, and with much more dramatic styling.

    How about Nissan keep the Warrior concept styling, but base the truck on the half-ton Titan 1500 chassis, and throw a twin-turbo gasoline V6 under the hood? Nissan has a couple of tempting power plant options: a 3.0L twin-turbo V6 with up to 400 hp that can be found in the Infiniti Q50, and the mighty hand-built 3.8L twin-turbo V6 from the Nissan GT-R that can be tuned to 600 horsepower. It would make this Warrior pickup a “Truckzilla”!

    Nissan Titan Warrior Concept interior
    Nissan Titan Warrior concept (photo: Nissan)

    OK, so the hand-built GT-R engine and a GT-R transaxle do not sound practical for a more mainstream pickup truck, but the point is that Nissan has the expertise to come up with a twin-turbo V6 truck engine solution that is good for around 450 horsepower.

    Naturally, the Nissan Titan 1500 Warrior would have to have aggressive in-your-face styling and highly capable and robust 4×4 and off-road suspension systems. If Nissan can combine these three ingredients of a bad-ass off-road truck: style, capability, and power; they would have a sure winner on their hands.

    This truck would have to be priced competitively against the Ford Raptor that starts at just over $54,000 for a crew cab 2018 model.

    What do you think? Should Nissan built Titan 1500 Warrior with gas power? Should they continue with the Titan XD Warrior Diesel concept and challenge the Ram Power Wagon? Let us know in the comments below.

    Check out this walk-around of the Nissan Titan Warrior concept from the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

    82 thoughts on “Would You Buy a Nissan Titan Warrior with a Twin-Turbo V6? Truckzilla Off-Road Truck?

        1. Pardon me Engineer Driggs, would you please explain to us common folks how you would correct the flaw in the Raptor’s suspension

          1. @Daniel: Yeah, me too. I’d like to learn something else today. So, DRiggs, please enlighten us!

            1. They are not “supposed” or imaginary flaws. They are “prove” by the best expert independent testers in the industry. Not like ye’all–trolls, who do all the supposing yourselves.

            2. And if you are looking for more truth, go ahead and research the flawed plastic parts in the front hubs of the Raptor. If you own a new Raptor, you will find out about it sooner or later.

            3. If you Google it you will find out that the Raptor is better than sliced bread and mankind’s greatest achievement and this is from the experts and it’s true because the Internet doesn’t lie…

      1. I think the “slow” diesel would be better than another turbo six.

        Put the truck somewhere between the raptor and the power wagon…

        Better rock climber than a raptor, not quite as large as the power wagon.

        Give it a locking front, (and or center) with the low end torque of a diesel it would be unstoppable.

        A factory winch (more useful than intercoolers…#turboproblems) and a factory snorkel.

        Put 35’s or 37’s on 18’s.

        Add inflatable airbags so it doesn’t loose payload/towing. And call it a day.

      2. I grew I am looking to buy buy the end of 2018.was looking at Colorado zr2. But I would look at this too. Only if its not a diesel will not buy a diesel.

    1. The warrior concept nailed the styling. It would sell well regardless of what’s under the skin, though I think they would do just fine on the light duty chassis with their endurance V8, some 35s, and 4.88 gears in the axles. A louder exhaust would top off the package even if it didn’t increase power.

      Honestly, compare this to the hideous Reaper truck…

    2. With all of the rave around twin turbo V6s, it makes me wonder why we are not seeing any interest in twin turbo V8s? (Not super chargers) A GM 6.2L, with cyclinder deactivation, in cruise down the highway will still manage 20-21 mpg. Throw two turbos on it and it will get the same mpgs going down the highway, but it would sure stand up and sing if you stomped on it!

      1. GM could easily do it and it would be a fantastic engine. But it would be politically incorrect and they would receive mountains of hate mail from prius owners…

        Now that I’ve said it out loud… why the heck DON’T THEY? Seriously, the only sales they would lose would be the ones they aren’t going to get anyway!

        1. Daniel, Ive been preaching this on websites, to GM, and anybody that would listen. If they can take the mustang head-on, why not the Raptor. The Colorado ZR2 is a good start, but now Ford is testing the Ranger Raptor….gonna be very interesting. I would love a fullsize Chevy ZR2 with the 6.2 and the suspension to compete.

      2. I agree! I know a lot of people have thought the same thing. Give it the ability to deactivate as many cylinders needed. It’d make everyone happy.

