• Would You Do This With a New $63K 2018 Ford F150 Platinum? (Video)

    2018 ford f150 platinum 4x4 splash mud water
    2018 Ford F150 Platinum

    Would you take a brand new $63K 2018 Ford F150 Platinum into the woods and into deep water like this? Roman had an opportunity to do this at the 2018 F-150 launch event in Michigan last week. Ford prepared the twisty off-road course and the muddy water crossing.

    This first drive review is brought to you by our friends at American Trucks. Check them out for latest accessories for the F-150 and other trucks.

    This particular truck is powered by the newly updated 5.0L V8 that is rated at 395 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission and Ford’s 4×4 system with 4A automatic mode and a two-speed transfer case. The 4×4 system is not new, but the pricing for the FX4 off-road package has changed. The truck you see here was not equipped with the FX4 package, which would have added an electronically locking rear differential, hill descent control, off-road tuned front shocks, and skid plates underneath. The F-150 FX4 package now retails for $770.

    The 360-degree and other front and back camera views helped navigate a very narrow path through the forest. The large crew cab truck made it through to final water hole without issue. This was a relatively easy off-road trail, but the water crossing promised to be fun. Check out the splash in the video below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    61 thoughts on “Would You Do This With a New $63K 2018 Ford F150 Platinum? (Video)

    1. I personally took my 11 Denali HD back home to SW Colorado for elk hunting trip when it still has temporary plates. I re-learned black paint sucks… I’ll always take great care of my truck, but with that said… I’m going to treat it like a truck.

      1. I agree I hate people who buy expensive trucks and never use them as trucks!

        My wife’s new QX80 has blasted across the Rockies (off road not highways) towed massive construction equipment (pushing the 8500lbs towing capacity). I test it any chance I get. All off my trucks and SUV’s have been pushed to the test long before they reach 10k on the ODO.
        I made the black mistake too with a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland…had to watch the Deseret brush a lot closer than I usually do.

    2. Uh, where’s the mud?
      I saw a new truck splash in some dirty water, but I sure didn’t see any mud…

      Come try that in Texas clay. I guarantee about 15% of the splash will stay attached for the life of the vehicle…

      1. That’s my experience as well.
        The grey dusty forestry road is bad in the Rocky’s, but man, when it’s wet, that dust becomes a concrete. I can’t get rid of it. You just make it wet at the carwash and when it dries, it’s there again.

        1. We’ve got that crap here in Utah too. It’s like peanut butter until it dries, then it’s like concrete.

      2. Georgia has similar clay. If you look at the work trucks that spend time off road, they are red from the door handles down.

    3. On a separate note, I think the truck is beautiful, but Ford has never figured out how to rig and plumb an engine compartment. They are the worst! Cable and hose runs are always the shortest line possible between point A and B rather than taking the time to route things cleanly and hidden where possible. I have to give Chevy credit (on some engines) for doing a good job keeping engine compartments neat and clean.

    4. I’d take that $63k ridiculous truck and sell it immediately! Then, I’d spend about $30k on an XLT FX4 single cab short bed, when the year end clearance sales begin. Then, I’d invest the remainder wisely, for long term gain. Save your money, people! I’m 61 yrs old, been retired for eight years now! I did not spend ridiculous sums of money on bling and hype. Invest in Your Future, NOT Ford’S.

      That is all.

      1. Better yet. Spend about $28k on an X150 XL FX4 ahort bed. Invest the $2k saved in a high yield stock fund, or take up stock picking. Who know’s, you may have a knack for it. Turn that $2k into $500k. Smart people do these things. BE SMART!

        1. I have to agree with you. I’m not smart with money so I have to have people do that stuff for me. But it was reported that we have reached 1 trillion in carry over credit card debt. But that is not the worst part. The main expense in American house holds is auto loans. We did not learn from 08.

          1. Jimmy – Actually – WSJ just published an article today – biggest household debt is mortgages, student loans, then car loans in descending order of size.

      2. TBird – – –

        TFL: “Would You Do This With A New $63K 2018 Ford F150 Platinum?”

        Hah! Someone was thinking along the same lines as I, even if humorously.

        Yeah, I guess I’d just have to sell it to be a downpayment on another Ram, this time the “LongHorn” top-o’-the-line.
        But there’s nothing wrong with that Ford: it’s a bloody good truck, if only it had a manual transmission. (Sorry. I know I’m getting to be a broken record**, like Rambro and his EV’s… (^_^). Forgive me.)

