Is This the Electric Mail Delivery Truck of the Future? It Wears USPS Livery (Spied)

[Image credit: anonymous]
The Workhorse Group, makers of the Workhorse W-15 Electric pickup, confirmed via tweet that their prototype mail truck had been spotted testing in Virginia. Furthermore, the group has recently released some images of their van in a tweet.

However, the United States Parcel Service (USPS) model looks a bit different. What do we know about this prototype van for the USPS? We know it is configured carry about 1,500 lbs and has 155 cu-ft of storage space. The body difference would be explained by the fact that this is a collaborative effort between Hackney and Workhorse, with Hackney making the body of the truck. The USPS delivery truck may feature a BMW gasoline motor to function as a generator and range extender (similar to the Workhorse W-15 pickup).

The USPS is considering a number of manufacturers for this bid. Whoever gets the bid will potentially have an order for 180,000 units. The electrification aspect of this truck is thanks to a recent push from the USPS to drive more eco-friendly vehicles.

Interestingly, this prototype has a Tesla-like or Volvo-like infotainment screen. What sort of connectivity and networking ability could this mail truck have?

Stay tuned for more info on this potential electric mail delivery truck.

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