• 2019 Chevy Silverado 4500 & 5500 Medium Duty Trucks are Coming in 2018: The Kodiak Name is No More

    2019 2018 chevy 4500 5500 hd medium duty kodiak
    2018 Chevy Silverado 4500 prototype

    Chevrolet made an announcement at the 2017 State Fair of Texas that the new Chevy Silverado 4500 and 5500 medium duty trucks will come to market in 2018. This is the first time that the company made an official announcement about the upcoming Class 4 & 5 trucks. This also means, that the Kodiak name will not be used for Chevy’s medium duty trucks.

    2019 2018 chevy hd kodiak 4500 5500 4x4 diesel prototype
    Chevy Silverado 5500 prototype

    The Silverado brand name has a wide recognition, so it makes that the company decide to extend the name to the 4500 and 5500 trucks. Check out these prototype shots of the new trucks that we have been able to accumulate thanks to you – our readers and viewers.

    The later picture clearly shows a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank below the front passenger door of the truck, so it’s safe to assume that the 6.6L Duramax V8 engine will continue duty in these heavier trucks. Presumably, the Allison 6-speed automatic transmission will be there as well.

    How much power will the engine deliver in these commercial-grade trucks? We do not know this for sure yet. Same with the payload and maximum towing ratings. If Chevrolet wants to be competitive against Ford and Ram, it will have to reach for over 30,000 lbs of towing capacity.

    Here is a real-world test of the 2017 Chevy HD 3500 dually with the new 6.6L Duramax V8 engine.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    49 thoughts on “2019 Chevy Silverado 4500 & 5500 Medium Duty Trucks are Coming in 2018: The Kodiak Name is No More

    1. Makes sense they developed the new engine for this application and used it in the 3/4 and 1 ton trucks but skipped the HD chasis so as not to detrimentally affect the weight

    2. I believe gm is going to need a “gimmick” to break back into the medium duty market again. They lost many of their loyal customers to ford and to a lesser degree ram medium duties. If those customers like their fords or rams it is going to be hard to win them back! The only option I see available to them will be price and financing rates. If gm a can significantly undercut ford’s and ram’s base MSRP they will, get at the very least, those people who only shop price. Once others see these trucks in their area and if owner feedback is good these trucks could take off. I hope they do!

    3. at the time, when gm decided to pull out of the medium duty market, their market share numbers were pitifully low. so if they still have the duramax and the Allison, which they had when they left, but nothing new or exciting or a lower purchase price; I don”t see their new market share numbers being much different than their old ones. actually, I believe they will probably be even lower than before because of the loss of some “loyal gm” owners who are now happy with the brands they now own. it’s like pushing a heavy wheelbarrow up a hill. it’s easier to just keep going rather than stop in the middle of the hill and then try to get moving again.

      1. Agreed. The Duramax and Allison will bring in some buyers but no reason to think sales will be any better than before.
        I think part of the problem is that the Kodiak/Top kick trucks were not very good looking-these seem to be carrying on the tradition.

    4. Calling them Silverado will help with Chevy sales totals…fair enough. But Ford also offers an F650 and F750 truck as well…will this truck compete there? Ford uses the same 6.7L diesel and same 6T140 Torqshift transmission in these very large trucks. (As well as the venerable V10 option for those fleets who want gas).

      The other question is will Chevy offer a 4500 pickup to compete with the 450 pickup?

      I think GM will win some sales over for sure, but the Ford trucks and even the RAM trucks are quite well established.

      However, price, comfort, fuel economy can all sway a decision…

      Wonder is GM will offer a gas engine like Ford? A lot of fleets buy Ford V10 trucks. Very few buy a RAM with the 6.4L. Chevy could bring back the 8.1L…

    5. I sure hope gm brings the medium duty truck back. They were the best by far compared to the competition of ford,IH,dodge ,freightliner. Their tall block motors,strong springs&frames,cabs made them the best truck out there 60’s 70’S 80’s 90’s.I know because our business tried the others!

    6. Basically these are the international class 4-5 chassis, with a durajunk in front of an allison 2000. Under the wrap of yet another gm junk micro cab. It’s sad when will the lame ass people that keep buying the govmotor and just let the old cow out to pasture already. It’s the same basic cab from 1999 GMT800 truck.

      1. I’ve owned diesel engines from all the big 3. Yes I had durmax issues, but so did the cummins/powerstroke. One nice think about GM s they don’t BS you on the warranty, they just get it fixed. Your comment about the cab is wrong, you are uninformed.

