• Report: 2019 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Will Be a Ram Truck-Based Tahoe Fighter

    2016 Jeep Crew Chief 715 concept

    Will the next 2019 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (and Wagoneer) come to market in 2019, and will it be based on the Ram 1500 frame and chassis? The answers are a resounding yes and yes, based on a report from Automotive News. The report says that the Wagoneer and (presumably a longer wheelbase) Grand Wagoneer will come out in mid-2019 and will be built at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan.

    Why are there an image and video of the Jeep Crew Chief 715 concept here? The Crew Chief reminds us of the original Jeep Wagoneer (SJ) form the 1960s and the Jeep Gladiator pickup that was related to it.

    1967 jeep wagoneer sj classic
    1967 Jeep Wagoneer

    The strategy of building a range of full-size SUVs based on the Ram 1500 platform makes a lot of sense to us. FCA’s current answer to the Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Ford Expedition, Nissan Armada, and the Toyota Sequoia is the unibody-based Dodge Durango. A larger and more luxurious body-on-frame SUV will be more squarely aimed at the segment leading Chevrolet Tahoe in terms of interior space, appointments, and heavier cargo/towing capacity.

    Jeep will also have access to a variety of power train options ranging from a gasoline V6, V8, turbo-diesel, and perhaps a gas-electric hybrid. Ford is aiming to bring a hybrid Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition in 2020. Jeep and FCA will need some answer to this with a capable and fuel-efficient SUV.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    147 thoughts on “Report: 2019 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Will Be a Ram Truck-Based Tahoe Fighter

    1. The Ram Charger was available in Mexico until at least 2004. Not sure why they didn’t sell them here. Think they were built in the same factory and everything

    2. Originally, Sergio said the Grand Wagoneer would compete with the Range Rover. Now its down to Tahoes and Expeditions. No unique platform. Even the Expedition offers IRS, which it now seems dubious the GW will offer. So, we’ll see a Hemi, an EcoDiesel, and maybe a Pentastar…combined with whatever updates the 2019 RAM gets. These are all signs that FCA has very little money.

      1. Sergio never said anything like that. GW is going to be more capable,than anything else. Multilink suspension with second generation air ride will take care of that. It’s a Jeep.

        1. I didn’t say it wouldn’t be more capable than the Expedition / Tahoe. But please, don’t say “its a Jeep” like that means anything. Jeep has produced some terrible vehicles like the Compass / Patriot. Even the current Cherokee and Renegade really have very limited off-road capability. Maybe they are better than a RAV4, but is that really saying much?

            1. If Hyundai builds a pick-up, that would be awesome. They have the best engine for low end torque period. A 2.0 Turbo gas motor with 260ft-lbs of torque at 1450RPM, not even a diesel can compete in the big 3 at that ratio to a 2.0L. And Hyundai has full on electric drive now as well. I really hope to see a pick-up from them. Buying FCA/Ram might be a good thing as this company has always been surprising us since they came out.

            2. Rambro your power ratio comparison for turbo gas compared to turbo diesel is ridiculous. All non HD diesels are tuned with efficiency and max mpg in mind while somewhat the opposite direction with turbo gas. Then when you start comparing a 3.5 Ecoboost output to a HD diesel engine it gets real funny. Yes if you do the math with the current power levels the Ecoboost comes out on top in hp per ci. But what you fail to take into effect is the hd diesels are tuned more for longevity and work rather than just daily driving. I mean hell i can get a lot more power out of my Powerstroke with just a tuner and not changing any hard parts but longevity and reliability significantly decrease especially when you start towing with it, which is what it is designed to do. The Ecoboost engines while good powerplants and have very respectable towing numbers don’t have the duty cycle if you will that an hd diesel engine has.

            3. Brewha a simple tune on the Hyundai Sante Fe gas engine will further blow away the low end torque of a diesel if you want to talk modifications. As far as longevity it is being proven every day on social media that diesel cost more to maintain and now you want to modify it to try to keep up with a Sante Fe LOL.. Now that is funny

            4. I’m not arguing the point about maintenance at all Rambro. That is a known fact about diesels. What I AM contesting is your errant claim that gas motors of any variety have more power than diesels. Diesel duel has more potential energy in it than gasoline PERIOD.

          1. My wife drives Jeep Cherokee Trail Hawk Trail rated version I bought her more than 3 years ago and it has rear lock differential and 4WD Low transfer case + programs for rocks, sand, snow.. hill descent…. It’s more capable than anything from another brand portfolio. Renegade has the same technology inside.
            Show me one another brand vehicle with same features and capabilities like Cherokee ,or Renegade.

