2017 Toyota Electric Truck: 670 Horsepower, 200 Miles of Range, and 80,000 Lbs Capacity

2017 toyota project portal fuel cell electric semi truck test
2017 Toyota Electric Truck (Project Portal) 

Toyota is ready to begin testing of the 2017 fuel-cell electric semi truck at the Port of Los Angeles (Port of Long Beach). The semi truck that is called Project Portal will be running short distance cargo shipment at the port.

The truck is powered by two Toyota Mirai fuel-cell stacks to produce 670 horsepower and 1,325 lb-ft of torque of electric power. The fuel-cell system is fueled by hydrogen where it’s combined with oxygen t0 produce energy for the electric motor(s) and water as a byproduct. Project Portal has a gross combined weight rating of 80,000 lbs, which is standard for class 8 trucks. Toyota says that the truck has a range of “more than 200 miles per fill”.

The real-world port testing is scheduled to start on October 23, 2017. At this time, this is a feasibility study.

Here is a look at the Toyota Mirai fuel-cell electric vehicle.