• 2019 Chevy Silverado Prototypes Spotted in the Wild [Video]

    This week, on one of our many trips to the Rocky Mountains in search of prototype vehicles, Nathan and Michael spotted a huge gaggle of GM pickups. Among these were a number of new 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500s. Although most of them were under covers, we did manage to catch one out in the open air.

    We know that some of these are gas models. However, we also saw a number of GM test trucks with exhausts that intrigued us. We suspect they are testing some diesels in addition to the gasoline models. While we didn’t see anything that would suggest that there were any hybrids around, we know that Chevy does have a hybrid system currently. They may have been testing those as well, although we did not catch anything on camera.

    To get a glimpse of the 2019 Chevy Silverado, be sure to watch the whole video.

    Be sure to stay tuned to TFLtruck.com for more news on the upcoming 2019 Chevy Silverado as well.


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    62 thoughts on “2019 Chevy Silverado Prototypes Spotted in the Wild [Video]

      1. None of these photos are of diesels. And none of them are electric. Those are never going to come out and never have any benefit.

        Why, you ask?

        Because I say so. Neh!

    1. Looked like a wider “diesel like” exhaust on one of them. No surprise they are following suit with fiat and ford.
      Have to ask, why not jump out and throw a magnet on one of them to see if it sticks???

      1. Odds are it’ll stick to the bed but not to the cab, as was revealed earlier this year. Ever notice how the latest Silverado commercial points out the steel bed to the group and highlighted the comment “aluminum is great for a lot of things [the cab?] but maybe not for the bed of a truck”. They’re running this commercial less than a year before the 2019 trucks hit dealer lots. It makes no sense to push that point if they plan on going the aluminum route for the bed.

        1. Yup,I’ve seen that commercial a few times.And,I agree,I don’t want an aluminum bed. Other than that,I don’t care one way or another if the rest of the truck is aluminum or steel.

        2. Aluminium makes a lot of sense-particular in the cab structure. I think we’ll continue to see more and more aluminium in the future. Curious to see who comes out with the first aluminium frame. First diesel engine block?

    2. All I see is a guy riding a freaking unicycle in the background!!! Watch the video again.

      Well, maybe more. You can see the headlights are leds on this model. The lights below could be temporary or ugly DRLs. The camouflage seems tighter on the corners which shows more rounded curves where the fender, grill, headlights, and hood come together. I’m liking the side mirrors more and more. They should provide better outward visibility by eliminating the blind spot created by the traditional mounting point at the lower, forward position on the side windows.

      1. Not really. The 2014-2018 trucks were basically an updated version of the 2007-2013 trucks. New line of engines, redesigned interior and exterior, new 8-speed transmission, etc. Ford and GM update their trucks more often due to the volume of trucks they sell. CAFE regulations have a big effect when you sell 700k or 800k trucks each year.

    3. Looks like diesel is happening in these. The question is what diesel will they use? Something new? Is the 4.5 Duramax a possibility?

      1. Personally I think the 4.5 in a 1500HD would be great. They could also use it in the 2500 trucks as well. Not everyone wants a massive 6.6 diesel

    4. So far everything is pointing to these being very solid trucks.

      GM has repeatedly said it would use a “balanced” approach to its use of aluminum and steel ….which is the smartest move. So far , Fords all alum approach has already shown weaknesses in some areas , especially punctures (as pointed out in their commercials). Steel beds make a LOT more sense. GM as of late has been lighter than Ford and I would guess this will be no different. Brand new F250 all alum is no lighter than GM all steel older design for instance.

      Bevy of new options rumored to match current trends….full 360 deg camera views, collision alert/braking, super cruise, possibly air suspension, pushbutton start,

      New powertrains ….10 spd trans, upgraded V8’s , a turbo V6 and diesel option are all said to be in the cards but we shall see.

      1. I do appreciate the balanced approach-however, have the aluminium beds really been a problem on the Fords? Many tractor-trailer rigs use aluminium beds/bodies, they hold up just fine.
        I hope we see all the options you’ve mentioned-for the most part they will need to do this just to keep up with the competition. I hope we see an adjustable air suspension-particularly on the HD’s in a year or two.

        1. GM would have to eat their own hat if they made an aluminum bed after that horrific ad campaign that no one took seriously.

        2. There have been several aluminum F-150 owners reporting major bed damage that wouldn’t have been so severe had it been steel.





