• Honda Pioneer 4×4 Side-by-side Review: Watch this Buyer’s Guide! (Video)

    2018 2017 honda pioneer 1000 700 500 side-by-side utv
    Honda Pioneer 4×4 1000-5 Limited Edition

    What is the Honda Pioneer UTV all about? It’s a small recreation and utility vehicle that combines all terrain 4×4 capability with utility comparable to a tiny pickup truck. The model you see here is the top-of-the-line Pioneer SXS 1000-5 Limited Edition with several Honda Powersports accessories. If you are on the market for a side-by-side, then this TFLtruck buyer’s guide is your best friend.

    There are three flavors of the Honda Pioneer: the Pioneer 500, Pioneer 700, and Pioneer 1000 model lines. All of these model are equipped with several different version of 4×4 systems.

    Honda Pioneer 500

    Honda Pioneer 500

    As the naming suggests, the 500 is the smallest of the bunch with a 475cc liquid-cooled engine underneath. An automatic transmission does the shifting. It has the distinction of being just 50 inches wide, which means that it will fit in the bed of nearly all full-size pickup trucks. It’s about 8.5 feet long, so your tailgate will have to be down. The curb weight is about 1,025 lbs, so many half-ton pickups will be able to haul it wherever you want to go.

    There is seating for two, and the Pioneer 500 can tow up to 1,000 lbs. The starting price for the 2017 model is $8,999 (before the $600 destination charge).

    Honda Pioneer 700-4

    Honda Pioneer 700 & 700-4

    If you need a little more oomph and capability, then the 700 may be better suited. It’s powered by a 675cc liquid-cooled engine and the automatic transmission sends the power to a selectable 4×4 system. At 59.7 inches, it’s much wider than the Pioneer 500. The 700 comes in two configurations: 700-2 for two people with a cargo bed in the back, and a 700-4 “crew cab” with a rear bed that also converts into two additional seats (four people maximum).

    The Pioneer 700 is rated to carry 1,000 lbs of weight in the bed and can tow a maximum of 1,500 lbs. The starting price for the 2018 Pioneer 700-2 model is $10,599. The four-seater starts at $12,299. Each can be optioned with power steering and manual shifting mode with paddle shifters. These additional features come with the Deluxe optional package.

    Honda Pioneer 1000-3

    Honda Pioneer 1000-3 & 1000-5

    Finally, you can step all the way up to the 1000 series Pioneer. The liquid-cooled twin cylinder 999cc engine produces around 72 horsepower, and it is mated to a slick 6-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission with paddle shifters. The Limited Edition you see here comes with a i-4WD system that offers three modes: Turf (rear wheel drive with open differential), 2WD (rear wheel drive with a rear locker engaged), and 4WD (with intelligent traction system that engages the front locker and brakes the wheels that have the least amount of traction automatically).

    As the names suggest, there are two models: the three-seater with a rear cargo bed, a five-seater with the rear bed that converts into seats for two. You can option the Pioneer with manually adjustable Fox racing off-road shocks, a winch, a roof, front wind screen, auxiliary lights, and more.

    The 1000-3 model starts at $14,499, and the 1000-5 Limited Edition model retails for around $21,000.

    If I was in the market for a side-by-side, I would go for a Pioneer 1000-3 model. The suspension, engine, and transmission are very well matched together for one fun and useful UTV.

    Check out the video Buyer’s Guide!

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    81 thoughts on “Honda Pioneer 4×4 Side-by-side Review: Watch this Buyer’s Guide! (Video)

      1. That’s a suzuki atv not a Honda SxS or utv’s some might call, are great. Problem is the price is creeping up or is in vehicle territory.
        The Honda pioneer 1000-5 is might favorite family buggy as it’s not overly long but can hold 5 people. If you look at the RZR 4’s they are long. I also like the kawasaki teryx 4 again because you can still bring passengers but not overly long SxS for trail use

        1. Zviera – – –

          Thanks for the video!
          That was fun!
          Want to get me one of those puppies!
          I doubt that many Jeeps could o these things, except maybe Georgia Swamp Boggers.
          I may be 74, but I ain’t dead yet (working on it, tho)!

          But here is where these ATV’s/UTCBV’s may have more of a problem, and dirts bikes less: tight trees. – – – –


          1. Those atv’s did sound pretty good. All I could think of is how much water got into their diff, gear box, crank case. I know they seal them up but how well.

            1. JImmy – – –

              I was wondering about that too.
              There is no such thing a “perfect” seal..


            2. I used to take my Polaris Sportsman 700 right up to the top of the fuel tank where the snorkel was and it never blinked. In fact, one time, I actually had to ride a wheelie in the water because it got so deep. Its not hard to do with those balloon tires, you just stand on the rear cargo rack and it does it for you.