      3. I don’t think the thin walled aluminum block could handle the cylinder pressures. That’s why it’s lightly supercharged. Gotta go iron if you want it to last.

          1. Because the HD trucks are built for abuse and take fleet use into consideration. The 6.0 is tried and true. The iron block 6.0 is nearly indestructible and is designed to be abused for 200k+ miles. And fleets know the 6.0 like the back of their hand. The 6.2 isn’t well-suited for those applications.

        1. The GM LS1/LT1 has iron sleeves… The Ford 5.0 Coyote is one of the few V8’s I know of that doesn’t have sleeves.

          There are plenty of aftermarket companies that make turbocharger kits for the LT1.

    3. No, I would not buy for the same reason I would not buy a v6 Raptor. Who wants to buy a used Raptor v6 twin turbo with fifty thousand miles on it?

    4. Yep the Raptor is a style vehicle. Not even a life style vehicle.

      It is a capable desert runner. But who really needs a desert runner?

      It’s like many people have capable doomsday equipment and housing.

      But who really needs, wants, and would spend money on that stuff. Let alone buy someones used doomsday stuff.

      1. Raptor sales say otherwise. Plenty of people take these things offroad and use them for what they were designed for. Who needs a desert runner? Pure and simple, its a niche truck…and it works. See Texas Raptor Run where people come from far away as New York. Other states are adding their own rallys/series.

    5. The warrior face should have been on the titan to begin with instead of that hideous front that’s on it now.I diden’t think it was possible to make a uglier truck then the Toyota tundra but somehow Nissan did .Nissan had yrs to develop there truck and they come out with a 99 f 250 with lock jaw. The only way the titan will even begin to sell these ugly ducklings is do a facelift now.

      1. I’m with you on the front-end restyle. From the A-pillar back it’s fine, but that blocky chunky nose looks horrible. The warrior nose SHOULD have been on the XD. This is from a die-hard Nissan fan that has owned two hardbodies, a frontier, and currently a Titan and Infiniti QX70. Nissan can beautifully style a vehicle…what in the hell happened to the ’17 Titans?!?!

    6. Yes, I would like the twin turbo motor better than the diesel. Most of all however I just want them to build this concept. I’m ready for an upgrade.

    7. Yeeesss!! I would buy the Titan Warrior. I am a loyal long time Nissan Titan customer…the more race car power in the truck, the better.

    8. No, I think putting the V6 in the raptor was something that hurt my interest to begin with.
      A V8 with a small turbo, I might be interested. V6 though. No f’ing thank you. In a $75,000 “Fantasy class” truck that isn’t that great at hauling or towing (But fantastic at baja stuff), and harder to park – I don’t want that truck to sound like a WRX STI.

      (To be fair: Small displacement engines + turbos with aluminum beds, *on a truck*, not my speed.)
      I think ford has cornered the market on people who would be interested in that, I personally believe there are a lot of holdouts in pickup truck land who don’t say it, to avoid the chorus of Ford fans chanting “BUT MUH ALUMINUM VEESIX PROGRESS”.

      I’d like to see more diversity in offerings, not more uniformity. Nissan offering a Titan warrior with a high output V8 (turbo or not), a steel body, and at a better price point? I think many raptor buyers might give the Nissan a look.

    9. I drove Chevy trucks for 40 years. I traded in a Chevy for my 2012 Nissan titan pro 4-x. Totally amazing truck, power, handling and usable testosterone.If the warrior truck were available and I could afford it I would be all in. Cool looking vehicle.


      ANS: No.

      Challenge the Power Wagon? Not even close…

      For me, it would need – – –
      1) Callaway Supercharged GM LT1 V-8, at 750 HP and 750 Lbs-ft, or comparable – NO V-6’s;
      2) BorgWarner / Tremec 6-speed Manual Transmission, and a real transfer case for 4WD
      3) ARB Lockers, Front and Rear
      4) Solid Front Axle / Sold Rear Axle, 5.38 gears
      5) 5-Point Racing Harness Standard
      6) Articulation RTI* at 700 or better
      7) Triple By-pass shocks
      8) Ground clearance = 12 inches or more
      9) 37-inch Mickey Thompson bead-lock O.R. Tires, Standard
      10) Full underbody armor, not just skid plates
      11) Water fording depth = 36 inches, twin snorkels

