• What is the Oshkosh MRAP ATV? Extra Protection For Our Troops! (Video)

    oshkosh matv m-atv mrap mine bomb resistant ambush protected 4x4 military vehicle
    Oshkosh MRAP ATV (M-ATV)

    The Oshkosh M-ATV has a cryptic name that translates to Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The purpose of the big 4×4 truck is very simple. It’s all about providing better protection and more capability for our troops in combat situations and hostile environments.

    The large personnel/passenger compartment is armored and designed to redirect forces of an explosion away from the people inside. The M-ATV rides on a sophisticated independent suspension system that allows for plenty of wheel travel to go over off-road obstacle and cushion the ride on rough terrain.

    Under the hood is a 7.2L inline-6 CAT C7 diesel engine that is rated at 925 lb-ft of torque.

    Check out the video for all the details.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    15 thoughts on “What is the Oshkosh MRAP ATV? Extra Protection For Our Troops! (Video)

    1. Roman – – –

      Great video. Always impressed by these new military vehicles. Like to see this one go up Gold Mike Hill or Cliffhanger 2.0!


    2. All about application. Drives terrible on the road, slow acceleration, poor fuel economy, hard to get in and out of, doesn’t fit on tight trails…

      Yes, the Ridgeline clearly kicks it’s butt…

          1. Price is subjective Daniel. How about you price it out for us after mass production of the parts. I dare you, go ahead, price it out for us to show us all how expensive it is.

    3. Would be kinda fun to take your truck out to the country and shoot it with your rifle and cause no damage.

    4. All of these new US Military
      vehicles have been inspired or are derivatives of South African wheeled Anti Mine IFV’s

    5. I really believe they should contract the propulsion to Workhorse. I would imagine getting fuel to these vehicles is just as hard as bringing in battery packs. The Batteries will allow for stealth (quiet) and no smell from diesel fumes and the torque to propel these large vehicles would be triple what a diesel motor can produce from a standing start and would make for more room and ground clearance with a better balanced vehicle and a lower center of gravity. We have 50 ton loaders and other mining equipment that go 24-7 on battery packs alone, the automated mechanical bays swap the batteries out. If they had spare battery packs instead of fuel storage they could swap batteries and charge them at base and or bring them in. At least a few machines if not all should have the stealth and superior power the battery will deliver to this vehicle.

      1. Yes let’s take away engines that can run on diesel fuel, Jet-A, and jp8, and replace them with battery powered vehicles that will need to have battery packs swapped out or will need to find a convienent outlet in possibly the harshest places/environments on the planet. Engines that are designed to run on fuels that are available world wide. Let’s also hope that battery is cooled by some system because God forbid the vehicle is operated in the desert or the arctic and the high heat or low temperatures drastically reduce the batteries capacity.

        1. I forgot that there is oil in the desert sand and apparently available in the arctic snow or is it in the ice. Im not the brightest bulb in the lampstore sometimes.

          1. Oh silly me, I sometimes forget that batteries sprout from magical battery plants that grow all over the world.

            1. No but the power to charge the batteries is everywhare fuel is not it has to be delivered the same way a batteey is delivered. But actually you can make synthetic fuel from sunlight and carbon monoxide now. So there you go, you win, breath real heavy at and into the sunlight and make fuel for yourself and your gas engine.

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