          2. I don’t drive completely submerged all day long. Moose country swamps , creeks, rocks, but mostly forest trails we made in Rocky Mountains. I agree, that dirt bikes driving in our area have narrow trails, but I could follow their trails with very little modifications and it was boring for me. What’s better on the quad, any dead tree across the trail, especially angled, is harder for dirt bike,than for ATV. Any water on the forestry destroyed road and dirt bike goes around ,I go righ across. Moose country in Rocky’s is very challenging for dirt bike, because meadows are wet and very,very bumpy. Dirt bikes goes all the time around them. I go across, with my wife on the seat behind me. Few of them saw me om the meadow in a distance. They followed me and I hide in the forrest,not revealing our secret entrance, watching them struggling from above, completely in camo include ATV, with engine off,not more than 150 feet. They finally gave up and turned back , going around the hill I was on , trying to find any pass out of that heavy forrest. Adrenaline was pumping nicely to my vanes. Fun to watch them, makes me chuckle all the time.
            Another challenging trail for them is steep and long, rocky, in very bad conditions trails. I can take a break in the middle,to see a better pass. On a dirt bike, you can’t stop at all. You need a momentum . On the way down it’s even more challenging for dirt bikes. Short steep trails is no problem for young fellas .It would still be a problem for me on a dirt bike.
            I play a game with them in our area we go for decades.
            They put orange ribbons on their trail forrest entrance and I remove them, because they go mostly areas, where deer is hiding, when I am hunting and dirt bikes are very, very noisy.
            Regards a seals, crankshaft and cvt belt area is absolutely safe, because of snorkels kit. All U-joints has greas nipples. Drive shaft and locking differentials is sealed,but this shaft seals are not designed for hours in the water, when running. It would need to have machanical seal , like on the fluid or gas pumps.

            1. You sound like a real jerk on the trails. Good thing you don’t ride where I live because I would play game with you right back

            2. I am looking forward to it. I have my rifle on my quad all the time. I wouldn’t mind , if they are quiet like ATV, but they are real jerks in here.

            3. You are completely insane. Now you want to threaten someone buy shooting them? You are mentally unstable at best.

            4. Je is not crying. He understood, that he crossed a line a bit.
              I just protect animals from unnecessary stress.

    1. I’ve got a Suzuki samurai that’s very comparable. Seats two plus a bed or four people. 4×4, about 70 hp. And originally had the same size tires before I lifted it. And at current prices they are way cheaper than the Honda…

        1. Buddy of mine had a lifted one 20 years ago. Ran it in some home town 4×4 shootouts and would embarrass a lot of 4×4’s due to its light weight and small motor. Breakover angle was almost not existent.

      1. A buddy of mine has one of those. It may have a small engine and low power but with its gearing, weight, and reliability, it goes through almost anything. A ton of fun for very little cost. And, he doesn’t have to worry about scratching it.

      2. My uncle said he used them when they were deployed in greenland. He said they would tie them together for river crossings on the way into town. the first guy would go and if it got too deep the samurai would float and they could just reverse the chain and pull him out.

      1. Kills the Raptor because with one person in the seat, gas and this thing in the bed; then its well overloaded and sagging.

        1. Yes. I agree. There are every weekend situations , where this is better and not useless like Power Wagon, Rebel and Raptor. I’ve never seen any of those on the trails I am driving my CanAm, Raptor is no exception.First of all, they would be ilegal on those trails and second, they wouldn’t make it because of missing capabilities,or exceeding maximum dimensions. I’ve never seen even one Raptor pulling any ATV or SxS. No reason for that. It would look comically.
          When you see a Raptor it’s always clean like from the showroom on day one.
          That’s why I said, any ATV or SxS is a Raptor killer.

          1. Ok I understand. Basically since this can go places the Raptor can it is a killer. And because the Raptor can go more places than power wagon it is a killler. But a dirt bike can go more places than this side by side and it would be a killer. A jetski can do things on the water that a dirt bike, side by side, Raptor or power wagon it is a killer. So basically, you were just trolling.

            1. No, you got it wrong.
              Raptor can’t go more places than Power Wagon.
              Dirt bike can’t go places the ATV can.
              So in my point of view, the ultimate All Terrain Machine – is ATV.

              But there is one exception. Raptor can park at the Mall , so Raptor is ATV’s killer in this situation.
              Now I am trolling.

            2. Zviera – – –

              Z: “Dirt bike can’t go places the ATV can.”

              Is it also true that an ATV/UTV can’t go places a dirt bike can go?


            3. No, I can take a dirt bike anyplace a side by side can. There is no situation where a dirt bike can’t make it and a side by side can. The Raptor has won so many comparisons with real 4 wheel drive magazines it is not funny. The power wagon has no advantage over the Raptor. The Raptor even has more ground clearance. The low hanging axles is what limits the power wagon along with its weight and low HP.

              The power wagon does one thing right, keeps the fuel stations in business. Man those things consume fuel.

            4. I don’t think so. Did you watch the video I posted ? Dirt bike doesn’t float and can’t make it across the swamps like that.

            5. I’m out. I can tell your a babbling fool. And I can tell you never been on a dirt bike or else you would know better.

            6. Bernie, you are exactly right. I ride with a group and a few started off with quads while the rest of us were on dirt bikes. They quickly learned to keep up with us they needed bikes. And they did.

            7. If you would drive with me, or our group, the places I go , you would need to buy an ATV.
              Sorry, but I don’t see any dirt bikes in the video I posted.

