• New 2018 Mack Anthem Makes a Semi Truck a Lot More Like a Modern Pickup

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    2018 Mack Anthem

    Mack Trucks unveils the next generation of their big rigs – the 2018 Mack Anthem lineup of highway long-haul and short-range trucks. The truck features new style, but the major changes are within, especially inside the cab. The new Mack Anthem features a new layout of gauges and switches that provide the driver more precise control and also offer the latest driver aids. This is not an autonomous truck, but it does offer adaptive cruise with steering wheel mounted controls.

    The new cabin combines features you may find in a 2018 pickup truck with the additional gauges and information needed for heavy hauling in a semi truck. There is bluetooth integration for your phone and music, adjustable steering wheel column – but the air brakes, diesel exhaust brake, load measurement, additional temperature gauges are all there as well.

    Mack is offering the latest lineup of turbo-diesel engines ranging from 325 – 505 horsepower and 1,260 – 1,860 lb-ft of torque. There are three cab configurations, three engine choices, six transmission choice from manual to automatic, and two suspension setups (including air suspension).

    We don’t yet have any videos of the new Mack Anthem, but he is a look at another big rig car transporter.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    18 thoughts on “New 2018 Mack Anthem Makes a Semi Truck a Lot More Like a Modern Pickup

      1. Most big trucking companies will not let their drivers use a phone, bluetooth or no,t while driving or even the appearance of being able to make a call while driving. I am surprised they still allow radios. A very big case of managers “do as I say not as I do”.

    1. Come on guys take it easy on Mack. have to admit it is a very nice looking truck as far as technology is concerned Mack is getting there, better later than never.

      1. A bigger more powerful engine usually burns more fuel. Owners care about costs, not speed. Drivers get paid by the mile so it makes sense.

        1. Scott – – –

          You are absolutely right.
          Getting better fuel economy is a strong motivator now. The HP and Torque #’s are not abnormal at all. 1500 lb.-ft. is more than enough torque to get an 80,000-lb. rig moving; and 400-500 HP is more than enough, with an aero-cab, to maintain Interstate speeds, — while getting 8-9 MPG over the road.

          I like this truck. Am curious to see what the transmission choices are, especially the manual’s. Probably at least 10- and 13-speed.


        2. actually, Freightliner ships their fuel economy leading Cascadia with a DD15. It has a lower HP cal on it, but delivers more torque than the 13L engines can. That allows use of a taller final drive. When the original fleet buyer gets ready to off-load the truck, they have the option of having it reflashed for a higher rating.

        3. Not necessarily, back in the last century, the smallest engines were the in thing. It took a while for companies to notice that OO’s with big engines who did not need to flail the crap out of the engine to get anywhere were getting better mileage as long as they didn’t run hard with them.

      2. Most of the market is the 80K GVW, that power range is plenty. I ran a 12 hour test in Canada with a 2012 425 HP, 1650 ft. lb. day cab Volvo D13 with iShift pulling 2 x 53′ trailers. Pulled the combo through a weigh scale and the CGVW was 140,000 lbs. The tractor with 2 x 53′ trailers did the 12 hour round trip without issues, including pulling a lengthy 6% grade.

    2. This truck probably started development years ago. We’re seeing a few electric semi concepts and autonomous concepts. None of the EV semis have been proved out…and the autonomous ones have been testing only in limited areas. So for right now, “real life” products, this Mack impresses.

    3. I’m excited looking forward to seeing one up close but I hope that they lightened them up some otherwise it’s useless to me

    4. The bull puppy is giving the trucking industry a new truck. I notice the article didn’t say anything about weight.

    5. Due to development in technology one would see more and more upgradations like one mentioned above. I am in awe of this truck. The engine capacity, fantastic configurations and the inner design makes it wanting among many. But just a thought, as the technology is empowering modern manufacturing, these vehicles must be used for betterment of various businesses. Business firm like uship, http://www.wewilltransportit.com, Montway that does shipping / transporting should also use such equipments which will thereby increase their credibility.

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