• 2018 Luxury Trucks, SUVs, and Classics at the 2017 Texas Truck Rodeo (Video)

    1950 ford f1 2017 texas truck rodeo 2018 f150
    1950 Ford F1 : preview of the 2017 Texas Truck Rodeo

    So many trucks and so little time! We are at the 2017 Texas Truck Rodeo near Austin, TX to drive all of the latest pickup trucks, SUVS, and some crossovers. The Texas Truck Rodeo is an annual gathering of automotive journalists, hosted by the Texas Auto Writers Association.

    There is a wide selection of the 2018 model year pickups, including the 2018 Ram Limited Tungsten, 2018 Ford Super Duty Limited, and many more.

    2018 ford f250 super duty limited ram 2500 hd tungsten
    Ford F250 Limited & Ram 2500 HD Limited Tungsten

    Toyota, Nissan, and many other manufacturers are represented in full force. We are producing several videos from the event, including an ‘Old vs New’ look at the 1950 Ford F1 and a 2018 Ford F150. What is it like to drive a 68 year old truck? We will publish that video soon.

    We are also doing a first drive comparison between the 2018 F250 Limited and 2018 Ram 2500 HD Limited Tungsten. Which $80,000 pickup truck has more luxurious features? This is also coming up soon.

    Here is a quick preview of the event and a first drive in the 1950 Ford F1.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    22 thoughts on “2018 Luxury Trucks, SUVs, and Classics at the 2017 Texas Truck Rodeo (Video)

      1. Not that old truck. There was not a scratch on it. You want to see character on a truck, come see our old trucks. There is a story on every square inch.

    1. Great little video! – – –

      Roman: To upshift from 1st to un-synchromesh 2nd (with “Three on the Tree”) just wait a tiny moment in neutral (clutch out) to let RPM’s coast down to match, engage gently, and all you’re all set.

      Piece O’ Cake…(^_^)…


      1. Zviera – – –

        The really weird thing is that some old 1-ton trucks from the 1930’s actually had the toughness, gearing (even selectable 2-speeds in the diff), and ground clearance to do well on Cliffhanger 2.0, — when equipped with those semi-tractor tires that farmers had put on for muddy fields.

        Some even gave you the privilege of slithering in the mud under the truck to jam that pin into the diff to stop the “cage” from rotating and make a bar axle, just like tractor.

        Lockers? Nope.
        4WD? Nope.
        Traction control? Nope.
        Automatic Trans? Nope.
        ABS? Nope.
        DSC? Nope.
        Crawl Mode? Nope.

        Success? Yup (^_^)..
        Kinda makes ya’ wonder, don’t it??


    2. That was a short,but fun video,thanks guys.My dad had a 51-F1. I remember on sunday mornings we would go to the local bakery to pick up fresh rolls for sunday breakfast. His was black. I haven’t thought about that old truck in over 60 years.

      1. My dad had an old Studebaker truck and tons of other gems throughout the years. My favorite was his Dodge Lil Red Express. We also bought a 1960 Ford short bed step side with a 312 V8 to fix up but I left for the military as a kid and we never got around to it.

          1. Yes it was. I remember being next to a new 1979 Trans Am 6.6 at a redlight as a very young kid and day saying “hold on”. He walked the TA by a few car lengths.

            1. Cars had lower hp back in those days. The truck would also outrun a Ferrari and L82 Corvette. They had loads of torque and the engine was also very underrated.

    3. I enjoyed the quick video in the classic!

      I know the feeling, driving my project vehicle from the late 80’s, on how it just feels like you are back in time. In my situation, I also love the hood ornament sticking up through the front header panel, feel total boss just cruising around!

    4. I am amazed just how luxurious our trucks have become, my lowly 2017 F150 XL Crew Cab 4wd 2.7 ecoboost compared to my sons 95 XLT is more comfortable, faster and way more fuel efficient, not to mention enormous compared to the old 40’s and 50’s Ford trucks. The only bad thing about the modern trucks is maybe just in my memories I miss the old base honest everyday work truck that had bench seats, vent window cooling, sitting beside my granddaddy with a RC Cola and a Baby Ruth Candy bar, his Pouch of Red Man and his old Stanley thermos between us and his tools and brown Jersey cotton gloves on the dash and scattered in the floor board, while we talked about how great Roberto Clemente was compared to other baseball greats. My grandkids get in the back seat with their iPads connect their USB charging cables up and we drive in silence, wonder if we’re really any better off?

      1. this is why I get irritated when people whine about Ecoboost gas mileage, etc. Like what the hell did people do 10 years ago when the same trucks got like 12 miles per gallon, how did they ever survive.

        1. Real Jay I totally agree, I never imagined a lil 2.7 v6 cold run like they do, have a friend with a RAM Hemi crew 4wd, saw him at a store and complimited on how great the truck looked, asked him if he was getting 15 mpg, he said he’d be happy if it got 15 mpg, he was seeing more like 11 mpg, but brother it was beautiful!

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