            1. Brewhaha
              September 21, 2017 at 12:46 pm
              Except when its in the shop getting fixed and your driving an aveo as a loner vehicle

              Zombiera forgot to mention he has had 2 nine speed transmissions in his husbands Jeep already.

            2. Toyota has a few products that do that, and they don’t break down, and they are worth more than 20 bucks when they are a few years old.

            3. Zviera do jeeps still have that insane maintenance schedule? I had a 2004 grand Cherokee (last year of the 4.0 ☹) and the front and rear diffs, the trans and transfer case fluids scheduled change every 30k miles. loved the 4.0!

            4. So none of you can name even one small SUV with the same Trail Rated tech like my wife TrailHawk. Hmmm.

            5. Canoepadler, honestly I don’t know. Whe display says change the engine oil, I change the oil and filter, but I can check the book, when she is back from afternoon shift.

            6. What’s that? A SUV that requires a new transmission every year and hackers can gain control of your car. Nope, it is in a class of its own on that one.

            7. The sad thing is I can and probably do go more places in a Focus than you or your wife go in your “trailrated” trailhawk

            8. If you had a Ford truck you could tow your trailer and your ATV together and you could enjoy the trip with your wife.

            9. Funny how zombiera does not even read his own links. Per the link

              The Michigan-to-Mexico move was loudly decried by Trump even though it meant no loss of U.S. jobs, as Ford planned to replace the Focus production in Michigan with two new vehicles

            10. Canoepadler,
              No maintenance schedule for Differentials and Transfer Case fluids. It could come up later on the display, but book doesn’t require that.

          2. @Troverman
            Jeep has a worse reputation than those Chinese” Clones” that sell in tiny numbers here.Pretty sad really.

        2. Exactly what equipment are you referring to in your Italian crossover that makes it so off road work and above other AWD crossovers?

          1. Central differential lock and Rear Differential lock on top of the electronically controlled Differentials and different road and offroad surface programs and Hill Descent Control.

      2. Not necessarily. You have posited many non sequiturs here. These moves could very well be in response to the market. The new Tahoes/Suburbans etc. has announced changes in the rear of ther vehicle, and it could end up being IRS. So, this would leave space in the market for a solid axle full sized wagon for towing and cost.
        Could be a sly move all under a very popular name.

      3. Troverman – – –

        T: “These are all signs that FCA has very little money.”

        Yes. And this concerns me greatly, — and may explain why Sergio was trying to arrange some “partnership” (if not outright merger) with GM, VW, or the Chinese; and potentially spin off Ram, Jeep, Ferrari (actually done), and Maserati to generate cash. (Look at how long it took for FCA to build the new “Pentastar” V-6 engine a 5 years ago: that should have been a cake-walk.)

        But in the big picture, he may be right according to his own views: Yes, he did pull off an amazing turn-around with the FCA deal, but it’s not sustainable, and vehicle makers world-wide may need consolidation. (Evidence: Nissan-Renault is now spreading its “alliance” to save Mitsubishi.)


        1. I agree. Most major, well-known and well established corporations are not seeking to merge or be purchased by another company unless cash reserves are low.

          The Grand Wagoneer was always a very cool vehicle. American luxury for sure. I actually had high-hopes for this vehicle. In the end, I’m not upset that it will be built on a RAM chassis (I prefer body on frame vehicles) but it won’t be able to compete on-road with the Range Rover or similar vehicles in that class.

          1. We have proved it many times before. So now we just let you continue to prove it by yourself. We know you are a touchy shill for Ford. When TFL proves it, you continue to be a denier. So we all know by now.