        1. Iam not wrong about the cab. If you open you eyes and LOOK at the truck and read the specs you WILL FIND that the only dimensions that have changed are overall width and length. Over all length came in 2007, as a 3″ increase in overall width. That change the front overhang easilyn to make the overall length longer(accommodate more cooling/styling). The important dimension are wheelbase and interior demensions which sir I can clearly see without a tapemeasure have NOT CHANGED!!! Go ahead and compare the 1999-2006 GMT800 interior and chassis spec for yourself. Then come back and tell me I am wrong. I have done it myself and that’s why I say why I say that. You can put a new dress on the girl, BUT it’s still the same OLD girl. I am NOT uninformed. I saw the pattern about these trucks along time ago (2007). GM plays people stupid, because they are. Look at the ignition switch in the cobalt issue. They knew for 10 years about it and did nothing. They are a company out for themselves. It’s money man. And actually redesigning a truck is very very expensive. They don’t care they know their customers. Hell I have seen it more than once. A Chevy guy getting into a fist fight with a Sierra guy ove who’s truck is better. And they both had 2011 ext cab 6’6″ bed with 5.3 and 4wd. I stood there and pissed my pants laughing.

          1. It is NOT the same cab! Yes it has the same dimensions, but it will not interchange with one another! How can it be same cab if all sheet metal is different? Now ford had same cab on their sd’s from 99-16 without ever at least trying to at least re skin it! Now their customers are fooled thinking they’re buying a brand new truck! Better yet, look at expedition, that things cab hasn’t been a body change since 1997! I mean really?? And you can actually interchange doors with 2017 model!

            1. Yes ford changed headlights in 2005 then changed the whole front frame section, front end, lower body panels, interior and taillights in 2008. Then hood and front end in 2011 for 6.7. They updated but ever claimed “all-new” like gm. He’ll if you look at Ram the basic truck haven’t changed since 2001. Qaudcab 6’4″ bed still rides on the same 140″ wheelbase. Ford didn’t change the f150 from 2004 till 2014 except adding 3″ length to the cab between the “a” and “b” pillar. Also adding 3″ to the overall length and wheelbase. The difference between the 2014 and 2015 trucks is considerable. But not enough to say it’s “all new”. It’s amazing how “smart” we are as a race. But how dumb and stupid people are as a mass.

          2. Lol you are wrong its not the same. Something can have roughly the same dimension yet be totally different. Its like saying the 16″ wheels are the same on your new truck as they are on a 1955 model. “Gotta be same they are the same size!!” No thanks cleetus.

            1. You can put a new dress on the old girl but she is still the same OLD girl. I am not wrong I just 2 hours ago saw a 2006, 2011 and 2016 and all the cab mounts match distance. All they did was rake the windshield back and re-skin the truck in 2007 and then re-skin again in 2014. I have no issue seeing this and I’m sorry if you are too stupid to see it. Enjoy life on the blind side.

      2. No, its not the same cab from the GMT800. Its the cab from the 2014 HD trucks. When you say “Durajunk” are you referring to the International Durastar or GM Duramax diesel?

          1. You can talk about the duramax all you want but at the end of the day I have 480.000 on mine its a 2005 lly block that being said you take care of it it will take care of you think about it

        1. The cab and box are the only things that changed from 2007 to 2008 on the HD trucks. The chassis changed under the 2011 trucks as they were NOT competitive with Ram or Ford for capacity or durabilty(look up GM HD front frame cracks). Nothing changed about the truck in 2011. So draw the lines back and the 2011 cab fits on the 2007 chassis, which is the same chassis as the 2000-2006 HD chassis. Now rolling forward. The only real change from 2013 to 2014 was the cab and box. GM pulled a fast one in 2007 and 2011. They did it again in 2014 and you all still buy it. Just look at specs in DETAIL. Wheelbase, front and rear track width, axle capacities, interior demensions. Just look and compare.

          1. Obviously struck a nerve with the Ford guy! I guess since they had to change motors every few years because they couldn’t get it right, it makes it a new truck every time. LOL. Keep smoking your Ford or pipe or whatever it is.

    7. It’s about time. Gm has always built the most dependable longest lasting and best looking truck on the road.Ford has not built a good looking body style since 1932 and dodge lol there still searching for some kind of identity.But I’m glad they build there trucks so we can separate the retarts from the people who like to drive class.( Make America Great Again!)

      1. Nice job quoting a GM marketing line about the most dependable, longest lasting…etc. “Good looks” are definitely in the eye of the beholder. A lot of people think the General’s square wheel wells and low-hanging front ends are not exactly gorgeous. I’m all about making America great again, but I’m still not loving supporting a company that cost the US taxpayer $9.7B despite “paying back” everything.