          In the post where the 3-ton jack caused a huge tear in the metal, the bed was protected with a bed rug which I would have expected to do a decent job of protecting the aluminum. Obviously even a bed rug isn’t enough. Sure, a spray-in bed liner would have done better, but if the bed tears that easily, the bed should come standard with a spray-in liner.

      2. Ford said in the debut of the aluminum super duty that it reinvested the weight saved from the aluminum body back into the axles and frame. So the purposely stayed weight neutral with more robust critical components. For the record I don’t think an aluminum bed is the ideal material, but neither is steel. Composite has come a long way…

      3. Shriker…apparently because you see scripted and well-planned GM ads telling you the aluminum beds in the Ford are no good, you believe it. Ever used an aluminum bed? It holds up every bit as well as a steel bed. My 2017 Super Duty is a year old. It has hauled wood, rock, tractor implements, palletized items, and miscellaneous other things. The bed is working out just fine. My dad drives a 2016 F-150. No issues with that bed either. I just purchased a 2018 Raptor. There won’t be issues with that bed, either. Nobody shoves a pointy steel toolbox off their bed rail. Nobody asks a loader operator to dump a bunch of landscaping rocks into the bed of their truck from full load height. In *real life,* the Ford aluminum beds work out just as well as a steel bed. But guess what? They don’t rust!

        1. So if you’re careful, they’re fine. “Good enough” has been Fords MO for a while. I suppose the wavy body panels on the F150s are “good enough” too.

    5. GM *needs* this truck to be a hit. Their last generation was not a hit. Sales have been down…the Silverado can barely outsell the RAM! Styling, and adding in features that the others have already been offering.

      1. I think they know it needs to be a hit but for them this would be considered a rushed product a few years ahead of the norm for a full redesign so I wonder if this will really be all new. I hope they nail it but I’m not so sure. What hurt them last time was all the vibration and cabin pressure issues and shocks and struts going out right and left. And, oh the unfixable loud suspension squeaking is drive no many crazy. I have a friend that has a 15 and it sounds like a jalopy coming across the parking lot. Even if they tighten that up and be maybe give a fresh look it will be better. GM has in the past had a way of making all new products that already look dated although some of the newer cars they have now are impressive looking to me.

      2. What are you talking about? lol

        In 2015, GM sold over 824k full-size K2xx trucks, Ford only sold 780k that year.

        2014 – 740k K2xx trucks sold
        2015 – 824k sold
        2016 – 795k sold

        How did Ram do?
        2014 – 439k
        2015 – 451k
        2016 – 489k

        Looks like sales are just fine. All you need to do is look at the annual sales data for the last 10 years to see that the GM twins are killing it, even in their ‘down’ years.

      1. i would steer clear of the 17 and 18 models unless you go with the 6.2 and maybe 10 speed. Otherwise just don’t do it. I think GM has some issues it cannot resolve with this gen of trucks hence the rushed remodel. The cabin pressure and vibration issues are ridiculous for anyone. I’m pulling for them to fix all this for the next gen and maybe even bring out a couple of new engine choices. We have been pleasantly surprised with the real world fuel economy of our Yukon XL(s) with the 5.3 but the cabin pressure and vibration was too much to handle on our last one. This one is not near as bad and has been much better than the 15 we had. It does have vibration issues but not to the point it would make you sick like the last one.

        1. The pickups don’t have “cabin pressure” issues. The percentage of GM trucks with a vibration issue is quite low, just higher than the competitors due to the poor quality control at AAM, the axle supplier (hence why GM is building a billion dollar axle plant in the US). You act as though every single one vibrates, which is pure and utter BS. If you Google for “F-150 vibration”, “Ram vibration”, “Tundra vibration”, etc, you would see that every manufacturer has vibration issues.

          Also, the K2xx trucks are far from “rushed”. It was basically an updated GMT900 truck with a better cab and new engine line-up.

          1. Yes, they do. I have it admitted to me from corporate. They also said they cannot fix it. They gave me a new one I guess just because I’m such a good guy. Our new one is much better than the last one for what it is worth but it still has cabin pressure issues as well. For GM, they were rushed or maybe they decided to change their product cycle. That would be great if they did. Who are you to say they don’t have cabin pressure issues? Maybe the same numb nut engineers that made the vehicles. The issues are rampant. Spend some time on a GM forum and see for yourself but take off your rose colored glasses first there GM troll.