          1. JJ, man take it easy ,people come here to make comments ,you should respect that ,not take it personal ,I thought the flowers I sent you ,would calm you down.You know that’s one thing ,were not always gonna be right,take your losses and move on.Unless your Mr know it all,I doubt it were all human and imperfect..Peace man

        1. Zviera, the Grand Wagoneer will not be able to compete with the Range Rover at Expedition / Tahoe prices. And for an automaker to claim their SUV will compete with Range Rover, it has to be more than just luxury or it simply doesn’t compete. It has to be about 0-60 times, braking, handling, towing capacity, ride quality, off-road capability, safety, quietness, build quality, materials choice, features and amenities. Even if the GW could match Range Rover in all those ways, it would still be lacking one major thing…prestige and heritage. Range Rover has long been considered one of the most luxurious and off-road capable SUVs in the world. It has the off-road history to prove that (Darrien Gap Expedition, Continental Divide Expedition, Camel Trophy, etc). The “Jeep” brand has never come close to matching the Range Rover pedigree. So while the Grand Wagoneer used to be a luxury vehicle…re-incarnating it a couple of decade later doesn’t mean squat. Lincoln just re-introduced the Continental. Used to be a major name in luxury. Now, they are shuttering the plant for two weeks because sales are so bad. Good luck to FCA with this vehicle…

          1. Hyundai will help them when they buy FCA. If FCA is looking for a buyer they would be hard pressed to find a better one but they better get ready for big changes. I live close to Hyundai headquarters and have many friends that work there. Those FCA workers had better start getting in shape now because 7 day work weeks are coming. Hyundai runs a tight ship and they are a well known grind around here. My next door neighbor left Ford because “the union ran them” to come to Hyundai. He was so excited until the realities of working for them set in. They were very grateful for hard workers but returned the favor of their gratitude by making him work 7 days a week. Even the people on the lines were working 7 days a week. My neighbor went back to his old job at Ford!

          2. I agree completely Troverman. Land Rover has a long history of being the gold standard of off road luxury SUV’s. I don’t know their whole pedigree, but I do know they world renown for extreme off road prowess. That is a hard reputation to break into.

            1. Range Rover/ Land Rover have a horrible reputation for quality. Oil leaks, electrical issues, you name it they have it. They a one step ahead of zombvieras rainbow bumper stickered cherokee

            2. JJ I disagree Landrovers have a reputation, Of being lemons, Pos .Cadillac escalade is what everyone wants to drive and wants to be seen in,when one wants luxury..

          3. Jaguar/ LandRover are realy making an impact after leaving the Ford straightjacket.Maybe if FCA combines with Hyundai they can then turn things around and realize Jeeps potential .

      1. That Bollinger video is all smoke and mirrors. Probably has a Chevy 350 under the hood because it is only a shell rolled out on a stage that will never come out.
        I’d bet my truck that the whole video is CGI.

        1. The Original Jay S – – –

          TOJS: “I’d bet my truck that the whole video is CGI.”

          Stop! Don’t do that. I’d hate to see a good man lose a truck. The testing to the B1 (marginal as it was) may have been “real” after all!

          BTW: Where is Rambro? Is he on vacation in the north country (near Hudson Bay) or something?


      2. That gear sound won’t be on the production vehicle. They just made those gears with a non production process. That’s why they were being gentle with it.

          1. Oh, so you DO admit the Bollinger will come to production. Make up your mind.

            So when it comes to production, and the gear whine is lowered, will you promise never again to comment on this site? Do you believe in what you say, or do you just blather.

            1. Ah, better re-read. I said nothing about “production”. Only said it would be a part of the vehicle (singular)

            2. And you REALLY should pay more attention to your spelling when switching up posting names. Not that we mind the laughs…

            3. I don’t care about the spelling of the names. No one else does either. I have better things to do. So do they. What does that say about you?

              But I knew you would back away from the fact that this Bollinger will come to production, and it will not have that gear whine in the video.

              You never are willing to back up your words. Always running away from yoru irresponsible words.

            4. On what basis do you hang your claim that it’s a “fact” it will go into production and that it absolutely will not have any gear whine?

            5. “I don’t care about the spelling of the names.”

              You don’t care about how you spell YOUR name? Why not just pick ONE name and stick to it? Then the computer will autofill the name for you and you never have to worry about calling yourself a Bor instead of a Bro…

            6. Because smart people turn off autofill as soon as they buy a new computer. or get a new phone.

              But once again. I wouldn’t expect Daniel to have figured that out.

              Keep talking, Daniel. You just keep digging your self deeper.

            7. Hmm funny. I would have assumed that someone smart enough to turn off autofill would be able to spell correctly. There I go with those damned assumptions again.

            8. Because smart people have better things to do than hover over a truck site all day correcting their spelling.

              Comment sections are my little interest, not my life.

      3. Thanks Bernie,

        Whether some like it or not the B1 is coming and said to be available for early 2019. This is going to push the truck market in a direction we would never get from the big three, especially Toyota. This will be a welcome addition to the truck world by many enthusiasts.

