• 2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Gets Darker with Dusk and Midnight Editions for SEMA

    2018 chevy colorado zr2 dusk midnight edition sema show performance parts
    2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Dusk Edition

    Chevrolet further expands the 2018 Colorado ZR2 midsize truck model range with the introduction of the ZR2 Dusk and Midnight editions. These factory-customized trucks will be shown at the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV Oct 31 – Nov 3rd. SEMA is an aftermarket industry show that also sees many OEM production-bound models and concept vehicles.

    As you can see, the ZR2 Midnight edition goes dark with an all-black exterior that includes black emblems, 17-inch five-spoke rims, and a sports bar in the back with LED off-road lights. The truck you see in these images is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 that is mated to a 8-speed automatic transmission. Chevrolet Performance air intake and exhaust systems round out the SEMA truck. These performance parts are already available for purchase via Chevrolet dealer for other V6-powered Colorados (not just ZR2 trucks).

    2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Midnight Edition

    The Dusk edition offers the same wheels, emblems, and sports bar, but it can be had in all available Colorado ZR2 exterior colors. The ZR2 Dusk extended cab that’s shown here is finished in Summit White color and a 2.8-liter Duramax turbo-diesel under the hood. Chevy is also featuring a performance cold air intake system on this diesel truck.

    If you are not yet familiar with the Colorado ZR2. It is the most off-road capable truck that Chevrolet currently produces. It sits two inches higher and 3.5 inches wider than a regular Colorado. It offers front and rear locking differentials. It rides on Multimatic DSSV spool-valve shocks and 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires. The truck has redesigned front bumper and fascia for improve approach angle, and engine oil pan and transfer case are protected by skid plates underneath.

    What do you think about these new ZR2 special edition trucks? Would you rather go for the Midnight truck in black or a Dusk edition in some other color? Let us know in the comments section below.

    Here is the ZR2 competing on the Cliffhanger 2.0 trail.

    Here are the Chevy performance parts from 2016 SEMA show.

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    Andre Smirnov
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    73 thoughts on “2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Gets Darker with Dusk and Midnight Editions for SEMA

    1. What a joke. Next up, the Dawn edition, Mid Morning edition, and Brunch edition. The latter having an omelette themed paint scheme with coffee colored accents.

      1. These “special editions” are not so special and are generally hiding the fact that there are no significant updates. The ZR2 is a bold truck for Chevy. They should focus on updating a really dated looking interior in my opinion.

          1. Gotta agree here. Its been out for like 6 months, it is the update.

            Also I am not really sure whats wrong with the GMC or Chevy interior. They are far nicer than the Taco or Frontier.

            1. I don’t like the interior at all. It looks really dated. I don’t hear too many rookie saying the interior of the Chevy is nicer – it’s certainly not to me. I like the ZR2 but it is still a Colorado and that truck needs an update (and has one coming soon). The interior to me needs significant updating but I think the same of my 2016 Yukon XL.

      2. It’s still an awkward looking truck…no matter what decal package they stick on it.

        I can’t get over the front end, something about it makes me cringe.

        And I agree with Moondog, the interior is straight out of 2010. There’s a lot of amenities not available that are standards elsewhere, and the overall theme could use a refresh.

        Cool truck (from a capability standpoint), typical Chevy plastic special otherwise.

        1. Agree completely. I have a regular Colorado, and I like it but the interior features are somewhat lacking considering what is commonly available in other vehicles. Fortunately, I am a simple man and am happy enough that I have heated seats!

            1. I think the Colorado gauge cluster sucks. The gauge cluster that the GM half-tons have should be in the Colorado too. The Colorado’s console shifter looks like something out of a 2003 Malibu. It looks like they forgot about it until the last minute. At least they got the seating position right.

            2. Also – GM’s infotainment system is lightyears better than Toyota’s Entune. Entune needs a lot of work.

            3. Thats what I mean though. It may not hold up against a half ton or tahoe, but the rest of the mid-sized trucks arnt anything special. The Toyota interior may be updated but its not up-to-date. The buttons under the screen look like they were pulled right out of my grandparents 98 camry.

