• The Next Mercedes Sprinter: Can a Commercial Van Be Sexy?

    2018 2019 mercedes benz sprinter commercial van concept rendering image
    Mercedes Sprinter: next generation teaser

    Do you like this rendering of the next Mercedes Benz Sprinter full-size commercial van? We think it take the working van image to the next level. It’s no secret that Mercedes has been working on the next generation of the Sprinter. We have seen several prototypes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Unfortunately, we do not have images of the prototypes, but we can report that the camouflaged vans have a front-end design that closely resembles the current Mercedes GLS-class SUV.

    What do you think about the looks of this van concept rendering? Let us know in the comments below.

    2017 2018 mercedes benz gls suv
    2017 Mercedes Benz GLS

    While the details on the next Sprinter van are far and few between, there are hints that suggest the new commercial van will have a next generation of connected telematics technology to enable a more efficient fleet management.

    Automation is the name of the game in commercial vehicles across the board, and the next Sprinter is likely to receive a healthy doze on high-tech features.

    Mercedes is building a new manufacturing facility in South Carolina to build Sprinter and Metris vans. The next-generation Sprinter is a likely candidate to be built there for the North American market.

    Check out this first drive review of the Sprinter 4×4 “crew” van.

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    Andre Smirnov
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    17 thoughts on “The Next Mercedes Sprinter: Can a Commercial Van Be Sexy?

    1. There is a reason why work vans tend to have non-color matched bumpers-ideally in easy to replace thirds. I suppose MB saw room for 2 cosmetic treatments for their midsize van, co perhaps there’s enough market for a premium shuttle/executive transport type van.

    2. Ford already has the CrewChief telematics system, and has offered it for years in their vans and trucks. Even RFID tagging of tools and equipment. Nothing new here.

      I think part of the problem Mercedes faces is service locations. There are a lot more Ford dealers in the US than Benz dealers. And most contractors looking for a work van want the least cost of ownership. Most fleets are going to see a MB van as more costly to operate than a Ford, even if that’s not true. But Ford offers as many configurations as MB on these bread vans, and more engine options.

      The Promaster is the van that needs a styling update, lol. What an awful van.

    3. Half the people in Park City are driving lifted 4×4 sprinter diesels that are converted to campers. I looked at a few and realized it was going to cost me more than my truck for a used one so I went and bought a travel trailer.

    4. Jay, yep

      And can you foresee a problem towing your travel trailer if you had decided to purchase any high roof van.
      I can see huge swaying problems even with all the electronic gimmicks.

      I sure would like a 4×4 van for a toy though.

    5. What I like most about these vans is they are pushing the driver seat forward into the engine compartment. Actually they’ve been doing it for years. If they made the rear open like a truck, they’d have a full size the length of a mid-size. My two bits.

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