• 2018 Ford Shelby Raptor Packs 525 HP and Costs Over $117,000 (News)

    2018 ford raptor shelby turbo twin baja
    Ford Shelby Raptor

    Shelby American is at it again. This time is the Ford Shelby Raptor, which is based on the latest high-output 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Raptor. The truck gets a boost in power to the tune of 525 hp and 610 lb-ft of torque. The 10-speed automatic is still there. The truck rides higher on a modified suspension with a 3-inch lift, has custom off-road bumpers, a spare tire carrier, and an off-road light bar.

    The power increase comes courtesy of a modified air intake and an engine controller tune.

    Shelby American estimates the price of these trucks at $117,460, including a stock Ford Raptor. The price of this package by itself is $49,295. The folks at Shelby will do a conversion for you if you provide them with a second-generation Raptor that already has a title.

    The interior also gets custom touches with Shelby Baja Raptor stitching, floor mats, and badges. Let us know what you think about this new truck in the comments below.

    Check out this fun old vs. new Ford Raptor comparison on our

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    45 thoughts on “2018 Ford Shelby Raptor Packs 525 HP and Costs Over $117,000 (News)

    1. Half the fun of getting a raptor is thinking, researching, buying and installing (if your handy) parts on your truck. This sounds like an expensive way to take all the fun out of it.
      Although it’s only money and if you have lots of it why not???

      1. Yea these packages are for rich people that don’t have any automotive taste and just want to feel like they are buying something impressive. They are so ugly and overstated.

            1. I wasn’t knocking it, I am knocking all the haters that say this truck sucks, while they drive to the mill everyday in their old beater truck dreaming of something better.

    2. If I had that kind of money I would just do more and put a twin turbo 5.0 Coyote motor or 6.2 and boost it to 1000lb-ft of torque and 1100Hp. Or just swap the motor for a 6.2 with a bolt on supercharger for the same price. Sell the 3.5 HO to some smuck that still wants it.

      1. Rambro…you know I’ve defended the Raptor for some time as an owner of a 2017 Super Duty diesel. Well, now I have purchased a 2018 Raptor and feel a lot more able to answer comments and criticisms. The Raptor is not perfect. But the 3.5L HO engine is actually quite impressive with its power. I’ll admit I’m not thrilled with the sound. The Raptor has larger diameter exhaust pipes and true dual pipes from engine headers to tailpipes…so the leaf blower sound is a little deeper than a standard EcoBoost F-150…but still a leaf blower sound. Under full throttle, the sound gets better…its actually surprisingly loud. It will still take time to get accustomed to. That said, I’ve managed to achieve 22.5mpg on several 100-mile trips, and my running average (650 miles on the odometer now) is 17mpg which includes about 100 miles of towing a 5k trailer. The 10-speed has some annoying shifts from 3rd gear to whichever gear it picks next (it usually does not shift sequentially)…but otherwise has pretty crisp and surprisingly fast shifts. The truck is in 10th gear at less than 50mph which is awesome. Towing leaves a little to be desired. The truck squats heavily under load. My Raptor is actually a base model (800A) without the pano moonroof which my dually has…payload is 1257 on the door. Pretty awful for sure, but I’ve just installed a weight-distributing hitch and we’ll see how that helps matters. If not, Timbren makes a 2017+ Raptor specific helper air spring which I’ll order if needed. The Raptor has amazing wheel travel (13″ front and 14″ rear) and the full-time AWD function of the transfer case works flawlessly. Love the way it looks. Pretty extensive skid plating underneath…the primary nose skid plate is actually quite heavy duty. After that, they get weaker.

        1. Congrats on the Raptor Troverman – I’m so jealous!

          It’s like I’ve been saying all along to ol’e Rambro- sound doesn’t get up the hill, or pull that trailer, or down the quarter mile – power and torque does!

          Let me know what you end up doing in the rear for squat with a load – I actually made some bump stops for the regular F150 that allow it to ride very nicely and only squat about 3″ with about 1000lbs f payload. They look like the Michelin man!

        2. Troverman, congrats, I will still complain about the motor but the rest of the truck is great except that it should have hydropneumatic suspension and Ford should make more of them and offer them at a better price with lower financing. 7% where I live. When I drove the 2018 3.5EB F150 the other day it was a great engine, didn’t feel fast but the speedometer said otherwise, the shifts are so smooth in the 10 speed. There was a 2018 Raptor on the lot for 87 grand window sticker plus 7% interest. I did not bother to test drive it as it is too far from what I want; to be smart about vs what I want for vanity. But I will say it is the best looking truck out there, it lights the lot up and is on showcase, if it had the V8, I would likely have bought it that day. I was tempted, funny how you get when you are on the lot, it is like spontaneous spending, but it is the engine choice Ford made that kept me away, it is just not for me.

          My complaint with the F150 I drove is that the ride was too rough, the truck had no agility as compared to my 2004 Sierra Denali (Quad Steer) or Tacoma and ridiculous or not the windshield wipers are annoying me and my friend, they sit too high, she could see road both over and under the wipers, I checked and all the F150’s are like that and her heels don’t touch the floor on the lowest seat setting.

          I do need and or want more capability from a full size but I am in to the midsize until Ford puts 4 wheel steer into their full size. I prefer the benefits of my Tacoma over the capability of the F150 for now. I still get what I need done in town with my Tacoma. If I was out on the highway with max loads and trailering I would be forced into a full size but most of my work is in town where I prefer the size and agility of the Tacoma.

