• 2019 Ram 1500 Prototype: Check out the Lights (Spied)

    2019 ram 1500 prototype spy
    2019 Ram 1500 prototype (photo credit: Kyle B.)

    We get a better glimpse at the LED headlight signature of the 2019 Ram 1500 with these images of the prototype sent to us by Kyle B. The size of the headlights appears much smaller than on the current truck, but the position and the shape of the grille look familiar.

    The rear of the prototype shows a dual exhaust system, and check out those large rims. This could be on of the more luxurious trim packages on the upcoming Ram truck that is riding on 20-inch (or potentially larger) rims.

    What is under the hood? There is little official information about this, but we expect the next Ram half-ton to continue with the 3.6L gas V6, 5.7L gas V8, and the 3.0L EcoDiesel V6. There could also be a hybrid version of the Ram 1500 for 2020 or beyond.

    Here is more scoop on the upcoming 2019 Ram 1500.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    39 thoughts on “2019 Ram 1500 Prototype: Check out the Lights (Spied)

    1. Its funny when guys buy a truck for towing and a RAM for their dual back pointing exhaust. Then they tow. Get out, and see a bunch of exhaust soot on their boat or trailer.

        1. And then realizes he’s driving a Raptor!!! the truck all the others guys wish they had, or wished GM or Ram made!! Sorry but the Raptor is in a class by itself cause nobody else has the balls to build anything close to it!!

          1. Why would anyone build a truck with 750lbs payload and 1500lbs towing capacity ? Raptor is really in a class by itself.

          2. Dont know if you heard but Ram makes this truck called PowerWagon. it like, beat the Raptor in off roading because…. like the Raptor cant handle 90% of off roading conditions

      1. My last 4 or 5 1/2 ton pickups I put on cat-back duals,and towed a trailer.I have never seen any soot on the shiny aluminum diamond plate rockguard.And they pointed straight out the back.

      2. I’ve towed from east to west and I have never had any soot and any trailer. You must be thinking of the Ford 3.5 Ecoboost, that engine puts out a lot of soot.

    2. The front end is going to look even better, than now. I still like very much my 2010 RAM look. Best looking truck on the market, best aero. It makes me smile, all the time
      I approach it and start the engine. HEMI JBA headers, dual end exhaust .

      1. All those features are thing available on every other truck already. Keep it in the front, LOL. They lead in lowest price, that’s it.

        1. That link wasn’t about features. I couldn’t care less about them. It was about design rendering.
          BTW: Multilink, air suspension, dual exhaust end, first active grille shutters , first small diesel, first 8 speed… yeah . Where have you been then ?

          1. Avalanche used Multilink, they don’t use it in the Silverado as clearly it doesn’t offer the payload that Ford and GM has, since Ram is still the lowest. It’s high weight also contributes to being closer to its GVWR. People have been putting dual exhaust on trucks for years, Lightning had it a looooong time ago. They can keep it. I don’t know who had active grille shutters FIRST, but I know the Cruze had it before the Ram did. Since the Ram still gets the lowest mpg v8 vs v8, it’s kind of a moot point, no? The diesel is a joke offering lethargic performance and is in violation of the EPA anyways, hence the lawsuit from the justice department (not some ambulance chasers but the the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT).

            They did have the 8 speed first, but they were last to get the 6 speed. Had the 5 speed forever, while everyone else had 6. Since they are just re-selling the 8 speed, I wouldn’t say it’s a huge accomplishment as GM and Ford were busy making their own option, not ordering it. Part of the reason FCA is broke, they buy technology and sell cheap so they make little to no profits.

            They still don’t fully compete with Onstar, GM had the first Auto 4wd, They still don’t use a locking rear, Don’t offer a engine to compete with the 6.2L or 3.5EB, No Android auto/Carplay, No 4g (unless it’s coming this year), Wireless charging, LED headlights, Still has 5 Lugs!

            They have a lot of catching up to do.

            1. Dart had a grille shutters before RAM. RAM was the first in trucks. RAM 2500 with multilink and coils has more payload than anything else.
              That other part of your post is just fanboyism.
              I am happy with my 2010 RAM 4×4 Laramie and will be happy with new one in 4 month.
              Enjoy your truck, what ever you drive.

