• 2017 Ford F150 Lightning Tribute: Would You Buy a 600 HP Supercharged V8 Truck for Under $50K?

    2017 ford f150 lightning tribute pioneer supercharged v8 red specs
    2017 Ford F150 Lightning Tribute [photo credit: Pioneer Ford, GA]
    Check out this 2017 Ford F150 “Lightning Tribute” pickup truck, created by Pioneer Ford dealership in Georgia. The truck started as a regular cab, short cab, 2WD truck with a 5.0L V8 and a 6-speed automatic transmission. As is, that is already a unique configuration that has an MSRP for just under $35,000.

    Pioneer Ford then adds a ROUSH supercharger system that pumps up the power in a big way to 600 horsepower and 557 lb-ft of torque. A performance wheel and tire combination as well as a side-dump exhaust system are included for a final price of $49,660. 0-60 MPH acceleration numbers are not listed, but a ROUSH Nitemare F150 crew cab trucks are labeled at a 4.2 seconds 0-60 MPH time.

    We have received many inquiries about an official new F-150 Lightning from Ford. Ford does not release future product plans, but the company’s actions are clear. Ford Performance division is currently focused on off-road performance Ford Raptor (and Ford Ranger Raptor for overseas markets). The off-road truck focus has been a success for the company.

    Ford made an attempt at a street-performance truck with the twin-turbo V6 2014 F150 Tremor, but it was around for just one year and did not sell very well.

    This raises a question, does a modern street-performance pickup truck have to be a regular cab with a short cab and RWD? Why not have a truck in an extended or crew cab configuration and AWD/4×4? The ROUSH Nitemare Ford F150 is offered in extended and crew cab configurations.

    Let us know what you think in the comments below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    45 thoughts on “2017 Ford F150 Lightning Tribute: Would You Buy a 600 HP Supercharged V8 Truck for Under $50K?

    1. I would buy another lightning if Ford brought it out again. But they did a much better job than this dealer. The Lightning was more than just power. They used the brakes from a F250, it was lowered and the shocks and springs were different for handling. This truck while has excellent power, sits to tall, the rim tire combo doesn’t look right. The brakes are stock brakes and the front end fascia is a stock F150 fascia. Honestly I think it is a shame they put the lightning logo on that truck.

        1. It makes no difference if that was true. A real lightning had powertrain, suspension, braking, stylinG interior and exterior changes that made it different. Sticking a blower on an engine hardly makes it a lightning and thus, an insult to the name plate.


      Well, yes…but..
      1) Would want mine to be Crew Cab (even if it went $3K over $50K);
      2) If it’s supposed to be a “sporty” or “muscle” truck, would want mine to have a sporty manual transmission option.
      3) 2WD is fine. Don’t need heavy, chassis-raising 4WD for that design.


      1. Have you seen how hard the trucks launch with 4wd though? You want a stop light or drag strip monster the 4wd can make a big difference.

        1. Jay S – – –

          Yes, 4WD can make an immediate, off-the-line difference in launch, — but for trucks, once a lighter, less power-robbing 2WD, with over-width, semi-track tires, “hooks up”, it’s “bye-bye” to the 4WD truck (^_^)

          Watch this video of a “meager” Chevy 2WD pickup that takes a top-fuel dragster to the cleaners:


          1. Looked at the video. That was racin’ but that wasn’t a top-fuel dragster, more likely a comp or a super comp and the meager Chevy 2WD pickup didn’t take it to the cleaners. It hooked up and left hard though. Can’t tell who won because the times weren’t posted.

    3. Ford we need an actual reincarnation of a performance street truck. The tremor was a joke and did nothing to perform well on the street. It was just an ecoboost short bed with some high end options you otherwise couldn’t get on a short bed reg cab. Wasn’t lower and didn’t have fat tires or anything. The engine wasn’t even special just a stock 3.5 ecoboost. That is exactly why it didn’t sell. Ford’s attempt at the off road truck market has been much more thought out and sought after.

    4. This truck is over priced. They put a super charger on it, rims, and side exit exhaust. Big deal. Oh yeah and the asking price for the 8k of upgrades is crazy.

      If they really wanted to do it right, it needs 3.73 or 4.10s in the rear, update the rim package to something that does not scream “I am from over a decade ago”, slight drop on suspension with tuned shocks and lastly we all know turbo is where it’s at for multiple reasons.