            8. Depends which SxS you talk about. A long travel RZR is not allowed on a lot of the trails in the National Forest behind my house because they are wider than 60″. You are basically limited to Quads or a VERY narrow SxS.

              I ultimately comes down to the right tool for the Job. An ATV can get more places but its never gunna run like a RZR 1000 in wide open spaces. Kinda like a Powerwagon vs a Raptor.

            9. That’s pretty much it and because I don’t have an open space in here, the CanAm 450 L with power steering is good enough for me. With 21L fuel capacity and single cylinder sipping , my range is unbeatable by any other ATV.

    2. Wonder if Honda will make a banner with this thing climbing rocks and slinging mud with the Ridgeline parked beside it for propaganda. Or do you put this in the back of their truck as an option for when the going gets tough.

    3. I really hope TFL assimilates and brings the Rubicon and Wrangler to this site along with the exciting SUV lineups that can tow more than a BOF. What will they do with the Bronco and the Rubicon? Where will that mashup go? But if the Bronco looks like anything we saw previously nobody will want to see that anyway. But I digress, i would like to see some Porsche Cayans here as well with the Range Rover and Trackhawk, plus the Ridgeline doesnt even have a frame, plus jeep is building a pickup hopefully soon.

      1. We have discussed this topic internally many times. It’s a point of contention. We will keep the Wrangler, Bronco, and 4Runner on TFLcar.com. Unless, we are doing a towing competition with them. Towing test come to TFLtruck.com.

        1. Ah, sneak it in, its part of the assimilation. LOL. Be nice to see the off road and 0-60 though. Some have asked what to do with Bronco and Rubicon mashups. What will happen there? Will this be a one off post like this one?

          Also, I am just learning of VTrux. Have you guys done a test with these trucks? They are built off the GM platform and get up to 120 MPGe on full electric and are not range limited. Thats pretty big news?

          1. I like the word contention. Means there is still a debate going on, possibly? Or at least internal disagreement, which may have annual voting. Sounds like a Good question to post and take votes on. 🤘

            1. Rambro – – –

              R: ” Sounds like a Good question to post and take votes on. 🤘”

              Agree. Regarding Jeep, the truck definition came from its origins. The counter-point is: “Is that the way it’s used now?”

              So, folks would have to judge whether its structure or its usage is the more important factor.


            2. I just want to see a Tacoma and a Rubicon mashup so I can stop going to the gym to stare at women in spandex for an hour.

            3. IF I were next to you I would slap you. Never, never stop going to the gym to look at babe’s in spandex. It is mother nature at its finest.

            1. TruckTrend has pictures of rear axle Ranger – Bronco camouflage. Must be independent. It wouldn’t make sense to cover it otherwise.

    4. Agreed. At a minimum, I think Wrangler and 4runner reviews and information should be covered on this site instead of TFLCar.

      1. We have discussed this topic internally many times. It’s a point of contention. We will keep the Wrangler, Bronco, and 4Runner on TFLcar.com. Unless, we are doing a towing competition with them. Towing test come to TFLtruck.com.

        1. I guess I may have to assimilate myself over to TFL car that I proclaim does not to exist. No one is safe now👹

          1. Andre rocking the copy and paste function today. Jeep, 4Runner, and Bronco should be here if we have Expedition and Tahoe….

            1. Forgot those were posted on here.

              Guess it could be broken up as “TFL utility vehicle”, “TFL play vehicle”, and TFL passenger vehicle”. Then we could have a separation between work vans and mini vans… work trucks and trail trucks, CUV/SUV and jeep/bronco/4runner, and finally sporty cars and passenger cars.

    5. Neat break down video. These thing have really came a long way through the years. I still prefer 2 wheels but there is still some fun in these ORV’s.

    6. Thats unique that Honda builds a lot more than just vehicles. People that want a small truck, however, would prefer one where you dont need to wear a helmet.

      1. Rambro – – –

        R: “Thats unique that Honda builds a lot more than just vehicles.”

        Yup. Outboard motors, lawn mowers, motor cycles, aircraft engines, race cars (and their engines), fuel cells, airplanes, etc.

        Ref: http://world.honda.com/products/


    7. Well I see tfl took a break from the trucks for breaking news on Honda’s pioneer sxs. I’m not into that kinda thing not because I might not enjoy them it because of the expenses. I did get to ride in a can am renegade (I think) that is one smooth running machine. I see can am has came out with more of utility sxs that I would be more interested in.
      Neat little video.

      1. You imagine if these things was introduced when the Jeep was introduced? Would Jeep be where they are today? Something to think about, because these things can go more places than a Jeep can.

        1. Jeep survived and thrived through the Suzuki Samari that could be had for $5995. I think Jeep would have been fine but these things are getting crazy capable. Anyone here have any experience with the Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT? That may be next on my list.

          1. Folk drive these things around town here in Utah. Most of the dealers do turn signal and brake light kits to make them street legal. If you spend a little dough and get the fully enclosed cabin you would probably be better off than an jeep lol.

      1. Actually, it has 100.lbs capacity for the front rack and 700 lbs for the rear cargo rack. 800 lbs total + driver. Incredible.

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