            1. Considering you’re habit of overlooking the numerous quality and reliability issues with the 3rd gen Tacoma (widespread rear axle whine that Toyota claims is all due to a leaking gasket, the hesitation and stalling issues with the 3.5 V6, AC blower fans that disintegrate, on-going transmission issues, misaligned bumpers, frames with paint flaking off the welds and seeding future frame rust, cloth seats that look 5 years old after less than 1 year, etc), you have no right to accuse anybody of being a troll. Especially since you’re chums with Guy Proulx, the infamous Toyota fanboy that constantly trolls YouTube. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you’re one of the TW members that wanted Smitty banned because he was outspoken about lack of quality control at Toyota these days. Nevermind the fact that he’s a long-time member and Tacoma owner that is actually helpful member of the forum.

              The k2xx TRUCKS don’t have cabin pressure issues. Why do you continue to claim that the trucks have the issue when it’s clearly limited to the SUV’s?

              From the article you posted:

              “In total, there are 301 complaints on the NHTSA database concerning 2014 – 2015 Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierras, 31 of which are about the vibration, which equates to about 10 percent. There are no complaints regarding the 2016 model year trucks yet on the NHTSA database.”

              31 complaints of vibrations out of the 1.5+ million full-size trucks GM sold between 2014 and 2015. Hardly a widespread issue. If you read through the GM Trucks thread the author references, you will see that while it’s a big thread, many of the comments come from guys reporting no vibration issue. Several members have dozens of comments. Other posts are by users with brand new accounts and zero post history. Interesting how when a brand new member at TacomaWorld creates a thread about the problems with their new Tacoma, the community rushes to Toyota’s defense, accusing them of trolling. And yet you make it out like every single GM truck shakes.

              Odd how you’ve had such a positive regard for Ford’s vehicles, yet you conveniently overlook the very common and serious reliability problems with the Ecoboost engines. Stretched timing chain, internal water pumps that leak coolant into the engine oil, major transmission shudder/vibration issues, extreme fuel-dilution of the engine oil, a multitude of misfire issues, turbo failures that send debris down the the engine oil return line eventually causing e time failure, BOV failures, overheating issues when towing, thrown rods, extreme oil consumption problems with the 2.7, spark plugs that need to be replaced every 30k miles, etc.

              Yet you constantly comment every chance you get, trying to claim that if you buy a GM truck you’re going to have cabin pressure problems and vibration problems and all kinds of other issues. Give me a break.

            2. Well Princess it seems I have touched upon a nerve. I bet you I have owned more new GM vehicles than you have. I also bet you I have had more GM vehicles replaced or bought back than you. But, just to be clear so we can break some ice here, the best family vehicle we have ever owned was our 2001 Chevy Suburban. That vehicle was hands down spectacular. The most recent issue started for me with my 2008 Silverado which was simply terrible. Too much to list. Then the issues continued with our 2009 Traverse which was one of the worst vehicles we have ever owned (except for the 95 Plymouth Voyager and 97 Oldsmobile Silhouette). We had catastrophic engine failure at just over 50k miles. By 60K almost everything electric had stopped functioning (just like most of my previous GM vehicles). Then we traded the 09 Traverse for a 15 Yukon XL based on great memories of the Suburban. The Yukon quickly made us recall the Silhouette and Voyager in a more favorable light and easily took the crown of the worst vehicle we had ever owned. When we delivered it to the dealer to buy it back we had to crawl into the rear cargo area to get my wife’s things out of the back because the rear hatch would not open. The hatch and the window both stopped working and stayed locked in place. That was a funny little tip in the iceberg of over dozens of other documented issues.

              I do not know how many other vehicles shake, shutter, vibrate, and have cabin pressure issues any more has you do. GM will certainly never reveal it and will continue to try to hide behind it is a normal characteristic of the vehicle (code for we made a crappy or quirky vehicle and can’t fix it). What I do know is that mine had it and it was replaced by another one that did so to me in my world all of them do it. My 08 Silverado did it too. Also, I know that GM has a dedicated team (this was slipped to me when talking with corporate) to buy back the vibrating vehicles when pushed enough. I pushed and pushed hard and caught the folks I dealt with in so many inconsistencies (despite their clearly scripted responses) until it became comical. I do applaud GM for being able to make a giant vehicle that gets good mileage like these SUVs do but they are riddled with issues unlike any I have seen based on my real life experiences and experiences of many others that I know that are stuck in a flawed vehicle to which there is no fix for.

