• Is this the new 2019 Ram 1500 Front End? (Report)

    2019 ram 1500 grille front design lights
    [Photo credit: Allpar.com]
    Take a look at this closeup of what is reported by Allpar.com to be a next-generation 2019 Ram 1500 front end. Gone is the crosshairs grille in favor of a much sleeker and flowing design that connects into the headlights. There is an interesting element in the center of grille that could be a large front-facing radar and/or a mounting surface for the RAM badge.

    The next-generation Ram 1500 (codename DT) is expected to be unveiled at the 2018 North American International Auto Show (aka. Detroit Auto Show, NAIAS) in January of 2018. The truck is reported to go on sale within several months of the show debut.

    2019 ram 1500 prototype spy
    2019 Ram 1500 prototype

    Few details or specifications are known at this point. We expect the next Ram half-ton to offer greater payload and towing capacities. It will likely offer several engine options. The EcoDiesel V6 is likely to continue.

    Here is a friendly drag race between a current Ram 1500 HEMI and a Ram Power Wagon.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    53 thoughts on “Is this the new 2019 Ram 1500 Front End? (Report)

          1. You agree with Hammer yet your comment right below this is all about the looks.

            Hammer, building production vehicles are about appealing to the buyers (both visually and mechanically) of which a large majority are influenced by the way a vehicle looks during their buying process (as shown by the comments below).

            1. I never said it’s all about looks. I posted several times in the past , that most important is a technology for me in the truck, not a look.

              Last time on September 29.

              September 29, 2017 at 10:40 am
              You are absolutely right . From the outside, two tone paint, chromed bumper and mask difference, or color can only tell the difference between cheep and most expensive version, but once you get the truck to the some decent level, there is no telling between 50k truck and 100k truck.
              I don’t really care to much about this exterior packages , or badges. My only must was 4×4 with for position transfer case with 4WD AUTO mode.
              2HI, 4WD AUTO, 4×4 LOCK and 4×4 LOW.
              Only RAM Sport And Laramie had this transfer case . I ended up with Laramie, customer was returning to the dealer, when I was asking about preowned truck in his office. He had a color I wanted , so I pulled a trigger and saved C$20,000.
              There are good value trucks on the market, but manufacturers want to make some extra money for minimum effort , which this luxury packages are for . It costs them $500 to get this special editions , badges, or leather, but they ask $10,000+ more and they will sell it, which is absolutely all right , if people are willing to pay for that, as long, as I have an option to get the most technology ,or all the chassis technology ( I don’t mean cameras ) in the middle trim truck.”


            2. Zvippy, I really don’t care what you have said in the past; it’s about what you said in the statement above.

              You appear to be constantly on the defensive having to post links to everything these days.

            3. If you don’t care, why do you care ?
              I said what I wanted to say. Why are you mad ? I didn’t insulted anyone .

    1. They are definitely going towards the Durango type styling, almost to the point of “me too” styling to blend with everyone else. I’m sure Ram will make it unique enough to stand out. I like it better as I was never a fan of the older styling. Let’s hope they bring those inline six engines that are rumored.

    2. I read this article a week ago at all pat. My wife has a 2015 Durango. The similarities are all over the place. I am also a Ram fan. I can say that if this is the new truck and they ditch the fenders and cross hair than I will most likely be buying an older gen. Keep the square front ends for Ford and GM. Even the current Tundra has a better shape than the front of this spy shot. I still crossing my fingers for the reveal that it’s not as it looks.

    3. Just based on the photo’s it appears the Ram brand is dead and will become a dodge again. Sergio was pushing for partnerships and consolidations and this make sense…. Dodge and Ram consolidate and use the same parts and pieces instead of stand alone brands like they are now. They can call this a Dodge Ram and can be based on the Dodge Durango platform. It looks like a Durango with a bed.

    4. That looks sweet, Dodge is the only America made truck, that means components and now will soon be assembled here in the US
      .Chevy,Ford get the most parts from China, it shows when you track brake downs and waiting to get parts. Also track Quality, Chevy and Ford numbers keep dropping and fast. Most repairs take weeks due to delivery of parts from over seas. So at this time it looks like Dodge is on top and will be tyhere for a long time, at the end of the Day yo buy American you will need to buy a Dodge or Toyota to keep America working. I know the truth hurts sometimes but it’s the best way.

            1. Yes I know. You made a mistake. I knew you would do that. I didn’t want to correct you, but I have to. Dodge doesn’t make trucks for very long time anymore.

      1. You know it’s FCA, right? As in Fiat Chrysler. They’re not an American car company and haven’t been for over 10 years. They don’t even design their own transmissions or Diesels. Most of the vehicles parts are left over German / Mercedes parts with some new italian junk mixed in.

        The irony.

        1. @Mike,
          The Mercedes parts were good quality, for the most part. FCA’s problem is that they never had any money to update them. That is why the Charger and Chrysler 300 are still running circa 2003 Mercedes E-Class platforms. It’s funny, when Daimler had Chrysler, they refused to give Chrysler their newest platforms…so even when the 300 was “new” in 2005, it was old for Mercedes. That makes sense…Chrysler is no equal to Mercedes. Likewise…the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango are still using an old Mercedes ML platform that has not been updated. The fact that FCA is still somewhat competitive with these old cars is a testament to the goodness of the old Mercedes platforms.

          That said, the new Fiat / Italian parts and platforms that are filtering in are largely complete rubbish.

    5. Awwwweee…cute. I can see a lot of confused metro/millennial type boys thinking this is a ‘truck’ front end. Further pussification of the half-ton class.

    6. That is hideous. In fact it looks like they stretched out the look of the Ford escape and duct taped it to the front of this truck. I guess fca’s motto now is if you can’t beat them, try looking like them. But holy epic fail on the looks.