      C’mon guys, they are talking WARRIOR!
      (not some recruit…)

      If they did what I suggest above, then they might challenge the Power Wagon, the Raptor, and the potential Rebel TRX! All at the same time…

      * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramp_travel_index


      1. Wow, I just wanted to be a sp4 mail clerk Bernie. Not a door gunner.
        Could you at least drop the 5.38’s so I can hear Steppenwolf when I crank it up. ;>)

        1. Buddy,

          BU: “Could you at least drop the 5.38’s so I can hear Steppenwolf when I crank it up. ;>)”

          OK. 4.88’s just for you.
          (Actually, I wouldn’t want to mask Steppenwolf either, — if that’s even possible! (^_^))

          BU: “Wow, I just wanted to be a sp4 mail clerk Bernie. Not a door gunner.”

          As a former military guy, I guess I just want to wipe out the enemy wherever I find him! No mercy. No holds barred.

          From what just happened in Las Vegas, we may need some revisions in how we do police work as well. May God rest the souls of those poor people.


    11. Absolutely!! Already owned the 2004 Nissan Titan SL Crew Cab 4×4, traded for the 2017 XD Crew Cab 4×4 Platinum Reserve. Great Trucks.

    12. I currently own a 2017 Titan Pro4X….cool truck. I don’t think thw warrior will ever happen. As much as I like the product, Nissan just isn’t selling enough of them to pay for a tweaked design like the Warrior. If they ever would, they should use an upgraded 5.6 L that they currently use…to eliminate the whining sound of a turbo..nothing more lame than Ford pumping in V-8 exhaust sounds into the current raptor.

    13. They should definitely go with the 1500 twin turbo gas engine I’d buy one in a heartbeat. If not I’ll buy the Ford!

    14. Didn’t even watch the video yet and I’ll say a huge NO!! Keep that twin turbo garbage away from me.

      1. Why does everyone hate Ford’s Twin Turbo V-6 Ecoboost engines? This is Ford’s best selling engine family, and not only are they powerful, they’re also very efficient, and reliable. Now, as far as a twin turbo 5.3L, or 6.2 V-8; NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. This would add too much stress to the aluminum block, plus, the mileage would suffer.

        1. Only people who hate on them are those who haven’t driven them. The gushing torque will make anyone a convert. Well, if not a convert, a non-hater. My wife drives a 3.5 ecoboost but I choose the gutless rumble of my 5.9 magnum…

          As far as twin turbo 5.3L or 6.2 V-8… the blocks could handle it no problem and it would be an absolute monster and fuel economy would not be all that terrible. But no it won’t happen.

        2. I can’t speak for anyone else, but my experience with the Ecoboost was awful. Terrible reliability, Ford has ignored design issues since the Ecoboost since it first came out, and it gets worse fuel economy than similar V8 engines. The timing chains are a cheap Morse inverted tooth design that’s known for stretching, the cam phaser like all Ford cam phasers are prone to have issues, they constantly have misfire and limp mode problems, the turbos constantly have issues with coolant leaks oil leaks and BOV failuress, blow-by is a major issue and Ford hasn’t done anything with the PCV system to stop it. It’s not as bad as the terrible 5.4 Triton but it’s certainly not an engine I would call reliable.

    15. This would honestly not make sense since the titan has always had a v8 from the first one to the newest one if you want a v6 you would have to go with a frontier but honestly it sounds like a great idea but only if it were a v8 since the titan has never had a smaller engine so it wouldnt make sense changing it now

    16. With a v6, likely no, which is too bad as I’m over my typical trade in window. I’ve been waiting to see if the rebel trx or warrior actually get made. I’m not going to drop 60-70k on an over tuned v6 trying to match a mellow v8 tune that’s why I don’t have a raptor.

    17. No, I personally owned a 2017 Nissan Titan.

      Nissan has been riddled with issues and non repairable problems (including mine) since there redesign in 2016. It might look great but if you dont ever have the truck to drive whats the point.

      I would not buy this truck nor would i hoax people into buying Nissan.

    18. I have always been a quality over quantity kind of man, which is why I bought Titan in the first place, so i am highly in favor of a 600hp Warrior. Ive long wished Nissan would produce a truck that would put Ford’s ecoboost and raptor to shame, I think the 450hp motor would leave room for a fair race, lets blow them away with 600 horses!