              My Tacoma trucks have been money for me but I, like many others, have the howling (not whining) rear differential and am not happy about it. For what it is worth my 16 Yukon XL also has a pronounced howl at the same speeds but we can’t mention that can we?

              Why do I praise Ford trucks? Because I have never had a single issues out of any Ford truck I have ever owned. Not mine issue. I have only owned 3 new Ford trucks but I never had to go to the shop for anything other than oil changes.

              Feel free tod fee does GM all you want but as long as I own one that has issues or until I see that they fix the vibration issues I will continue to be that squeaky wheel. Write or say whatever you want to but what I say is true and I’d be happy to post my buybacks if this website ever allows it. Even then I doubt it would stop you from whining but do as you feel led to do. See you on Tacomaworld….

            3. Between me and my extended family, we own at least six 2014-2017 Silverado and Sierra 1500’s. During a familyreunionwe last month, we were talking about it and none of us have this “shake” problem you seem to think they all have. Mine is a 2016 Sierra 1500 and it’s been a great truck. You sound like a guy with thing against GM trucks and trying to make a big deal out of a rare thing. Like brick pointed out seems like a pretty low number of complaints when you consider just how many they sold.

            4. No, I am sure (or would hope) they all don’t have it. But, all of mine have had it and I am sure you will choose to hear what you wish. Everyone I know with a 14 model and up hate their trucks but maybe I should give them your numbers so you can tell them how good they really are. I guess it is just us and surely not a bad vehicle. LOL. I only mentioned 4 I have owned since 08. There is more than that but they were the biggest problem children. For some reason it seems the 6.2 with 8 speed fares much better although many of them still have cabin pressure issues. If you had a family member like I do that has MS you would understand where my frustration comes from over the vibration and cabin pressure issues. It is not fun for my wife to not be able to walk or speak correctly after a trip in the vehicle she drives daily only to get in our Jeep, Mazda, VW, Toyota, or Audi not to have those issues. My 09 Traverse didn’t have thhise specific issues but it was just terrible at everything else. We also had the front struts and shocks go out on our 16 Yukon at 3800 miles on smooth roads. Would you consider that normal? Is that my fault? But, since that issue was fixed I am so far much more impressed with our replacement Yukon and hoping it holds up for the long term.

              Best of luck to you and I am sure you and Brick are making Mary B. proud (if you are not the same).

            5. LOL wow Moondog, you must have a big garage for the dozen vehicles you claim you own! My 2005 and 2012 F-150s were the biggest piles of garbage I ever owned. Ford makes some of the worst engines I’ve ever seen. 5.4? Junk. 3.5EB? Junk. 2.7EB? Not looking good! Duratec V6? Lol have fun when that water pump starts to leak! And their Powerstrokes? legendary junk.

              I’ll never buy a Chebby but you’re nuts if you think Ford trucks are any good. Buy your wife a Ram. Smoothest ride out there.

            6. Yes, Frank, I have been blessed enough to have a very large home with the ability to accommodate many vehicles. We currently only own 6. I must admit I have never owned a Ford EB engine, only their V-8s and they were flawless. I’m sure the EB have a lot of torque and power but to me I’m not so sure they are all that “eco”. I have actually never owned a Ram truck before and have no plans to because my Toyota Tacoma’s treat me well. I have nothing bad to say against our Jeep as it has been great for my son so far. Best of luck.

            7. Moondog – the hostility isn’t necessary. I’v3 met people that have owned trucks made by all brand that were bad experiences. I was just contributing what I’ve experienced first hand. None of us have this shake problem that you’re talking about. Even the author of the article you posted said he’s never experienced it. So you’ve owned 4 2008 or newer Silverado/Sierra trucks? I never heard of shake on the pre-2014 trucks. Random cases of vibrations but nothing like the article mentioned. I love my truck. My family all seem happy with theirs too. They feel solid, the engines are reliable, they pull great, handle whatever we throw at them, and get great fuel economy doing it.

              Funny thing is, my uncle is one of the family members I mentioned. He was Ford guy since he was a teenager. Today he HATES Ford’s. The 5.4 Triton ruined the brand for him. His wife’s (my aunt) 2010 Mustang GT didn’t help things. The paint bubbled up and peeled away on the hood and tailgate. Ford told him to pound sand since the bumper to bumper warranty expired. The 5.0 coyote in it never got beat on and oil changed at the dealer every time, but it started knocking pretty bad one morning for no reason. His older pre-90’s trucks were solid (he still has an 86 F-150 as a logging beater). He won’t touch a Mod motor V8 and the ecoboosts have a bad reputation in the Ford forums. So I can get why you’re bitter with GM. After seeing all the Ford engine failures, I can safely say I would never buy one of their vehicles. They don’t stand behind them. I get it if you had the same with GM. To each their own.

