Dude, I Love My Ride: 1977 Chevy Blazer Cheyenne (Video)

1977 chevy k5 cheyenne blazer squarebody
1977 Chevy K5 Cheyenne

1977 Chevy K5 Blazer Cheyenne

The restored Chevy Blazer featured in the recent episode of “Dude, I Love My Ride” contains much more than what meets the eye. This new video series is all about you bringing your ride over to us and showing it off. If you have a unique and cool rig, please contact TFLtruck at ask@tfltruck.com

Not only was this K5 Blazer featured in the hit movie Jaws, it also made its way into other popular movies such as the Goonies, Bronco Billy and even a TV series: CHIPS.

Although the movies featured several different models GMC and Chevy had to offer, the K5 Cheyenne package was the most desirable of the models. The base model was a full-time/conventional 4×4 off-road vehicle that came with a 6.6 liter, M40 turbo hydromatic, power steering, power brakes and locking differentials on a 106.5-in wheelbase. The fuel capacity sat at 20-gal/31-gal. The rear axle, a GM Corporate 12-Bolt (8.7/8-in. 1.31 axle Dia. 30 spline), while the front axle, a GM Corporate 10-Bolt (8.5-in 1.28 axle Dia. 28 spline).  Some of the options included: 33-inch tires, soft ray tinted glass, soft top or hard top in various colors, a built-in roll cage, and fuel tank shielding. Engine options varied from OHV Eight-cylinder 305-cid to 350-cid to 400-cid, horsepower at 100-175hp and torque at 175-290 lb-ft, depending on the engine.

One could also obtain the Cheyenne package. This luxurious package came with a custom steering wheel, custom bench seats, vinyl/nylon seat covering, door trim panels/headliner, ash tray mounted cigar lighter, extra insulation and a custom dash (tach and badges). Exterior elements included hood stripes, hood ornaments (must get hood ornament for hood stripes), tailgate trim panel with a Cheyenne emblem as well as a Cheyenne emblem in chrome on the rear fender.

For those of you who enjoyed this or perhaps didn’t get enough, TFLnow has a full walk-around video of the vehicle and more of its features below.