    19. The styling of the Warriors body by far exceeds the Raptor. If Nissan can get a power plant in it of a couple of different wayswould absolutely be awesome. You would be able to cover the diesel mania and the mpgs with either gas or diesel. Nissan could possibly knock ford out of the picture.

    20. Excalibur
      Can you be more specific. Exactly what issues and problems have you had with your new titan

    21. Nissan can build a motor for sure. A transmission, not so much. Look at the Titan talk forum and all the complaints.

    22. I wouldn’t buy another Nissan Titan ,because the paint job on them are terrible, I have a 2010 and the paint is peeling off, no thanks

    23. I had a silver 2005 Titan for ten years sat out side 24/7 and it still looked brand new when I traded it. Granted I took good care of it with regular washing and waxing.

    24. I would say go with the half ton Titan and offer both a twin turbo V6 and a twin Turbo V8. Of course the tt V8 would be a premium package but it would give consumers a choice. But I would say that a twin turbo V6 needs to be a significant power output over 400hp as the regular V8 is putting out 390 HP.

    25. Concept looks awesome. It needs to happen and make a tweaked diesel (intercooler/intake/exhaust/tuning) and whatever gas engine has more torque for the mpg between a gtr derived motor and a HO 5.6, give people a choice between rock crawler and less weight to fly around. That could be your niche. Factory 35s maybe 37s as a dealer add on. Front rear and center lockers, coil rear end with bags.

    26. I don’t need 4 doors, X-cab would be good, but I would like a six foot box like my 2004 titan now.I also like my V8. Love the new style, Give people a choice. and lets get going. I’ve like a new Titan.

    27. No, give me the looks with stump pulling power, with xd frame. Go anywhere do anything kind of truck.

    28. My 08 Titan with 177K miles is ready to be turned in for a a Warrior on the 1/2 ton frame with the 5.6 V8. We waited 5-7 years for the new body and I don’t care for it. But yes I like like the look of this Warrior. Doubt seriously that Nissan will ever build it…

    29. Have a 2016 Titan XD diesel. Its a beast and compared to my ram 2500 much smoother. I can at least drink my coffee on the way to work. Make it with the diesel and I’d buy it. Love the way it looks.

    30. Well it seems like everyone likes the Nissan warrior. I’d agree it is a nice aggressive looking truck. I would agree with most that building it is probably not going to happen, but I would suspect that they would take some of the styling Q’s from the warrior and add it to the next generation Titan.

      As for the engine question. Nissan does makes some very good v-6s, so I think there is very good possibility that they could put tt v-6 in the warrior. Keep in mind that they have to make that corporate fuel mileage averages. Putting on 35’s or 37’s is going to be very difficult to get that. Reading what little info I get on 5.6 I don’t know if this is all that great of a engine. So I don’t know if it will do good in the warrior.
      This is more of a speculation question if anything.

    31. So many people said it when they first introduced the concept…build it like you introduced it. We love it. Current Pathfinder owner wanting to upgrade to a Titan but not till the Warrior comes out. Turbo V8 please. The actual Titan I’m not sure what happened there…sure wasn’t the same design team…

    32. Id trade my 2017 raptor for a warrior if nissan actually wver does bring it to production. Id prefer a V8 over a TT V6 tho.

    33. I have a 07 4wd Titan. I’m liking the looks of the Warrior. Lets make it happen Nissan. I’ve put a new rear end in at 85,000 mi, just put new U joints and front pinion seal on the front end at 120,000 mi. Hopefully they have the drive train figured out… V8 with at least 500 HP.

    34. Difference between the Titan it’s built to last you a lifetime . . as to your piece of shit American garbage will need yearly maintenance. They didn’t put the performance at its peak level so it can live forever ! Hahaha. Americans and they’re B.s pride to they’re garbage trucks. . anything past mid ninety’s American . is complete garbage.

    35. Too many option for gasoline, diesel will the perfect one for many activities .
      I am waiting for the diesel turbo

    36. We have tuned our 2016 Pro-4X 5.0 Cummins to 430HP and it is running in the mid 6’s 0-60 and can smoke the tires off with ease. We are doing it as a prerunner style build. Will be posting a 7 series build on our YouTube channel.

      The Warrior really should be the 5.6 gas with a turbo, super-charged or a off road tuned GTR V6. 500+ HP PLEASE!!!

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