          1. That’s what my 2014 F-150 was doing. The technician said it wasn’t it definitely was not normal. They went through 2 sets of tires. Road force balanced them over and over. Changed driveshaft, etc. Eventually they gave up and said it’s within Ford’s spec. Granted, they also said the hesitation and stumbling my Ecoboost had was normal too. It’s sickening driving down the highway so I get why moondog would be pissed about his truck, especially with the health issues his wife deals with. My sister-in-law has MS and the side-effects of the medicine she takes is almost as bad as the disease itself.

            Unfortunately there’s no guarantee you’ll get a perfect truck no matter which brand you prefer. I used to work with a guy that owned a 2011 Tundra. He had overheard me telling the guys about the problems with my truck and decided to share this own story. He said that at 10k miles his Tundra developed a bad vibration when he would hit 60 MPH and the shake would be so bad that the coins in the cup holder would rattle around. Took it to the dealer, who road force balanced the tires, swapped out tires, swapped out the wheels, checked the brake rotors, threw parts at it, etc. Went to pick it up a couple days later and the paperwork said the “truck meets Toyota spec” and nothing more would be done. Sure enough after all that work, it was still there. He kind of lucked out though. His brother worked in the finance department at the Toyota dealer and pulled strings to get a decent trade on a new Tundra.

            I’m interested in the 2019 Silverado. Two of the guys on my crew own 2014+ trucks and both of them love their trucks. Both say they don’t have Chevy shake. They both have Blackbear tunes so maybe that’s why? For me, it will be between Chevy, Ford, and maybe Toyota (because I’m a Texas native and home of the Tundra lol). I like the idea of a steel bed and aluminum cab. I lost my interest in turbo gas engines after owning one. The power is great but the misfires, limp mode, and cam phaser problems are things I’m tired of dealing with. I’m sticking with naturally aspirated V8’s from here on out. A 5.3 that’s tuned is pretty impressive. They always seemed like dogs from the factory but they’re completely different after tuning. The 6.2 is a beast. The coyote 5.0 is great and revs sky high. Coyote knock is one thing I’m nervous about (know a couple guys that had it). The Toyota 5.7 is amazing too, but very thirsty lol. We’ll see what 2019 brings.

          2. Yep my 2015 F-150 Supercrew Lariat has a vibration just like that between 70 and 80 MPH. Have taken it back to the dealer multiple times. They replaced the tires twice, the wheels once, and drive shaft once. That cut the vibration in half, but it’s still bad enough to make you sick and your hands numb on long trips. Both the dealer and Ford engineering now say the truck is “within spec” on the vibration. What a joke. Why can’t anyone make a truck that doesn’t shake on the highway? Besides the shake problem, my brakes failed without warning last year and the electronic throttle body has failed twice, leaving me stuck in limp mode 200 miles from home. Between this truck and my 04 F-150’s junk 5.4 Triton, Ford has really disappointed me lately.

            You can see what a lot of us are dealing with on the forums.

            Too bad GM doesn’t know how to center their steering wheel. Unless they fix it for 2019, I won’t even consider their trucks.

            1. My 2017 F-150 Scab 3.5EB shakes like crazy when I take off from a stop. I was told by the service department that it was normal. I almost had an aneurism when I read that on the paperwork. A truck this expensive should shake, have all kinds of wind noise, and rust spot on the frame welds. Brand new truck and it’s already starting to rust.

              I’m with you on the steering wheel thing. It’s always annoyed the heck outta me. And the square wheel wells.

    6. Hey why you all whispering in the video ? Do you think gm is going to listen to what you have to say from inside your vehicle in a normal talking voice ? It almost seems comical. It is like watching a hunter kill a big game on one of the hunting shows. They are still whispering after the kill. Is it like the dead game still listing to you? Quite fascinating. If it was me I’d blow the horn right next to the prototypes to see if I can set the truck alarm off.

      Not lot to gain from seeing the trucks covered up.

    7. Oh, how I love living in Colorado (native!). The unicycler at the 0:45 mark embodies this place perfectly. TFL is trying to shoot a serious video, and this clown comes scooting by… classic!

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