            4. I like the ZR2 a lot and applaud GM for having the kahunas to build it. But, they should have given it more ground clearance and say what you want that interior looks at least a truck generation old. If you spend time in a third gen Taco interior you will see that it is far better in every aspect. However, I give the power train to GM. I’m a Taco fanatic tried and try but more ground clearance and a better interior and I’d be in one now (can’t believe I just said that). I’m not seein the infotainment as nothing more than a wash at best. The voice recognition is far better on my Entune system but the GM system is not as glitchy to me. Entune offers more (my wife lover her Yukon but prefers my Entune) but the GM system is easier to navigate. The backup camera at night on the GM is a joke. Why can’t they figure out how to get a clear night view? My Mazda, Jeep, and Toyota are all very clear (maybe an edge to Mazda). My German cars are good as well. I’m not sure why there is an issue with the backup camera on the GM but it has been that way for a while on our last few. I also agree that I’m not sure what the heck Toyota was thinking with the radio knobs other than “hey look at all these millions of Camry radio knobs I found”.

    2. The ZR2 midnight edition pictured above in the mud actually looks kind of cool, but there really isn’t anything exceptionally specially about them. Makes the truck a bit more unique, I guess.

    3. They’re keeping any real upgrades in their back pocket until the Ranger shows its hand. Toyota seems content not to push them to do more with the Colorado at this time.

        1. Sounds like a play from Toyota’s playbook. Look at how ancient the Tundra is and the 2nd gen Tacoma was. It wasn’t until the 2015 Colorado showed up that Toyota scrambled to put together a mildly updated 2nd gen and called it a 3rd gen.

          1. I have to agree with you here Brick. No one is more conservative than Toyota. I’d say driving the third gen it is definitely worthy of being called a third gen but there are things about these trucks that defy logic (no power seats, howling rear diffs, and drum rear brakes – I get that Toyota says they work better off-road but really?).

            1. @Moondog and @Brick: If Ford holds back on production for the Ranger like GM has, then the Tacoma will hold on to the sales lead. However, if Ford does not hold back, the Tacoma will be dethroned. Also, if Ford does not hold back then F150 sales will likely suffer. So, will Ford give up throne on F series sales? Just something to think about.
              My prediction: Ford will hold back on Ranger production.

            2. NoQDR, Ford will never sell enough Rangers to allow the mighty F-150 to lose its crown. I bet they have spent the last few years studying the market demand and planning enough production numbers to outsell GM (in fullsize and midsize) while still maintaining their fullsize sales lead. They will maintain the first spot in fullsize sales even if it is at the expense of the Ranger. Sad but true. Then again the F-150 is their cash cow so they should protect it. I look for things to get very interesting.

            3. I for one don’t think Ford will beat the Tacoma in sales. The Tacoma benefits from Toyota’s unbreakable image of reliability (even if CR says otherwise). The midsize truck has an advantage against the fullsize in west coast urban areas, a region where import brands like Toyota reign supreme in sales. They don’t care if the majority of Tacomas are made in Mexico (domestic vs import image), they don’t care if Ford shoves an Ecoboost in a Ranger, they don’t care if the price of the Tacoma is higher than competing trucks). The West coast will always chose Toyota over the competition and they buy a ton of vehicles every year. The Ranger and the Colorado will battle it out. The Colorado being in its 4th year will be the value choice while the Ranger will offer more features but at a higher price. GM will repsond with small changes and price drops until they release either a heavily upddated 2nd gen or an all new 3rd gen Colorado. I would expect a big Colorado update in 2 or 3 years. I don’t expect the 2.7 Ecoboost in a Ranger for emissions regulation reasons. The Mustang 4cyl Ecoboost will be the featured engine.

          2. Good examples. The point I’m trying to make is that GM arguably has the best midsize truck on the market right now (I said arguably guys, calm down). It’s relatively fresh still, going into the 4th model year of this gen for 2018, and they’ve added a diesel, changed the V6, put an 8-speed behind it, and gave us the ZR2 all in the first three model years. To expect much more than that is a bit unrealistic in my opinion. Upgrades will come in the form of a midcycle refresh which will conveniently hit around the time the competition heats up with Ranger joining the party.
            Competition is great for us all.

      1. The photoshopped pictures must be sufficient for their target market.
        The Zr2 is more about attempting to make Chevy appealing to a younger demographic buyer than it is about the truck itself. It’s an attempt at rebranding a truck line.
        A raptor buyer wants to see proof the truck can take a beating and keep going (video shoots/live photo shoots). This campaign is more about evoking emotion in young buyers to stimulate brand interest and hopefully loyalty.