            2. Since you haven’t kept up,FCA is selling their Ram ecodiesels again,with software updates.All EPA approved.

            3. @ hifi: “Part of the reason FCA is broke, they buy technology and sell cheap so they make little to no profits.”

              FCA has been propping up fiat/alfa/and maserati with a lot of the profits from Jeep/Ram sales.

              In effect,sergio macaroni has been robbing from peter to pay paul.

            4. And Cruze had it before Dart. They didn’t invent it, I doubt GM did either. Yes, FCA can sell them again, but the lawsuit is pending, so I’m pretty up to date.

              Ram 2500 and 3500 are well known to have a very harsh ride, despite their coil rear suspension. Perhaps it doesn’t scale well when you beef up the size. Or perhaps they can only do one or the other, nice ride or nice payload. Dodge is long known for not being able to do it all in one package, power or economy. Handling or ride comfort. They’ve never done it all with 1 vehicle.

              The only reason Fiat has any cash is the few billion they got drone GM would was just happy to cut ties from that mess. Then they get Chrysler basically for free, of course they can invest. It’s all moot as it’s going to get pawned off to a Korean or Chinese automaker in a few years anyways.

              Why would Sergio buy market share so desperately over the last few years at the expense of making real money? Buy market share, sell off. That’s the plan.

            5. I was a chevy owner for all my life, I’m 60. But after buying crappy products that had to go back to the dealer all the time, and dealers that could care less about your problem because they see it all the time. Truck frames that rust because they still won’t e coat their frames. Steering wheels that are offset to the right and crooked. Seriously, right now Ford is kicking butt with quicker redesigns. FCA needs to pick it up a little, but my 2013 1500 has had no problems that I had to bitch with the dealer to fix. Enough said.

          2. Who cares about cruze on this forum.
            Full size RAM has better MPG than ford or GM.
            RAM 2500 and 3500 has progressive springs , so you have no idea what you are talking about.
            Fiat didn’t get Chrysler for free. Fiat actually paid $5.6 billion dollars for the Chrysler group. That is hardly the free.
            You couldn’t possibly know, what the plan is.
            The new RAM is coming, even you don’t like it, but there is nothing you can do.

        2. And what about 48V electric system, which will open the doors for belt start stop, electric motor assist in the 8 speed and electric turbo ? Eh ?

    3. A refresh when they need a new truck. Sounds like just about everything FCA is pumping out these days.

      Will they offer it with something better than the 5.7 though?

      1. Nah, not a refresh. With the six lug wheels, you know they are doing a big upgrade. And like I say, don’t underestimate the fact that this is the first time the new dedicated management group is getting their own all new product. Could be very good.

    4. Looks a little bit Chevyish especially the rockers that tuck under the doors and the roof line looks a bit lower with a smaller windshield.

    5. Wow, this Zviera guy is really defending his truck, it’s just a truck guy, let it go. Don’t lose sleep over it, do you have a family, go spend time with them.

      1. Yes, my kids are to old and doesn’t live with us, so I am bored. I am leaving early morning for short holidays. I will be pulling a travel trailer with my RAM and HEMI. I can’t wait to get out of the city.
        BTW: there is nothing wrong to post a facts. You are free to post them, if you have any. You don’t have to talk about me a and how happy I am at all.
        Have a great weekend everyone.

          1. Thank you. I am going to sleep for 5 hours now.
            Have a great weekend everyone, doesn’t matter what truck you drive.

    6. As I was having my 2015 Eco Diesel Repaired last week… for a Turbo Hose that was cracked, not under the Warranty….that the 2019 is much better in every way. Who puts a rubber hose on a diesel that is not resistant to petroleum products?? with only 77K miles.. after all said and done, almost 900.00 out of pocket. other than that, this is a great truck mostly due to the mileage it gets.

      1. Was this on the intake side of the turbo? Did you go online and look for a silicone performance replacement?

    7. Nice looking tfl license plate on all that body cladding.

      Not much to gain looking at with all that cladding. Led lights are nothing new.

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