• (Report) 2019 GMC Sierra Denali Mostly Made of Steel, Has a 6.2L V8, and Revolutionary Bed Design

    2019 2020 chevy silverado zr2 ford raptor reaper prototype off-road pickup truck
    Is this a 2019 GMC Sierra All-Terrain prototype?

    An anonymous source reports new information about the next generation 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali pickup truck from a recent dealership meeting held by General Motors. The source reports that GMC showed a luxurious Denali version of the next generation truck and did not allow pictures or video.

    The new truck is reported to ride higher for a more imposing presence than the current version. There was a 6.2L V8 engine under the hood. Dealership representatives in attendance could not open the tailgate or see inside the bed. The source says that GM was not ready to show the new bed features but said the new bed features are “revolutionary”. What could it mean? Will the next generation truck have a tailgate that opens down or to the side? Will it have additional side storage compartments. Will the bed side fold down? We will have to wait to learn more details about this.

    2019 chevy silverado gmc sierra 1500 spy
    2019 Chevy Silverado prototypes

    Finally, the report suggests that the 2019 Sierra 1500 Denali at the meeting had a larger center infotainment screen that resembled an iPad.

    GM has been testing prototypes of the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 on public roads for months.

    Here are just two videos of 2019 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra prototype trucks testing in the Rocky Mountains. These camouflaged test trucks have been seen on public highways and roads since at least March of 2017.

    GM prototypes in the snow.

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    Andre Smirnov
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    73 thoughts on “(Report) 2019 GMC Sierra Denali Mostly Made of Steel, Has a 6.2L V8, and Revolutionary Bed Design

    1. My guess, would be some sort in bed storage system.

      I am really liking the fact there is a some indication in these images that GM is making their cab’s larger and finally rounding their wheel wells, at least some.

      Maybe this time they will be abandoning that design language that takes all square design of everything to the 10x power.

    2. I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I find all these camouflage bodies plus only telling you half the story. Like here saying it has a revolutionary new bed but we’re not showing you now, annoying! Your talking to adults here. Be honest all this BS is simply ADVERTISING, nothing more nothing less. Wake us up when you actually unveil the trucks!

    3. Looking forward to the unveil of both the GM and Ram half-tons. I assume both will be unveiled at the Detroit auto show. I expect the GM engines will largely carry-over, with the 10 speed transmission finally making it into production. I also would not be surprised if a small diesel is announced. I expect pretty much everything but the bed and frame to be constructed out of aluminum.

      With Ram, I think we’ll see an EcoBoost competitor and also a new V8 engine option to replace the 5.7 Hemi. I expect the ZF 8 speed to remain. I also think this truck will remain largely steel construction.

        1. One of two ways to do this. First, GM has a patented method of spot welding aluminum to steel without the corrosion (they have been doing this on a couple Cadillacs now for a couple years already). Second (and most likely) the cab forward is aluminum while the entire box (inside and outside fenders) remain steel. Since there have been reports that magnets won’t stick to the cab but will to the fenders of the box suggests this is the way GM is going.

          1. I would love to learn more about how they are doing this welding. It’s pretty revolutionary, especially if if there are no long term corrosion risks. I also wonder how repairable it is if one of these joints is damaged in an accident, since not every Joe Repair Shop will be able to work on it.

            All in all, I don’t get too worked up about the steel/aluminum contact. The automakers know this is a big deal so I’m sure they are doing what they can do prevent it.

            1. The most we know is that it uses a GM patented multi-ring domed electrode tip that can be used in conventional welding systems so they don’t need any specialized production line changes.

            2. There’s other technology behind the tip, but I can’t find any detail on it. The only details I’ve read is on the tip.

            1. No, nothing yet. Only select US dealer principals were at the GM meetings mentioned above, and I’m up here in the great white north.

      1. I don’t expect many changes to the Ram outside some sheet metal and interior tweaks, new front and rear. New wheels as it sounds they are finally going 6 lug. Basically a big MCE. I don’t think they have the cash for more and they looooove stretching life cycles.

    4. When will GM get rid of the relic from the 1970’s column shifter? Escalade drivers have been complaining about these especially bad and it’s suppose to be going away with the new Escallade.

      1. I hope never. I console shifter is a terrible waste of space. Ford owners are finally complaining about this in some of the forums that I have recently read. If it isn’t a stick shift why have it there to rest your hand on. Simply ridiculous.

        1. I agree. Column shifter is 10x better than a floor shifter and at least 2x better than the knob solution. The column shifter saves space and gives you somewhere to rest your hand whole messing with the radio. Anything else would be a downgrade.

            1. No, but if the type of shifter defines your manhood you have bigger problems.

              I like the big open center console. very convenient.

          1. I really don’t care either way, but I want a physical lever…not a round dial. The dial is the answer to a question nobody asked…done just to appear trendy. All my Super Duty trucks had a column shifter; my current Raptor has a console shifter. I think I like the console shifter better, but I do miss the small oddments storage area the Super Duty had where the F-150 has a shifter.