          Unfortunately a Tacoma Pro is not available in White and there are only two red ones in Ontario. I could source to Quebec but dealers have priced them out of competition to that of the ZR2 with high interest rates, so I am really leaning into the ZR2 right now and may buy that any day now and at 0% financing. I have to praise GM for that as they are truly giving an off road truck a chance to become mainstream, instead of raping off road enthusiasts. It is my prediction they will top Tacoma sales by doing so. This will bring buyers to the lot and when you have people on the lot they buy just because they are there and it will sell their advertising. I can get the exhaust on the ZR2 and get 318HP out of that truck under full warranty.

          If I get it we can argue about which truck is better. But from the looks department you can’t beat the Raptor it really lights up a parking lot, I love the look of it.

          1. Thanks Rambro and everyone else. Unfortunately, I had to pay over sticker…but not much. I think these will hold value well enough to justify that. Interest rate for me is 3%. I put $20k down. The Raptor rides very well and *seems* quite agile to me…but then again I’ve been driving a dually, lol.

        3. Terry said you are a fool for spending money on a raptor. Way I look at it you earned your money so far as I’m concerned you can spend it any way you dam well please. Enjoy the raptor!

      1. Shelby American’s package for the Gen-2 Raptor is more than looks, because, as the story said, the truck gets a power increase, supension lift, interior upgrades, in addition to the exterior upgrade, too.

    3. impressive torque for stock turbos. granted they are sized for quick spool and lack on top end. if you wanted that power it would be a lot cheaper to bring your truck to a tuner.

    4. Without Carol Shelby’s input, it’s not really a “Shelby”. Shelby american had a good run. They need to wrap it up and move on to something else. All their latest releases have been somewhat “tacky” and I highly doubt these will actually appreciate in value since they aren’t actual “Shelby” designs.

      1. I can agree with that. However, the Shelby Mustang Super Snake is still a classic. The Shelby trucks are tacky. They are just trucks with either a V8 or a V6. They are basically modified trucks. You can spend less money on the performance parts for your truck, and get more power and torque. The mustangs, those are classics. Shelby American should continue to make them. They should also discontinue the Raptors. Plain and simple.

        1. And the mustang isn’t modified? Just because you don’t want a modified truck doesn’t mean somebody else don’t want one.

          Truth be told if Shelby dropped a modified raptor on your door step you would not complain that is modified while driving it.

    5. If I understand this article correctly the modifications quoted from the article as below cost $50k.

      “The truck gets a boost in power to the tune of 525 hp and 610 lb-ft of torque. The 10-speed automatic is still there. The truck rides higher on a modified suspension with a 3-inch lift, has custom off-road bumpers, a spare tire carrier, and an off-road light bar.
      The power increase comes courtesy of a modified air intake and an engine controller tune.”

      Can anyone explain to me how that lot is worth anywhere near fifty grand?

    6. Shelby seems to think any vehicle they throw their brand on is an instant collector vehicle and worth tons of money…but its not. This seems way overpriced…and likely its not as good as a normal, factory Raptor. It may be quicker…but if all you need is a tune and a new air intake to make that kind of power…it surely wouldn’t cost $50k. I’d be willing to bet the air intake isn’t needed either, and they just installed it so people could talk about it when they raise the hood to show off the truck to their friends.

    7. Interesting.
      However, it still has a lower horsepower than the Ram Rebel TRX (though I underthe Raptor is lighter, so an off road race would make for a great match up), for double the estimated price (many online resources, including Car and Driver, anticipate a $55,000 start price).
      I like to see these things being available, but $117,000 does seem to be an awful lot of money for very little gain.
      If the Ram Rebel TRX does come out as described (575 hp@ $55,000), it will be the clear value option.
      But, it is not out yet, so, that is what it is.

      1. The TRX is interesting, but remember…this is a concept. 37″ tires almost certainly would not come on this truck. Much more likely a 35″ tire like the Raptor. 37″ tires and the RAM’s heavier weight would likely negate a lot of that power advantage, and fuel economy would be simply atrocious.

        Ford has already learned a lot of lessons with the Raptor and is on Gen 2. Since the 1st gen Raptor was used competitively and also recreationally in some well-publicized events which resulted in damaged frames…Ford chose to make a unique Raptor frame, increase shock size, increase travel, etc. The TRX uses the same 1500 pickup frame, same front suspension, and a custom rear suspension. Travel has increased, but is still an inch less than the Raptor.

        The Raptor has a 10-speed transmission compared to the 8 in this truck, and if you drive the Raptor in a reasonable manner…20+ mpg is possible. The combination of the 10-speed and small displacement engine with good torque allows it. The TRX has a very large supercharged V8 engine. It will not return good fuel economy.

        Finally, the Raptor has a much superior transfer case and 4×4 system compared to the TRX. Both are made by Borg-Warner, but the TRX shares it’s case with the standard Rebel. Its a part-time, mechanical-lock 2-speed case. The Raptor has a full-time, clutch based system, in addition to 2WD mode. However, it also has 4H and 4L like the TRX…which use a mechanical collar to lock the transfer case and not use a clutch. But for general winter-weather driving, or heavy rain conditions, or moderate off-roading…the Raptor’s AWD system is awesome. You can also get the Torsen front diff in the Raptor, in addition to the unlimited-speed rear locking diff. TRX only offers a locking rear diff.

        So…the TRX looks cool…and surely will sound better than a Raptor…but is only a first effort. It is lacking the refinement and usability the Raptor offers. Being only a concept, it may never be built…or more likely, it will surface as part of the new 2019 RAM lineup in a somewhat more watered-down version.

    8. I think the gt is like over 600 hp about the same for the tq? So I look at this could we see a lot more increases in the standard F-150? I believe so. I think we just seeing the tip of the iceberg on the 3.5 eb for performance. Impressive no less.

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