      If this was a turbo 5.0, then and only then would I consider. Otherwise I would rather increase turbo size on the new twin turbo 3.5L motor and make big power.

      I give them a B+ for trying to be nostalgic, but a C for execution. Way to simple a job to be “unique’.

      1. certainly overpriced but I don’t agree that it needs 3.73’s or 4.10’s. The first gear of the 10 speed is pretty short so this think will probably be smoking it’s tires off with short axle gears too.

    5. When I was out and about a few days ago I parked next to an older,(don’t know what year) Ford F150 lightning.It was black,I never looked inside,but it was a great looking truck.

    6. Cool looking truck but not practical! I’ve been down that path owning a short box/stepside, 454 GMC pickup that was awesome. I used it for light towing but didn’t want to scratch it, so I ended up with a second pickup for hauling junk.

    7. I like it, a lot. Where I live, I pretty much need 4WD. And to keep costs low I’d probably just factory-order the 3.5 EB, should be quick enough.

      1. Picking on us geezers? My last truck,was a reg ca,short box,Z71 chebby. I didn’t need anymore room in a truck back then.Btw,it was a 2011.

        1. There are a few people who buy regular cabs. But they are mostly fleet. Don’t take this personally but a regular cab high end truck would be a bad idea in 2018. 1998 maybe. Times have changed.

      1. Take the Raptor, lower it, stiffen the suspension, and then throw it in the Grand Canyon.

        Take a Chevy duramax, lower it, stiffen the suspension, and then you’re done.

    8. Ugh….. what’s terrible now is that every time TFL releases an episode featuring the F150 (of any trim), I will not care to view it…. too much Ford guys. Sorry

      1. Well they are number one seller of p/u’s until the other 2 passes them in sales. You will see Ford all time.

    9. Yes not a Ford fan but I’ve always liked the Lightening. Yes I would spend the money for this truck. Love power…

    10. If they made this as a crew cab 4×4, came down on the price and made an instructional video that explains how to do the impossible to convince my wife that I should spend the money on it, then yes, I would buy it! 🙂

      1. Lmao…..I think just the video alone would earn a platinum record,be on the best selling list,and nominated for a Nobel peace prize ;}>

        1. Oh yeah! Especially if someone met my wife. I can sense her ominous ‘No!’ before I even bring up the question of a new truck. If a video pursueded her, it’d be an amazing feat. It’d probably have to be enchanted and blessed with the sacred oil of that which has been driven by Mr. Truck, himself. Haha.

    11. It occurs to me that the dealership only modified this truck because they couldn’t sell it as it was. Nothing more than a cynical exercise to shift a truck that had sat on their lot for too long.

    12. I’m reporting the fake SVT Lightning and badge job to Mike Levine and Ford. You won’t see more of these. This is fraud and trademark infringement.

    13. I have ordered a 2018 regular cab, short box XLT 4×4 with the 5.0 litre direct injection 10 speed. Purchased a set of 20″ take offs for this new purchase. Looking forward to the arrival of this truck, will keep you posted

    14. One reason the tremor didn’t sell is because they didn’t up the hp on the 3.5 eb like they did with the raptor. Performance sells and they didn’t do that to the tremor.

      The sport market is there if the manufacturers just add performance to a standard engine that they put in. In this case with this dealer adding a roush charger to the engine that the dealer would probably sell quite a few of them.

    15. The F150 Lightning tribute, is nothing close to a real Lightning. I like what this dealership is doing but I would like the real deal. I like the idea of having warranty on a vehicle with that type of package, but I would prefer to be a real Lightning! I believe SVT should of came out with a new Lightning boasting the 5.8L Trinity engine and with the lightweight aluminum cab and bed. Should be offered in automatic with 3.73 or 4.11 gears. It should be offered in a single cab because all previous Lightnings came in single cab short bed configuration, stick to the roots. Also for those who wanted a Hot Rod family truck, Ford offered the Harley Davidson F150 but this truck was more on looks and than performance. As for the Tremor it only was on sale for a limited time. With a standard 3.5 eb engine it was a joke to the V8 enthusiast. The interior was right on point but it lacked the lowered height, better suspension, and above all the joy of having a V8.

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