            1. With GM having electronic shifters in their higher end lines (Cadillac, Buick), it would easily be possible to put a console shifter that uses up very little space both in the console and under it (linkages). The Buick and Cadillac shifters take up about 5 inches by 3 inches of console space and just taps forward and back (it doesn’t require the longer lever movement).

            2. To those who prefer the column shifter, that’s the reason manual transmissions are dying.

              However, to each his/her own. I think front-bench models should come with the column stick and the buckets with the console. Or at least put a dashboard shifter like in the Ford Transit van.

          2. What purpose does the floor shifter serve? Besides getting in the way and making using both cup holders awkward?

            For me, that large open center console is where my wife throws her purse when. She is riding with. Otherwise that would end up sitting on top if something then it spills and all sorts of lady accessories are scattered everywhere. But at least you can hold a shaft while driving with the floor shifter….?

    5. A revolutionary design for a truck in 2019 regarding the truck bed could mean they added a new paint color below the bed protector you are going to put in.

      Go to TFL Car if you want to see revolutionary design features.

          1. Avalanche boxes were a joke and waste breathe just saying “Avalanche Boxes”. What can you put in it tampoons? At least the RamBoxes are actually useful and you can put tools or whatever you want in it. Avalanche was a good truck but those boxes were not worth talking about. As always GM took away a great truck because it was killing their Siliverados in reliability and people love them but GM didn’t like that so they took it away. GM is as stupid as the government bailing them out.

            1. The Avalanche was not designed to be a contractor’s tool box but a family mover and more of an SUV with a box. I had one for a summer and had a set of tools, booster cables, a few pairs of gloves, tow straps, ratchet straps all in one side while the other was used as an ice cooler for beverages. They were plenty large enough.

              As for government bailouts, let’s not get into that. All I will say is that all three have used a LOT of tax payer’s money, including Ford.

            2. How could the Avalanche be “killing their Silverados in reliability” when an Avalanche is a Silverado with extra cladding, flying plastic buttresses, and the mid-gate design? Same vehicle!

            3. That’s not true. The avalanche had coil suspension not leaf spring. The truck overall was better for having useful options. They were rated one of the best trucks on the road. I’m a ram fan but the avalanche was a nice truck.

    6. Oh goody, let’s raise the truck and make it harder to get in to and load cargo into the box.Get rid of that idiot shifter, center the steering wheel and get rid of the god-ugly rectangular wheel openings and watch the sales increase.

      1. It needs to be higher. It is a truck not a car. These trucks today are far too low just so they can lower a drag coefficient for fuel economy. Make them taller. Console shifters are silly, what value do they hold? Waste of space. Inline cupholders are stupid.

          1. YES! I went from a Cruze to a Silverado lease. The column shifter is the BEST thing about my truck. Screw the Nav, the sliding rear window, heated seats etc. I LOVE THE DAMN SPACE THE SHIFTER GIVES ME!!

      2. Troverman,your wrong the Avalanche 1500 was based on the suburban 1500 platform with coil springs rear suspension not the Silverado.In addition avalanche would score higher in reliability in many reviews,Consumer reports and others.The avalanche 2500 came with leafsprings in rear but still based off the suburban 2500.I wish Gm would still build it ,very nice setup…

        1. AM, what do you suppose the Suburban was built off from? Coil springs don’t exactly change things a lot…nicer ride quality I suppose. But engines, transmission, transfer case, interior, wheels, brakes, axles…maybe even the frame…all same as Silverado. Reliability would pretty much have to be the same.

          1. Troverman ,there’s more to it than that ,suburban has a third row a Silverado does not.Liftgate is on a suburban where a tailgate is on a Silverado.There is a lot of little differnces more than just powertrains,you will not find an Allison transmission in a suburban 2500 like Silverado Hd.Also the wheelbase is different on Silverado over suburban,location of fuel tank is different as well.etc etc..I own several of these rigs so I would know..

    7. I honestly hope it is revolutionary. The only way we all end up with great product is when manufacturers step outside of the box and go for it. Ford proved it with aluminum bodies that have the highest rated crash test ratings and some seriously potent engines.

      I do love tech stuff but when I see things like a new touch screen that is as big as a tablet, that just screams driver distraction to me. For me as a MyFord Touch owner, havING so many options can be a distraction.

    8. I find it strange they are raising the stance of the Denali, which is a luxury vehicle. If they want a model to have a higher stance, it should be the off-road Z71 models. Seems kind of backwards.

    9. The probably just are talking about this off road model, I can seem them raising up the other trucks which hurts gas mileage and handling. It looks like they are going to shorten the airdam so it should naturally gain a little clearance.

      1. There’s a lot of open fender well between the wheel and top of the fender opening in the top pic; so it definitely sits higher on the frame.

        IowaFord has a valid thought of it being an adjustable ride height system.

