• Ford Transit is Back on Top, Good Sales Month for Full-size Vans in August 2017

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    2017 Ford Transit

    The Ford Transit has been king of commercial van sales in the US for many months. While it struggled in July, it is now back on top for the month of August. Although the numbers are down significantly when compared to last year.

    The other notable figure on this list is the improved growth of the GMC Savana and Chevy Express vans, which saw big increases when compared to last August.

    Full-size Commercial Van – August 2017 Sales

    *Mercedes-Benz Sprinter sales numbers are now reported in combination with the Mercedes-Benz Metris van.

    July 2017# July ’17 / ’16 % YTD 2017 # YTD ’17 / ’16 %
    Ford Transit 10,172 -15.2% 80,292 -21.1%
    Chevy Express 6,940 4.2% 47,314 7.3%
    Ford E-Series 4,894 3.8% 35,824  -0.8%
    Ram ProMaster 4,589  45.0%  28,332 21.0%
    Mercedes Sprinter/Metris 3,581 13.6% 22,139 -0.2%
    GMC Savana 1,868 169.9% 20,703 60.6%
    Nissan NV 1,377 -3.8% 12,162 1.5%

    Small commercial vans improved in August, but are still down when compared to last year. The Ford Transit Connect is still on top of the sales chart.

    Small Commercial Van – August 2017 Sales

    July 2017 # July ’17 / ’16 % YTD 2017 # YTD ’17 / ’16 %
    Ford Transit Connect 3,678 0.9% 23,237 -25.1%
    Nissan NV200 1,615 11.6% 12,842 -2.0%
    Ram ProMaster City 1,125 14.0% 10,916 -7.0%

    Here is our most recent Mercedes Metris review.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    26 thoughts on “Ford Transit is Back on Top, Good Sales Month for Full-size Vans in August 2017

    1. I have the 2015 Ram Promaster Wagon SLT.It is an excellent van too.The 2.4L Tigershark engine matches up very nicely with the fca built ZF 9 speed.

      The double rear doors are better than the lift gate for my purposes.Combine that with the fold and tumble rear seat,I have tons of room for hauling stuff like a new recliner for my wife etc.

      The little van is rated at 21 city,30 mpg hwy.Around town here,I routinely get 24+ mpg.Hwy is 26+mpg.BUT,I am pulling mountains once I leave my valley so I knew I would never see the top hwy mpg rating,no matter what vehicle I own.

      Surprise:The 2015’s,( maybe even newer ones,are equipped with an electronic limited slip front diff.This is true.

      This past march,my wife and I had to go up to Newport for a family thing.2 days later on the way home we were caught in a helluva snow storm.

      It got worse as we made our way from the coast inland to pick up I5 to head south to our home near the Northern California border.

      All of the mountain passes we did super good.Not fast,but faster than most,until Sexton Summit,the last pass to get over.

      There were 18 wheelers jackknifed near the top,cars stuck,one YUUUGE class A motorhome sideways,and a nissan titan stuck.

      I seen enough room to get between the titan and the motorhome to get through.And here’s where that els came in handy.From a dead stop,I got my van rolling with very little wheel spin,and got between the pickup and motorhome,and got into the fast lane and kept going.

      After we crested the top of the summit,I got back into the right hand lane,and we got up to hwy spd and went on home.No muss,no fuss.

      Now I don’t know about the transit connect,or the rebadged chevy city,or the nissan.But I do know that I fully trust my little promaster city wagon to get us where we want to go,and back home again,even through winter storms,and snow and ice on the roads.