        ** ASIDE: For those of you who were born more “recently”: A “record” is not only something that goes in a file cabinet. It was also a little circular disk of plastic that had concentric grooves machined onto its surface, which carried an acoustic signal, delivered when the disc was rotated on a “turn table” under a needle held by a support arm. Neat, huh? But when they got a bad scratch on the them, the needle would sometimes jump back to a previous groove and play the same thing all over again, and again, and again…
        But if not damaged, they worked rather well, and when they wore out, they made great Frisbee’s! (^_^)…


        1. To this day I still refer to my cd collection as ‘albums’,over 600 of them.
          And I’ve never had much ‘fiscal’ to worry about.Been living on my VA disability for almost 40 years now.Shit happens…

          1. Lohchief – – –

            First and foremost, by a wide margin: THANK YOU for your service. Been there; done that: Viet Nam ’67-’69. Not pretty.

            Glad you are able to enjoy your CD collection.


            1. And a big THANK YOU for yours bro.70-71-72 for me.I got fubared on my first tour.Went down in my loh.It hurt and left a mark.30 days later I was back in the air,and kept my mouth shut.Finished out that tour,then went back for more of the same.No brain no pain,no sense no feelings I guess.But I sure loved flying in th’ Cav.After being out for 9 years,I just couldn’t take the pain anymore,and went to the VA.That was in 81.By 82,they had me totalled for life.And you know what Bernie,I’d do the same thing all over again.No regrets.

            2. Lohchief – – –

              L: “I’d do the same thing all over again.No regrets.”

              That is precisely the way I feel. It was one of the best experiences in my life, with men of superb character and patriotism. As you say, no regrets.


    5. Hey TBird, that’s good advice for those with average means, however, there are some of us who can invest as you said and still buy our $63K pickup. That’s why Ford offers f-150’s from $27K to $70K; different strokes for different folks! Don’t be a hater!

      1. I’m not a hater. I’m not a dealer or salesman, either. I have no vested interest in seeing someone needlessly spend money on unnecessary bling and hype. This country was made great by people who kept their eyes on the prize, who didn’t go chasing after every bit of tinsle that caught their eye.

        We’ve lost our way as a nation, and it shows. Just don’t lose your way, as an individual, and maybe you’ll have a chance to lead an honest, prosperous life.

        1. Depends on what you’re after. If you’ve ridden in a luxury pickup like this, its a whole lot nicer to spend hours in than a $30k work truck. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in your vehicle, or you’re a car person, by all means get something nice and enjoy life. No sense working hard just to retire early and sit around and not be productive to society. Having a nice car to enjoy every day is vastly more rewarding than spending saved money on lavish vacations that last only a couple of weeks. Work hard, have nice things. That is the American dream.

          1. Troverman:
            Amen brother, I work on call, there are times I have / had to travel over 12 hours one way. I used to snicker at all the gadgets in these trucks but after being behind the wheel as much as I have my new truck, I really appreciate it. That was the deciding factor of me trading in the Super Duty, loved the truck, but after a few hours I felt like someone had beat me with a wet rope! (Not the trucks fault, I had lifted and deleted it….great for around the homplace, terrible for long trips).

          2. Couldn’t agree more Troverman. For some of us, cars and trucks are our passion and we are willing to pay more and possibly overspend for a vehicle that allows us to express that passion. If you’re smart you can even make money off of those vehicles. If a $27k stripped down truck is your thing than by all means save your money, but i certainly could bring myself to buy one if I had the finances to afford something nicer.

    6. We had a good storm the other day and I drove my Jetta through more water… I know all MFG do the same basic off road courses.. but this would have been easily handled by most FWD cars…

      1. Jason – – –

        Hⓔll, this wussy course would have been handled easily by my 2WD ’96 Ram with General Grabbers, 500 lbs of load, and manual transmission!


          1. Zviera – – –

            I think your right. The few log-bumps were fairly benign, and the short mud-hole could be traversed by velocity alone! Even a Ford Model T could handle it, — oh wait, Model T’s were great at going through mud! My, how much progress have we really made?


          2. They actually stated that in the video, wasn’t meant to showcase off-road worthiness, basically a media event , a meet and greet and introduce the updated vehicles. The other videos are towing and payload from TFL and Mr. Truck.

    7. Hardly a challenging course, and the truck is really no worse for the wear. I think the title of this article is pretty much click bait. I’ve driven my 2017 Super Duty in more difficult conditions than these trucks were driven, and it cost a fair bit more than this truck, too.

    8. To answer the question “WOULD YOU DO THIS WITH A NEW $63K 2018 FORD F150 PLATINUM?”
      Yes, I would gladly do that, like you did over and over again.

    9. You guys should’ve done in auto four-wheel-drive pretty much AWD it would do fine Offroad you would have really known how it does Offroad it looked too easy in high 4wd

    10. Roman – – –

      Great video and a lot of fun. Thanks to Andre, too!
      But what you (and Ford) just proved is how absolutely INSANE is the “hood scoop” on the new Silverado and Sierra pickups!