        1. I don’t think anyone really minds if it comes to market-it just won’t, not with what they are hyping anyhow. If they manage to pull it off, I won’t mind one bit. I dare so no one else will be disappointed either.

          1. They could come to market in very small production numbers. They wouldn’t be able to meet all their claims, at least not at the same time without significant changes to the vehicle. The price would be quite steep because it’s just not possible to pull off economies of scale when you might produce a thousand of something instead of a hundred thousand or more.

    3. It would be great to see an HD version- Cummins and all. Nobody offers anything like that (may be that is because no one really wants anything like that? 🙁 ).
      I think some are putting a little more faith in air suspension than the technology warrants but I would like to see that as an option in these. Both RAM and Jeep have some history with that. I haven’t really heard many reviews on it though which makes me think that it really isn’t very good (if it were, wouldn’t people be talking about it?). Any experience?

      1. Sparky21 – – –

        S21: “I haven’t really heard many reviews on it though which makes me think that it really isn’t very good (if it were, wouldn’t people be talking about it?). Any experience?”

        Just two unrelated things come to mind:
        1) I looked into getting air suspension for my 2500 Ram this last spring, and made this uniformed comment to the informed salesman: “Must be nice to have cushioned ride, right?”
        He said: “That won’t necessarily happen: they can ride rougher than leaf springs, It all depends on how much they are inflated to level the truck for towing or compensate for weight during hauling. Then they won’t have much cushion-travel left.”
        2) When McLaren came out withs MP4-12C supercar with pneumatic air suspension a few years ago, it was constantly in the shop getting that item fixed (I’m told – I don’t have one). My friend said it was just too prone to sags, fatiguing the rubber, getting hot(!), adjustment issues, calibration problems, etc, etc.

        But then again, some semi’s have used air-plus-leaf suspension for years, so these designs could be made robustly, if a manufacturer chose to do so.


        1. Lincoln Towncar had self-leveling air suspension for decades it seems. “Floaty” ride but none were worth repairing when the air system would bite the dust.

          1. Ha, someone is trying to sell a last gen Towncar down the street from my house for like $300. The rear bumper is on the ground as is typical of basically every old towncar you see.

            1. Whats also funny is i just converted a denali yukon with air ride that quit working to standard shocks a few weeks ago. Shocks were leaking and the compressor was burned up. Guess those engineers that work for used to work for Ford alsi worked (work) for GM

        2. The ride really does depend on the design of the air spring. A larger air spring with low load on it will require lower air PSI to maintain the height while a smaller spring for the same weight would require more pressure. It is all about spreading the load over a specific area. In the dually tow off here on TFL, the Ram had the worst ride and it had air bags. They use a smaller bag and thus the system needs more pressure because the pressurized surface area is small. Put a large air spring on it, softer ride while keeping the same height. When you have a vehicle designed around standard springs and ad an air system to it, you are pretty much stuck with small air springs to fit in the space.

          1. I agree Jimmy, smart comment. Larger area might not give you more travel though. I can see this getting very complicated but the Oshkosh has proved that it works for the US army. Just a matter of doing the engineering behind it. For those who think it cant be done and made reliable need to go back to a cave.

    4. It seems many are confused on how suspensions work. You have one component that supports the weight. It can be a leaf, a coil, an air bag, a torsion rod, etc. This piece transfers the weight from the vehicle to the axle. If it’s not strong enough to support the vehicle weight, you end up “bottomed out” with essentially no suspension. If it’s too strong the suspension will be at full extension with no up-travel, same problem as being bottomed out. Or, if the weight carrying component is too stiff, it also acts like having no suspension.

      The other component is the damper, not a “shock”. it’s job is to stop the weight carrying component from oscillating. It resists the movement of the “spring”. It can be gas charged, hydraulic, air, or a combination. Tuning the two to work together is a delicate balance. You choose the expected sprung weight and shoot for appropriate handling under those conditions.

      Variable dampers have improved things some. They can use magnetic fluid, have adjustable valves, or use different spool valves for different conditions. Still, a damper capable of controlling a 10,000 lb load is not going to be as responsive as one designed for a 4,000 lb load. And vice versa.

      That is why you don’t see 6000 lb payloads on 4000 lb vehicles in the real world. Sure, it’s possible to put leaf springs and shocks from a Semi on a classic Chevy LUV, but there is a reason it hasn’t been done by a responsible (ie. Liable) manufacturer.