      1. I personally think that the ford transits are terrible vans in my own opinion because they have windows in the back seats that cannot be pushed open to allow fresh air Into the interior back seats of the new transit vans just like in the old dependable ford E Series Vans and also because the new ford transit series vans have terrible air conditioning that does not blow ice cold air in the Back Seats even when driving them on the expressway for extended periods of time sometimes which is a terrible design and I personally think that the Ford E Series club wagon and cargo Design needs to make a comeback because the reason why ford stopped making the Ford E Series back in 2015 is because Ford is too Greedy and they don’t care about it’s loyal customers, they’re only there to make more revenue and not give it back to the consumer in my own opinion

        1. I own two of these “terrible vehicles” both 2016, both with 30,000+ miles on them. I do not have to “think,” I have meticulously kept data on my vehicles.
          Both are wagons that transport patients. I had planned on buying them used, but was forced into purchasing new units when i lost serious trunk of my business to a competitor whom had purchased a 2015. The A. C is definitely not weak. My transport company carry sick people from West Texas to NM, KS, OK, and LA those are definitely not mild weather states. I still own three E350 one with 410,000 mls all have supplemental air. We recently added supplemental to our 2010 unit when the A.C quit on the fourth of July with passengers aboard. The mechanic who had warranted the previous installation fussed that this was the fourth installation, (he has to eat the cost) the last installation was in May!
          Data from each Vehicle as recorded by the driver (Note loading temp is with rear doors open and vehicle idling usually 20-30 mins)
          Beast: T350 med roof LWB Ecoboost
          June 29, @1430 outside temp: 109 F
          Vehicle inside temp when loading patient 71 deg
          Goldie: ’09 E350 (@same time and location)
          82 deg.
          Porky: T350, diesel high roof Dually extended length. (@ same time and location)
          70 deg.
          Porky may be benefiting from a rerouting of its exhaust to the side, to prevent sucking in of diesel exhaust fumes when the rear doors are left open while the vehicle idles.

      2. Fiat knows to make front wheel drive workhorse for harsh conditions.
        Fiat Doblo aka Promaster city is underrated and has incredible payload, cargo capacity and Mpg, putting to shame any truck include my RAM 1500. I would have one of those, if no need to pull my trailer,or go offroad hunting.
        You did excellent choice for your needs.
        Even big Promaster 2500 is incredible in winter conditions. TFL should test more of those to give us truck alternative.


        1. Thank you Z. Not being brand loyal,I did my due diligence and bought the baby Ram Van,with no regrets. The transit connect,although a nicer interior,and a lot less ‘euro’ inside,it didn’t fit the bill for me at all.

          The rebadged nissan 200,(chevy city van) was a complete no way,and I generally like nissan.

          It’s a niche vehicle,which is what I was looking for.BTW,it took me 8 months to get what I wanted from Ram,only thing I didn’t get was the color I wanted.

          Both my wife and I have had people come up to us and look at our van as they have been trying to find one.NONE of the dealers keep many,(or any) on the lot to sell.Not even the cargo version.

          They don’t have a clue how popular these would be,if they had some to sell. I still haven’t figured that one out yet.

        2. With regard to video you linked to I understand what FCA are trying to say here but I don’t think it is wise to put much faith in a comparison test set up by a manufacturer. We do not know about the difference in tyres used or how/if the vans were loaded.

          I believe this test may portray an accurate result for both vans being unloaded but under load the result may have been the opposite.

          Also the result could have been down to nothing more than the way the vans were driven.

          I would need a lot more information to be convinced.

          1. Well, I have personal experience with them and I can tell you, that heavy engine in the front of the front wheels has better traction and handling empty – loaded on the snow , than rear axle drive.
            You should test it by yourself to believe it.
            There is always Fiat Ducato 4×4 with Electronic Stability Controls (ESC), Hill Holder to assist when starting on a hill, Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) and Emergency Break Assist (EBA), Traction Control + and the innovative Hill Descent Control (for the most demanding descents), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) and automatic High Beam Recognition (HBR).