        1. A ZR2 is a legit truck, in the mid-siize market nothing comes close. It has the diesel that everyone has been begging for, and a nicely upgraded suspension with real lockers front and rear. I guess you cant please everyone.

    4. It was obviously going to happen. Good marketing strategy like anyone else would do. Now drop the 5.3 and add a sunroof and make a 6spd stick for the v6 and diesel.

      1. The EPA is going to make sure a 5.3L ZR2 never happens. CAFE and emissions regulations make it extremely difficult to pull off trucks as it is. Putting a V8 in a small truck will probably never happen again. Not hard to do it yourself if you have the skills and workspace to do it though. The 5.3 will fit.

        1. Putting the 5.3 in the old Colorado required a new firewall and transmission tunnel. They actually reworked all of that to make it fit from the factory. What I have read is that its a lot easier to retrofit a 5.3 into a 2009 or later Colorado than it was the 2008 and earlier.

          Same could hold true for these new ones since they have a smaller transmission and shorter engine(length) than the half tons. I dont know that it would be “easy.”

          1. There are a lot of guys swapping 5.3’s into their 1st gen Colorados. They never mentioned having to touch the firewall or transmission tunnel. Different engine mounts and wiring harness were the big ones.

            1. That’s because the last gen Colorado had a 5.3L as an option, so the truck was ready to drop one in . This gen is completely different.

            2. Canoe- the inline 5 is a long engine. The 5.3 is shorter hence notvl so bad to transplant. Most difficult part is clearance for the steering.

              Dpach – The 5.3 is close to the same physical dimensions as the 3.6. That’s the beauty of the pushrod V8. It’s also why so many guys do LS swaps on Mazda Miatas, Nissan 300zx’s, Foxbody Mustangs, Jeep Wranglers, etc. The LS V8 is simple and very compact, and the aftermarket support for swaps is HUGE. Fitting one in a 2nd gen Colorado isn’t any more difficult than fitting one in a Miata.

          1. Bigger rims with lower profile tires make for better cornering with less tire roll. Also less heat built up when towing as the tires are stiffer with less room for flex.

            1. I would argue that tire design and load rating are more important than wheel size when it comes to heat buildup. And handling isn’t really the Forte of pickup trucks anyway.

            2. Daniel:
              Ford requires you have 20″ wheels on the 2018 F150 to get the max GCWR(18,400 lbs?) A truck without 20″ wheels will have the same ratings as 2017.

              I assume this is because the trucks with 20’s handled and braked better in the J2807 testing.

          2. Disagree here Daniel. While i do agree rims whatever size with rubber bands for tires look stupid it depends on the tire size being run. I’m running 35×12.50r20’s on my F350. Thus setup has about the same sidewall as a 265/75r16. Like previously said, less sidewall, less tire roll and less heat

            1. Less sidewall = less give over broken pavement. A 35″ tire on a 20″ rim isn’t bad but it’ll still be a rough ride on a 3/4-ton or 1-ton truck. It would be terrible for a daily driver.

            2. I had factory trucks in mind when making the comment. 35s do shrink the relative size of the wheel and your 20s aren’t bad. But my personal preference is for tire sidewall. I run 35×12.5x17s on my current truck and I kinda miss the 35×12.5x15s I was running before.

              Bigger wheels are necessary for bigger brakes but most brakes will fit inside an 18″ wheel

            3. I dont offroad my F150 much so I will take a 20″ wheel over a 17 or 18 everyday. Handling is better. Even going from a 275/55R20 to a 275/60R20 caused my truck to be less responsive.

              Same with my Jeep. Went from 225/75R16 to a 265/70R16 and the handling difference was huge.

              And guess what, neither of them ever had issues with broke pavement!

    5. Yeah I can’t believe just how many heavy duty trucks have been at SEMA with nothing more than a stupid high lift and skinny low-profile tires on big rims. What a waste of time and money.

    6. @Moondog: Agreed. So lucky for Toyota that Ford wants to retain the F150 crown.
      Yeah, it will get interesting. One thing is for certain, the Ranger will be the most capable mid-size truck. Bummer is with Ford holding back on sales, the price will trend higher :/

      1. @NoQDR, I think with Jeep and Ranger coming the prices will be going down just because of the increased competition. I actually think GM will still be sitting pretty here because they have had their trucks out a few years and in turn have worked through some production growing pains. They have also likely maximized profits enough by getting production costs down. This will allow them to discount their trucks more heavily (like Ram did for a while) to steal sales while they are readying an updated truck for 2020 or 21. I’m just excited because maybe midsize buyers will be able to get better deals as opposed to paying fullsize prices for far less capable trucks (unless we are talking off roading).