    10. Hopefully a key fob deployable tailgate is the exciting part, although Ford has this feature now I think. Being as it is a Denali it would seem reasonable to me to have a factory standard premium roll up bed cover. Maybe a set of power outlets in the bed too. Hopefully not that ridiculous tailgate step Ford has.

    11. We have seen prototypes at different heights. I imagine they will offer two different heights but unless it’s a load leveling system I don’t want to see a problematic air suspension setup.

    12. GM applies for a patent for a in bed step a while back so expect to see a version of Ford’s Man Step with enough differentiation to not infringe on their patents. A power lift gate would be a big differentiation although ridiculous in my opinion. I’m sure they will rip off the Ram Box in some way but probably accessed from in the bed to avoid patent infringement.

      I own a Silverado and I love the squared off wheel openings and I would hate if they took my column shifter away.

      Increased ride height? I guess that if for those that need to compensate for something. If I didn’t have running boards on mine I could hardly get in the damn thing now and if it were higher loading and unloading would be even more difficult but then those that buy the Denali probably aren’t actually hauling anything anyway.

    13. GM has long been criticized for having pickups with air dams barely off the ground. A taller ride height will improve the look of the truck and possible make it perform better off-road…but in today’s age of ever-increasing fuel economy, a higher truck is one way to usually thwart that goal.

      I’m not sure a “revolutionary bed” will be a big hit. People need just a big empty pickup bed. They already know what to do with it. They can add a contractor toolbox if they like. Sliding storage never seems to work well; I’ve never had a problem loading a pickup with a conventional tailgate with a fork truck, so why else would you need the side-swinging gate? RAM Boxes to me are very ugly…and while functional, they also take away bed space. Most of these trucks will be crew cabs and short beds; to me, the bed space is at a premium as it is.

      What GM needs is solid styling. I think people like the classic Chevy look: double stack headlights of some sort, the square wheel-wells, and a rumbling V8. Hopefully the steering wheel will not be offset anymore. GMC’s have a good look right now. Hopefully that continues.

    14. Lifting up the 2019 Denali for the sake of a “more imposing presence” is moronic from the brand that claims to be “Proffessional Grade”. Engineers know that lifting decreases the handling and braking efficiency. Plus the painted (cheap looking) wheels don’t belong on the top of the line Denali. Just my humble opinion…..which I am still entitled to.

      1. There have been reports from “spy guys” who said a magnet stuck to the outside of the box, but wouldn’t stick to the doors or front fenders. So likely aluminum from cab forward.

        1. Cool! Haven’t seen that report. GM has a lot of new patents on composites so I wonder if the revolutionary bed will be a modular composite bed system.

          I had heard rumors the 6.2 will be more available too and they need it with how Ford is offering the 3.5 on nearly everything. I’d like to see it on the SLE /LT along with decent rear gear options. 6.2/10 spd/ 3.42 / 33″ tires on a SLE would be perfect.

    15. Having a bed that folds into a flatbed would very cool! I wonder how you would do that and protect the body panel paint? To me that would be the coolest pickup bed ever. I love flat bed trucks!

      1. AM,

        I perceive you are a little brighter than the normal TFL guy(not that that is difficult).

        That 4.5 diesel was way ahead of its time(just like the Duramax was in 1999). Too bad they stopped just short of producing it.

        You are an engineer? Aeronautics?

    16. My thought is the truck will be all aluminum even the bed floor.The bed floor will have a slider about 10 in. tall and made of steel for tools saw’s chains exc. and will slide out when pulled and made of steel to bolt directly to the bed floor actually giving you 2 full floors.

    17. What ever the bed is I hope gm stop pointy rock test on there half tons in there commercials. Most people don’t go down to there local rock quarry to dump a bunch of pointy rocks in there 60 thousand dollar truck.

      If they are going higher are they going wider?

      1. Pointy rocks? Looked like normal rocks to me. And some people do use their trucks as trucks, others don’t. The 25k Ford work truck bed is just as fragile as the 60k bed.

      2. I do. I’ve hauled a rock from local rock quarries in my bed with nothing but a rubber mat laying in the bed. I for one like seeing manufacturers do torture tests on their trucks. I had my doubts about the GM steel vs aluminum tests but if you went to their website, they provided all the evidence and relevant data to support the results they showed on TV. It was all about tensile strength. Even if you don’t haul rock, accidents happen and I don’t want a bed that’s going to rip open just because something silly happened. I wish Ford would just apply a spray-in bedliner as a standard feature. If they had, none of us would even be talking about it.

    18. Always been a gm guy, but really haven’t like the body’s since 2008,mainly the way the fenders are flared out and don’t get me started on that stupid looking crease they added to it on the newest ones. I guess I’ll just keep my ’05 for another 160K miles or until they change that design. (Also don’t like that 4-6-8 thing on the 5.3, it sounds like crap when not in V8 mode)

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