Ridgeline vs. Pioneer: Ultimate Honda Road Trip into the Desert that Got Rained Out (Video)

2018 honda ridgeline pioneer 4x4 road trip comparison
Honda Ridgeline vs Honda Pioneer (Honda Road Trip!)

What do a Honda Ridgeline and a Honda Pioneer side-by-side have in common? They are both part of our recent road trip, and they are both about fun. This is not just any road trip. We planned a camping trip to the beautiful Moab, Utah – which is synonymous with off-roading and camping.

The Honda Pioneer SXS 1000-5 is an off-road machine that is ready to tackle any terrain with one exception. The Pioneer is no road legal in Colorado, our home base. This is where the Honda Ridgeline comes in. This midsize pickup has more than enough towing capacity to transport the Pioneer over the 350 miles we had to travel. (The well optioned side-by-side weighs about 1,600 lbs). The Ridgeline is also spacious enough for us, our camping gear, camera gear, and supplies for this truly great road trip and adventure.

We set out for Moab expecting hot desert temperatures and endless off-road fun. We wanted to find out how the Ridgeline does as a road trip vehicle, how it tows over some of the highest and steepest highways in the country, how efficient it is, and how it does in Moab.

We accomplished every goal with the exception of camping the first night. We were met by heavy rains and relatively cold temperatures. The campsite we reserved had completely washed out.

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