        1. I agree that Ford will be working hard on keeping the F series crown. Even with Ranger coming out. This could mean heavier discounting on F series or limited Ranger production. Ford does need to hit a home run with the Ranger because Toyota and GM are deep in the midsize market and with years of experience in the US market. Ford will have their hands full breaking back into the mid sized market. GM is in a position to make the twins really great because they have been in the market for a few years while Ford will be trying to get market share. We will see huge competition soon and my bet is we will see some great powertrain choices to appeal to customers

    7. Wow can’t believe TFLT hasn’t posted any news about the massive recall for 1.3 million 2015-2017 F-150s and 2017 F-Series Super Duty models. 3 years later and they finally did something about it but hey at least they’re doing something about it I guess. Wish they would recall the 2015+ F-150’s with sudden brake failures but this is a start.

        1. This was the latest article posted up. The recall was announced days ago and still no article on here. They have posted news about much smaller recalls. 1.3 million trucks is a LOT of trucks with what sounds like a very dangerous defect. Just wanted accurate information on it from my go to truck website.

      1. You’re not alone there ramking, they reported on smaller recalls for Ram and GM trucks just a couple months ago. The new Ford recall is huge and it’s for a serious issue where the door latch can fail and let the door fly open. Well over 1.3 million trucks are involved but zero mention of it on here. WEIRD lol

        1. With GM offering 5-20,000 off of their trucks they should be offering free sun vacations trips to the Caribbean. I bet that would sell trucks. Then you would have a true 5 O’clock somewhere edition with margaritas, not a blender.

          1. LOL $20k? You’re kidding right?

            The highest incentive on a GM half-ton I’ve seen so far is $13k off which isn’t a surprise considering GM is very close to releasing brand new half-tons next year. That’s normal for any truck that’s about to be phased out. My closest Ram dealer is matching or beating the incentives the local GM dealers are offering, which makes sense since Ram is about to release an all-new 1500 next year. It’s a competitive market and they all push incentives to keep inventory moving. The Ford dealer down the road from my workplace was putting $12k on the hood of 2016 F-150’s at this time last year. It’s the way the game is played. Depending on sales numbers for the year, Ford puts out HUGE incentives at the end of the year to protect their “best selling line of truck(s)” marketing slogan. They’ll have $10-15k on the hood of all their 2017/18’s in December if the numbers are close, which they will be.

            1. Is it a Sierra Denali 2500HD? Because that’s the only truck that’s even close to $20k off. It’s actually $17,700 off and only on a Denali 2500HD crew cab with the 6.0L gas V8, which isn’t surprising because who buys a completely loaded gas V8 3/4-ton. If you’re going to spend that much money on a Denali 2500HD, you’re going to spend a little extra for the L5P Duramax. I’m almost surprised they offer the old 6.0L in a Denali 2500 lol.

            2. Our shop bought two 2017 F-250’s back in June that already had $13k discounts on both. Seems to be the norm.

    8. Is it a Sierra Denali 2500HD? Because that’s the only truck that’s even close to $20k off. It’s actually $17,700 off and only on a Denali 2500HD crew cab with the 6.0L gas V8, which isn’t surprising because who buys a completely loaded gas V8 3/4-ton. If you’re going to spend that much money on a Denali 2500HD, you’re going to spend a little extra for the L5P Duramax. I’m almost surprised they offer the old 6.0L in a Denali 2500 lol.

    9. Since we’re talking trucks of all sizes now, I vote to get rid of half tons entirely. They’re a waste of space and resources. There is a market for a true compact truck. There will always be a need for heavy duty trucks. In between all that should be the everyday truck, something equivalent in size to an 88-98 GM 1500. I tried the Canyon, but it’s too tight in certain aspects for me. Capability-wise, it’s more than fine for my needs. Maybe I’m in the minority, but current trucks of all sizes force me to make compromises that I’m not willing to make. Sedans get compact, mid and full-size offerings but trucks are only offered in not-quite-big-enough and stupid-big sizes. I miss my just right 96 Z71.

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