Renegade RV Volvo Big Rig is Home and a Three Car Garage on Wheels! (Video)

renegade rv semi truck trailer
Renegade RV semi truck & trailer

This Volvo semi truck and trailers outfitted by Renegade RV are home and a fully-functional race-team garage on wheels. The combination happens to cost around $550,000. Take a look at all of the amenities and features this rig offers.

This rig is what your favorite Indy Car, NHRA dragster, or NASCAR team are probably using now. Renegade outfits the semi tractor (single or dual rear axle setup) with a motorhome cabin. The company uses Volvo or International truck chassis. This is where several people can sleep and live while traveling from one race to the next.

The truck is packing a turbo-diesel with around 500 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque. This is enough grunt to move a fifth-wheel or a tag-along stacker trailer without much problem. The tag-along (aka. bumper-pull) trailer like the 38-foot one in the video weighs around 23,000 lbs empty. They are called stacker trailers because you can load cars on two levels via a lift-gate/hydraulic ramp-door in the very back or a car lift inside the trailer.

These semi-truck motorhomes and trailers can be configured with any configuration and options a customer desires. The company also builds smaller stacker bumper-pull trailers that can be pulled by most Class-A motorhomes.

If you want to travel along with your car collection, this is one way to do it.