        1. When will Ford Motor Company pay back the federal government for the government loan that they took? They never will. Ford motor company has been too busy supporting gay pride ever since 1995. They never will pay back their government loan.

    8. Kodiak name to me just didn’t fit the gm image. So it is nice they dropping the name.
      No word if they will offer a gas engine. Is the 6.0 enough of engine to do a heavy job? I can tell you the v-10 and 6.4 hemi is lot better engines for such application. So it will be interesting to see what gm will offer on the gas engine for the 4500 and 5500 trucks.

    9. Ive driven a lot of topkicks like the truck but hope they put the c7 cat diesel that is a great engine never had any real issues with one. As far as gas engines they need to bring back the 7.4 or 8.1 with modern upgrades cgi block direct and port injection if your power to weight ratio and gearing are right wont hurt fuel economy when compared to the 6.0 that you have to stay in all the time to pull those same loads.

      1. 7.4L is a relic and won’t be used. The 8.1L is a possibility. There’s no way it would get a CGI block…and why would it need one? CGI is for turbocharged engines with very high cylinder pressures. The 8.1L is a low compression engine (9.1:1). The 6.0L engine is not going to cut it, at least without needing a 6:1 axle ratio.

        The fact is, gas engines are major players in this market. Lots of fleets choose gas because they don’t care about slower speeds, lower towing capacity, and worse fuel economy. What they want is cheaper buy-in, lower maintenance costs, and greater reliability…so long as the engine can get the job done. The 6.8L V10 has been owning the market for gas engines in the 4500/5500 market for many years. The 6.4L Hemi sells far less than its diesel counterpart because it really isn’t that good of a “heavy duty” motor. Remember, this is the “392” motor in the Challenger. Muscle car motors don’t make great truck motors.

        1. Yea agree pretty much what you said troverman. This market really puts gm in a pickle in market where customers want a truck with out the dsl engine price. The big reason big blocks have gone away is because they couldn’t clean them up. Ford’s Triton engines might have been not so great , but the v-10 has been rock solid. Buy adding two more cylinders might have been best Ford has done for this market. Dodge is the same way that there v-10 was more less a big block, but here again they couldn’t clean it up. So they down size to a 6.4 v-8. I’d imagine you would agree with me that 6.4 might be a better choice than the 6.0 gm.

          There has rumers that ford is developing a 7.0 big block engine to replace v-10. Maybe the big block is coming back? It will be interesting to see what gm will put in there 4500/5500 seres truck.

    10. I think I read on a different site that the pictured truck (with the clearly international designed front end) will be higher class truck like a 6500/7500, probably 2wd only and maybe different engine options or detuned.

      I think gm is building a 4500/5500 in house that will have same output as 2500/3500 and a allison 1000. Hopefully still 4wd option and will be offered with a bed.

      I could be wrong but this is what I seen elsewhere and what makes sense to me, I think it’s closer to what ford currently does.

    11. I work at the ford truck plant in louisville , the new powerstroke is junk. The windows get stuck the touch screen stops working and major problems with the DEF. and they ride like crap. There is a reason the mechanic supervisor parks in the non ford parking lot with his durmax

        1. GM has 8.0 gas option it is a racing engine. That could be used . Or the 6.2 V8 the 6.0 will be going away in a few years. The cab is based off the Silverardo
          Cab with a tilt hood. Navastsr will build the the rolling chassis. With GM cab and powertrain . Navastar will also badge it as well to compete in the class 4 and 5 mkt.

    12. I believe that if GM followed the path that Ford took, they’d get more business. I believe that if they made a 4500 and 5500 just like the Silverado but with a wide track solid front end and ten lugs, they would bring in more customers. It should have a regular pickup bed option too (at least on the 4500). Have some luxury options too. Don’t just leave it as a work truck package. I wanna see solid front axles under high country 4500s. And please for the love of god don’t detune the L5P. Leave the front tilt hood style to the class 6 and 7 series trucks.

    13. MAGA. Finally some honest good news from fiat. trump gets your heavy duties built back in america from mexico to detroit. aren’t these brand rivalries fun! we love all trucks and competition is necessary, but it’s so fun to call the other guy’s gal’s truck trash!

    14. The duramax matched up with the allison trans has worked perfectly. We’ve had 5 5500’s,
      The problem is the outsourced interior plastic parts are freaking garbage. Obviously, GM needs to upgrade the interior of the truck. When I say garbage, I mean GARBAGE….

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