      Did you see how much the mud just lathers down the hood? GM claims they have a “water separator” to get rid of rain water, but do they have a “mud separator” too? How about a “snow/ice separator”? How about a “gravel separator” for roads in Oklahoma? And then what do you do when the “separators” get all clogged up?
      Somebody at GM is desperate need of getting fired…
      Sorry for the rant guys, but hood scoops belong on muscle cars, not on OR pickup trucks (IMHO)….


      1. So, I take it your not planning on cutting a hole in your beautiful new Ram hood and installing a hood scoop (^_^). 🤗

        1. Jimmy – – –

          J: “So, I take it your not planning on cutting a hole in your beautiful new Ram hood and installing a hood scoop (^_^). 🤗”

          I had to have my significant other keep the Saws-All under lock-and-key in case I weakened under the temptation to do so….. : ) …..NOT!


      2. Bernie all the mud and water never clog the filters, the engine eats it. I think if a dragonfly goes down there you get a 15HP boost for probably 30 seconds.

        1. Rambro – – –

          Hah! That’s good. I’m sure GM will appreciate your new discovery: mud-eating engines and fly-power!


      3. Most people with common sense don’t floor it when they come to a mud puddle. I’m guessing the hood scoop is able to handle these conditions just fine.

    11. If it was my truck I doubt it.

      Not much to gain from video, nothing wrong with video. Good video.

      I don’t understand why ford 5.0 go to 400 hp? When it comes to marketing 400 hp is going to get a lot more attention than 395 hp. Something Ford marketing did poor.

      1. Never thought of it that way but your right. 400HP does have a more impressive sound to it than 395. I’m sure they could have squeaked out an extra 5 ponies.

      2. Maybe they didn’t do it for two reasons:
        1. 395 sounds a bit more than 375 (3.5), but they didn’t want to make the EcoBoost sound like an underachiever.
        2. They have to think about the 2020 model as well as the upgrades that go along with it.

        1. It could also be something weird. Like the LS2 in the Trailblazer SS was rated at 390 instead of the typical 400 because it had a mechanical fan, at least this was the speculation. Who knows though.

      3. Ford doesn’t want to overshadow the 3.5L EB. I’m sure that’s part of it, I like the EB’s, but for now I’ll stick with the 5.0L…with a few bolt on parts and a little tuning, they’re capable of a lot of power.

    12. If Ford would do the ecoboost thing to the 5.0,and cam it right for trucks,than they would have a torquezilla gasser for their 1/2 tons.And a sales leader by an even bigger margin.

      1. 100%. I would love to see it in a F250 as well seeing as the diesel destroys the payload capacity and is overkill for many. The 6.2 is a fine motor but just not that appealing. A 650 ft-lb @ 2500 rpm, 550hp Ecoboost 5.0 would be more than enough.

        The other option is ordering an HD payload F150 but that is a PITA and really limits trims and options.

        1. Why? Did the 3.5EB burn more fuel than the 2016 3.5 naturally aspirated base V6. Take a look at that for example. They basically get the same combined mpg. So why would the 5.0 consume more if the 3.5 did not?

    13. Here they do what Roman did with diesel Toyota Landcruisers.,A favourite with the ” Grey Nomads”

    14. My turn, then Marc’s. I would love to make a video that showcases the damage to a truck like this in real world driving conditions not set up by Ford. I mean the logs were perfectly set low enough to just clear the air dam. This is just pure Propaganda, raise the bumper and this truck will do 80-90% of what the Raptor will do if they just offered a bumper design like the Rebel or the Raptor on their off road lineup.

      I wonder if I can test drive trucks like this and take them into the back 40 out of site or better yet downtown and video myself smashing the bumpers off of these off road models with a sledge hammer. If I can make enough money from the You Tube hits it might pay for the damage.

    15. This wasn’t intended to be a torture test, it was a vehicle introduction. I’m sure someone will test them later and they will do just fine like anything else. They don’t want to introduce a new vehicle and have to drag them out of mud bogs or tear the hell out of them running over logs. It’s marketing, get over it.

      1. Ya I guess its not as bad as the tool box and Grizzly bear. This is above that. Much more realistic and convincing. I think I will buy a truck with a lot of my money and put my trust in the intelligent people at Ford that make these courses. I am sure there trucks are just as spoof.

    16. Enjoyed the video. As usual.
      Just wondering why there is not much detail being paid to the controversial start/stop systems said to be coining on all 18 F150.

      I will admit I am not a fan of start/stop. But would like to know exactly how Ford has their system setup.

      I understand some of theses systems shut off the AC and heat etc, when they stop, and other systems are designed to allow these systems to contiue to function. In stop/off mode.

      What system is Ford running?

      How does it work,

      How much delay does it have.

      How hard is it to shut off?

      Can it be perminatley shut off?

      I noticed all the video’s, I have seen so far from this same press preview.
      All youtube channels seem to fail to discuss this start/stop system.

      Makes me think Ford knows it’s not a popular feature and is hiding it or something.

      I hope they scrapped it.

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