      1. But that is the beauty of air bags. They can adjust the air pressure to effectively increase the spring rate so that any payload can be accounted for.

        You also have full control of the ride height without changing the spring rate. All you do is add more air and the vehicle rises. It still weighs the same so the pressure does not need to increase(or at least much).

        You could theoretically have a truck that runs 50 psi in its air bags when empty and has a great ride, throw 4000 lbs of stone into the bed and the bags just fill to 150 psi to compensate. Ride height is the same as empty and the spring is increased to support the load without being overly stiff.

        1. That’s not quite accurate. Much like a tire, they are designed for a specific weight range. An “E” range tire that’s designed for 60-80 psi and a 3500 lb capacity does not perform as well with a 1000 lb load as a “P” rated tired tire that’s properly inflated to 35 psi for the 1000 lb rating. The construction of the “E” range tire is heavier duty, and even deflated, it’s not going to be right.

          Tires and air bags aren’t exactly the same, but hey are very similar. They are like different varieties of apples, not apples and oranges.

    5. Aren’t you all tired for 10 years saying,that FCA doesn’t have any money?
      They build a new factory for 8 speed and 9 speed transmissions, New Jeeps, Pacifica, now RAM , Grand Wagoneer…
      Ford is closing factories, just to get rid of the old crap sitting at the parking lot and RAM is shuffling and building new ones to make new models and increase production.
      34% of all vehicles Ford produces is for bottom feeder fleets.
      Ford is the one broke in here, seeking cooperation with Mahindra ?
      Give me a break with your ford employee pricing.

      1. Didnt you just say on the Heavy Duty Towing Economy article that Ford invested billions in aluminum bodies. What about the ecoboost investment across their entire range?

            1. gm and Chrysler took from a T.A.R.P bailout fund, ford took from the t.a.l.f bailout fund. We all know gm and Chrysler did, that was highly publicized. Oh FCA never took money, they didn’t exist yet.

      2. Zviera
        September 21, 2017 at 1:27 pm

        34% of all vehicles Ford produces is for bottom feeder fleets.

        WOW! Those fleets a large part of the back bone of America. Those fleets require reliable vehicles to keep money coming in to pay their employees, pay taxes, pay their bills, and save money for growth. It’s unbelievable that you have no respect for hard working people because of your extreme brand loyalty.

        1. The problem is that the government agencies who mostly buy these Fords are not accountable as well educated about engineering. They are spending our money, not theirs.
          So they just buy the Fords because they they get a cheap deal and they know they can quickly get rid of them and use our money to buy new ones soon thereafter..

          1. What percent of fleet sales are Fords for the government and what vehicles are they buying? Let’s see some actual data instead of ignorant sounding claims.

            1. Jimmy Johns, lets hear some data rather than ignorant counter claims. Why do you not live according to your own words? Some of us actually work, and we have business with these people and actually talk to them and hear their attitudes and know their behavior. Do you want us to write a novel on the comment section, and pay for a University study to back up what we already know?

            2. So princesses Pete, you cannot back up your claim then. I know that the government buys all 3 brands. That is a fact. What I don’t know is what your saying is fact so I am looking for your data on the government fleet sales data. Since YOU work with “these” people it should be easy for you. I would also like YOU to point out where I made a counter claim.

            3. I count 4 flaws in your logic just in the last comment. There is no productive argument with someone with that level of proficiency.

            4. You can count? I doubt that. You cannot even understand English. So how can you even count flaws. We all know your an antiFord troll and I love messing with you gullible trolls. You cannot resist.

            5. Yes toying with people like you. People that don’t have a clue and I prove you wrong along with your alternative ego, zombiera. Noticed how you couldn’t back anything up. That’s my point my little toy.

            6. I will reiterate the fact that zombiera feels fleets and their owners are bottom feeders and people like Pete, rambro bro and his other spellings, Mike are all ok with zombiera’s statement because it goes with their agenda, bash Ford.

      3. Mahindra is not a bad brand. They sell more tractors in the world than anyone else and have a large market share in the east. Why the disdain for Ford? I’m not a Ram guy but always try to give credit where it’s due. Ford is doing a great job with trucks presently and most people recognize that whether or not it’s their brand of choice.

      4. The article below from Business Insider talks about the impressive turnaround in the works for FCA but also addresses its massive debt problems and further indicates that its only way for long term viability is to merger soon. It also discusses the fact that Sergio does not think they can survive another market drop. I personally think he is thinking years down the road and is trying now to fix the issue but the money problems are very real.