    2. I personally think that the ford transits are terrible vans in my own opinion because they have windows in the back seats that cannot be pushed open to allow fresh air Into the interior back seats of the new transit vans which is a terrible design and I personally think that the Ford E Series club wagon and cargo Design needs to make a comeback in my own opinion

        1. Agreed. I’ve spent at least 2000 miles in both the Transit and Promaster. Let’s just say I had a bad time in the Transit. I was along for the ride helping my uncle, who works as contractor in the industrial refrigeration business. The 3.7L already stranded him once with a bad throttle body, which I have learned is common on a few different Ford engines the last few years. He had that fixed before we left, but the rear diff went out a couple hours from home. It only had about 15k miles on it. He ended up selling it and buying a Promaster. I don’t know how the Transit outsells the Promaster. My uncle loves his. It drives great for a work van and it’s only been to the dealer for oil changes so far (25k miles or so on it).

      1. Daniel – – –

        Ford has 47% sales YTD in Full-sized vans.
        Ford has 49% sales in Mid-sized vans.

        But what’s amazing to me is that the old 1961-design, E-Series, full-sized, BOF vans continue to sell moderately well, at 15% of all large vans YTD. I guess when you’ve something that works well, don’t mess with it! (^_^)..

        (Yes, the combination of the Chevy Express and GMC Savana holds 28% sales YTD, but both started out as more modern designs in 1995.)


    3. I’ll tell ya what my perfect vehicle would be.A new chevy Astro van,part time awd,and the 2.8L babymax with the 8 spd.Max tow pkg,and just one foldable,and tumble rear seat like I have in my little ram city wagon.That’s a van I wish they would remake again.Yes I know,I’m weird…

        1. @Zviera
          Amazing what they can with a Van!
          They are now using them to pull Caravans in Australia. They are becoming a preferred option compared to anything else. 3.5 (7,700lb)Tonne towing smooth ride. 5,000lb payload and Unimog like go anywhere ability. Is hard to beat

          1. Very truth. Pickups are overrated. Full size 4×4 offroad vans is next thing after pickups people will switch to.

      1. I second this. Astros were great, drove well, decent visibility with the right mirrors, could hold a ton.

        Just needed to be an inch longer to hold a 4×8 with the doors shut and they would have been perfect.

        Can we get a new S10 while we are at it?

    4. The company i work for had 30 of those awful looking promaster vans. No body even wanted to be seen in those things. But we had to. At least not for very long. We had so many transmission issues with those pieces of junk. Chrysler warranty tried so hard to fight the repairs even making the dealer pay to tow our junk to a scale to make sure we didn’t over load them. They were several thousand pounds under max weight. Then they made us wait almost a month for the repairs. Between the transmission issues and the massive electrical issues. the company traded them in for Ford Transit vans. They are so much better. My boss said that our fuel economy went up and down time is almost nonexistent.

    5. Different Planet here. Dors Transit does poorly in sales.
      King of the Van Sales is the Renault Master and tbe Hyundai Iload. Mercedes Sprinter is roughly the same in Australia

      1. I am guessing that part of the reason for the drop in Transit sales here is that Australia Post no longer uses them. They must have been the Transits biggest customer in Australia. For some reason they switched to Mercedes and more recently Renault Master and Kangoo.

        1. @Jason Scott
          I get the impression Ford only offers manuals on these. No wonder they do not sell.
          Ford is in a downward spiral overall in Australia despite the success of the Ranger. Mitsubishi passed them this month. I suspect the same thing will happen to Holden( GM) when sales of locally produced vehicles dry up

    6. The Transit sale performance is remarkable.
      coming after a time of a massive recall, with Ford not having a solution, customers have shown some faith in the Transit.
      Recently my wife reported difficulty locating our transit in a parking lot in Houston. There were 5 with the same configuration parked in proximity to each other (all White) so it was grudgingly accepted that we should wrap the vehicle. So on to the next fight; what design.
      For my purpose the Transit is a much better vehicle than the E series. A couple of my regulars boarded the transits they asked how much more they will have to pay for the “plush’ ride? one describe it to her family as a Benz. I believe in meeting my customers expectations, so I raised the fare and told the regulars they have earned frequent riders miles.
      To date, apart from the recall, the vehicles have only seen scheduled maintenance.

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