• Ford Ranger Raptor Name Confirmed, It’s Coming to Australia in 2018 (Video)

    2019 2020 ford ranger raptor australia
    Ford Ranger Raptor prototype

    Ford Australia published images and a video of the Ford Ranger Raptor prototype bashing, racing, and jumping through the desert and the wilderness. The website says that the truck will be available in Australia in 2018.

    It’s a camouflaged crew cab truck, very similar to the one we have also seen testing in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

    Is the Ranger Raptor coming to the United States? We reached out to Ford North America, and Ford has no Ranger information or news to share at this time as it related to the American market. It means that Ford is not ready to talk about the Ranger midsize pickup truck at this time. As soon as we learn anything new, we will let you know.

    Check out the Ranger Raptor video below:

    Here is a seemingly regular Ford Ranger crew cab prototype we saw testing in Colorado.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    42 thoughts on “Ford Ranger Raptor Name Confirmed, It’s Coming to Australia in 2018 (Video)

    1. Hi Roman and Andre – – –

      I enjoyed the video, but where is the one of the Ranger/Raptor “JUMPING IN THE DESERT (VIDEO)”?? (^_^)…


        1. Daniel – – –

          Thanks. I messed up. Didn’t even see it, except my link is red. (it just looked like “emphasis”, not a link!). (^_^)…


      1. At least it has a chance at fitting on an off road trail.
        And let’s hope they have a shorter model.

    2. Great video. Motor definitely sounded turbocharged (unless the sounds were “piped in” to my computer speakers 😀 ). If you watch one of the jumps closely, you can see the front bumper flopping around trying to free itself from the rest of the truck.

      My biggest gripe, it just doesn’t have the presence of the Raptor. Better be hiding something amazing under the camo cause it doesn’t look impressive.

      1. I don’t care if it looks impressive. I care if it IS impressive. That is why I am revolted by the Raptor. It looks impressive, and ends up just being incapable and a sales trap.

    3. I hope Ford brings such a product to the US market and will provide great competition for Chevrolet and Toyota in this off-road mid-size truck segment, which in theory should drive the other two (Chevrolet before Toyota in my opinion) to improve on their weaknesses. Interesting for sure and I am getting the popcorn ready because things look like they are just starting to heat up in the mid-size truck market, in both regular and off-road variants respectively and quite frankly, it is about time.

      1. I think the ZR2 may still be better all around due to the multi-matic shocks, but the Ranger is probably gonna “dust” it on high speed roads.

      2. Not interested. Just the same old technology running through sand lumps as always with music and propaganda to make the sheep go BAHHHHH BAHHHHH

        1. Boy, things get old REALLY quick for you. The first high speed off road truck appeared in 2010. The second appeared just a few months ago. The third MIGHT appear in another year or two…

          1. Not sure why people even bother commenting, But hey, back to the topic at hand, I am glad this is happening. More options for people who don’t like Carrots with their steak.

          2. Daniel this truck is beyond old. You know I can turn my sprinklers on in my back yard, start up a leaf blower that sounds better than this truck and kick up even more sand than this truck with a bar of soap running down my belly with AC-DC music and tape it all in slow motion to look real appealing but I would still be an old dinasour with a transmission full of beer and old farts.

            And guess what, check out TFL car. Jaguar and Landrover just announced that by 2020 all their vehicles will be full on electrified 100%. And were still talking about what again? This wont sell magazines anymore.

            1. You got to read it again. Any “new” vehicle launches would be electric or hybrid. Nothing about dropping their ICE lineup.

    4. I seen one of these New rangers in the San Diego border,it looks like a pretty average truck ,definitely not as nice as a canyon Denali or zr2..imo

    5. If equipped with the 2.7 eco boost it will enter as a full fledged market contender for the Tacoma Pro & ZR2. Outside chance we’ll see this entry before we ever see a ZR-2 gas V6 vs. Tacoma Pro direct & instrumented comparison. I’ve been waiting to see the 2018 Tacoma for any driveline changes before committing to purchase & I can sure wait a bit more if this is in the pipeline.

      1. Ruff Cobb,
        I will be in the market for a new midsize around 2019,and by then we will have even more choices from more oems. Since I’m not brand loyal so all the choices,(diesel that is) will be given a serious look see,and test drive.

    6. I doubt it will be any success here in Australia as the main driver of this is Ford US. Ford Australia stopped making any decisions on product development when manufacturing stopped.
      Ford is currently ranking 6th in brands sold. It was 2nd

      1. Raptor is a niche vehicle, it will have its market. The real purpose is to increase volume with mainstream Rangers.

        1. @Alex
          Need to overtake the Toyota Hilux first. Have been problems with Lubrication on the 3.2 Diesel. A few engines have seized

          1. I hope they switch over to the Lion diesel for the Ranger, but it is more expensive to produce and would drive up the price.

      2. Dont know where you’ve been mate but Ford Australia only takes basic instructions from head office then interprets those instructions for any market the products it designs engineers and tests in Australia are going to. This type of vehicle has been highly sought after by previous V8 Falcon and Commodore ute buyers once the announcement was made to close manufacturing in Oz. I already see quite a few V8 Rangers, Hiluxes and Colorados converted to V8s or have had their motors chipped etc. Ford wont keep up to the demand for this vehicle in Australia. And if you dont think so just ask yourself why Merc, VW and Ford (with the next V6 diesel fitted to the next Ranger) are chasing kilowatt ratings north of 180…because people in Oz love their power.

        1. @David Pickford
          Yes you are right Ford Australia is a misnomer, Ford US is calling the shots now and demand for Ford Vehicles has now dropped from No 2in the country several years ago, to currently 6th best selling manufacturer.
          These are not V8 Utes with the handling of a sports car, but a Pickup with pretty poor handling.
          My feeling is the market for this is tiny in Australia more of a market in the US

    7. oh yea I told ya straight to no. 1 with a bullet. it already beats the helix and will thrash the old Tacoma here in the states and wait till you see the gas mileage numbers, its gonna rock.

    8. If that’s the 2.7tt, GM will have to drop in the 3.6tt to better compete with this motor otherwise it will get left behind. Hopefully they’re paying close attention!

    9. Ranger raptor playing in the wide open spaces of the desert. What about the tight confines of of standing hard Forest ?

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