          1. Yes, it is 2017. Very recent. It is not a big deal. Sergio is actually trying to keep FCA afloat for the long term by strategically seeking someone to buy them out. The downside is that we know there are mergers of equals so FCA will be a figment if the past with Jeep and Ram feeding Hyundai’s need for trucks and SUVs. They will make money because of the low wages Hyundai pays its non union workers.

            1. I posted the wrong link. I’ll find the correct one. Just google FCA financial issues and you will find plenty for yourself. Either way, nothing has changed with them other than they went from acting like a dog in heat looking for a hookup/merger to playing hard to get. Either one will eventually work with the right partner.

              Honestly, I wish one of these bored billionaires would do something patriotic and buy FCA. Throw Fiat away or sell them to Nissan since they buy everything anyway and become American Motors Corporation. That has a nice ring to it. Hmm, maybe we will call it AMC. Sounds familiar. My Dodge roots run deep on two sides of my family so I’d like them to become American again. They do have issues but the right person could fix it. I’m just a little short on change or I would do it!

            2. Why would I do that ? I enjoy my RAM without any engine, transmission or brakes recalls. I enjoy they produce new trucks and SUV’s , Hellcat…
              You can google ford financial issues if you like to enjoy this stuff.
              I am going to start fireplace, open a beer and watch a movie.
              Have a great fight everyone.

        1. All these companies are going downhill because they fail to bring innovation. People are bored to death with their fluff including me. If they dont re-tool their barbaric vehicles they will continue to decline. Automakers that are making bigger moves are going to take over and prosper. And its too bad we bailed them out with our money. The US and Canada would be leaders in this industry right now with boosted motors and electric drive, driving infrastructure jobs through the roof. Instead we gave all our money to a few individuals that spend their money in Dubai that will run these companies into the ground while Dubai builds new airports to handle the flocks of tourists who further pull money from the US and Canada.

        1. You mean those cars you were counting on to meet a CAFE limits and bashing FCA to get rid of them and buy credits from Tesla?
          This is only reason ,that Ford is going to bring a half ton diesel. To meet a CAFE. Ecoboost with aluminium bed doesn’t cut it.
          Wow. Ford is behind Sergio just 3 years in business strategy. No wonder they replaced their CEO few month ago. Mahindraaa, heeelp. LOL.

          I can’t wait for GW with HellCat to wipe the floor with tiny Land Rover , or whatever other brand will come up with.

          Another blow to the ford autonomous cars.


          1. Actually not at all. Ford is still selling small cars and easily meeting corporate EPA fleet fuel economy. Sorry buddy you just made a fool of yourself…….again.

            1. The small amount of water lost from that one Ford won’t be enough to put out the fires from all those Rams. LOL. FCA can use Sergio’s pension to pay for the recall. Nah just kidding and ribbing our friend Zman a bit. Peace.

    6. On another note I wish the upcoming Jeep truck would look like the one shown on the article. Geez that looks really nice.

        1. That truck would lure me away from my Taco. Why won’t manufacturers just build something bold like that? Geez, especially when we are all going crazy over that concept. That is one handsome truck. I also love the steel wheels – no worries about getting a special wheel cleaner.

          1. I think they would sell well. Fuel prices are down right now so people don’t mind spending money on big vehicles. Remember the Hummer. I don’t know how many GM sold, but I seen a ton of them on the road. That Jeep crys out big and manly. Of course on a side note, I seen a report today saying the average loan length is 69.4 months. That means people are financing longer than that. It kind of scares me. And I’m not that smart with the financial stuff.

            1. Actually I have liked the looks of the old wagoneers too. I think they were much better looking than the same year suburbans.

    7. Ram should have had a body on frame SUV since 1994. With the beginning price point of Tahoe at like $45k already, there is definitely room for a “ramcharger”. Problem is if this is a “jeep” it will be overpriced. If they do this right, and have a Jeep version for high price point and Ram version as a less expensive or similarly priced alternative to a Tahoe/expedition based on existing DW Ram chassis, it would be a great addition to the SUV category.

    8. So gw is going to be on the ram chassis. Not really surprised. If fca wants to compete in that full size suv market and have towing capability then a body on frame is the way to go. Also I think irs is also way to go to.

      Red some of the links and it isn’t sunshine and roses for fca finialchly. That 5.5 billion in Dept is going to be very difficult to reduce in a market that is tight.

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