      1. Jenna Johns,every manufacture will copy each other ,your completely,hallucinating on your b.s ,get your head out of your lazy ass,quit spending 24/7 on tfl ,be a productive individual instead of chasing mr Ram zviera around.Lol 😁 i will send your whiney ass some flowers..

        1. I can do whatever I want to do AM. And I can guarantee I am more productive that you ever will. What does AM even mean? You sleep all PM away? Sounds like you are having a love affair with zombiera. Am I interfering with your man on man love with him?

          1. No, I love you only. You make me smile, all the time I read your comments. You made my day again. You are very productive creature. It’s useless what ever you do, but who cares.
            You are right , you can do whatever you can. Troll and cry.

    7. Ram has alway’s had a unique and good looking truck and I think that has contributed to its high sales the past few years. Trying to make it look like the completion is a mistake in my opinion.

      1. Sales are up due to having the cheapest truck. Cheapest and lowest selling (between Ford, GM and Ram)

        They can’t be doing much right if their product is cheaper and sells less.

        1. On the end , the money made is important. GM has most profit margins. 10%. Than FCA and Ford makes very little. 5.9%.
          So FCA is least expensive and makes more money per unit than Ford. Win,win .

    8. I think they are going for a more bland look since this new Full size platform will be used for a new Jeep and a Full Size Ram/Dodge SUV where a big rig look may not be as accepting.

    9. For the life of me, I can’t understand why we get all these articles about all these new appearance and style changes, and even more bewildering is all the people who think they’ve got to tell everyone what they think about so-and-so’s new styled truck from an artistic viewpoint. What’s going to happen is that all Ram brand loyal folks will learn to love it no matter what it looks like and will hate the other brand looks. People not so brand loyal will either like it or not like it; Ford and GM folks will hate it no matter what they come up with, but why would I care about anyone else’s artistic viewpoint, as if I can’t look and decide for myself. If it has nothing to do with function or lowering or raising drag or performance, then why would I care what other people think is ugly or pretty. Personally, it would be a more useful bit of my time to tell folks how terrible-looking I think most of Picasso’s paintings were and how great-looking I thought Michelangelo’s works were.
      What I want to know is will Ram step up to the plate with new automotive-type technologies, or will they, along with everyone else, let Ford wander off into different directions ahead of everyone else. There is downsizing combined with turbo charging and diesel (that’s Ford), but there are more and different things that can be done or combined with Ford’s strategies. Mild hybrids combined with skip fire is something that Delphi is promoting and being supported somewhat by GM. HCCI is coming from Mazda but may be limited somewhat into the pickup truck realm. There is weight reducing technologies that Ford has already done, and then probably the least tapped area for fuel consumption reduction is in the area of drag reduction. We could one day see some real radical changes to pickups that would make them truly more aerodynamic and Ram is on the right track to start in this direction with air suspension. But if all Ram is going to bring us for 2019 is a slightly-lighter body and reworked Hemi and reworked Penstar, and a new grille, then they are not being very bold. If rumors are true though about an inline engine to replace the Hemi, then that’s likely going to move the industry along, because if a company adds turbo charging and/or skip fire and/or mild hybrid technologies, then there is going to have to be something to control or reduce cost all these cost increasers, and going inline could help just a bit; plus the fact that inline engines have a good reputation from those old enough to remember some of them, i.e. Ford’s 4.9 straight six.

      1. I wish, I know to write it in English like you.
        You are absolutely right. I am a technology sucker my whole life, so I am looking forward, what RAM is going to offer.

      2. I have to add, the reason for this articles is, that TFL needs to make money on clicks as well, which I understand and I don’t make any drama of it. It’s just a troll bite, which I accept and I am guilty of it too. They do very good balanced and neutral job, with their truck testings articles, which I enjoy and discussion is more productive sometimes.

    10. The comment section appears to be done by a bunch of middle school kids. The picture only shows a closeup of the front end, not enough to make an opinion.

      All the bashing sounds like a little bit of fear from the GM and Ford guys.

      Ram will continue to steal sales from GM and Ford with this new model and all the new added features and an interior that will beat the competition.

    11. @Greg

      Nicely written on your part. As I am a Ram fan, you may take this for what it is. Look back at the last time Ram, not Dodge upgraded this truck. They did not disappoint. They added a new electrical architecture system. They added the first 8-speed. They added the first active grill shutters. They added the first (current) half ton diesel. They added the first (and only) air suspension. Their interior is so top notch, that many different legitimate companies still think it’s superior to any other truck.
      Another note: interesting how Andy mentioned the Wagoneer. I hadn’t thought of that. That would make sense as this front end is obviously not of the Dodge/Ram historical caliber.

      1. I would add to the list what came from Dodge in 09. The rambox (still the best factory bed option in the industry) and rear coil springs (arguably best ride in industry). Hopefully ram continues to role upward with the new gen. I don’t think they need to do anything dramatic this time round, just newer styling, improve payload rating, and add tech features.

    12. My first reaction to this photo was that this is actually a spyshot of the 2019 GMC Sierra. I think it resembles that much more. The headlights look like they use the same LED lighting elements as what is currently found in higher-trim Fords. In any case, a bit too early to pass judgement…

    13. Not quite sure of this grille assembly. To me it looks like just below the right headlamp the fasica is pulled away.Like it is not part of the bumper upper fascia and yet not part of the headlamp nor the grille assembly.To me this looks like they were working out the front pieces to see what would be built with what.

    14. If ram wants to play in the p/u game they need more engines to compete with Ford. Same with gm. New platform also is needed.

      I look at this front end it is about lowering drag effeince.

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